List of engineering colleges in Kanpur

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This is a list of engineering colleges in Kanpur, India.

About engineering in India[edit]

There are a number of engineering colleges in India. They are both private and government owned and spread across all parts of India.[1]

Here is a comprehensive list and information on engineering, medical and all colleges in Kanpur, India.

College name University
1 IIT Kanpur IIT Kanpur
2 Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur HBTU Kanpur
3 Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology UPTU
4 Axis Institute of Technology and Management UPTU
5 Allenhouse Institute of Technology[2] UPTU
6 National Sugar Institute, Kalyanpur, Kanpur. Central University
7 University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kanpur University Kanpur University
8 Government leather Institute UPTU
9 CLRI Central University
10 C.S.A. University of Agriculture & Technology Central University
11 Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kalyanpur, Kanpur Central University
12 Institute of Research Development and Training Central University
13 Maharana Pratap Engineering College UPTU
14 Maharana Pratap Dental College UPTU
15 MPEC Management Studies UPTU
16 Maharana Pratap College of Pharmacy UPTU
17 Maharana Institute of Professional Studies UPTU
18 Maharana Pratap College of Management and Information Technology UPTU
19 Bhabha Institute Of Science and Technology UPTU
19 Bhabha College of engineering UPTU
20 Bhabha institute of technology UPTU
21 PSIT College of Engineering (PSITcoe) UPTU
22 Krishna Institute of Technology UPTU
23 Krishna Girls Engineering College UPTU
24 Naraina College Of Engineering & Technology UPTU
25 Naraian Vidya Peeth Eng. & Mgmt. Institute UPTU
26 Naraina Vidya Peeth Management Institute UPTU
27 Banshi College Of Engineering UPTU
28 Advance Institute of Biotech and Paramedical Sciences College Kanpur UPTU
29 Vision Institute of Technology-Kanpur UPTU
30 Vision College of Management UPTU
31 Institute Of Productivity and Management UPTU
32 Anubhav Institute of Engineering & Management UPTU
33 Apollo Institute of Technology UPTU
34 Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped UPTU
35 Prabhat Engineering College UPTU
36 Anubhav Institute Of Engineering And Management UPTU
37 Govt. Central Textile Institute UPTU
38 Vidya Bhawan College for Engineering Technology UPTU
39 RAMA Institute of Engineering and Technology UPTU
40 RAMA Dental College UPTU
41 Seth Sriniwas Agarwal Institute Of Engineering and Technology UPTU
42 Virendra Swarup Institute of Computer Studies UPTU
43 Virendra Swarup Institute of Management UPTU
44 Axis Business School (ABS) UPTU
45 Axis Institute of Planning and Management (AIPM) UPTU
46 Axis Institute of Fashion Technology (AIFT) UPTU
47 Axis Institute of Architecture (AIA) UPTU
48 Axis Institute of Technology and Science (AITS) UPTU
49 Axis Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) UPTU
50 Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute of Management and Higher Studies UPTU
51 Pranveer Singh Institute of Engineering and Technology(PSIT) UPTU
52 Institute of Business Management Kanpur University
53 Jagran Institute of Management Kanpur UPTU
54 College of Management Studies (CMS) UPTU
55 Jagran College of Art, Science and Commerce UPTU
56 Kanpur Institute Of Management UPTU
57 Subhash Institute of Software Technology UPTU
58 S.T.E.P.- H.B.T.I UPTU
59 ICAI Central University
60 RAMA Institute of Technology UPTU
61 United Institute of Designing UPTU
62 International Institute of Saddlery Central
63 Dayanand Dinanath College of Management UPTU
64 NIS Academy UPTU
65 Rama Institute of Business Studies UPTU
66 Rama Institute of Pharmacy UPTU
67 Forest Training Institute State Government
68 Seth Sriniwas Agarwal College Of Management UPTU
69 Indus institute Of technology & Management UPTU
70 Ssandy Institute Of technology & Management UPTU
71 Dr B R A E C I T Bijnor @ HBTI Campus UPTU
72 Government Polytechnic Kanpur BTEUP


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