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This list of exercise prescription software contains software packages related to the sending or printing of exercise instructions commonly used by physiotherapists.


bluebubble Physiosoft is an exercise management software that is completely tailored to the users business needs. Used by physios and health professionals around the world.

  • BPM Rx[1] is an online exercise prescription program used by physical therapists/physios and personal trainers to create exercise handouts.
  • BlueJay PT is a mobile application for physical therapy in which therapists send treatment plans with videos to patients' mobile devices and monitor progress on self-reported graphs.


  • Exercise Expert [2] is a desktop software for Windows to create custom home exercise handouts for fitness.
  • Exercise Prescriber [3] is an online exercise prescription software tool that allows clinicians to send narrated video clips of home exercises to their patients email or mobile phone. It also allows clinicians to send online infopgaes from a database of 60 common musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Exercise Pro Live [4] is cloud based (Windows, Mac, Pads) exercise prescription service providing exercise video and handouts for fitness and rehabilitation.
  • Exercise Pro [5] is a desktop software for Windows to create custom home exercise handouts for fitness and rehabilitation.
  • [6] Online exercise software system for physiotherapy, fitness and exercise rehab specialists. Includes a fully customisable exercise collection.
  • EZ COACH Fitness Prescription System
  • ExorLive [7] 4500 illustrations, videos and images - create exercise program as handout, with your logo. You can also send your client an app with the exercise program and your logo.


  • Force Therapuetics [8] Leading healthcare providers use FORCE to drive successful rehab into the home by improving patient education, care coordination and outcomes tracking.


  • Health Reporter Software[9] is the health and fitness industry's most flexible exercise prescription and health assessment reporting software.
  • healthSwapp[10] is a mobile app where patients can quickly and easily access their home exercise program sent to them by their rehabilitation practitioner.


  • Mavenlive[11] is an online exercise prescription software for creating completely customized exercises programs
  • MediGraph[12] is a physical therapy software package which includes support for customized exercises programs
  • Myclinicspace[13] is an online exercise prescription tool for health professionals to deliver video and exercise images to patients. Generate PDF handouts for patients.


  • PTStudio[14] is an online exercise prescription software that has an user interface and animated exercises in seven different languages. Also free version available
  • PacPacs[15] is an online exercise prescription and patient management package
  • Physiotools[16] is available both on CDROM (for Windows) and online (Windows, Mac and handheld devices including the iPad) to generate completely customized patient handouts in paper form or digitally including video on mobile devices.
  • Physitrack®,[17] is a cloud based platform that offers health care professionals an easy way to build, monitor and assign home exercise programs.
  • PhysioTrack[18] is web based software that works on any modern web browser. Patients can view their exercises on their phones and send feedback to the Physio. Handouts can be generated electronically, on paper or by mobile app.
  • PhysPrac[19] is an iPad/iPhone application for creating, storing, editing and sending exercise programs to patients via email.
  •[20] is an online exercise prescription service. No patient information. Simply manages exercise routines.


  • Real Time Rehab[21] RTR is a fast and simple web based home exercise program for physical therapy. Therapists can easily print or email the prescription to their patient and save for later usage.
  • Rehab My Patient[22] is an online exercise software program for therapists to print and email exercise hand-outs to patients.
  • The Rehab Lab[23] is an online exercise prescription package for generating patient handouts as PDF documents


  • Salaso Health Solutions[24] Salaso Health Solutions is cloud-based HD Video Exercise Prescription software which is web and smartphone based. Salaso – the home exercises patients love to use.
  • SimpleSet Pro[25] is an advanced web application for physical therapy exercise prescription.


  • TheraVid [26] Home Exercise Redefined: Provider prescribed rehab routines that help engage patients and get them better, faster. Combine the power and simplicity of our intuitive exercise database search with our industry leading patient portal to start seeing the value that improved patient engagement brings to your clinic today.


  • Video Rehab Solutions[27] set out to change the way exercises are given, revolutionizing the delivery to include motion-capture animations instead of line drawings.
  • ViperMed[28] is a technology developed in Latin America(Uruguay) for exercise prescription. This Technology is being used by many of the most important rehab centers in Uruguay.


  • WebPT[29] is a web-based physical therapy software solution providing integrated exercise programs for physical therapy clinics of all sfe all.
  • WorkOutConnect[30] PT Therapist enables therapy professionals to create & share physical therapy protocols with clients & patients available on the web, iOS, Android devices.[31]