List of extinct dog breeds

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The following is a list of extinct dog breeds and varieties. Some, but not all, of these breeds were recognized by kennel clubs such as the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and the Kennel Club.

List of extinct dog breeds and varieties[edit]

Name Image Notes
Alaunt Jacopo del Sallaio.jpg
Alpine Mastiff 1815 Alpine Mastiff.jpg
Alpine Spaniel Alpine spaniel.jpg
Argentine Polar Dog Simba02.jpg
Bandog Bandog - engraving by Thomas Bewick - 1790.jpg
Blue Paul Terrier
Braque du Puy Dupuy Pointer from 1915.JPG
Bull and terrier Terrier1802.jpg
Bullenbeisser Bullenbeiser.jpg
Chien-gris Gris De Saint-Louis from 1915.JPG
Chiribaya Dog
Cordoba Fighting Dog Patan.jpg
Cumberland Sheepdog
Cur Cur dog, A general history of quadrupeds.jpg
Dalbo dog Dalbohund.jpg
Dogo Cubano DogoCubano2.jpg
Dumfriesshire Black and Tan Foxhound Dumfriesshire Hounds.jpeg
English Water Spaniel English Water Spaniel.jpg
English White Terrier Old English White Terrier.jpg
Fila da Terceira Fila de Terceira.jpg Declared extinct in 1970; being re-created
Fuegian dog Fuegian dog (1863).jpg
Grand Fauve de Bretagne Grand Fauve de Bretagne.jpg
Halls Heeler Peaceful rural scene in South East Queensland.jpg
Hare Indian Dog Hareindiandog.jpg
Hawaiian Poi Dog Hawaiian natives wearing kihei, with animals, sketch by Louis Choris (crop, central dog).jpg
Kurī ChiefsWithKuri1828.jpg
Lapponian Shepherd
Marquesan Dog Dog relief from meʻae Iʻipona, Puamaʻu Village, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, photograph by Moth Clark, 2009 (levels adjusted).jpg
Molossus Molossian Hound, British Museum.jpg
Moscow Water Dog
Norfolk Spaniel Dash-II-Norfolk-Spaniel.jpg
North Country Beagle Beagle (PSF).png
Old English Bulldog CribandRosa1811.jpg
Old Spanish Pointer Spanish Pointer from 1915.JPG Extinct as of 1969
Paisley Terrier Paisley1903.jpg
Polynesian Dog A general term for four breeds on this list: the Hawaiian Poi Dog, Kuri, Marquesan Dog and Tahitian Dog
Potsdam Greyhound Likely related to, or the same breed as, the extant Italian Greyhound
Rache Rache Historiae Animalium.jpg
Rastreador Brasileiro Rastreadora Brasileira Gaya.jpg Being re-created
Russian Tracker Russian Yellow Retriever from 1915.jpg
Saint John's water dog St Johns dog.jpg
Sakhalin Husky Sakhalin Husky Jiro.JPG
Salish Wool Dog PaulKane - A Woman Weaving a Blanket (ROM2005 5163).jpg
Sleuth hound
Southern Hound Southern Hound.jpg
Tahitian Dog Double canoes. Tipaerua, 1769-71 (crop of dog).jpg
Tahltan Bear Dog Tahltan Bear Dog sketch2.jpg
Talbot Hound Cartercrest.jpg
Tesem Tesem couple.png
Toy Bulldog Toy Bulldog Little Knot 1903.jpg
Toy Trawler Spaniel Toytrawlerspaniel.jpg
Turnspit dog Turnspitdog-1862.jpg
Tweed Water Spaniel Tweed Water Spaniel.jpg
Welsh Hillman