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This page has a list of articles related to environmental history, the study of human interaction with the natural world over time.

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Environmental history books[edit]

Title Theme(s) and subtheme(s) Author(s) Year(s)
1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus Charles C. Mann 2005
Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England Land and water: hunting and fishing William Cronon 1983
Ecological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900 Introduced species: epidemics Alfred Crosby 1986
The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920 (collection of books and other publications) Conservation movement
Famine 1975! America's Decision: Who Will Survive? Overpopulation: food security William and Paul Paddock 1967
The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic - and How it Changed Science, Cities and the Modern World Pollution: water pollution Steven Berlin Johnson 2006
The Improving State of the World: Why We're Living Longer, Healthier, More Comfortable Lives On a Cleaner Planet Environmental skepticism Indur M. Goklany 2007
A Short History of Progress Environmental history Ronald Wright 2004
Struggle for the Land: Native North American Resistance to Genocide, Ecocide and Colonization Various themes Ward Churchill 1993, 1999, 2002

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