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Emblem of the Royal Thai Army

This article is a List of equipment in Royal Thai Army (RTA)

Current Equipment[edit]

Infantry weapons[edit]

Small arms[edit]

Photo Model Type Caliber Origin Notes
Remington Rand M1911A1 (6825681098).jpg
M1911 Semi-automatic pistol .45 ACP  USA
Thai M1911A1 pistols produced under license; locally known as the Type 86 pistol (ปพ.86).
First-year H&K USP 9mm (32415150000) modified.jpg
Heckler & Koch USP Semi-automatic pistol .45ACP  Germany Used by special forces.
Springfield Xd40.jpg
HS2000 Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum  Croatia Used by armed forces.[1]
CZ 75 Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum  Czech Republic Used by special forces.
Beretta 92 FS.gif
Beretta 92 Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum  Italy
Beretta M1951 Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum  Italy Used by armed forces.
High power Inglis (6971784217).jpg
Browning Hi-Power[2] Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum  Belgium
SIG Sauer P226 neu.jpg
SIG Sauer P226[3] Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum  Germany
ARMS & Hunting 2012 exhibition (474-23).jpg
Glock 17[4] Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum  Austria
FN Five-seven Semi-automatic pistol FN 5.7×28mm  Belgium
Remington Model 870 Shotgun 12 gauge  USA
PEO Mossberg 590A1.jpg
Mossberg 500 Shotgun 12 gauge  USA
SPAS-12 stock folded.jpg
Franchi SPAS-12 Shotgun 12 gauge  Italy
Submachine guns
Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum  Germany Used by special forces.
Heckler & Koch UMP Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum  Germany UMP9 submachine guns used by special forces.
MP7A1 REMOV.jpg Heckler & Koch MP7 Submachine gun HK 4.6×30mm  Germany guns used by special forces.
FN P90 Submachine gun 5.7x28mm  Belgium FN P90 submachine guns used by special forces.
Uzi of the israeli armed forces.jpg
UZI Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum  Israel Used by military police.
Assault rifles
IWI Tavor TAR-21 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Israel Standard infantry rifle. Replaced M16A1, 106,203 Tavors on order. Present 73,000+ Tavor/X95 in service [5][6]
Interpolitex 2011 (405-21).jpg
IWI X95 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Israel
Ace 52 side 2.jpg
IWI ACE Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Israel
Imfdb galil.jpg
IWI Galil Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Israel Used in small numbers.
M16A1/A2/A4 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  USA Standard infantry rifle. Aging M16A1 will be replaced by IMI Tavor TAR-21 and M16A4.
PEO M4 Carbine RAS M68 CCO.jpg
M4A1 Carbine Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO  US Used by special forces, some equipped with SOPMOD kit.
AR-15 Sporter SP1 Carbine.JPG
CAR-15 Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO  USA
Colt AR-15 Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO  USA
Bushmaster M4 Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO  USA Used by special forces.
HK33A2 Flickr (yet another finn).jpg
Heckler & Koch HK33 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Germany
Standard infantry rifle.
Type 11 assault rifle Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Germany
The Type 11 (ปลย.11) is a Thai license produced version of the Heckler & Koch HK33. Used by Royal Thai Armed Forces and Army Reserve Force Students.
FN SCAR-L - FN SCAR-H.jpg FN SCAR Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Belgium Receive around 20,000+ in 2014-16 Used by Special forces unit.
Steyr AUG Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Austria Used by special forces.
Gewehr G36.jpg
Heckler & Koch G36 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Germany Used by special forces.
HK416.jpg Heckler & Koch HK416 A5/A7 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Germany Used by special forces.
SIG SG 516 14.5″.jpg
SIG Sauer SIG516 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO   Switzerland Used By special forces.
CZ 805 BREN Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Czech Republic Used By special forces.
SAR 21 (cropped).png
SAR 21 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Singapore Used by special forces.
Interpolitex 2013 (536-18).jpg
AK-102 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Russia Used by volunteer force.
AK-103 Assault Rifle.JPG
AK-103 Assault rifle 7.62×39mm  Russia Used by volunteer force.[7]
Norinco type 56.jpg
Type 56-1 Assault rifle 7.62×39mm  China Used in small numbers.
Semi-automatic rifles
M1 Garand Semi-automatic rifle .30-06 Springfield  USA Locally known as the Type 88 self-loading rifle (ปลยบ.88). Used by King's Guards and by Army Reserve Force Students as a non-firing training rifle.
M1 Carbine tri army.jpg
M1/M2 Carbine Semi-automatic rifle .30 Carbine  USA Locally known as the Type 87 carbine (ปสบ. 87). Used by Army Reserve Force Students as a non-firing training rifle.
Sniper rifle and Marksman rifles
SIG Sauer SSG 3000.jpg
SIG Sauer SSG 3000 Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NATO   Switzerland
M82A1 barrett.jpeg
Barrett M82 Anti-materiel rifle .50 BMG  USA Used by special forces.[8]
SR-25 Marksman rifle 7.62×51mm NATO  USA
M14 Stand-off Munitions Disruptor (SMUD) (7414626342).jpg
M14 rifle Marksman rifle 7.62×51mm NATO  USA
Machine guns
FN MINIMI Standard Right.jpg
FN MINIMI Light machine gun 5.56×45mm NATO  Belgium
IMI Negev Light machine gun 5.56×45mm NATO  Israel Over 2,000 purchased. Delivery is ongoing.[9]
Heckler & Koch HK21 Light machine gun 5.56×45mm NATO  Germany
RPD machine gun Light machine gun 7.62×39mm  Soviet Union Used in small numbers.[citation needed]
FN MAG.jpg
FN MAG-58 General purpose machine gun 7.62×51mm NATO  Belgium
M60 General purpose machine gun 7.62×51mm NATO  USA
M2 Browning machine gun Heavy machine gun .50 BMG  USA Locally known as Type 93 machine gun (ปก.93). Use by infantry units and mobile vehicles and helicopters.
Expomil 2005 01 TR-85M1 02 Mitraliera PKT.jpg
Type 54 HMG Heavy machine gun 12.7×108mm  China Mounted on Type 69 and small number of V-150.

Grenades, rockets, and MANPADS[edit]

Photo Model Type Origin Notes
Grenade launchers
PEO M203A2 Grenade Launcher.jpg
M203 grenade launcher Underbarrel grenade launcher  US
Beretta AR with thermal sight and grenade launcher.jpg
Beretta GLX160 Underbarrel grenade launcher  Italy
M79 Grenade Launcher (7414625716).jpg
M79 grenade launcher Single-shot grenade launcher  US
BTS-203 Single-shot grenade launcher  Thailand Used in small numbers by Army Reserve Force Students as a non-firing training grenade launcher.
Mk 19 grenade launcher Automatic grenade launcher  US
M72 ASM RC Kokonaisturvallisuusmesssut 2015.jpg
M72 LAW Anti-tank rocket launcher  US
Dragon 04.jpg
M47 Dragon Anti-tank guided missile  US
Hires 090509-A-4842R-001a.jpg
BGM-71 TOW Anti-tank guided missile  US
RPG2 and PG2 TBiU 37.jpg
RPG-2 Rocket-propelled grenade  Soviet Union Used in small numbers.[citation needed]
Type 69 RPG @ PA 122nd Anniversary Caravan.jpg
Type 69 RPG Rocket-propelled grenade  China [citation needed]
РПГ-7В2 - МВСВ-2008 01.jpg
RPG-7V2 Rocket-propelled grenade  Russia [citation needed]
Carl Gustav recoilless rifle Recoilless rifle  Sweden
M40 recoilless rifle Recoilless rifle  US Mounted on M151 utility vehicles.
9K338 Igla-S (NATO-Code - SA-24 Grinch).jpg
9K38 Igla-S Man-portable air-defence system  Russia Part of order placed in 2010.[10]
HN-5A Man-portable air-defence system  China [10]


Armoured fighting vehicles[edit]

Photo Model Type Origin Quantity Notes
BM «Oplot» in Kyiv.jpg
T-84 Oplot-M Main Battle Tank  Ukraine 49 The government has approved 7.2 billion baht to purchase the first 49 T-84 Oplot main battle tanks to be assigned to the 2nd Cavalry Bn (Royal Guard at Fort Chakkraphongse, Prachinburi).[11][12]Replaced the Type 69 tank.
VT-4 Main battle tank  China 39[13][14][15] Up to 150 may be acquired.[16]The first shipment of 28 tanks were delivered in October 2017. The army ordered 11 more VT-4s in 2017 and will order 14 more in the future.[17] The deal, thought to be valued at about US$150 million.[18]As 2019,total of 39 VT-4 in service and another 14 VT-4 planned.[19]Will replace the M41A3 Walker Bulldog tank.
M60A3 Taiwan 03.jpg
M60A1/A3 Patton Main battle tank  US 53[20]
M60A3 TTS.
Museo de Unidades Acorazadas de El Goloso (8615983323).jpg
M48A5 Patton Main battle tank  US 150[22]
M41A3 Walker Bulldog Light tank  US 200[23] Being replaced by the T-84 Oplot-M and VT-4 Main battle tank.[24]
Irish Scorpion Tank.jpg
FV101 Scorpion Light tank  UK 154[25]
Stingray ops.jpg
Stingray light tank Light tank  US 106[26]
Armoured Vehicles
Kharkiv Morozov BTR-3E1 APC (9689290574).jpg
BTR-3E1 Infantry fighting vehicle  Ukraine
238 96 ordered in 2008. Deliveries delayed due to changes in engine and transmission. Additional six given by the Ukrainian Government. Second order of 121 announced in Aug 2011.[citation needed] Third order of 21 announced in August 2013.[27] Thai BTR-3E1 is produced under license.[28]
Stryker ICV front q.jpg
M1126 Stryker Infantry fighting vehicle  US (60) RTA ordered 37 "refurbished" Stryker armoured vehicles, worth US$80 million, from the The will give 23 more Strykers to the RTA via FMS (Foreign Military Sales), bringing the number to 60 in total.[29]
VN-1 Infantry fighting vehicle  China (34) RTA ordered one battalion (34 units) of ZBL-09 or VN-1 and aim for 2020 delivery at the price of US$1.695 million each.[30]
Cadillac Gage V-150 do Exército português.jpg
V-150 Commando Armoured personnel carrier  US 150[31] Variants include: 27 V-150s are armoured personnel carriers. Twenty-nine V-150s are 81mm mortar carriers. Fifty-six V-150s are fitted with 90mm turrets. One V-150 is an ambulance.
Thai Type 85 APCs during 2010 Thai political protests 2.jpg
Type 85 Armoured personnel carrier  China 450 Variants include: APC, ACV,SPM 120mm, SPM 81mm, SPRL. Six are fitted with Type 82 multiple rocket launchers.
Blindado M113 (Ejército brasileño) en.jpg
M113A1/A2/A3 Armoured personnel carrier  US 372[32] Overall there are 465 M113s in different variants. 340 of M113A1/A2 are armoured personnel carriers. 12 are M577A3. 10 are M113A3 ARV. 10 are M113A3 ambulances.
Allied Spirit I 150126-A-LO967-001.jpg
M125 Mortar carrier  US 21[33] Fitted with 81 mm M29 mortar and a 12.7 mm machine gun.
M106 A1 scheda.jpg
M106 mortar carrier Mortar carrier  US 12[34] Fitted with 120 mm mortar and a 12.7 mm machine gun.
Chaiseri First Win.jpg
First Win 4x4 Infantry mobility vehicle  Thailand 21[35] Mine-protected vehicle.
Reva APC.jpg
REVA 4x4 MKII Infantry mobility vehicle  South Africa 87[36] Mine-protected vehicle.
Humvee Light Armored Car/Light utility vehicle  US Unknown RTA use M998, M1038A1, M1097A1, M1037, M1042, M1025, M1026A1, M966, M997, M997A2.

Support vehicles[edit]

Photo Model Type Origin Notes
M992A2 FAASV.jpg
M992 Ammunition resupply vehicle  US Used for resupplying the M109A5 howitzer.
Royal Army FV105 Sultan IFOR.jpg
FV105 Sultan Armored command vehicle  UK
Bundeswehrmuseum Dresden 68.jpg
Type 84 AVLB Armoured vehicle-launched bridge  China Based on the Type 69 MBT. 18 m long mobile bridge.
M88 Armored Recovery Vehicle in pm.jpg
M881A1/A2 Hercules Armored recovery vehicle  US
Chinese Type 653 ARV 2.JPG
Type 653 Armored recovery vehicle  China
Samson CVR(T) ARV.jpg
FV106 Samson Armored recovery vehicle  UK
M578 Light Recovery Vehicle.JPEG
M578 LRV Armored recovery vehicle  US
NDP2010 CR3 Bronco ATTC 1.JPG
Bronco ATTC Amphibious armoured vehicle  Singapore Troop carrier variant. Used by engineers.

Utility and logistical vehicles[edit]

Photo Model Type Origin Notes
Utility vehicles
[6][7] M50,M51 Chaiprakarn Military light utility vehicle  Thailand
[8][9][10] TR MUV4 Military light utility vehicle  Thailand
M151 Military light utility vehicle  US RTA use M151A2, M718A1, M825.
Mercedes-Benz G-WAGON 280 Display in Exhibition Booth 20130608a.jpg
Mercedes-Benz G-Class Military light utility vehicle  Germany
2013 Ford Ranger (PX) XLT 4WD 4-door utility (2015-07-09) 01.jpg
Ford Ranger Light utility vehicle  US
Hilux Revo.jpg
Toyota HiLux Revo Light utility vehicle  Japan
Logistical vehicles
HET tractor.jpg
M911 Tractor unit  US
REFORGER 1991, M54 Truck unloading.jpg
M813 Truck  US RTA use M54, M54A2, M51A1, M51A2, M52, M52A1, M52A2, M246, M543, M543A2, M813, M813A1, M820A2, M817, M818, M816.
M35 2-1/2 ton cargo truck Truck  US RTA use M35, M35A1, M35A2, M50A2, M50A3, M49A1, M49A2, M109A3, M185A1, M292A2, M275, M36A2.
Isuzu F-Series (2008).jpg
Isuzu F-Series Truck  Japan
RTA use Isuzu FTS 800 4x4, FTS 33 H2E 4x4.
KrAZ-6322 Border Guard Ukraine.jpg
KrAZ-6322 Truck  Ukraine
Img fmtv.jpg
LMTV Truck  US RTA have four series of LMTV, M1083, M1085, M1088, and M1089.
2006 Thailand Coup 014.jpg
UNIMOG Truck  Germany RTA use U1100/L 4x4, U1550 4x4, U2450/L 6x6, U2405 6x6.
Hino 700 Truck  Japan


Multiple rocket launchers, howitzers, mortars,surface-to-air missiles[edit]

Photo Model Type Origin Quantity Notes
Multiple rocket launchers
DTI-1G 400 mm self-propelled multiple rocket launcher  Thailand
12 The DTI-1G is a multiple rocket launcher of Thai origin. The weapon is a derivative of the WS-32.
DTI-1 302 mm self-propelled multiple rocket launcher  Thailand
8 The DTI-1 is a multiple rocket launcher of Thai origin. The weapon is a derivative of the WS-1B.
Type 82 130 mm self-propelled multiple rocket launcher  China 6 Mounted on Type 85 hulls. The weapon will be replaced by DTI-2
SR4 122 mm self-propelled multiple rocket launcher  China 4
CAESAR (camion équipé d'un système d'artillerie) 2.jpg
CAESAR 155 mm Self-propelled howitzer  France 6[37]
Atmos 2000.jpg
ATMOS 2000 155 mm self-propelled howitzer  Israel
18 The RTA purchased 14 systems, 1 system delivered from Israel. Another is ongoing license-production in Thailand.[38][39]
Moroccan M109A5 howitzer, 2012-03.jpg
M109A5 155 mm self-propelled howitzer  US 20[40]
GHN-45 155 mm towed howitzer  Austria 185[41]
GHN-45 155mm
GHN-45-A1 155mm
Soltam M-71 155 mm towed howitzer  Israel 32[43] Undergoing upgrade to self-propelled howitzer
U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf War (1991) 001.jpg
M198 155 mm towed howitzer  US 61[44]
USArmy M114 howitzer.jpg
M114 155 mm towed howitzer  US 50[45] In reserve. Replaced by M198 howitzer.
Iraqi Type 59 130 mm field gun.JPEG
Type 59-1 130 mm towed howitzer  China 15[46] In reserve.
GIAT LG1 105 mm towed howitzer  France 24[47] Mk l from Singapore Army.
M101A1 mod 105 mm towed howitzer  US 285[48] 285 guns improve the Nexter LG1 calibre
M102 105 mm towed howitzer  US 12[49] In reserve.
M618A2 105 mm towed howitzer  Thailand 32[50] In reserve.
Light Gun E. T..JPG
L119 105 mm towed howitzer  UK
Unknown Thai L119 light gun produced under license.
M56 105 mm towed howitzer  Italy Unknown
M425 105 mm towed howitzer  Thailand Unknown In reserve.
Mortar M29.jpg
M29 mortar 81 mm mortar  US Unknown
81 mm Mortar M1.jpg
M1 mortar 81 mm mortar  US Unknown
M2 mortar 60 mm mortar  US Unknown
M19 mortar 60 mm mortar  US Unknown
M121A1/A2 mortar 60 mm mortar  Thailand Unknown
M121A3 commando mortar 60 mm mortar  Thailand Unknown
Surface-to-air missiles
Soldier Mans Starstreak HVM High Velocity Missile System During Exercise Olympic Guardian for London 2012 MOD 45153958.jpg
Starstreak Surface-to-air missile  UK Unknown First ordered in 2012, additional ordered in 2015.[51][52]
MICA P6230072.JPG
VL MICA Surface-to-air missile  France 1 Enter service in 2019, receive two launchers and one command truck.[53]

Anti-aircraft artillery[edit]

Photo Model Type Origin Notes
M42 Duster 40 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun  US 48 in service.[54]
M163 VADS 20 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun  US 24 in service.Currently undergoing upgrade by IMI.[55]
Type 59 57 mm towed anti-aircraft gun  China
L70 Bofors V i PVO VS.jpg
Bofors L60/70 40 mm towed anti-aircraft gun  Sweden
35mmFlab.png Oerlikon GDF 35 mm twin cannon towed anti-aircraft gun   Switzerland 8 GDF-007, used with 4x Skyguard 3 FC radar units.
20mmVADS 2.JPG
M167 VADS 20 mm towed anti-aircraft gun  US
Montaje Maxon.JPG
M45 Quadmount 4 x M2HB machine guns  US M55 Machine Gun Trailer Mount, currently used in reserve and training units
M16 MGMC.jpg
M16 MGMC 4 x M2HB machine guns  US Currently used in reserve and training units.

Radar systems[edit]

Air search radars, Artillery-locating radars[edit]

Photo Model Type Origin Notes
Air search radars
Siemens DR-172 ADV Medium range air search radar  US One system in one army area.
Lockheed Martin LAADS Mobile Short range air search radar  US Use supports M163 VADS,M167 VADS and Bofors L70.
Type 513 Short range air search radar  China Use supports Type 59.
Artillery-locating radars
AN TPQ-36.jpg
AN/TPQ-36(V)11 Counter-battery radar  US
BL-904A Counter-battery radar  China Two ordered in 2014.


The Royal Thai Army is known to operate the following aircraft types:

Photo Model Type Origin Quantity Notes
Thaiarmy AH1F Cobra.jpg
Bell AH-1F Huey Cobra Attack helicopter  US 7 Serial numbers 9996, 9997, 9998. Serial number 9999 lost in 2001 crash. Four more of the same model were ordered in 2005.[56] RTA also has another three AH-1F in storage for spare parts.[57]
Airbus AS550 Fennec.jpg
Eurocopter Fennec AS550 C3 Light Attack helicopter  France 8 Gunships. Serial numbers are 7443, 7484, 7560, 7584, 7658, 7703, 7724, and 7775.
Sikorsky S.70A of the Royal Thai Army at Khon Kaen-KKC.jpg
Sikorsky UH-60L/M Blackhawk (S-70A-43) Utility helicopter  US 12 Serial numbers 6927, 6928, 6929, 7002, 7003, 7025, and 7026. Three more UH-60Ls[58] and three more UH-60Ms[59] ordered Aug 2009 and Jul 2011, respectively. S-70A-43, serial number 6928 was lost in a crash on 17 July 2011. The government has also approved the purchase of two more UH-60Ms. Three more S-70As (based on the UH-60L) arrived at the port of Laem Chabang on 8 April 2013. The serial numbers for these are 7220, 7221, and 7222. Three UH-60M Black Hawks were delivered to RTA on 31 August 2014.These are serial numbers 7334, 7335, and 7336.[60]
AW149 - RIAT 2015 (21519991710).jpg
AgustaWestland AW149 Utility helicopter  Italy 5
Bell Helicopters UH-1H of the Royal Thai Army at Khon Kaen-KKC.jpg
Bell UH-1H Iroquois Utility helicopter  US 92 From US military aid during Vietnam War. Some were bought by RTA through Excess defence articles. Total delivered from 1968–2004: 174.[61] Less than 50% air-worthy. All operable UH-1Hs are in use by three RTA airmobile companies. In 2016 20 UH-1Hs will be upgraded into the UH-1H Plus standard that see its engine replace by Honeywell T53-L703 as well as main rotor blade, tail boom, and many part replace by the Bell 212's equipment standard.[62]
BellThai 35044 (8876684465).jpg
Bell 212 Utility helicopter  US 60 Used by 1st Airmobile Co, 2nd Airmobile Co, 3rd Airmobile Co, and Department of Army Transportation. 48 units undergoing upgrade to tactical helicopter.
Bell Helicopters 206B of the Royal Thai Army at Khon Kaen-KKC.jpg
Bell 206 Jet Ranger Utility helicopter  US 25 Both the Bell 206A and Bell 206B are in use.
UH-72 Lakota2.jpg
Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota Utility helicopter  US 5 These are serial numbers 9644, 9646, 9654, 9656, 9661, and 9666. Serial number 9656 has crashed in 2016.[63]
Zepper-BK 117-C2-(EC145)-SchweizerischeRettungsflugwacht.jpg
Eurocopter EC145 VIP transport helicopter  France 6 For VIPs.[64]
AgustaWestland AW139 of the Royal Thai Army at Khon Kaen-KKC (2).jpg
AgustaWestland AW139 VIP transport/Utility helicopter  Italy 6 For VIPs.[65][66]
Royal Thai Army MI-17 V5.JPG
Mil Mi-17-V5 Transport helicopter  Russia 7 Three helicopters delivered by AN-124-100 RA-82078 to U-Tapao RTNS on 22 February 2011. A photo has appeared of Mi-17 serial number 6403 being offloaded from an AN-124. The serial numbers of the remaining two are 6401 and 6402.2 additional Mi-17-V5 were delivered into U-Tapao RTNS on 26 November 2015 by AN-124. These were serial numbers 6404 and 6405.
นายกรัฐมนตรีและคณะ ตรวจราชการ ณ จังหวัดนครศรีธรรมราช ว - Flickr - Abhisit Vejjajiva (7).jpg
Boeing CH-47D Chinook Transport helicopter  US 4
Schweitzer 300CB Side View.jpg
Schweizer S-300C Observation/Trainer helicopter  US 45 For observation and training
Enstrom 480B Trainer helicopter  US 16 For training
Fixed-wing aircraft
CASA C-295W of the Royal Thai Army at Khon Kaen.jpg CASA C-295W Transport aircraft  Spain 1 The RTA ordered one C-295W.[67]
CASA C-212-300 Aviocar, Thailand - Army AN1641411.jpg
CASA C-212-300 Aviocar transport aircraft  Spain 1 Serial numbers 446 and 447 based with the VIP squadron at Don Mueang Airport. One of these aeroplanes is no longer in service.
Embraer ERJ-135LR of the Royal Thai Army at Khon Kaen-KKC.jpg
Embraer ERJ-135LR VIP transport aircraft  Brazil 2 Both aircraft delivered (serial numbers 1084/HS-AMP and 1124)
Easternairways j41 g-majx arp.jpg
British Aerospace Jetstream 41 VIP transport aircraft  UK 2 Serial numbers 41060 and 41094. Based with the VIP unit at Don Mueang Airport.
Beech 1900C-1, Thailand - Army AN1643846.jpg
Beechcraft 1900C-1 VIP transport aircraft  US 2 Serial numbers 0169 and 0170. Based with the VIP unit at Don Mueang Airport.
Royal Air Force King Air B200 Training Aircraft MOD 45153010.jpg
Beechcraft Super King Air 200 VIP transport aircraft  US 2 Serial numbers 0342 and 1165. Based at the Lopburi army complex.
Unmanned aerial vehicles
Vant Hermes 450 da FAB no aeroporto de Cáceres (MT) (8101398607).jpg
Elbit Hermes 450 UAV  Israel 4 The RTA has taken delivery of four Hermes 450 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, The UAVs are operated by the 21st Aviation Battalion at the Army Aviation Centre at Lopburi.[68]
IAI Searcher UAV  Israel Unknown
A Raven unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flies over a Romanian Land Forces base in Buzau, Romania, June 2, 2011, where U.S. Marines and Soldiers assigned to Black Sea Rotational Force 11 are providing Raven UAV 110602-M-GN320-003.jpg
AeroVironment RQ-11 Raven UAV  US Unknown

Future equipment[edit]

Ground forces[edit]

  • VT-4 Main Battle Tank – On 13 May 2016 it was reported that the RTA ordered 28 units of VT-4 MBT.[69] The RTA has signed an agreement with China to procure the VT-4 main battle tank (MBT), features an initial 28 units, with deliveries expected to commence before the end of 2016 and conclude within two years. The deal is thought to be valued at about USD150 million. If the first batch of deliveries is successful, sources indicated the RTA would look to procure additional VT-4s as it seeks to meet a long-standing requirement for up to 150 MBTs.[18]
  • T-84 Oplot-M – In March 2011, the RTA placed an order for 49 T-84s to replace its fleet of aging M41A3 Walker Bulldog light tanks. Up to 200 tanks may eventually be acquired. The RTA had yet to make an official announcement.[70][71]
  • Missile systems – The RTA want surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles with the RTA choosing HIMARS and VL MICA.[citation needed]
  • Self-propelled artillery – The RTA purchase ATMOS 2000.[citation needed]
  • Surface-to-air missiles – On 1 July 2014 it was reported that the RTA is considering buying a medium-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system.[72][73]

Army aviation[edit]

  • UH-60 Black Hawk – On 6 August 2009, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified congress of a possible foreign military sale to Thailand of three Black Hawk helicopters and associated equipment and logistical support at an estimated cost of US$150 million.[74]
  • ERJ-135 – The RTA signed a contract with Embraer to purchase an ERJ-135 for VIP transport.[75] On 12 January 2009, Royal Thai Army signed a second contract to buy another aircraft for VIP and medivac use.[76]


Historical equipment[edit]

Name Country of Origin Type Service Quantity Note
Infantry weapons
Steyr-Mannlicher M1888  Austria-Hungary Bolt-action rifle 1890–? ?
Type 46 Siamese Mauser[77] Thailand Siam Bolt-action rifle 1903–? ? Licensed version of Swedish Mauser and Gewehr 98 produced in Japan for Siam.
Type 47 Siamese Mauser Thailand Siam Bolt-action carbine 1905–? ? Licensed carbine length version of Swedish Mauser and Gewehr 98 produced in Japan for Siam.
Type 46/66 Siamese Mauser Thailand Siam Bolt-action rifle 1923–? ? Licensed version of Swedish Mauser and Gewehr 98 produced in Japan for Siam, chambered for Type 66 (8x52r) cartridge.
Type 47/66 Siamese Mauser Thailand Siam Bolt-action carbine 1923–? ? Licensed carbine length version of Swedish Mauser and Gewehr 98 produced in Japan for Siam, chambered for Type 66 (8x52r) cartridge.
Type 66 Siamese Mauser Thailand Siam Bolt-action rifle 1923–? ? Export version of Japanese Type 38 rifle, chambered for Type 66 (8x52r) cartridge.
Type 38 Arisaka  Japan Bolt-action rifle 1934–? ?
Type 99 Arisaka  Japan Bolt-action rifle 1940–? ?
Springfield rifle  United States Bolt-action rifle 1923–? ?
Lee–Metford Model 1888  UK Bolt-action rifle ? ?
Lee–Enfield Mark 3  United Kingdom Bolt-action rifle ? ?
Nambu pistol  Japan Semi-automatic pistol ?–? ?
Luger P08  Germany Semi-automatic pistol ?–? ?
Rung Paisarn RPS-001  Thailand Assault rifle 1986–? ?
MP 18  German Empire Submachine gun ?–? ?
M1A1 Thompson  United States Submachine gun 1945–? ?
M1918 BAR  United States Light machine gun 1945–? ?
Madsen  Denmark Light machine gun 1923–? ? Locally built and known as the Type 66 Light machine gun.
M1917  United States Heavy machine gun 1923–? ?
Type 77 Vicker Armstong  United Kingdom Heavy machine gun 1934–? ?
Type 97  Japan Anti-tank rifle ?–? ?
Type 25  Thailand Rocket launcher 1982–? ? 73 mm anti-tank rocket launcher.
M18  United States recoilless rifle ?–? ? 57 mm recoilless rifle.
M20  United States recoilless rifle ?–? ? 75 mm recoilless rifle.
FIM-43 Redeye  United States Man-portable air-defence system ?–? ?
Carden Loyd Mark VI  United Kingdom Tankette 1930–1952 10
Carden Loyd Mark VI Modified  United Kingdom Tankette 1934–1952 30
Carden Loyd 6 Ton Mark E  United Kingdom Light tank 1934–1952 10
Carden Loyd A4 E12  United Kingdom Amphibious light tank 1933–1952 2
Vickers 6-Ton Type B  United Kingdom Light tank 1938–1952 8
Type 95 Ha-Go  Japan Light tank 1940–1952 50
Renault U.E.  France Light tank 1940–? 5
M24 Chaffee  United States Light tank 1952–1962 20
Staghound Mark 1  United States Armored car 1949–1972 48
M4 Morris  United States Armored car 1931–1952 6
M8 Greyhound  United States Armored car 1957–1973 25
Bren Gun Carrier  United Kingdom Armored personnel carrier 1944–? 118
Type 69-ll  China Main battle tank 1987–2004 100+
Type 62  China Light tank ?-? 30
Bofors L/24 Model 1934  Sweden 150 mm field gun 1936–? 8
Bofors L/22 Model 1936  Sweden 105 mm field gun 1938–? 20
Bofors L/42 Model 1934  Sweden 105 mm field gun 1935–? 4
Bofors L/40 Model 1934  Sweden 75 mm field gun 1938–? 52
Type 63 Field gun Thailand Siam 75 mm field gun 1920–? ?
Krupp L/30 Model 1903  German Empire 75 mm field gun 1908–? ?
Bofors L/20 Model 1929  Sweden 75 mm mountain gun 1934–? 8
Type 49 Krupp  German Empire 50 mm mountain gun 1906–1922 ?
Type 77 Bofors Model 1934  Sweden 47 mm/75 mm dual purpose gun 1934–? 32
M1A1  United States 75 mm pack howitzer 1954–? ?
Type 76 Vicker Armstrong  United Kingdom 40 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 1933–? 26
Bofors L/50 Model 1930  Sweden 75 mm anti-aircraft gun 1934–? 18 8 ordered in 1934 and 10 ordered in 1937.
Type 97 90 mm  Japan Mortar 1941–? ?
Type 97 81 mm  Japan Mortar ? ?
Type 11 70 mm  Japan Mortar ? ?
Brandt 60 mm  France Mortar 1935–? ?
L-19 A Bird Dog  United States Observation aircraft 1956–? 100+
L-20 Beaver  United States Utility aircraft 1958–? 4
PC-6 Porter   Switzerland/ United States Utility aircraft 1977–1991 8 ex-Air America and Continental Air Services, Inc
C-47 Dakota  United States transport aircraft ? 3
SHORT-330  United States transport aircraft ? 2
OH-13 Sioux  United States Light observation helicopter 1974–? 12
KV-4  Japan Light observation helicopter 1963–? 6
TH-55 A Osage  United States trainer helicopter 1974–? 25
S-55  United States Utility helicopter 1958–? 5
S-62  Japan Utility helicopter ? 1
Bell 214 B  United States Utility helicopter ? 3
Bell 214 ST  United States Utility helicopter 1984–? 3
CH-47 A Chinook  United States Transport helicopter 1972–? 4
KV-107 lll  Japan Cargo helicopter ? 3
GT200 Remote Substance Detector  United Kingdom Bomb detector 2006-2010 700+[78]


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