List of rare flora of the Esperance Plains region

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The endangered Banksia brownii (Feather-leaved Banksia) occurs in the Esperance Plains region

This is a list of endangered flora of the Esperance Plains region, a biogeographic region in southern Western Australia. It includes all taxa that occur in the region, and that have been classified as "R: Declared Rare Flora - Extant Taxa" or "X: Declared Rare Flora - Presumed Extinct Taxa" under the Department of Environment and Conservation's Declared Rare and Priority Flora List, and are hence gazetted as endangered extant flora under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950.[1]

There are 72 endangered taxa. Acacia prismifolia is presumed extinct. The other 71 are believed extant:[2]

Rhizanthella gardneri (Underground Orchid)


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