List of endangered animals in India

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India's Red List of 2018 was released at the Rio+20 Earth Summit.[1][2] Since then, new animals have been added yearly. While previously this list contained 132 species of plants and animals in 2018, as of the 2023-1 update from the IUCN Red List, over 950 species of animals (and over 600 species of plants) are listed as critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable.[3][4]

Arachnids (2)[edit]

Birds (18)[edit]

Cnidaria (1)[edit]

Fish (44)[edit]

Insects (2)[edit]

Mammals (12)[edit]

Reptiles and amphibians (43)[edit]

Endangered animals[edit]

Listed by the IUCN as of the 2023-1 update.[4]

Arachnids (4)[edit]

Birds (20)[edit]

Cnidaria (4)[edit]

Crustacean (2)[edit]

Echinoderm (4)[edit]

Fish (from 2018 - 135 as of 2023)[edit]

Insects (4)[edit]

Mammals (55)[edit]

Mollusk (3)[edit]

Reptiles and amphibians (from 2018 - 122 as of 2023)[edit]

Vulnerable animals[edit]

Listed by the IUCN As of 2012.[5] As of the 2023-1 update, there are 481 animals listed as vulnerable.[4]



Reptiles and amphibians[edit]

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