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This is a list of all equipment that is in use by the Philippine Army. The Philippine Army is a branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that specializes in ground warfare. All equipment in service with the different branches of the AFP is provided by the Philippine government in order to be used in protecting the freedom and sovereignty of the Republic of the Philippines against any hostilities.

Current inventory[edit]

Infantry weapons[edit]

Picture Model Origin Type Caliber Version In Service Notes
M1911 A1 pistol.jpg M1911 pistol  United States Semi-automatic pistol .45 ACP M1911A1 unknown Standard issue sidearm, mixed between former US stocks and new locally sourced units.
RIAdelivered.JPG Rock Island Armory 1911 series  Philippines Semi-automatic pistol .45 ACP TAC Ultra FS HC 45 ACP 3,000 (+40,000) 3,000 acquired by Armed Forces of the Philippines in 2017, for issue to all service branches. Majority went to the Philippine Army.[1] AFP ordered 60,000 units under AFP 0.45 caliber Hammer Fired Pistol acquisition project, majority expected to go to the Philippine Army.[2]
Glock 17 MOD 45154998.jpg Glock 17  United States Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum Glock 17 Gen 4 (+40,000) Contract awarded to Glock Asia Pacific on September 2017 to supply 74,861 units to the entire AFP, majority expected to go to the Army. 1st delivery expected by March–April 2018.[3]
Beretta 92 FS.gif Beretta 92  Italy Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum Beretta 92 unknown Used by SOCOM units.
Submachine guns and Subcompact Weapons
MP5.jpg Heckler & Koch MP5  Germany Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum MP5A3
Uzi 1.jpg Uzi  Israel Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum Uzi unknown
Ferfrans SCW  United States Subcompact Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO SCW 7 unknown Used by mechanized infantry assigned to Task Force Davao, donated by NGOs of Davao City.
Assault rifles, carbines and battle rifles
M16A1 brimob.jpg M16 rifle  United States /
Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO M16A1
M16A1 (enhanced)
>100,000 Out of service although this is used by reservists and CAFGU units.
GA Dissipator Carbine.jpg GA MID-16  Philippines Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO MID-16 Dissipator
MID-16 Mod.0
unknown Rebuilt from M16A1 rifles with new 16" barrels, the MID-16 Mod.0 undergoing field testing in October 2015. several MID-16 Dissipators already in service.
AUG A1 508mm 04.jpg Steyr AUG  Australia Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO F88 Austeyr unknown Australian-sourced, manufactured by Lithgow Arms. Used by Special Operations Command units.
AKM automatkarbin - 7,62x39mm.jpg AKM  Russia Assault rifle 7.62×39mm AKM 5,000 Donated by Russia. Several units being used by the Scout Ranger Regiment.
M4A1 ACOG.jpg M4 carbine  United States Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO Colt M4 & M4A1
Remington R4A3
Used by Special Operations Command units.
The new standard issue rifle. 50,629 brand new units were initially ordered, 44,186 are for the Philippine Army and 6,443 are for the Philippine Marine Corps.[4] Eventually, due to savings, another 12,657 R4A3 rifles were procured bringing the total to 56,843 rifles.[5]
HK416.jpg Heckler & Koch HK416  Germany Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO D10RS
unknown Used by Light Reaction Regiment , Special Forces
AR-15 Sporter SP1 Carbine.JPG CAR-15  United States /
Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO Model 733
unknown Some were licensed produced by Elisco Tool (Elitool) Philippines as M653Ps. Used by secondary units, armored vehicle crew, Military Police, and Base Security units.
M14 rifle - USA - 7,62x51mm - Armémuseum.jpg M14 rifle  United States Battle rifle 7.62×51mm NATO M14 unknown In service as standard battle rifle. Will undergo refurbishing and upgrade into Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) or Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) standard.[6]
M1 Garand rifle - USA - 30-06 - Armémuseum.jpg M1 Garand  United States Semi-automatic rifle .30-06 M1C, M1D 36, 930 Used for Ceremonial.
M1 Carbine Mk I - USA - Armémuseum.jpg M1 carbine  United States Semi-automatic carbine .30 Carbine M1A1 8,831 Used for Ceremonial.
Designated marksman and sniper rifles
Scar H Standard.jpg FN SCAR Belgium Designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm NATO SCAR-H -
GA Squad Designated Marksman Rifle.jpg GA SDMR  Philippines Designated marksman rifle 5.56×45mm NATO SDMR-16 - Similar in concept as the US Mk 12 Special Purpose Rifle, but uses a 16" barrel specifically requested for Special Operations Command units. Used by the Light Reaction Regiment in limited numbers.[6][7]
5130 055 Sturmgewehr 90 mit Kern 4x24 Zielfernrohr.jpg SIG SG 550   Switzerland Designated marksman rifle 5.56×45mm NATO SG 550 unknown Assigned in limited numbers to Scout Ranger units. Modified as designated marksman rifles by installing optics to increase effective range. Replaced by M24 sniper rifles for standardization, and are probably stored.
US sniper during a firefight in Northern Trek Nawa, Afghanistan.jpg M14 rifle  United States Designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm NATO M14 DMR unknown Standard issue marksman rifle, modified with scopes to increase effective range compared to standard M14. Different from the M21 sniper rifle. Will undergo refurbishing and upgrade into standard GA Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) or Enhanced Battle Rifle (EMR) standard.[6]
Sniper Rifles M40 XM21.jpg M21 Sniper Weapon System  United States Semi-automatic sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NATO M21 unknown Sniper rifle issued to regular infantry units. Being refurbished by Government Arsenal by replacing key parts including installing new optics.[6]
SR-25 pic02.jpg Knight's Armament Company SR-25  United States Semi-automatic sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NATO Mk.11 Mod.0 unknown Introduced in 2004 as a primary to intermediate range semi-automatic sniper rifle used by the Special Operations Command.[8]
PSG1 and MSG 90.jpg Heckler & Koch PSG1  Germany Semi-automatic sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NATO PSG-1
unknown PSG-1 in service with the Presidential Security Group. Limited numbers of MSG90 in service with Special Operations Command units as primary-intermediate range semi-automatic sniper rifle.
PEO M24 SWS.jpg M24 Sniper Weapon System  United States Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NATO M24A1 unknown Introduced in 2012 to Special Operations Command as new standard intermediate range sniper rifle.[9]
Norinco CS/LR4  China Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NATO CS/LR4A 30[10] Donated by the Chinese government to the AFP.[11]
Chuck Mawhinney's sniper rifle.jpg Robar SR-60  United States Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm SR-60D unknown Based on the Remington M40A1 sniper rifle. Only issued in limited numbers to the Scout Rangers as an intermediate range sniper rifle.
Tac50.jpg McMillan Tac-50  United States Sniper rifle .50 BMG Tac-50 unknown In limited numbers with Special Operations Command units.
Barret M82 DA-ST-92-07336.jpg Barrett M82  United States Anti-materiel rifle, sniper rifle .50 BMG M82A1 unknown Standard long range & anti-materiel sniper rifle.
Machine guns
Daewoo K3 SAW.jpg Daewoo Precision Industries K3  South Korea Light machine gun 5.56×45mm NATO K3 6,540 Standard squad automatic weapon, in service since 2008.[12][13][14][15]
M249mg.jpg FN Minimi  Belgium Light machine gun 5.56×45mm NATO Minimi 402 Standard squad automatic weapon. Additional order cancelled in favor of rebidding, which was later won by Daewoo Precision Industries' K3.[16][17]
M60.jpg M60 machine gun  United States General-purpose machine gun 7.62×51mm NATO M60E3
unknown Standard general purpose machine gun. Several M60E3 being converted by Government Arsenal to M60E4 standard. Several M60E6 provided by US military to MARSOG on June 2017.
Browning M1919a.png M1919 Browning machine gun  United States Medium machine gun .30-06 Springfield M1919A1 unknown Replaced by M60 machine gun in front line use, relegated for use on vehicles, base defense and security units, and CAFGU units.
Section Automatic Weapon.jpg Ultimax 100  Singapore Light machine gun 5.56×45mm NATO Mark 1 unknown
Machine gun M2 1.jpg M2 Browning  United States Heavy machine gun .50 BMG M2A1
unknown Infantry carried and vehicle mounted.
US Navy 070825-N-9769P-317 A Special Warfare Combatant-craft crewman (SWCC) mans his GAU-17 minigun during live-fire patrol training along the Salt River in northern Kentucky.jpg M134 Minigun  United States Rotary machine gun 7.62×51mm NATO M134 unknown Mounted on armored Humvees and some M113A1 APCs. Some were transferred to the Philippine Air Force in exchange for M39 20mm cannons.
Grenade launchers
M203 1.jpg M203 grenade launcher  United States Grenade launcher 40 mm grenade M203
unknown Attached to M4/M4A1 (M203A1) and M16A1 (M203). Additional 740 more units were delivered in March 2011.[18]
PEO M320 Grenade Launcher.jpg M320 Grenade Launcher Module  Germany Grenade launcher 40 mm grenade M320
M320 Standalone
unknown Used by Special Operations Command units. Attached to HK416, some in stand-alone system
M79 Grenade Launcher (7414625716).jpg M79 grenade launcher  United States Grenade launcher 40 mm grenade M79 unknown
CIS 40 AGL  Singapore Automatic grenade launcher 40 mm grenade 40 AGL unknown Mounted on Simba 4×4 armored vehicles.

Anti-tank and assault weapons[edit]

Picture Model Origin Type Caliber Version In Service Notes
Armbrust rocket launcher photo Iraq OIG.jpg Armbrust  Germany /
Anti-tank weapon 67mm Armbrust AT unknown Acquired from Singapore. Used by mechanized infantry units.[19]
M72 Light Anti-tank Weapon (7414626756).jpg M72 LAW  United States Anti-tank weapon 66mm unknown unknown In limited service with the Special Operations Command.
RPG-7V1 grenade launcher - RaceofHeroes-part2-22.jpg RPG-7  Bulgaria
Rocket-propelled grenade launcher 40mm ATGL-L2
250 (+744) Initial 250 units delivered in 2017 to replace the M18 and M67 recoilless rifles that are currently in service.[20] Another 744 units will be acquired from Russia under a G2G contract.[21]
Rcl106lat2.jpg M40  United States Recoilless rifle 105mm M40 unknown In Service, carried by light utility vehicles.[22]
M67 recoilless rifle 01.jpg M67  United States Recoilless rifle 90mm M67 186[23] In Service,[22] scheduled for replacement with the ATGL-L2 RPGs

Night vision equipment[edit]

Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
Aselsan A100  Turkey Monocular night vision device A100 4,464 (+2,808) 4,464 initially ordered from Aselsan A.S,[24] 2,808 units more ordered using balance of budget for the project.
Land Warrior PVS-14 Night Vision Device.jpg Insight Technology AN/PVS-14  United States Monocular night vision device M914A >2,351 2,351 units received in 2010, delivered by Nightline Inc.[25]
AN PVS-7 Cyclops.JPG L3 Technologies AN/PVS-7  United States Binocular night vision device AN/PVS-7 unknown Used by troops of the Special Operations Command.[25]
AN-PEQ-2A-aiminglight.jpg AN/PEQ-2  United States Laser sight - ~2,351 2,351 units received in two batches in 2008 and 2011. Used by troops of the Special Operations Command.[25]
Aselsan Infrared Aiming Device  Turkey Target Pointer/Illuminator Infrared Aiming Device ~4,464 (+2,808) 4,464 initially ordered from Aselsan A.S under the Night Fighting System project,[24] matched together with the Aselsan A100 Monocular NV Device. 2,808 units more ordered using balance of budget for the project.

Communication equipment[edit]

Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
Elbit Systems Combat-NG  Israel Battlefield management system Combat-NG - In use by some artillery and mechanized units.[26]
Harris RV-5800H-MP Man-Pack Radio.jpg AN/PRC-150  United States Combat-net radio RF-5800H-MP >2,500 More than 300 units introduced in 2004. 234 units received in 2005, 2,019 units delivered in 2008.[27][28] More received in 2011,[29] and more on order from 2014.
Harris RV-5800V-HH Handheld Radio.jpg AN/PRC-152  United States Combat-net radio RF-5800V-HH >8,209 1,853 units introduced in 2004. 6,356 units delivered in 2008.[27][28] More received in 2011,[29] and more on order from 2014.
Harris Falcon III  United States Combat-net radio RF-7800V
Introduced in 2015 in a deal worth $18 million.[30] In service starting 2015.[31]
Manpack Loudspeaker Version IV  Philippines Loudspeaker MLX4 unknown Made by the Civil Military Operations Group of the Philippine Army.
Vetronix URC-773M.JPG Vetronix URC-773 Patrolfone  Philippines Combat-net radio URC-773M unknown Low band VHF radio. Being replaced by the Harris Falcon II & III series portable combat-net radios on front-line secured communication requirements.[29] URC-777 is a locally made version of AN/PRC-77 by Vetronix Philippines.
Vetronix URC-187B.JPG Vetronix URC-187 Patrolfone  Philippines Combat-net radio URC-187B unknown High Frequency/Single Sideband radio, made by Veterans Electronics & Communications (Vetronix), replaced by the Harris Falcon II & III series portable combat-net radios on front-line secured communication requirements.
Vetronix URC-601  Philippines Combat-net radio URC-601 unknown Made by Veterans Electronics Philippines (Vetronix), replaced by the Harris Falcon II & III series portable combat-net radios.
Vetronix URC-777  Philippines Combat-net radio URC-777 unknown VHF-AM normally equipped with AMP-RF booster, used for air to ground communications, made by Veterans Electronics & Communications (Vetronix), replaced by the Harris Falcon II & III series portable combat-net radios.
PRC-latrun-exhibition-1.jpg AN/PRC-77  United States Combat-net radio PRC-77 unknown Being replaced by the Harris Falcon II & III series portable combat-net radios.[29] URC-777 is a locally made version of AN/PRC-77 by Vetronix Philippines.

Armored vehicles[edit]

Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
PA Scorpion CRVT.JPG Alvis FV101 Scorpion  United Kingdom Reconnaissance vehicle/Light Tank FV101 18 delivered in 1977.[32] 18 units for upgrade as of 2015.[33] 14 non-working units had their L23A1 76mm guns and turrets transplanted to M113A2+ vehicles under supervision from Elbit Systems Land & C4I.
PA YPR-765.jpg FMC AIFV  United States Infantry fighting vehicle AIFV-25
includes 6 Armored Recovery Vehicle variants, all delivered in 1979-1980.[32][34]
ACV-300 Adnan.jpg FNSS ACV-15  Turkey Infantry fighting vehicle ACV-15 AAPC
Formerly called the ACV-300. 1 Armored Recovery Vehicle delivered in 2004, 6 APC variants delivered in 2010.[32][35][36]
Phl Army M113.JPG FMC M113  United States Armoured personnel carrier / Fire support vehicle / Infantry fighting vehicle / Armoured recovery vehicle M113A1
M113A1 acquired from 1967 onwards,[39] some of which were converted to armored mortar carriers and fire support vehicles. 114 standard M113A2 APCs received in 2015 from US excess defense articles, all commissioned in January 2016.[38] Upgraded M113A2+ supplied by Elbit Systems (Israel): 14 FSV with 76mm guns, 4 IFVs with 25mm RCWS, 6 APCs with 12.7mm RCWS, and 4 ARVs configured to YPR-806 standard.[39] Ten of the upgraded M113A2s in APC and four in ARV configurations already received by PA. The rest are expected by early 2017.[40]
PA Simba APC.jpg GKN FS100 Simba 4×4  United Kingdom Armoured personnel carrier APC 12.7mm
APC 25mm
Armored Ambulance
~135 150 units delivered between 1993 to 1997. 142 units assembled in the Philippines. Includes 3 IFV versions armed with 25mm Bushmaster cannon, 17 armored ambulance and command variants.[32]
Philippine Army Cadillac Gage.jpg Cadillac Gage Commando 4×4  United States Armoured personnel carrier V-150
Total 155 delivered, some with Marine Corps. Delivery starting 1975. Some stretched V-150S variants.[32]
Philippine and U.S. Marines conduct convoy operations training at Camp O'Donnell, Tarlac province, Philippines, April 7, 2013, during exercise Balikatan 2013 130407-M-HG547-693.jpg AM General HMMWV  United States Light Utility Vehicle / Light Armored Vehicle M998
300 Around 1,000 units provided by the US in the late 1980s, divided into several variants and series, M998 & M1038(troop/cargo carrier), and M1025 weapons carriers, and are divided to all AFP service branches and the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force.[41] Up-armored variants (M1025P1 and M1114) were provided from the late 2000s and are assigned with the Mechanized Infantry Division and Special Operations Command. More up-armored variants were requested from US Excess Defense Articles and are expected in the near future.

Utility vehicles[edit]

Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
CES 2012 - Sony Dub (6937500905).jpg Kawasaki Teryx  United States Utility Task Vehicle Teryx unknown Provided under US Military Assistance Program, used by units of the Special Operations Command.[42]
CMC Cruiser.jpg CMC Cruiser  Philippines 1/4-ton Light Utility Vehicle Standard unknown Formerly made by Columbia Motors Corp. Produced in the 1980s and brought to service in the 1990s.
Delta Mini Cruiser (Philippine Army).jpg Delta Mini Cruiser  Philippines 1/4-ton Light Utility Vehicle M1777 unknown Divided into several variants and series, including short and stretched utility and armed variants, and modified variants for specialized units.
AMG M151 A2 (1978) GB (owner Gavin Broad).JPG M151  United States 1/4-ton Light Utility Vehicle M151 unknown Several used as M40 recoilless rifle carriers.
Philippine Army HUMVEE Ambulance.JPG Maxi-Ambulance  United States Field Ambulance M1152 49 23 units delivered to AFP on November 2011, PMC received 4 units. 23 M1152 formally handed to the Army in January 2015, 7 more arrived in February 2015.[43]
Kia KM-450 Truck.jpg KM-450 Series  South Korea Light Utility Vehicle
Field Ambulance
651 units KM-450 trucks purchased by AFP on 2007 (603 for Army, the rest shared by General Headquarters and Philippine Air Force), and 137 units on December 2010.[12][29] 190 more delivered in 2013. 60 units KM-451 purchased by AFP in 2012, 48 went to the Army. An additional 219 units KM-450 was received last January 2016, with another batch of several hundreds more arriving in a few months.[44] Another 60 units KM-451 ordered by the Army in 2015.[45] A few were converted to Tactical Assault Ladder vehicle.[42] As for September 2016, 1595 in service total.
Isuzu Elf NKR Truck.jpg Isuzu Elf  Japan Light Utility Vehicle 6th Generation NHR unknown Only used for urban cargo and troop transport duties. In limited numbers mostly with AFP Joint Task Force-National Capital Region and Civil-Military Operations units.
ISUZU, FORWARD, JASDF Truck.jpg Isuzu F-Series  Japan Medium Utility Vehicle FRR unknown Several units converted to Tactical Assault Ladder platforms.[42]
M35.jpg M35 series  United States 2 1/2-ton Medium Utility Vehicle M35A1/A2/A3
- Divided into several variants and series, in service with the PA since the early 1960s. Hundreds of assorted units in A2 and A3 series were delivered between 2000 and 2013, including 90 units delivered in June 2011.[18] More being acquired from US EDA stocks to increase inventory and replace older variants
M35 6x6 Truck - Marines(A).jpg Kia KM-250 series  South Korea 2 1/2-ton Medium Utility Vehicle KM-250 250 In service since 2011.[46]
Mitsubishi Fuso FIGHTER CARGO GVW8t (FK7) front.JPG Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter  Japan Medium Utility Vehicle FK Troop Carrier unknown Only used for urban cargo and troop transport duties. In limited numbers mostly with AFP Joint Task Force-National Capital Region units.
M813 truck in Syracuse, NY.jpg M809 series  United States 5-ton Heavy Utility Vehicle M813
unknown M813 cargo trucks and M816 wrecker. Gradually being replaced by more M939 and KM50 series 5-ton 6×6 trucks.
US Marine Corps 030224-M-XT622-034 USMC M923 (6X6) 5-ton cargo truck heads a convoy departing Camp Matilda, Kuwait crop.jpg M939 series  United States 5-ton Heavy Utility Vehicle M923
unknown 20 M923 delivered in 2010, several more of different variants delivered in 2013, including 10 M936 van variants.[47]
Kia KM50.jpg Kia KM-500 series  South Korea 5-ton Heavy Utility Vehicle KM-500
KM-500 as 155mm Artillery prime mover, KM-503 tractor head for flat-bed trailers. 1st batch of 6 KM-500 delivered in 2012. KM-503 delivered in 2013.
Image Ural 4320  Russia 8-ton Heavy Utility Vehicle Ural 4320 20 Donated by the Russian government to the Philippine government in October 2017
M916A2.jpg Freightliner M916 series  United States Heavy Utility Vehicle M916A1
M916A1 Wrecker
unknown Acquired in 1996.[48] M916A1 tractor head for flat-bed tank transporters. A few M916A1 were modified to wrecker configuration. All operated by the Mechanized Infantry Division.[49]
2009-2011 Mitsubishi Triton (MN) GL-R 4-door utility 01.jpg Mitsubishi L200  Japan Light Utility Vehicle L200 unknown Used by Military Police


Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
USMC-120419-M-AB169-002.jpg M224  United States 60mm Mortar M224 unknown (+44) In service since 2012. 44 brand new units arriving by 2017 as part of AFP Modernization Program via US Foreign Military Sales.
170514-N-FV745-0256 - Philippine soldier prepares to fire off a mortar round with U.S. Army soldiers.jpg M75 mortar  Philippines 60mm Mortar M75 unknown Several hundred units were produced as part of the AFP Self-Reliance Defense Posture Program starting 1977.[50]
60mm Mortar display.jpg M19 mortar  United States 60mm Mortar M19 unknown In service, but largely replaced by the M-75 mortar.
Mortar M29.jpg M29 mortar  United States 81mm Mortar M29 400[51]
PA M69B Mortar.jpg M69 mortar  Serbia 81mm Mortar M69A
Based on the Yugoslavian M69 82mm mortar. M69A introduced in 1990s as part of US military assistance, re-chambered from original 82mm. The M69B purpose-built 81mm mortar introduced in 2012.
M30 mortar at the War Remnants Museum.jpg M30 mortar  United States 107mm Mortar M30 ~70 Delivered in 1974.[32]
Field Artillery
M2A2 Howitzer Display in ROCA Taitung District Command Department 20120324b.jpg M101  United States 105mm Towed Howitzer M101
Total 150 delivered, some with Marine Corps. Delivered in 1957-1958.[32] 12 units upgraded to M101/30 in 1997 by GIAT Industries, replacing the old barrel with ones similar to those used on the GIAT LG1 Mk.II howitzer.
M102 Howitzer A1206 Tai Iraq 2004.JPG M102  United States 105mm Towed Howitzer M102 24 Delivered in 1981.[32]
Spanish-marines-man-105mm-howitzer-19811001.jpg OTO Melara Model 56/14 Pack Howitzer  Italy 105mm Towed Howitzer Mod 56 100 Total 120 delivered, some with Marine Corps. Delivered in 1983.[32]
M3 105mm Howitzer.jpg M3  United States 105mm Towed Howitzer M3 unknown For ceremonial gun salute purposes only, in limited numbers.[52]
USArmy M114 howitzer.jpg M114  United States 155mm Towed Howitzer M114A1[53] 12[53] Delivered in 1972.[32]
M-71-cannon-deployed.JPG Soltam M-71  Israel 155mm Towed Howitzer M-71 20[53] 14 delivered in 1983.[32] Another 6 delivered in July 2017 as part of Revised AFP Modernization Program Horizon 1 phase.[54]


Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
Fixed-Wing Aircraft
Beechcraft B65 Queen Air.JPG Beechcraft Queen Air  United States Utility aircraft Standard 3 In Service[55](s/n PA-701)
Cessna421BGoldenEagleC-GEGH01.jpg Cessna 421  United States Utility aircraft Cessna 421B 2 In Service [55]
Cessna.206h.stationair2.arp.jpg Cessna 206  United States Utility aircraft Standard 2 In Service (s/n PA-072)[55]
Cessna172-CatalinaTakeOff.JPG Cessna 172  United States Utility aircraft Cessna 172M 2 In Service (s/n PA-101, PA-103)[55]
Cessna.fa150k.g-aycf.arp.jpg Cessna 150  United States Utility aircraft Cessna 150 1 In Service (s/n PA-501)[56]
C-23A-1.jpg Short C-23 Sherpa  United States Transport aircraft C-23B+ Super Sherpa 0 (2) The US Army donated 4 units that are expected to arrive soon. The units are to be split between the Philippine Army and the Philippine Coast Guard.[57]
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
DJI Phantom 4Pro 04-2017 img3 in flight.jpg DJI Phantom series  China Miniature UAV Phantom 3 Professional
Phantom 4
unknown Commercial drones bought off-the-shelf by Philippine Army units.[58]
PA UAS.jpg Raptor and Knight Falcon  Philippines Miniature UAV 3[59] The first drone is known as Raptor and the second drone is known as Knight Falcon while a third drone is still being made.[59][60] The Raptor is smaller and has less endurance than the Knight Falcon.


Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
Air boat.jpg Airboat  Australia Airboat Standard 21 used by Special Operations Command. Received under the Joint Philippines-Australia Army Watercraft (JPAAW) Project.[61][62]
Riverine Squadron 2 Iraq 2007.jpg Assault Watercraft  Philippines Riverine Assault Boat Standard 20 Used by Special Operations Command [63]
PA Condor Scout.jpg Condor Scout Boats  Philippines Riverine Squad Assault Boat Standard 35 [64] 13 units under Condor-2,[65] and 10 units under Condor-3.[66] Can carry 8 men.
Condor Support Boat.jpg Condor Support Boats  Philippines Riverine Assault Support Boat Standard 7 used by Special Operations Command 4th Special Forces Battalion. 1 unit under Project Condor,[64] 3 units under Condor-2,[65] and 3 units under Condor-3.[66] Can carry 55 men or mixed with provisions & supplies.

Future acquisition plans[edit]

The Philippine Army has embarked on a 3-phase modernization program starting from 2013 to 2028 under the Revised AFP Modernization Program (RAFPMP) covered by Republic Act 10349, while still completing a previous modernization program spanning from 1995 to 2012 under the AFP Modernization Program (AFPMP) covered by Republic Act 7898.[67] Several new acquisitions found in the current inventory were acquired under the AFP Modernization Program, as the Army projects under the RAFPMP are yet to be implemented as of September 2015.

Infantry and crew-served equipment[edit]

An additional 22,253 units of Remington R4A3 (M4 standard) assault carbines were ordered by the DND from Remington Defense USA, using the savings from an earlier order for 50,629 rifles.[68] It is expected that not all will be given to the Army, that some are for the other AFP branch of services.

The Government Arsenal is being tapped to refurbish or rebuild a majority of the Army's M16A1 rifles, and prototypes were already made to convert them to several variants.[6][69] Among them are as follows:

- M16A1 (enhanced), which retains M16A1 features but uses M16A2 furniture;
- Designated Marksman Rifle/Special Purpose Rifle (DMR/SPR) with an 18" barrel and optics and similar in concept to the US Navy's Mk 12 Special Purpose Rifle;
- Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDMR) for the Special Operations Command with a 16" barrel and optics similar to the DMR/SPR rifle;
- Mid-Length Carbine with a 16" barrel, this type is slotted between the M4 and the M16;
- M16 Recon/SOF carbine with a 14.5" barrel similar to the M4;
- GA 10" Personal Defense Weapon (PDW), which uses a 10" barrel chambered to fire the GA-developed 7.62×37mm Musang round. For use on CQC and spec ops requirements.

Aside from the M16A1, the Government Arsenal will also be refurbishing or rebuilding the existing M14 battle rifles of the AFP, into either the M14 SOCOM 16 battle rifle similar to the Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 rifle, the M14 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) which similar to the US Marine Corps' Designated Marksman Rifle; and to the Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) which is similar to the US Navy's Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle.[6]

There are also acquisition programs for Designated Marksman Rifles, the latest (Lot 8) being 6 units awarded to local distributor Nashe Enterprises. No definite information whether what type of rifle was ordered.[70]

As part of the Horizon 1 phase of the RAFPMP under Republic Act 10349, the Philippine Army acquired 4,464 night fighting equipment from Turkish defense company Aselsan A.S.,consisting of 4,464 Aselsan A100 night vision monoculars, 4,464 Aselsan infrared aiming devices, and hundreds of laser zeroing devices.[71] The Philippine Army received the first tranche delivery in 2016, with Aselsan delivering all 4,464 sets within 2017.[24][72]

There is also a requirement for Thermal Imaging Devices, which are planned for acquisition within the Horizon 1 phase of the RAFPMP.[73] Turkish defense company Aselsan A.S. again won the public tender for 10 Long Range and 48 Medium Range Clip-On Weapon Mounted Thermal Sights, and 10 Long Range and 48 Medium Range Thermal Imaging Cameras.

The Philippine Army also had several acquisitions through the US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) acquisition program with the US government as part of the AFPMP RA 7898. Among them include 2,884 units 40mm Grenade Launchers divided into 2 phases of 2,200 and 684 units, both of which delivered within 2017.[18] Another is the acquisition of 1,129 units of RPG-7 under the Rocket Launcher Light acquisition project in 2 phases of 355 and 774 units under both the AFPMP RA 7898 and Horizon 1 phase of the RAFPMP RA 10349;[18] The US tapped Bulgarian arms manufacturer Arsenal JSCo. to supply 250 units of their ATGL-L derivative of the RPG-7, which were fully delivered in 2017. The 2nd batch of 774 units is still under procurement stage.[72]

Communications equipment[edit]

The DND has recently awarded an US$18 million contract to Harris Corporation to supply Harris Falcon III tactical vehicular radios and intercom systems for the Philippine Army's Mechanized Infantry Division (formerly Light Armor Division). The contract composed of RF-7800V Combat Net Radios and RF-7800I Intercom Systems to be installed of the MID's armored and support vehicles.[18][74]

The Philippine Army will also acquire more Falcon-series tactical radios from Harris under a FMS deal with the US government, with a requirement for 62 100W base radios, 520 20W man-pack radios, and 1,376 5W hand-held radios under the AFPMP RA 7898 already awarded in 2014.[75] Another set of orders is expected under RAFPMP RA 10349, with an additional 60 units 50W HF vehicular radios and 1,446 5W hand-held radios.[75]


54 units of 60mm mortars are being acquired through an FMS deal with the US government as part of the AFPMP RA 7898.[75]

6 units of 155mm towed howitzers, as part of a larger order with the Philippine Marine Corps, is expected to be awarded within 2015 after Elbit Systems Land & C4I was declared the single calculated bidder.[76][77]

Utility vehicles[edit]

The Army will be acquiring 60 new Field Ambulances under an G2G deal with the Korean government. It is expected that Kia's KM451 Field Ambulance will be chosen since the PA has recently acquired the several units in the past.[75] The order is then confirmed, with the DND releasing a Notice to Proceed to South Korea's KIA Motors Corp. in October 2015.[45]

Armoured vehicles[edit]

As part of the Horizon 1 phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program, the US government provided 114 M113A2 tracked armored personnel carriers from Excess Defense Article (EDA) stocks for the Philippine Army under the US Military Assistance Program.[78] These were refurbished, fitted with new machine guns and radios, and were commissioned with the Mechanized Infantry Division on February 4, 2016.[79]

Another project under the Horizon 1 phase involved the acquisition of 28 M113A2+ tracked armored vehicles was awarded to Elbit Systems Land & C4I, which involved the delivery of 14 M113A2+ Fire Support Vehicles with 76mm low pressure gun mounted on L23A1 turret transplanted from retired Scorpion CRVT, 4 M113A2+ Infantry Fighting Vehicles with an Elbit UT25 25mm unmanned turret, 6 Armored Personnel Carriers armed with an Elbit Dragon 12.7mm RCWS, and 4 Armored Recovery Vehicles.[39] The APC variants were delivered in 2015,[80] the IFV and ARV variants in 2016, and the FSV variants experienced integration issues and were delayed, although all were completely delivered by 2017.

As part of the Horizon 2 phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program, the Philippine Army is also embarking on the modernization and firepower upgrade for 49 of its M113A2, as talks are underway with Elbit Systems Land & C4I negotiating for the works which include uparming 44 M113A2 with the Elbit Dragon 12.7mm RCWS, and 5 M113A2 to armored mortar carriers armed with an Elbit Soltam Cardom 81mm mortar.[81]

Also part of the Horizon 2 phase involves the acquisition of light or medium tanks.[82] A total of 44 light tanks are being considered, with both 8x8 wheeled and tracked variants being discussed with several manufacturers from Europe, Turkey, South Korea and Israel.[83][84]

The Philippine Army is also considering either the upgrade of several dozens of Simba and V-150 4x4 armored vehicles, or the acquisition of new 6x6 or 8x8 wheeled armored personnel carriers armed with whatever fits the budget allocated, preferably a 30mm cannon in an unmanned turret.[83][84]


The US government will be providing 2 former US Army C-23 Sherpa transport aircraft as part of US Military Assistance Program.[57]

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