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The first page of the Beowulf manuscript, 8th to 10th century.

This is a list of epic poems.

Ancient epics (to 500)[edit]

Before the 8th century BC[edit]

8th to 6th century BC[edit]

4th century BC[edit]

3rd century BC[edit]

2nd century BC[edit]

1st century BC[edit]

1st century AD[edit]

2nd century[edit]

2nd to 5th century[edit]

3rd to 4th century[edit]

4th century[edit]

5th century[edit]

Medieval epics (500–1500)[edit]

7th century[edit]

8th to 10th century[edit]

11th century[edit]

The Knight in the Panther's Skin by Shota Rustaveli, one of the greatest Georgian poets.

12th century[edit]

13th century[edit]

14th century[edit]

15th century[edit]

Modern epics (from 1500)[edit]

16th century[edit]

17th century[edit]

18th century[edit]

19th century[edit]

20th century[edit]

21st century[edit]

Other epics[edit]


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