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Emblem of the Royal Thai Fleet.
Naval ensign of Thailand.
Naval jack of Thailand.

This article is a List of equipment in Royal Thai Navy (RTN). The majority of the vessels of the Royal Thai Navy are from the United States (nearly half, over 50 of RTN's 130+ vessels). RTN also has craft from Australia, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Thailand produces many of its own vessels, in particular those of smaller displacement.

Examples of Thai docks Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard, Asian Marine Services, Marsun Shipbuilding, Italthai Marine, and Bangkok Dock. Thai docks have built corvettes, offshore patrol vessels (OPV), and patrol boats. In the future Thai docks plan to build frigates as well.


Aircraft carriers[edit]

Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
Chakri Naruebet
Empresa Nacional Bazán
Aircraft carrier 1 HTMS Chakri Naruebet (CV 911) Based on the Spanish Navy's Principe de Asturias design. Harrier fighters were retired in 2006, used as helicopter carrier.[1]


Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
DW 3000F  South Korea
Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard
Multi-role stealth frigate 1 (+1) HTMS Tachin (FFG 471) Two ships on order. Will locally produce under via technology transfer.[2][3][4] Model from Gwanggaeto class.[5]

(FFG-471) Launched: January 23, 2017 [6]

Knox class
USS Ouellet FF-1077.jpg
 United States
Avondale Shipyard
Guided missile frigate 1 HTMS Phutthayotfa Chulalok (FFG 461) Ex-USS Truett (1974–1994). Leased in 1994. Purchased in 1999. To be replaced by DW 3000F class
Type 025T class
HTMS Naresuan in Hong Kong.JPG
 Thailand (Design)
Guided missile frigate 2 HTMS Naresuan (FFG 421)
HTMS Taksin (FFG 422)
Mid-life upgrade in progress with installation of 8 x Mk41 VLS for RIM-162 ESSM, Saab's 9LV MK4 CMS, Sea Giraffe AMB, CEROS 200 fire control radar, EOS 500 electro-optics system, New CIWS and data link systems.[7]
Type 053HT class
US Navy 101007-N-9643S-018 HTMS Kraburi (457) - 2010.jpg
Guided missile frigate 4 HTMS Chao Phraya (FFG 455)
HTMS Bangpakong (FFG 456)
HTMS Kraburi (FFG 457)
HTMS Saiburi (FFG 458)
Modernized Jianghu-class. HTMS Kraburi and HTMS Saiburi undergoing upgrade with Type 360 Radar (SR-60A) with improved IFF, New CMS, NG12-1 twin-barrel 100mm naval gun, TR47C tracking radar, 8 x C802A missiles.


Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
Ratanakosin class
HTMS Rattanakosin (FSG 441).jpg
 United States
Tacoma Boat
Guided missile corvette 2 HTMS Rattanakosin (FS 441)
HTMS Sukhothai (FS 442)
US-built PFMM Mk16 class. Undergoing electronic systems upgrade.


Tapi class  United States
American Shipbuilding
ASW Corvette 2 HTMS Tapi (FF 431)
HTMS Khirirat (FF 432)
Anti-submarine warfare corvette.
Khamronsin class  Thailand
Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard &Italthai Marine
ASW Corvette 3 HTMS Khamronsin (FS 531)
HTMS Tayanchon (FS 532)
HTMS Long Lom (FS 533)
Anti-submarine warfare corvette.

Patrol vessels[edit]

Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
River class
RAN-IFR 2013 D3 43.JPG
 United Kingdom
Vosper Thornycroft
Bangkok Dock
Offshore patrol vessel 1 (+1)[8] HTMS Krabi (OPV 551) UK design, Thailand build.[9]
Pattani class  China
 Thailand (Design)
Offshore patrol vessel 2 HTMS Pattani (OPV 511)
HTMS Narathiwat (OPV 512)
Thai design, China build
Makut Rajakumarn class  United Kingdom
Yarrow Shipbuilders
Offshore patrol vessel 1 HTMS Makut Rajakumarn (FF 433) Used as offshore patrol vessel and/or training role
Hua Hin class
HTMS Klang - PC 542.jpg
Asian Marine Services & Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard
 China (Design)
Patrol boat 3 HTMS Hua Hin (PC 541)
HTMS Klang (PC 542)
HTMS Sriracha (PC 543)
Chinese design, Thailand build
PSMM Mk5 Class  Thailand
Italthai Marine
Patrol boat 6 HTMS Sattahip (PC 521)
HTMS Klongyai (PC 522)
HTMS Takbai (PC 523)
HTMS Kangtang (PC 524)
HTMS Thepa (PC 525)
HTMS Theai Mueang (PC 526)
Tor 991 class  Thailand
Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard & Marsun Shipbuilding
Patrol boat 3 HTMS Tor 991 (T.991)
HTMS Tor 992 (T.992)
HTMS Tor 993 (T.993)
An enlarged, modernized version of the Tor 91 class. Extra "9" added in honour of King Rama IX who offered input to the project. Vessels launched in 2007[10][11]
Tor 994 class  Thailand
Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard & Marsun Shipbuilding
Patrol boat 3 HTMS Tor 994 (T.994)
HTMS Tor 995 (T.995)
HTMS Tor 996 (T.996)
Vessels launched in 2011[12]
M21 class  Thailand
Marsun Shipbuilding
Coastal patrol boat 9 HTMS Tor 228 (T.228)
HTMS Tor 229 (T.229)
HTMS Tor 230 (T.230)
HTMS Tor 232 (T.232)
HTMS Tor 233 (T.233)
HTMS Tor 234 (T.234)
HTMS Tor 235 (T.235)
HTMS Tor 236 (T.236)
HTMS Tor 237 (T.237)
M36 class  Thailand
Marsun Shipbuilding
Multi-role patrol boat 3 HTMS Tor 111 (T.111)
HTMS Tor 112 (T.112)
HTMS Tor 113 (T.113)
Vessels launched in 2014[13]
M58 class[14]  Thailand
Marsun Shipbuilding
Patrol boat 1 HTMS Leamsing (PC 561) The class is expected to replace the Huahin (541), Klang (542) and Sriracha (543), all of which are of the Huahin ship class:.[15] According to the Navy’s Strategic Plan 2008 – 2017 Royal Thai Navy will add this series with another three boat.

Fast attack craft[edit]

Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
BMB-230 Class  Italy
Cantiere Navale Breda
FAC (Missile) 3 HTMS Ratcharit (FAC 321)
HTMS Vitiyakom (FAC 322)
HTMS U-domdej (FAC 323)
FPB-45 Class  Singapore
ST Marine
FAC (Missile) 3 HTMS Prabbrorapak (FAC 311)
HTMS Hanhak Sudtru (FAC 312)
HTMS Soo Pirin (FAC 313)
Similar to Singapore Navy's Seawolf-class missile gunboats (a design based on Germany's Lürssen TNC45 FAC[16])
MV400 Class  Italy
Cantiere Navale Breda
FAC (Gun) 3 HTMS Chonburi (FAC 331)
HTMS Songkla (FAC 332)
HTMS Phuket (FAC 333)
Same as Rajcharit class except 76/62 gun in the y position replacing of SSM
  • 2 x 76/62 Oto-Melara Naval Gun
  • 1 x 40/70 Bofors gun
  • 2 x .50" Gun

Training ship/salute ship[edit]

Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
Cannon class DE  United States
Western Pipe and Steel Company
Training ship 1 HTMS Pin Klao (DE-1) Former USS Hemminger. Used as salute ship.

River boat[edit]

  • MkII class PBR: 39
  • ล.21 class: 6
  • ล.31 class: 132
  • ล.3130 class: 3
  • ล.41 class: 3
  • ล.51 class: 6 (+5)[17]

Amphibious warfare ship[edit]

Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
Endurance class
Thai landing ship Angthong (LPD 791) in February 2016.JPG
ST Marine
Landing platform, dock (LPD) 1 HTMS Angthong (LPD 791) Designed and built by ST Marine of Singapore, believed to be based on the Endurance-class LPD. The HTMS Angthong (791) was launched on 21 March 2011.
Normed PS 700 class
US Navy 100203-N-6692A-154 The Royal Thai Navy medium landing ship HTMS Surin (LST 722) transits the Gulf of Thialand.jpg
Italthai Marine & Bangkok Dock
Landing ship, tank (LST) 2 HTMS Sichang (LST 721)
HTMS Surin (LST 722)

Landing craft, utility[edit]

Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
Marsun M55 class  Thailand
Marsun Shipbuilding
Landing craft, utility (LCU) 2 HTMS Mattaphon (II) (LCU 784)
HTMS Ravi (II) (LCU 785)
Thongkaeo class  Thailand
Bangkok Dock
Landing craft, utility (LCU) 4 HTMS Thongkaeo (LCU 771)
HTMS Thonglang (LCU 772)
HTMS Wangnok (LCU 773)
HTMS Wangnai (LCU 774)
Mannok class
HTMS Mun Klang (782).jpg
Silkline International - Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) Joint Venture
Landing craft, utility (LCU) 3 HTMS Mannok (LCU 781)
HTMS Mannai (LCU 782)
HTMS Manklang (LCU 783)

Replenishment ships[edit]

Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
Quiandaohu class  China
Auxiliary ship 1 HTMS Similan (AOR 871)
Jula class (II)  Singapore
Singmarine Shipyard
Replenishment oiler 1 HTMS Jula (II) (YO 831)
YOG-5 Class US
Albina Engine and Machine Works
Replenishment oiler 1 HTMS Samui (II) (YO 832)
Prong class  Thailand
Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard
Replenishment oiler 1 HTMS Prong (YO 833)
Proet class  Thailand
Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard
Replenishment oiler 2 HTMS Proet (YO 834)
HTMS Samed (YO 835)
Matra class  Thailand
Marsun Shipbuilding
Replenishment oiler 1 HTMS Matra (YO ???)
Chuang class
HTMS Chik (YO 842) Hua Hin Thailand (18155925029) (cropped).jpg
Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard
Fresh water ship 2 HTMS Chuang (YO 841)
HTMS Chik (YO 842)


Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
MSC-289 class  United States
Dorchester Shipbuilding and Peterson Builders
Minesweeper coastal 2 HTMS Bankaeo (II) (MSC 612)
HTMS Donjai (MSC 613)
HTMS Thalang  Thailand
Bangkok Dock
Mine countermeasures support ship 1 HTMS Thalang (MCS 621)
M48 class  Germany
Friedrich Lurssen Werft
Minehunter coastal 2 HTMS Bangrajun (II) (MHC 631)
HTMS Nong Sarai (II) (MHC 632)
Gaeta class  Italy
Intermarine SpA
Minehunter coastal 2 HTMS Ladya (III) (MHC 633)
HTMS Ta Dindang (III) (MHC 634)

Research and survey vessels[edit]

Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
HTMS Chan  Germany
Friedrich Lurssen Werft
Research vessel 1 HTMS Chan (AGOR 811)
HTMS Sok  Thailand
Bangkok Dock
Research vessel 1 HTMS Sok (AGOR 812)
HTMS Paruehasabordee  Thailand
Unithai Shipbuilding and Engineering - Shelde Naval Shipbuilding Joint Venture
Research vessel 1 HTMS Paruehasabordee (AGOR 813)


Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
Rin class  Singapore
Singmarine Shipyard
Tugboat 2 HTMS Rin (YTM 853)
HTMS Rung (YTM 854)
Samsan class  Thailand
Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard
Tugboat 2 HTMS Samsan (YTM 855)
HTMS Rad (YTM 856)
Klungbadan class  Canada
Canadian Bridge
Tugboat 2 HTMS Klungbadan (YTL 851)
HTMS Maarawichai (YTL 852)


Aircraft Photo Origin Type Quantity Notes
Dornier Do 228
Thai Navy Dornier 228-212.jpg
 Germany Maritime patrol aircraft 7 Also used in Royal Rain Project.
Fokker F.27-200/400
Fokker F.27 of the Royal Thai Navy at Khon Kaen-KKC, Thailand.jpg
 Netherlands Military transport, Maritime Attacker, ASW 2 Mk400
3 Mk200
Equipped with Harpoon.
Lockheed Corporation P-3T/UP-3T
 United States Maritime patrol aircraft, ASW 3 Version for Royal Thai Navy.
Canadair CL-215
Thailand - Navy Canadair CL-215B (CL-215-1A10).jpg
 Canada SAR, Firefighting 2
NAX Seaplane  Thailand Maritime patrol aircraft 2
GAF N.24A Normad
 Australia Military transport 5 Another airframe is in use for spares recovery.
Bell 212
US Navy 110216-N-4743B-095 Sailors direct a Royal Thai Navy Bell 212 helicopter aboard USS Essex (LHD 2).jpg
 United States Military transport 6
Bell 214ST
 United States VIP, transport 5
Sikorsky S-76B
Royal Thai Navy Sikorksy S-76B.JPEG
 United States SAR, transport 5
Sikorsky SH-70B Seahawk
U.S. Sailors with the flight deck crew aboard the guided missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54) in the Gulf of Thailand conduct an in-flight refueling simulation with a Thai Navy S-70B Seahawk helicopter 130608-N-AX577-323.jpg
 United States ASW 6 HTMS Chakri Naruebet Flying Unit.
Sikorsky MH-60S Knighthawk
 United States Military transport 2 (+4) HTMS Chakri Naruebet Flying Unit.
AgustaWestland Super Lynx 300
Lynx helo 2.jpg
 United Kingdom Anti Ship 2
Airbus H145M
Eurocopter EC645.jpg
 France Military transport 5


Model Photo Origin Type Quantity Notes
Mark 54 MAKO Lightweight Torpedo
USS Roosevelt (DDG-80) launches Mk 54 torpedo in April 2014.JPG
 United States Antisubmarine torpedo
Mark 44 torpedo
Mk44 torpedo Kanoya Museum.jpg
 United States Antisubmarine torpedo
Mark 46 torpedo
MK46 torpedo launch.jpg
 United States Antisubmarine torpedo
Sting Ray torpedo
Stingray Training Torpedo Firing MOD 45156539.jpg
 United Kingdom Antisubmarine torpedo
Selenia Aspide
Aspide launch.jpg
 Italy Surface to Air Missile
RIM-162 launched from USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) July 2010.jpg
 United States Surface-to-Air Missile Ninw on order (Plan 64), modernization of DW 3000F frigate and frigate Naresuan
Simbad missile.jpg
 France Surface-to-air missile For SADRAL launchers on aircraft carrier Chakri Naruebet
Standard Missile.jpg
 United States Surface-to-air missile DW 3000F deal, Modernization of DW 3000F frigate
AGM-84 Harpoon
Harpoon asm bowfin museum.jpg
 United States Anti-ship missile
Exocet AM39 P1220892-detoured.jpg
 France Anti-ship missile
C-801/CSS-N-4/Sardine  China Anti-ship missile
C-802 anti ship missile.JPG
 China Anti-ship missile For modernized Chao Phraya
Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - Weaponry Found On-Board the "Victoria" (1).jpg
 China Anti-ship missile
 United States Anti-submarine ballistic missile DW 3000F deal, Modernization of DW 3000F frigate
ASROC launcher USS Columbus 1962.jpg
 United States Anti-submarine ballistic missile
RBU-1200  China Anti-submarine missile
Mi  Thailand Stealth naval mine
Moored contact mine Mk6.jpg
 United States Naval mine
Mk.18  United States Naval mine


Model Photo Origin Type Caliber Version Notes
M1911 pistol
 United States
Semi-automatic pistol .45 ACP
M16 rifle
 United States Assault rifle 5.56mm A1
Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
M4 carbine
M4A1 ACOG.jpg
 United States Assault rifle 5.56mm A1
Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
Stag2wi .jpg
 United States Assault rifle 5.56mm Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
Heckler & Koch G36
G36 Select-Fire Carbine.JPEG
 Germany Assault rifle 5.56mm G36C
Royal Thai Marine Corps use G36C. Royal Thai Navy SEALs use G36KV.
Norinco CQ
NORINCO Type CQ 5'56x45mm assault rifle.jpg
 China Assault rifle 5.56mm CQ M-311 Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
Heckler & Koch UMP
 Germany Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum UMP 9 Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
Heckler & Koch MP5
 Germany Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum MP5SD
Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
Heckler & Koch HK21
 Germany General-purpose machine gun 5.56mm HK23E Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
Heckler & Koch PSG1
PSG1 and MSG 90.jpg
 Germany Sniper rifle 7.62mm MSG 90 Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
SR-25 pic02.jpg
 United States Sniper rifle 7.62mm Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
Barrett M82
M82A1 barrett.jpeg
 United States Anti-materiel rifle .50 BMG Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
Barrett M95
Barrett M95SP.jpg
 United States anti-materiel rifle .50 BMG Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
Bushmaster M4
 United States Carbine 5.56mm M4A3 SOPMOD Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
Sago Defence Tikka  United States Sniper rifle .223inch/.338inch Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
PEO M249 Para ACOG.jpg
 United States Light machine gun 5.56mm Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
 United States General-purpose machine gun 7.62mm Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
M2 Browning
M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée.jpg
 United States Heavy machine gun 12.7mm Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
Accuracy International AW50
Weapons Company, Australian Army participate in bilateral live-fire training 150524-M-EB365-056.jpg
 United Kingdom Anti-materiel rifle .50 BMG Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
SIG Sauer SIG516
SIG SG 516 14.5″.jpg
  Switzerland Assault rifle 5.56mm Used by Royal Thai Navy SEALs.
M203 1.jpg
 United States Grenade launcher 40×46mm SR Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
Armbrust rocket launcher photo Iraq OIG.jpg
 Germany Anti-tank weapon 67mm Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
M47 Dragon
Dragon 04.jpg
 United States Anti-Tank Guided Missile ? Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
Hires 090509-A-4842R-001a.jpg
 United States Anti-Tank Guided Missile ? Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps. Use in Humvee and Ford Ranger.
M40 recoilless rifle
 United States Recoilless rifle 105mm M40A2 Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.
QW-1 Vanguard  China MANPAD ? QW-18 Used by Royal Thai Marine Corps.

Land vehicles[edit]

Model Photo Origin Type Quantity Notes
US Navy 060322-N-5438H-018 U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the Bravo Battery 3rd Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment along with Iraq Army soldiers from the 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 4th Division perform a routine patrol.jpg
 United States Utility vehicle ? Royal Thai Marine Corps use M998,M1097A2,M997,M1025,M1045A2,M966.
AMG M151 A2 (1978) GB (owner Gavin Broad).JPG
 United States Utility vehicle ? Royal Thai Marine Corps use M151A2, M151A2 mounting TOW,M718A1,M825.
Ford  United States Utility vehicle ? Royal Thai Marine Corps use Ford Ranger XL,XLS,XL+,XLT,FX4,Wildtrak,SWB.
REFORGER 1991, M54 Truck unloading.jpg
 United States Prime Mover ? Royal Thai Marine Corps use M54A2,M543A2.
M35 2-1/2 ton cargo truck
 United States Prime Mover ? Royal Thai Marine Corps use M35A2,M50A2,M49A2,M109A2.
Isuzu  Japan
Prime Mover ? Royal Thai Marine Corps use SBR,TXD 4x2,TSD 4x4,TWD 6x6,HTW,FTR 4x4.
USMarines AAV Iraq apr 2004 116 hires.jpg
 United States Armoured personnel carrier 36 Variants include: AAVP-7A1, AAVC-7A1, AAVR-7A1.
Kharkiv Morozov BTR-3E1 APC (9689290574).jpg
Armoured personnel carrier 12
M151A2 mod  Thailand Armoured personnel carrier ?
V-150 Commando
Cadillac Gage V-150 do Exército português.jpg
 United States Armoured car 24
Phantom 380-X  Thailand Armoured car ?
Type 69-ll
 China Main battle tank 5

Historical equipment[edit]


Class Country of Origin Quantity Ship Service Note
Light cruiser
Naresuan class(I)  Italy 2 HTMS Naresuan (I)
HTMS Taksin (I)
The Etna was one of the first anti-aircraft cruisers built in Italy. Originally ordered by Siam (now Thailand), it was laid down in 1939. Taksin, equipped with six 15.2 cm guns. In 1942 the ship was seized by Italy to use as an anti-aircraft cruiser and as flagship. The ship was under construction in Trieste when it was captured by German troops after the surrender of Italy on 10 September 1943. To prevent its use by the Germans, the ship was sunk by the retreating Italians. About 60% complete, the Germans never intended to continue its construction. After the war, it was found scuttled in Trieste harbor, refloated, and scrapped.
Coastal defence ship
Thonburi class  Japan 2 HTMS Thonburi
HTMS Sri Ayudhya
Run aground in the Battle of Ko Chang. Later she was raised and attempts were made to repair the extensive damage and continued to serve the navy as a training vessel until being stricken in 1959. Part of her bridge and forward gun turret are preserved as a memorial at the Royal Thai Naval Academy.
Sunk in Manhattan Rebellion.
Ratanakosin class(l)  United Kingdom 2 HTMS Ratanakosin (l)
HTMS Sukhothai (l)
Matchanu class  Japan 4 HTMS Matchanu
HTMS Wirun
HTMS Sinsamut
HTMS Phlai-Chumphon
Sold to the Siam Cement Company for scrap. Part of the superstructure of the Matchanu is preserved at the Naval Museum in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand.
Sold to the Siam Cement Company for scrap.
Sold to the Siam Cement Company for scrap.
Sold to the Siam Cement Company for scrap.
R-class  United Kingdom 1 HTMS Phra Ruang 1920-1957 Former HMS Radiant.
Tacoma class  United States 2 HTMS Prasae (II)
HTMS Tachin (II)
Used in Korean War
Used in the Korean War
Knox-class  United States 1 HTMS Phutthaloetla Naphalai 1997-2015 Ex-USS Ouellet (1970–1993).
Maeklong class  Japan 2 HTMS Maeklong
HTMS Tachin (I)
Flower class  United Kingdom 2 HTMS Bangpakong
HTMS Prasae (I)
Used in Korean War.
Grounded in the Korean War.
Torpedo boat
Chonbori class(I)  Italy 9 HTMS Chonbori (I)
HTMS Trat (I)
HTMS Songkhla (I)
HTMS Phuket (I)
HTMS Pattani (I)
HTMS Surat Thani(I)
HTMS Chanthaburi (I)
HTMS Rayong (I)
HTMS Chumphon (I)
Sunk in Battle of Ko Chang
Sunk in Battle of Ko Chang
On display as a memorial near Prince of Chumphon Shrine at Sairee Beach, Chumphon Province, Thailand, since 1980.
Kyongyai class(I)  Japan 3 HTMS Kyongyai (I)
HTMS Kantan (I)
HTMS Takbai (I)
ASW patrol craft
PC-461 class  United States 8 HTMS Sarasin (II)
HTMS Thayanchon (I)
HTMS Khamronsin (I)
HTMS Phali
HTMS Sukiep
HTMS Tongpliu
HTMS Liulom
HTMS Longlom (I)
Former USS PC-495.
Former USS PC-575.
Former USS PC-609.
Former USS PC-1185.
Former USS PC-1218.
Former USS PC-616.
Former USS PC-1253.
Former USS PC-570.
Patrol craft
Sarasin class(I)  Thailand 3 HTMS Sarasin (I)
HTMS Thiew Uthock
HTMS Travane Vari
Sunk by British aircraft
Sunk in Manhattan Rebellion.
Amphibious warfare ships, landing ships, landing craft
LST-542 class  United States 5 HTMS Angthong (II)
HTMS Chang (II)
HTMS Phangan (II)
HTMS Lanta
HTMS Prathong
Former USS LST-924.
Former USS Lincoln County (LST-898).
Former USS Stark County (LST-1134). Used in the Vietnam War.
Former USS Stone County LST-1141.
Former USS Dodge County (LST-722).
LSM-1 class  United States 3 HTMS Kut
Former USS LSM-338.
Former USS LSM-333.
Former USS LSM-469.
LCT mark 6 class  United States 6 HTMS Mattaphon (I)
HTMS Ravi (I)
HTMS Adang
HTMS Phetra
HTMS Khorum
HTMS Talibong
Former USS LCU-8.
Former USS LCU-9.
Former USS LCU-10.
Former USS LCU-11.
Former USS LCU-12.
Former USS LCU-13.
LCI-351 class  United States 2 HTMS Prab
HTMS Sattakut
Former USS LCI-670.
Former USS LCI-739.
LCS(L)(3)-1 class  United States 1 HTMS Nakha 1966-2007 Former USS LCS(L)(3)-102, / JMSDF Himawari.
Bangrajun class(l)  Italy 2 HTMS Bangrajun (I)
HTMS Nong Sarai (I)
YMS-1 class  United States 3 HTMS Ladya (I)
HTMS Bangkeo (I)
HTMS Tha Din Daeng (I)
Former USS YMS-334.
Former USS YMS-138.
Former USS YMS-353.
MSC-294 class  United States 2 HTMS Ladya (II)
HTMS Tha Din Daeng (II)
Former USS MSC-297.
Former USS MSC-301.
Algerine Class  United Kingdom 1 HTMS Phosamton (I) 1947-? Former HMS Minstrel
Aberdare Class  United Kingdom 1 HTMS Chao Phraya (I) 1922-1971 Former HMS Havant
Transport support ships
Angthong class(l)  Japan 1 HTMS Angthong (I) 1918-1951 Former HTMS Pratenung Mahachakri (II)
Chang class(l) ? 1 HTMS Chang (I) 1902-1962  ?
Sichang class(l)  Italy 2 HTMS Sichang (I)
HTMS Phangan (I)
Jula class(l) ? 1 HTMS Jula (I) 1941-1953  ?
Kledkaeo class  Norway 1 HTMS Kledkaeo 1956-? Former RNoMS Norfrost
Replenishment ships
Samui class(l)  Italy 1 HTMS Samui (I) 1936-1945 Sunk by USS Sealion (SS-315).


Aircraft Country of Origin Type Service Quantity Note
Avro 504N  UK/ Thailand Trainer 1929-1948 2 Built locally.
Mitsubishi A6M Zero  Japan Fighter 1942-1945 1
WS-103S  Japan reconnaissance 1935-? 6
Nakajima E8N  Japan reconnaissance 1938-? 45
Aichi E13A1  Japan reconnaissance 1939-? 6 Three aircraft ordered in 1939 and three in 1941.
Cessna O-1G  US reconnaissance 1968-? 8
Cessna U-17  US reconnaissance 1974-? 6+
Piper L-4  US reconnaissance 1973-? 2
Douglas C-47 Skytrain  US Cargo 1973-?  ?
Grumman HU-16D  US SAR 1962-? 3
Grumman S-2 Tracker  US ASW 1966-1999 12
Hawker Siddeley AV-8S Matador  UK Fighter 1997-2006 9 Used on HTMS Chakri Naruebet.
Ling-Temco-Vought A-7E Corsair II  US Attacker  ?-2007 18 All airframes stored.
Bell UH-1H  US Utility helicopter 1975-? 4


Model Country of Origin Type Service Quantity Note
Blowpipe (missile)  United Kingdom SAM  ?-? 200
Sea Cat  United Kingdom Surface-to-Air Missile  ?-? 8
Gabriel missile  Israel Anti-ship missile  ?-?  ?

Land vehicles[edit]

Model Country of Origin Type Service Quantity Note
LVT  United States Amphibious vehicle  ?-? 16
M3 Half-track  United States Half-track armored personnel carrier  ?-? 12+

Future equipment[edit]

Main fleet[edit]

  • Mid-life upgrade of the Naresuan Class FFG - On 3 June 2011, Saab announced[18] that it was awarded a contract for the upgrading of the two Naresuan class frigates. The scope of the upgrade will include Saab's 9LV MK4 combat management system, Sea Giraffe AMB, CEROS 200 fire control radar, EOS 500 electro-optics system and data link systems for communications with the newly acquired Royal Thai Air Force Erieye surveillance aircraft. After the upgrade, Naresuan Class FFG will be equipped with a Mk 41 VLS with maximum of 32 RIM-162 ESSM.[19]
  • Submarine procurement - On 13 October 2013, The Royal Thai Navy planned to finish the building of a submarine squadron headquarters and training centre in March 2014, although it has no submarines in its fleet. Its construction started last year[clarification needed] at the Chonburi Sattahip Naval Base. The navy is eyeing the purchase of at least three submarines as part of its next 10-year procurement plan.[20] On 2 July 2015, the Royal Thai Navy announces China won the bid to supply Thailand 3 Yuan-class submarine.[21]
  • New offshore patrol vessels (OPV) - In late-2009, the Royal Thai Navy announced the construction of a 2,000 ton, 75 m long OPV based on BAE Systems Surface Ships's Port of Spain class corvette.[22][23][24] The total requirement of Royal Thai Navy is four OPVs, based on this design, to be constructed in Thailand. The new OPV will be equipped with Otobreda 76 mm/62 Super Rapid main gun, 2 x DS-30M 30 mm Cannon, and 2x .50 MG with the projection to be equipped with SSM when needed.[22] Others 3 OPV required.
  • New frigates - On 21 April 2013, the navy announced[25] that the South Korea has been chosen to build two new multi-role frigates for the Royal Thai Navy. The procurement will be divided into two phases, one ship in each phase, over approximately five years. On 30 July 2013 The cabinet approved the first phase of the program. On 4 August 2013, the navy announced the rough specifications of the new frigate[26] which will be based on the South Korean KDX-1 Destroyer. The new frigate will include the ability to launch RIM-162 ESSM, unknown model of vertical-launch anti-submarine rocket and a data link system to communicate with Naresuan class frigates and the Royal Thai Air Force. The ship is FFBNW (fit for but not with) the RIM-66 Standard MR or SM-2MR, but Saab still cannot integrate the missile to their system. It's still the future upgrade plan. The Royal Thai Navy also planned to build second frigate in Mahidol Adulyadej naval dockyard.


RTN flying unit[edit]

Royal Thai Navy MH-60S Knight Hawk: Appears at air show at Donmaung air force base, Thailand
  • New tactical transport helicopter - In April 2006, the Thai Navy requested permission from the United States to buy six MH-60S Navy Hawks.[27] An agreement of purchase was signed in June 2007, and the first two aircraft were delivered in August 2011.[27]
  • VIP and MEDEVAC aircraft - The Royal Thai Navy received a single Embraer ERJ-135 jet in late 2008, followed by an order for a second aircraft in October 2009; both aircraft were outfitted with medical evacuation kits, as well as being used for official transportation.[28]

RTN Marine Corps and SEALs[edit]

  • New armoured personnel carrier (APC) - RTN signed a contract to procure 12 BTR-3s from Ukraine in mid-2007, the first of which began arriving in December 2010, with deliveries scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011.[29]

RTN Air and Coastal Defence Command[edit]

Indigenous products[edit]

  • Small patrol ship - The King of Thailand initiated a project to build and commission a small new patrol craft, the T.991 Class in 2002. The first ship, T.991, was built in the Royal Thai Navy Dock. Another two, T.992 and T.993, was built by Mason Shipbuilding in Thailand. The first ship was commissioned on 30 April 2007.[30][31]
  • Local-build OPV - On 11 November 2008, the Cabinet approveed the plan to build a new offshore patrol vessel (OPV) in a deal worth three billion baht (US$85 million). Although RTN did not unveil the design, the vessel will be built in Mahidol dockyard in Thailand.[32]
  • Underwater craft - The Naval Research & Development Office of Royal Thai Navy has awarded contacts to Bangkok Dockyard Co., Ltd. to build an underwater craft. The craft is 20 tons in displacement and cost 5 million baht.[33]
  • M151A2 mod - Amphibious vehicle.[citation needed]
  • DTI RTN KSM150
  • NAX seaplane
  • Mi naval mine
  • Phantom 380-X

See also[edit]


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