List of eponymous doctrines

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Financial and Economic Doctrines[edit]

Legal Doctrines[edit]

Most legal doctrines are named after the cases. This section only includes doctrines named after the judges who formulated them.

Political and Military Doctrines[edit]

Argentinian Doctrines[edit]

Belgian Doctrines[edit]

Chilean Doctrines[edit]

Danish Doctrines[edit]

Finnish Doctrines[edit]

French Doctrines[edit]

German Doctrines[edit]

Indian Doctrines[edit]

Iranian Doctrines[edit]

Israeli Doctrines[edit]

Japanese Doctrines[edit]

Korean Doctrines[edit]

Mexican Doctrines[edit]

Russian/Soviet Doctrines[edit]

UK Doctrines[edit]

US Doctrines[edit]

Yugoslav Doctrines[edit]

Religious Doctrines[edit]

Fictional Doctrines[edit]