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Since the Vietnam War, most Vietnamese aircraft were supplied by the Soviet Union and later Russia, while hundreds of others were left by the United States via South Vietnam. Most of these are no longer in service either due to the inavailability of parts or the age of the aircraft.

To decrease its dependence on Russian weapons as the nation moves towards modernisation, Vietnam has begun to explore the purchase of American and European aircraft, especially due to its conflict in the South China Sea with its former Communist ally China.[1][2]



Aircraft Type Variants Origin Quantity Notes
Fighter aircraft
Sukhoi Su-22 Fighter-bomber Su-22M4/UM3K  Soviet Union 36[3][4]
Sukhoi Su-27 Multirole fighter Su-27SK/UBK/PU 11[5]
Su-30MK2 Su-30MK2V  Russia 35 [6] Regiment 935: 12[7]
Regiment 923: 12[8]
Regiment 927: 12[9]
One lost in crash[10]
Cargo/transport aircraft
An-2 Colt Military transport An-2  Soviet Union 6[3]
An-26 Curl An-26 12[3]
PZL M-28 PZL M-28B Bryza  Poland 1[11] [12]
CASA CN-295 CN-295  Spain 3[11]
Trainer aircraft
Aero L-39 Albatros Trainer L-39C  Czech Republic 18[3]
Yakovlev Yak-52 Yak-52  Soviet Union 28
Mi-8 Hip Utility Mil Mi-8  Soviet Union 87[3] [11]
Mi-17 Hip Mil Mi-17Sh
Mil Mi-172
9[3] [11]
Mi-24 Hind Attack Mil Mi-24A 25[11]
Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma Transport SA-330J  France 14
Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil AS-350 B3 5
Bell UH-1 Iroquois Utility UH-1H  USA 11[3]
Unmanned aerial vehicle
VT Patrol Reconnaissance VT Patrol  Vietnam unknown
HS-6L HS-6L unknown
Orbiter 2 Orbiter 2  Israel unknown


Model Type Variants Origin Quantity Notes
Air-to-air missile (AAM)
AA-2 Atoll Short-range air-to-air missile R-3SM  Soviet Union 2,300[13] Used by Sukhoi Su-22M4/M3. Formerly used by MiG-21bis/UM/bison.
AA-8 Aphid R-60M 400[13] Used by Su-22M4/M3. Formerly used by MiG-21bis/UM/bison.
AS-9 Kyle Air-launched anti-radiation missile Kh-28E unknown Used by Su-22M4.
AA-11 Archer Short-range air-to-air missile R-73 375[13] Used by Su-30MK2V and Su-27SK.
AA-12 Adder Medium-range active-radar homing air-to-air missile R-77  Russia unknown Used by Su-30MK2V and Su-27SK.[14]
Air-to-surface missile (ASM)
AS-10 Karen Tactical air-to-surface missile Kh-25ML
 Soviet Union unknown Used by Su-22M4.
Anti-ship missile (AShM)
AS-14 Kedge Anti-ship missile Kh-29T
 Soviet Union 100[13] Used by Su-30MK2V and Su-27SK.
AS-13 Kingbolt Kh-59E 200[13] Used by Su-30MK2V.
AS-17 Krypton Kh-31A
100[13] Used by Su-30MK2V and Su-27SK.

Air defence[edit]

Model Type Variants Origin Quantity Notes
Surface-to-air missile (SAM)
SA-2 Guideline Strategic surface-to-air missile S-75M Volga  Soviet Union 65[13]
SA-3 Goa 40[13]
SA-6 Gainful 10[13]
SA-10 Grumble 12 launchers[15]
SA-13 Gopher 20[13]
SA-7 Grail MANPAD 80[13] [16]
SA-18 Grouse SA-16
SPYDER6 SHORAD SPYDER-MR  Israel 5 launchers
200 Python-5/200 Derby missiles[13]
Anti-aircraft warfare
ZSU-23-4 Shilka SPAG  Soviet Union 100[13]
ZSU-57-2 Ob'yekt 500 100[13]


Aircraft Type Variants Origin Quantity Notes
Fighter aircraft
MiG-17 Fresco Fighter MiG-17A/P/PF  Soviet Union 367
MiG-21 Fishbed MiG-21bis/UM/bison/PF/PFM/MF/F-13/UM 645 Retired from service in November 2015.[17] Replaced with Su-22.
Northrop F-5 F-5A, F-5E  USA 399 Captured during Vietnam War.
Cessna A-37 Dragonfly Light ground-attack A-37A
77 Captured during Vietnam War.
Cargo/transport aircraft
Lockheed C-130 Hercules Transport  USA 500 Captured during Vietnam War.
Fairchild C-119  USA Captured during Vietnam War.
Beriev Be-12  Soviet Union 43 [18]
Training aircraft
MiG-15 Fagot Trainer  Soviet Union 6,000
Aero L-29 Trainer  Czechoslovakia
Mi-4 Transport  Soviet Union
Mi-6 Hook Mil Mi-6  Soviet Union 26
CH-47 Chinook CH-47A  USA unknown Captured during Vietnam War.

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