List of family relations in professional wrestling

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Vince McMahon, as ECW World Heavyweight Champion, with his son Shane (right) and Umaga (left) at One Night Stand (2007). Vince and Shane McMahon have both wrestled with and against each other off and on between 1999 and 2008

This is a list of family relations in professional wrestling. Since the creation of the National Wrestling Alliance in 1948, family members have been involved in all aspects of the industry. Although most connections are among wrestlers, there have been significant contributions from family members in managing, promoting, training and refereeing.

Below is a list of family relations throughout professional wrestling since 1948. Names in bold have won a national or world heavyweight championship. Names in italics are members of a recognized hall of fame (e.g. NWA Wrestling Legends Hall of Heroes, Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame).


Surname Siblings Country Notes
Alvarado El Brazo, Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata, Super Brazo, Brazo Cibernético, Brazo de Platino  Mexico [1]
Alvarado Maximo, Psycho Clown, Goya Kong, Muñeca de Plata, Robin, Andros de Plata  Mexico [2]
Anderson Gene, Ole, Lars Anderson  United States Includes kayfabe members Arn Anderson, C.W. Anderson, and Karl Anderson[3]
Anoa'i Afa, Sika  American Samoa [3][4]
Ashford-Smith Chris Champion, Mark Starr  United States [3]
Bass Ron Bass, Don Bass  United States [3]
Batten Bart Batten, Brad Batten  United States [3]
Bella Nikki, Brie  United States
Brisco Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco  United States [3][5][6]
Castellanos Psicosis, Fobia  Mexico [7]
Christy Ted Christy, Vic Christy  United States [3]
Cole Kent Cole, Keith Cole  United States [3]
Colt Bobby Colt, Jerry Colt  United States [3]
Colón Carly, Eddie  Puerto Rico
Contreras Ringo Mendoza, Cachorro Mendoza, Indio Mendoza  Mexico [2]
Cormier The Beast, Leo Burke, Bobby Kay, Rudy Kay, Mel Turnbow  Canada [8]
Cuevas El Supremo I, El Supremo II  Mexico [3]
Curcuru Chick Garibaldi, Gino Garibaldi  United States [9]
Eagles Robbie Eagles, Ryan Eagles  Australia real Ryan Eagles name Doug Ryan[10]
Escobedo Black Nassel, Oso Negro  Mexico
Espanto Espanto I, Espanto III  Mexico Espanto II was also billed as a kayfabe brother of both men[7]
Estrada El Canek, El Dantes I, Principe Maya  Mexico [7]
Estrada José Estrada Jr., Julio Estrada  Puerto Rico [7]
Fargo Don, Jackie, and Sonny "Rough House" Fargo  United States Kayfabe family[3][5]
Fatu Sam, Solofa (Rikishi), Eddie (Umaga)  United States Sam and Solofa are twins
Fulton Bobby Fulton, Jackie Fulton  United States [3]
Garcia Tony Garea, Johnny Garcia  New Zealand [3]
Garvin Ron Garvin, Terry Garvin, Jimmy Garvin  Canada Kayfabe relationship[3]
Gibson Robert Gibson, Ricky Gibson  United States [3]
Hardy Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy  United States
Harris Ron Harris, Don Harris  United States [3]
Hart Smith Hart, Bruce Hart, Keith Hart, Wayne Hart, Dean Hart, Bret Hart, Ross Hart, Diana Hart, Owen Hart  Canada
Hebner Dave Hebner, Earl Hebner  United States Twin brothers who both worked as referees in WWE from 1988 to 2005. Earl is now with TNA and Dave has retired
Huffman Booker T, Stevie Ray  United States [11]
Ibarra Super Parka, Johnny Ibarra, El Desalmado  Mexico [7]
Irwin Scott Irwin, Bill Irwin  United States [3]
Jumonji Dash Chisako, Sendai Sachiko  Japan
Kelly Pat Kelly, Mike Kelly  Canada [3]
Kernodle Don Kernodle, Rocky Kernodle  United States [3]
Lagarde Karloff Lagarde, Ángel Negro  Mexico [7]
Laurinaitis Road Warrior Animal, Johnny Ace, Marcus Laurinaitis  United States [3][4]
LeDuc Jos LeDuc, Paul LeDuc  Canada Kayfabe family. Longtime rivals of the Vachon family in Grand Prix Wrestling[5]
Lizmark Lizmark, Lizmark II  Mexico [7]
Martínez Tony Arce, Rocco Valente  Mexico [3]
Massie Matthew, Nicholas  United States
Matematico El Matematico I, El Matematico II  Mexico [3]
Mata Raul Mata, Carlos Mata  Mexico [3]
Maximo Jose Maximo, Joel Maximo  United States
McGuckin Jigsaw, Jolly Roger  United States [12]
Miller Bill Miller, Dan Miller  United States [3][5]
Monroe Sputnik Monroe, Jet Monroe  United States Rocket Monroe was also billed as a kayfabe brother of both men[13]
Mora Benjamin Mora, Alcatraz  Mexico [3]
Mulkey Bill Mulkey, Randy Mulkey  United States [3]
Nemeth Dolph Ziggler, Briley Pierce  United States [14]
Odate Io Shirai, Mio Shirai  Japan
Orndorff Paul Orndorff, Terry Orndorff  United States [3]
Ortiz Pirata Morgan, Verdugo, Hombre Bala  Mexico [3]
Poffo "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Lanny Poffo  United States
Prichard Tom, Bruce  United States [3]
Pugh Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe  United States
Reyes Cien Caras, Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000  Mexico [2]
Rivera Savio Vega, Dennis Rivera  Puerto Rico
Rodríguez Mil Mascaras, El Sicodelico, Dos Caras  Mexico [3][7]
Rotunda Taylor, Windham  United States
Rougeau Jacques Sr., Jean  Canada [3][5]
Sarven Al Snow, Logan Caine  United States [15]
Sawyer Brett Sawyer, Buzz Sawyer  United States [3]
Scott George, Sandy Scott  Canada [3]
Shane Mike Shane, Todd Shane  United States [3]
Sharpe Ben Sharpe, Mike Sharpe Sr.  United States [3]
Shires Ray Shires, Roy Shires  United States Kayfabe relationship[3]
Sihra Gurv, Harv  Canada,  India
Smith Davey Boy Smith, Johnny Smith  United Kingdom Kayfabe relationship[3]
Solar El Solar I, El Solar II  Mexico [3]
Stanlee Steve Stanlee, Gene Stanlee  United States Bob Stanlee was also billed as a kayfabe brother of both men[3]
Steamboat Ricky Steamboat, Vic Steamboat  United States [3][11]
Steiner Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner  United States [3][6]
Stecher Joe Stecher, Tony Stecher  United States [16]
Stewart-Dutch Dutch Savage, Luke Brown  United States Brown was an adopted brother of Dutch Savage[17]
Takano Gyoji "George" Takano, Shunji Takano  Japan [3]
Tapia La Parka, El Hijo de Cien Caras  Mexico [18]
Tolos Chris Tolos, John Tolos  Canada [3][5]
Torres Alberto Torres, Enrique Torres, Ramon Torres  United States [19]
Vachon Butcher Vachon, Mad Dog Vachon, Vivian Vachon, Marie Vachon  Canada [3][4][5]
Valiant Jerry, Jimmy, and Johnny Valiant  United States Kayfabe family[3]
Vigneault Michel Vigneault, Rick Martel  Canada Frenchy Martin was also billed as a kayfabe brother of both men[3][5]
Von Erich Fritz Von Erich, Waldo Von Erich  United States Kayfabe relationship[3][5][20]
Von Stroheim Kurt Von Stroheim, Karl Von Stroheim  Germany Kayfabe relationship[3]
Welch Roy, Jack, Herb, and Lester Welch  United States [16]
Wilson Justice Pain, Nick Gage  United States [4]
Zbyszko Stanislaus Zbyszko, Wladek Zbyszko  United States [16] The Zbyszko brothers were Poles born in what was then Austria–Hungary, but achieved their greatest fame in the U.S.


Last name Parent Children Country Notes:
Aguayo Perro Aguayo Perro Aguayo Jr.  Mexico [6]
Almanza Dr. Karonte Astro Boy, Argenis, Argos, Mini Murder Clown, Místico  Mexico
Amezcua Al Amezcua Alfonso Dantés, Septiembre Negro  Mexico [7]
Amezcua Alfonso Dantés Apolo Dantés, Cesar Dantés  Mexico [3][7]
Anderson Doug Anderson Cheerleader Melissa  United States [21]
Anderson Gene Anderson Brad Anderson  United States [3]
Anderson Ole Anderson Bryant Anderson  United States [3][21] Actual father and son, but surname is strictly kayfabe (unlike Gene and Brad, above)
Annis B.J. Annis Teddy Hart, Matthew Annis  Canada
Anoa'i Afa Samula Anoaʻi, Lloyd Anoaʻi, Afa Anoaʻi Jr.  American Samoa,  United States [3][4][21] Afa was born in American Samoa; his sons were born and primarily raised on the United States mainland
Anoa'i Sika Matt Anoa'i, Joe Anoaʻi (Roman Reigns)  American Samoa,  United States [4][21] Sika was born in American Samoa; his sons were born and primarily raised on the United States mainland
Armstrong "Bullet" Bob Brian, Brad, Scott, Steve  United States [3][6][21][22][23]
Baños Lizmark Lizmark Jr., El Hijo de Lizmark  Mexico [3][7]
Barr Sandy Art, Jesse, Shawn  United States [3][21]
Benoit Chris Benoit David Benoit  United States [24][unreliable source]
Beyer Dick Kurt Beyer  United States [3][21]
Blanchard Joe Blanchard Tully Blanchard  United States [3][5][6][21]
Bockwinkel Warren Bockwinkel Nick Bockwinkel  United States [3][5][21][25]
Borne Tony Borne Matt Borne  United States [3][21][22]
Brazil Bobo Brazil Bobo Brazil Jr.  United States [16]
Brisco Gerald Brisco Wes Brisco  United States [21]
Brito Jack Britton Gino Brito Sr.  United States [3]
Brito Gino Brito Sr. Gino Brito Jr.  United States [3][21]
Canterbury Mark Canterbury Shane Canterbury  United States [21]
Casas Ruiz Pepe Casas Negro Casas, El Felino, Heavy Metal  Mexico [2]
Castillo Hurricane Castillo Sr. Hurricane Castillo Jr.  Cuba/ Puerto Rico [3]
Charles Emilio Charles Sr. Emilio Charles Jr.  Mexico [3]
Cobarde El Cobarde Sr. El Cobarde Jr.  Mexico [3]
Colón Carlos Sr. Carly, Eddie  Puerto Rico [21]
Cohen Sammy Cohen Shaun Cohen  South Africa [3]
Conway Tiger Conway Sr. Tiger Conway Jr.  United States [21]
Creatchman Eddie Creatchman Floyd Creatchman  Canada [26]
Crockett Jim Crockett Sr. Jim Crockett Jr.  United States [23][25]
Cruz Black Shadow El Hijo de Black Shadow  Mexico [3]
Curcuru Gino Garibaldi Leo Garibaldi  United States [9]
Curry Bull Curry Fred Curry Sr.  United States [3][6][21]
Curry Fred Curry Sr. Fred Curry Jr.  United States [5]
Darsow Barry Darsow Dakota Darsow  United States [21]
Díaz Septiembre Negro Septiembre Negro Jr.  Mexico [3]
DiBiase Michael Ted  United States DiBiase's mother was female wrestler Helen Hild[3][4][22][23]
DiBiase Ted Mike, Ted Jr., Brett  United States [4][21]
Duncum Bobby Duncum Sr. Bobby Duncum Jr.  United States [6]
Dundee Bill Jamie  United States [3][21][22]
Duprée Emile Duprée Rene Duprée, Jeff Duprée  Canada [21]
Eaton Bobby Eaton Dillon Eaton  United States [21]
Escobedo Oso Negro América Salvaje, Azteca de Oro, Dalton Stone, Javier Escobedo  Mexico
Espanto Espanto III Espanto IV, Espanto V  Mexico [7]
Estrada El Canek Hijo del Canek, El Canek Jr.  Mexico [7]
Estrada Jose Estrada Sr. Jose Estrada Jr., Julio Estrada  Puerto Rico [21]
Eudy Sid Eudy Gunner Eudy  United States [21]
Espectro El Espectro Hijo del Espectro, El Picudo  Mexico [7]
Farhat Ed Farhat Ed George  United States [3][21]
Fatu Solofa Fatu Jr. (Rikishi) Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso  United States [21] Although the family has its origins in American Samoa, Solofa and his twin sons were born and primarily raised on the United States mainland
Fifita Tonga Fifita Alipate Leone, Tevita Fifita, Taula Fifita  Tonga [21]
Fliehr Ric Flair David Flair, Charlotte Flair, Reid Flair  United States [4][6][21] Ric is father to all three: David by his first wife, and Ashley and Reid by his second
Francis Ed Francis Russ Francis, Bill Francis  United States [21] Russ Francis has briefly wrestled, but is far better known for his career in American football
Fujinami Tatsumi Fujinami Leona  Japan
Fuller Roy Welch Buddy Fuller  United States [16][21]
Fullington The Sandman Twisted Sand  United States [27]
Funk Dory Sr. Dory Jr., Terry  United States [3][4][5][6][11][16][21][22][25]
Gagne Verne Gagne Greg Gagne  United States [3][6][16][21]
Garvin Ron Garvin Jimmy Garvin  Canada Ron Garvin was Jimmy's stepson; both were billed as kayfabe brothers with Terry Garvin[3]
Garza Humberto Garza Hector Garza, Humberto Garza Jr.  Mexico [7]
Gilbert Arlie Tommy  United States [3]
Gilbert Tommy Doug, Eddie  United States [3][5][11][21]
Golden Jimmy Golden Bobby Golden, Eddie Golden  United States [28]
González El Medico Asesino El Medico Asesino Jr.  Mexico [3]
González Dr. Wagner Dr. Wagner Jr., Silver King  Mexico [3][21]
González Fuerza Guerrera Juventud Guerrera  Mexico [3]
González Ray González Ray González Jr.  Puerto Rico [3]
Gordman Black Gordman Black Gordman Jr.  Mexico [7]
Gordy Terry Gordy Ray Gordy  United States [21]
Graham Eddie Graham Mike Graham  United States [3][16][21]
Guerrero Gory Chavo Sr., Eddie, Hector, Mando  United States/ Mexico [3][4][6][11][21][22] Gory and his oldest and youngest sons (respectively Chavo Sr. and Eddie) were born in the United States. Mando and Héctor were born in Mexico. All of them began their careers in Mexico
Guerrero Chavo Guerrero Sr. Chavo Guerrero Jr.  United States/ Mexico [3][4][11][21] Both were born in the U.S., but began their careers in Mexico
Guerrero Eddie Shaul Guerrero  United States/ Mexico [29][30] Eddie was born and raised in the U.S., but began his career in Mexico. His daughter Shaul Guerrero, who wrestles as Raquel Diaz, was also born and raised in the U.S., but has been based in the U.S. throughout her career
Gulas Nick Gulas George Gulas  United States [21]
Guzmán Santo El Hijo del Santo  Mexico [3]
Halcon Astro Rey Mephisto  Mexico [7]
Hall Scott Hall Cody Hall  United States [31]
Hamada Gran (Hiroaki) Ayako, Xóchitl  Japan/ Mexico Hamada is Japanese but his daughters are half-Mexican
Hamilton The Assassin Nick Patrick  United States [3][4][21][22]
Hart Stu Smith, Bruce, Keith, Wayne, Dean, Bret, Ross, Diana, Owen  Canada [3][4][6][21][22][23][32]
Hashimoto Shinya Daichi  Japan
Hebner Earl Brian  United States [33]
Hennig Larry Curt, Jesse  United States [3][4][5][21][22][32]
Hennig Curt Joe, Amy  United States [34][35]
Hirai Mitsu(aki) Nobukazu  Japan
Hussey Jim Hussey Mark Rocco  United Kingdom [21]
Iaukea King Curtis Iaukea Rocky Iaukea  United States [3]
Ibarra Volador / Super Parka Volador Jr.  Mexico [7]
Jarrett Jerry Jarrett Jeff Jarrett, Jason Jarrett  United States [3][5][21][36]
Jonathan Brother Jonathan Don Leo Jonathan  United States [5][21]
Johnson Bull Johnson Dan Johnson  Canada [21]
Johnson Rocky Johnson Dwayne Johnson, Ricky Johnson  Canada,  United States [3][4][6][22][32] Rocky Johnson is Canadian; his sons are Americans
Kashey Abe Kashey Al Kashey  United States [5][16]
Kiniski Gene Kelly, Nick  Canada [3][5][21]
Knight Sweet Saraya Paige, Zak Zodiac  United Kingdom
Lawler Jerry Brian Lawler, Kevin Christian  United States [3][4][21]
Leal Tinieblas Tinieblas Jr.  Mexico [3]
Linares Rayo de Jalisco Sr. Rayo de Jalisco Jr.  Mexico [3]
Linares Rayo de Jalisco Jr. Rayman  Mexico [7]
Llanes Enrique Llanes Javier Llanes  Mexico [3]
Lloyd Paul Lloyd Sr. Paul Lloyd Jr.  South Africa [21]
Malenko Boris Dean, Joe  United States [6][21]
Managoff Bobby Managoff Sr. Bobby Managoff  United States [21]
Markus Gran Markus Gran Markus Jr.  Mexico Kayfabe relationship.[3]
Marques El Marques El Marques Jr.  Mexico [3]
Mayne Ken Mayne Lonnie Mayne  United States [21]
McGuirk Leroy McGuirk Mike McGuirk  United States [21]
McGuirk Mike McGuirk Max McGuirk  United States [21]
McKigney Dave McKigney Rachel Dubois  Canada Step-father[21]
McMahon Jess Vince Sr.  United States [3][16][23]
McMahon Vince Sr. Vince Jr.  United States [3][11][16][23][25]
McMahon Vince Shane, Stephanie  United States [4][6][16][25][32]
Mendoza Ray Villano I, II, III, IV, V  Mexico [2]
Minton Big John Studd John Minton Jr.  United States [21]
Momota Rikidozan Mitsuo Momota, Yoshihiro Momota  North Korea/ Japan Rikidozan was born in Japanese Korea[3]
Monroe Sputnik Monroe Bubba Monroe  United States [21][37]
Moody Paul Bearer D.J. Pringle  United States [21]
Morella Gorilla Monsoon Joey Morella  United States Joey was Gorilla's adopted son[3][21]
Moreno Alfonso Moreno Cynthia Moreno, Esther Moreno, Rossy Moreno, Alda Moreno, El Oriental  Mexico [3]
Morton Paul Morton Ricky Morton  United States [3]
Mosca Angelo Mosca Sr. Angelo Mosca Jr.  United States [3][21]
Muñoz Blue Demon Blue Demon Jr.  Mexico [3]
Muñoz Toro Blanco Dragon Lee II, Místico II, Rush  Mexico
Muraco Don Muraco Joe Muraco  United States [21]
Murdoch Frankie Murdoch Dick Murdoch  United States [3][5][21]
Neidhart Jim Neidhart Nattie Neidhart  Canada
Núñez Scorpio Scorpio Jr.  Mexico [3][7]
Oates Jerry Oates Bo Oates  United States [21]
Oliver Rip Sr. Larry, Ray Jr.  United States [3]
Ortiz Pirata Morgan El Hijo de Pirata Morgan  Mexico [2]
Orton Bob Sr. Bob Jr., Barry O  United States [3][4][5][21]
Orton Bob Jr. Randy  United States [4][5][32][38]
Orton Barry O Jasper Orton  United States
Owens Don Owens Barry Owens  United States [3]
Pérez Miguel Sr. Miguel Jr.  Puerto Rico [3]
Pesek John Pesek Jack Pesek  United States [21]
Pillman Brian Pillman Brian Pillman Jr. Alexis Pillman  United States Alexis was Pillman's step-daughter[39]
Poffo Angelo Randy, Lanny  United States [3][4][5][21]
Portz Geoff Portz Scott McGhee  United States [3][40]
Putski Ivan Scott  United States [3][4][6][16][21]
Rhodes Dusty Dustin, Cody  United States [3][4][6][21][25]
Rickard Steve Rickard Ricky Rickard, Tony Rickard  New Zealand [41][42]
Roberts Nick Roberts and Lorraine Johnson Baby Doll  United States [3][21]
Robinson Joseph Robinson Joe Robinson  United Kingdom [43]
Rodríguez Dos Caras Alberto Del Rio, El Hijo de Dos Caras  Mexico [21][44]
Rodríguez Sicodelico Sr. Sicodelico Jr.  Mexico [21]
Rodríguez El Espectro II Bestia Salvaje, Corazon Salvaje  Mexico [7]
Rodríguez Victor Rodríguez Noel Rodríguez  Puerto Rico [3]
Romero Ricky Romero Steven, Mark and Chris  United States [3][21]
Rotunda Mike Rotunda Windham and Taylor  United States
Rougeau Jacques Sr. Jacques Jr., Ray, Armand,  Canada [3][4][21][23]
Sammartino Bruno David  United States [3][4][6][21]
Savoldi Angelo Savoldi Mario Savoldi, Tom Savoldi, Joseph Savoldi  United States [3][21]
Sharpe Mike Sharpe Sr. Mike Shape Jr.  Canada [3][21]
Shibata Katsuhisa Katsuyori  Japan
Singh Tiger Jeet Singh Tiger Ali Singh  Canada [45]
Smith Davey Boy Smith Harry Smith  United Kingdom

Davey Boy Smith was British; Harry Smith is British-Canadian
Smith Grizzly Jake, Sam, Robin  United States [3][4][5][21]
Smith Sam Houston and Baby Doll Samantha Starr  United States .[46]
Snuka Jimmy Snuka Sr. Jimmy Snuka Jr., Sarona  Fiji/ United States [21][47] The elder Jimmy Snuka is a native of  Fiji, but established himself as a wrestler in the U.S.
Solitario El Solitario El Hijo Del Solitario  Mexico [2]
South George South George South Jr.  United States [21]
Stasiak Stan Stasiak Shawn Stasiak  United States [6][21]
Steamboat Ricky Steamboat Richie Steamboat  United States [21]
Steinborn Milo Steinborn Dick Steinborn  United States [21]
Tanaka Duke Keomuka Pat Tanaka  United States [3][21]
Tapia L.A. Park Black Shadow  Mexico
Taylor Tug Taylor Chaz Taylor  United States [3][21]
Timbs Ken Timbs Ken Timbs Jr.  United States [21]
Umino Hiroyuki Shota  Japan [48]
Valentine Johnny Greg  United States [3][4][5][6][21]
Vachon Butcher Luna  Canada Pierre and Damien Vachon have also been billed as Paul's kayfabe youngest sons[3][4][21]
Valencia Doctor X El Cobarde, El Cobarde II, El Cobarde Jr.  Mexico [7]
Vargas Ángel Blanco Hijo del Ángel Blanco I, Hijo del Ángel Blanco II, El Angel Blanco Jr.  Mexico [3][7]
Von Erich Fritz Von Erich Chris Von Erich, David Von Erich, Kerry Von Erich, Kevin Von Erich, Mike Von Erich  United States [3][5][20][21][23]
Von Erich Kerry Von Erich Lacey Von Erich  United States [20][21]
Von Erich Kevin Von Erich Ross Von Erich, Marshall Von Erich  United States [20]
Watson Whipper Billy Watson Phil Watson  United States [21]
Watts Bill Watts Erik Watts  United States [3][21]
Wayne Buddy Wayne Ken Wayne  United States [3][21]
Weingeroff Saul Weingeroff George Weingeroff  United States [11][21]
Welch Lester Welch Roy Lee Welch  United States [16][21]
Welch-Fuller Roy Welch Buddy Fuller  United States [3][16]
Welch-Fuller Buddy Fuller Robert Fuller, Ron Fuller  United States [3][5][16]
Welch-Golden Billy Golden Bunkhouse Buck  United States [3]
Welch-Hatfield Virgil Hatfield Bobby Fields, Don Fields, Lee Fields  United States [16]
Williams Gary Hart Chad Hart  United States [49][50]
Whitler Eldon "Whitey" Whitler Smasher Sloan  United States [21]
Windham Robert Barry, Kendall  United States [3][4][21]
Wright Steven Alex  Germany [21]


Ted DiBiase Jr. is the grandson of former National Wrestling Alliance wrestler "Iron" Mike DiBiase. DiBiase is shown here with the Million Dollar Championship, a title created by his father Ted DiBiase, which was awarded to him in April 2010
Grandparent Grandchild(ren) Country Notes
Al Amezcua Apolo Dantés, Cesar Dantés, Septiembre Negro Jr.  Mexico [7]
Ángel Blanco Horus  Mexico [3]
Bull Curry Fred Curry Jr.  United States [21]
Hurricane Castillo Sr. AJ Castillo  Cuba,
 Puerto Rico
Michael DiBiase Mike DiBiase, Ted DiBiase Jr., Brett DiBiase  United States Their grandmother was female wrestler Helen Hild[3][21][22]
Gory Guerrero Chavo Guerrero Jr., Shaul Guerrero  Mexico [4][21]
Stu Hart David Hart Smith, Teddy Hart, Nattie Neidhart, Matt Hart, Mike Hart  Canada [21]
Larry Hennig Joe Hennig, Amy Hennig  United States [21]
Peter Maivia Dwayne Johnson  American Samoa,
 United States
Eddie Marlin Jeff Jarrett  United States [21][38]
Leroy McGuirk Max McGuirk  United States [21]
Jess McMahon Vince McMahon Jr.  United States [21]
Blackjack Mulligan Windham Rotunda, Taylor Rotunda  United States [21]
Frankie Hill Murdoch Ricky Murdoch  United States [21]
Bob Orton Sr. Randy Orton  United States [21][38]
Salvador Pérez Sr. Mike Mendoza  El Salvador,
 Puerto Rico
Chuck Richards Chris Candido  United States [51]
Rikidozan Chikara  North Korea/ Japan Rikidozan was born in Japanese Korea[52]
John Robinson Joe Robinson  United Kingdom [43]
Fritz Von Erich Lacey Von Erich  United States [21]
Buddy Wayne Eric Wayne  United States [21]
Roy Welch Robert Fuller, Ron Fuller, Jimmy Golden  United States [21]

Great grandparent–great grandchildren[edit]

Grandfather Grandson Country Notes
Eddie Auger Jean-Jacques Rougeau  Canada Great-grandnephew[21]
Jess McMahon Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon  United States [21][38]
Roy Welch Bobby Golden, Eddie Golden  United States [28]

Aunts and uncles–niblings[edit]

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, pictured here at WrestleMania X8, is the son of Rocky Johnson and grandson of "High Chief" Peter Maivia
Uncle Nephew Country Notes
Afa Anoaʻi, Sika Anoaʻi Reno Anoaʻi, Rodney Anoa'i, Sam Fatu, Eddie Fatu  American Samoa,  United States Yokozuna was billed as Sika's kayfabe son[3][4]
The Barbarian Lei'D Tapa  United States
Jack Brisco Wes Brisco  United States [21]
Bob Brown Kerry Brown  United States Billed as kayfabe son[3]
Édouard Carpentier Jackie Wiecz  Canada Billed as kayfabe son[3]
Ted and Vic Christy Bobby and Jerry Colt  United States [3]
Carlos Colón Orlando Colón  Puerto Rico
Dos Caras, Mil Mascaras Sicodelico Jr.  Mexico [7][21]
Mil Mascaras, Sicodelico Sr. Dos Caras Jr.  Mexico [7][21]
Espanto I Espanto IV, Espanto V  Mexico [7]
El Espectro El Espectro Jr., Cadaver de Ultrarumba, Guerrero de la Muerte  Mexico [7]
Chick Garibaldi Leo Garibaldi  United States [9]
Hulk Hogan Horace Boulder  United States [4]
Johnny Ibarra, El Desalmado Volador Jr.  Mexico [7]
Karloff Lagarde Karloff Lagarde Jr.  Mexico Billed as kayfabe son[3][7]
Ivan Koloff Nikita Koloff  Ukraine
Billed as kayfabe uncle and nephew from the U.S.S.R. Although Ivan, born Canadian Oreal Parris and Nikita, born Nelson Simpson in Minnesota, they were billed as being from the Ukraine and Lithuania, respectively
Rey Misterio Rey Misterio Jr.  Mexico Never billed as father and son. Although Rey Jr. was born in the San Diego area in the U.S., he began his wrestling career in Mexico[3]
Jet Monroe Bubba Monroe  United States
Ted Oates Bo Oates  United States [21]
Rip Oliver Earl Oliver  United States Earl Oliver, although not a professional wrestler, is the founder of the oldest-existing pro wrestling website, Solie's Title Histories
The Sheik Sabu  United States [3]
Frank Tunney Jack Tunney  Canada [3][16]
Pirata Morgan, Verdugo, Hombre Bala Rey Bucanero  Mexico [7]
Rolondo Vera Alex Romano  Mexico [7]
Volador / Super Parka La Parka, El Hijo de Cien Caras  Mexico [7][18]


Cousins David Hart Smith (right), Natalya Neidhart (middle) and her thenn boyfriend Tyson Kidd (left), collectively known as The Hart Dynasty (from right to left), as the WWE Tag Team Champions in August 2010
Matt Anoa'i was teammates with his cousin Eddie Fatu on Three Minute Warning
Cousin Cousin Cousin Country Notes
Alberto Del Rio, Memo Montenegro Sicodelico Jr.  Mexico [7][44]
Bill Alfonso David Sierra  United States [3][4]
Amazing Red Jose Maximo, Joel Maximo  United States
Mike Awesome Horace Hogan  United States [53]
Mikey Batts Billy Kidman  United States [54]
Jonathan Boyd Norman Frederick Charles III  Australia
Primo/Diego Epico/Fernando  Puerto Rico
Tom Brooks Dick Murdoch  United States [5]
Chris Chetti Tazz  United States [4][22]
Davey Boy Smith Dynamite Kid  United Kingdom [55][56]
David Hart Smith Teddy Hart Natalya Neidhart  Canada
Hijo del Espectro, El Picudo El Espectro Jr., Cadaver de Ultrarumba, Guerrero de la Muerte  Mexico [7]
Jerry Lawler The Honky Tonk Man  United States [3][4]
Brian Lee Ron and Don Harris The Undertaker  United States [57]
Ricky Morton Todd Morton  United States [3]
Michael Hickenbottom Matt Bentley  United States
Paul Orndorff Shane Douglas  United States Kayfabe relationship[4]
Al Perez Lou Perez  United States Billed as kayfabe brothers[3]
Johnny Rich Tommy Rich  United States Billed as kayfabe brothers[3]


Bret Hart (left) with his brother-in-law Jim Neidhart (right)
Bobby Eaton's father-in-law is Bill Dundee, who was his booker while he competed in the Memphis Territory[58]
Brian Knobs, pictured here at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, Iraq, is the brother-in-law of Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
In-law In-law Country Notes
Afa Anoaʻi Gary Albright  American Samoa,  United States
Dick Beyer Billy Red Lyons  United States [59][60]
Ángel Blanco Ángel Blanco Jr.  Mexico [3][7]
Bill Dundee Bobby Eaton  United States [3][58]
Bestia Salvaje Charrito de Oro  Mexico [7]
Ric Flair Scott McGhee  United States Formerly brothers-in-law[40]
Verne Gagne, Greg Gagne Larry Zbyszko  United States [3][5]
Black Gordman Sicodelico Sr.  Mexico [7]
Guerreros Enrique Llanes  Mexico [7]
Ben Bassarab Hart wrestling family  Canada [3]
Jim Neidhart Hart wrestling family  Canada,  United States [3][4][23][38]
B.J. Annis Hart wrestling family  Canada,  United States [61]
Davey Boy Smith Hart wrestling family  Canada,  Great Britain [3][4][22][23][38]
Dynamite Kid Hart wrestling family  Canada,  Great Britain Dynamite was the husband of Bret Hart's first wife Julie's sister Michelle.[62] He was also the cousin of Hart's brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith[3]
Pete Wilson Hart wrestling family  Canada [63]
Tyson Kidd Hart wrestling family  Canada
Eddie Marlin Jerry Jarrett  United States [3]
Peter Maivia Rocky Johnson  United States,  Canada [4]
Vince McMahon Triple H  United States [38]
Blackjack Mulligan Mike Rotunda  United States [3][22]
Greg Valentine Brian Knobs  United States
Buddy Wolfe Vachon family  Canada,  United States [64][65]
Aiden English Los Guerreros  Mexico,  United States


Maryse (left) and The Miz (right) celebrating Miz victory over the WWE Intercontinental Championship at a Raw event in April 2016
Cody Rhodes (left) and Brandi Reed (right) in April 2014
Booker T (right) and Sharmell (left) in 2008
Triple H (left) and Stephanie McMahon (right) in 2014
Matt Hardy and Reby Sky in February 2014
Charlie Hass (left) and Jackie Gayda (right), pictured with tag team partner Rico Constantino (center) at the Allstate Arena, have been married since 2005
Damien Kane (left) and Lady Alexandra (center) with another wrestler in ECW, c. 1996
Husband Wife Years Notes
United Kingdom Chris Adams United States Lady Blossom 1978–1981 Divorced; common-law marriage[3][66]
United Kingdom Chris Adams United States Toni Adams 1984–1994 Divorced[3][66]
United States Tony Anthony United States Kimberly Anthony Divorced[67][68][69]
United States Steve Austin United States Lady Blossom 1992–1999 Divorced[3][4][22][66]
United States Steve Austin United States Debra Marshall 2000–2003 Divorced[4][22][32][66]
United States George Becker United States Joyce Grable 1968–1999 Widowed[67][70]
Canada Chris Benoit United States Nancy Benoit 2000–2007 Both died in murder-suicide[4]
Canada Brute Bernard United States Betty Jo Hawkins ?-1984 Widowed[67][71][72]
United States Booker T United States Sharmell Sullivan 2005- [73]
United States Dagon Briggs United States Seven Briggs 2004- [67][74]
United States Chris Candido United States Tammy Lynn Sytch c. 1992-2005 Widowed; common-law marriage[4][22]
United States Paul Christy United States Bunny Love c. 1975- Billed as "pro wrestling's Bonnie and Clyde", they become the first-ever husband and wife team to be honored by the Cauliflower Alley Club in 2005[75]
United States Jim Cornette United States Synn 2007- [76]
France Corsica Joe United States Sara Lee 1963–2008 Widowed[77][78]
United States Mike DiBiase United States Helen Hild 1959–1969 Widowed[3]
United States Jack Donovan United States Verne Bottoms c. 1962-1973 Divorced; common-law marriage[67][79]
United States Tommy Dreamer United States Beulah McGillicutty 2002- [80][81]
Australia Ryan Eagles Australia Madison Eagles 2002- [82]
United States Aiden English United States Raquel Diaz 2016-
Puerto Rico Germán Figueroa Argentina Verónica Polera 2005- [3]
United States Robert Fuller United States Miss Sylvia 1971–2005 Divorced[67][83]
United States Jimmy Garvin United States Precious 1977- [3]
United States Doug Gilbert United States Kay Noble 1969-? Divorced[67][84]
United States Eddie Gilbert United States Missy Hyatt 1987–1990 Divorced[3][11]
United States Eddie Gilbert United States Madusa Miceli 1991 Divorced[3]
Japan Tarzan Goto Greece Despina Mantogas 1987-? Divorced [67][85]
United States Eddie Guerrero United States Vickie Guerrero 1990–2005 Widowed[86]
United States Charlie Haas United States Jackie Gayda 2005- [87][88]
United States David Heath Canada Luna Vachon 1994–2006 Divorced[89]
Japan Hido Japan Megumi Kudo 1998–
United States Sam Houston United States Baby Doll 1986–1994 Divorced[3]
Switzerland Marco Jaggi Canada Allison Danger 2008- [90]
United States Damien Kane United States Lady Alexandra c. 1988- [91]
United States Billy Kidman United States Torrie Wilson 2003–2008 Divorced[67][92][93]
United States Jerry Lawler United States Stacy Carter 2000–2001 Divorced[4]
United States Brock Lesnar United States Sable 2006- [4]
United States Rodney Mack United States Carlene Moore c. 2000- [67][94]
United Kingdom Drew McIntyre United States Tiffany 2010–2011 Divorced[95][96]
United States Shane McMahon United States Marissa Mazzola-McMahon 1996- [67][97]
United States Vince McMahon United States Linda McMahon 1966- [4][32][38]
United States Steve McMichael United States Debra Marshall 1985–1998 Divorced[67][98]
United States Sam Menacker United States June Byers 1959-c. 1964 Divorced[67][99]
United States Marc Mero United States Sable 1992–2004 Divorced[4][22]
Canada J.D. Michaels United States April Hunter 2006- [67][100]
United States Shawn Michaels United States Nitro Girl Whisper 1999- [101]
Japan Tank Nagai Japan Mio Shirai 2015–
United States Tom Nash Canada Luna Vachon c. 1990-1992 Divorced[89]
United States Diamond Dallas Page United States Kimberly Page 1991–2005 Divorced[4][22]
United States Joe Pedicino United States Boni Blackstone 1990- [3][11]
United States Dustin Rhodes United States Terri Runnels 1993–1999 Divorced[3][4][22][25]
United States The Sandman United States Peaches c. 1986- [102]
Japan Kensuke Sasaki Japan Akira Hokuto 1995- [103]
Japan Akio Sato United States Betty Niccoli 1976- [67][104]
United States Randy Savage United States Miss Elizabeth 1984–1992 Divorced[3][4][22][23]
Ecuador Hugo Savinovich United States Wendy Richter Divorced[67][105]
United States Eddie Sharkey United States Princess Little Cloud c. 1972-2000 [67][106]
United States The Sheik United States Princess Salima c. 1959-2003 Widowed[107]
United Kingdom Davey Boy Smith Canada Diana Hart 1984–2000 Divorced[3][67]
United States Adrian Street United States Miss Linda 2005- [3]
United States Kevin Sullivan United States Nancy Benoit 1985–1997 Divorced[3][4][11][22]
Japan Kenzo Suzuki Japan Hiroko Suzuki [67][108]
Japan Minoru Tanaka Japan Yumi Fukawa 2002- [109]
United States Mike Taylor United States Tracy Castillo c. 1995- [67][110]
United States Al Snow United States Bobcat 2009- [111]
United States Dale Torborg United States Christie Wolf 2000- [67][112]
United States Triple H United States Stephanie McMahon 2003- [4][32][38]
United States The Undertaker United States Michelle McCool 2010- [113]
United States Johnny Weaver United States Penny Banner 1959–1994 Divorced[3]
United States Billy Wolfe United States Mildred Burke 1936–1952 Divorced[16][23]
United States Billy Wolfe United States Nell Stewart 1953–1954 Divorced[23]
United States Buddy Wolfe Canada Vivian Vachon 1978–1979 Divorced[64][65]
Canada Tyson Kidd Canada Nattie Neidhart 2013-
United States Cody Rhodes United States Eden Stiles 2013- [114]
United States Matt Hardy United States Reby Sky 2013-
United States Jimmy Uso United States Naomi Knight 2014-
United States The Miz Canada Maryse Ouellet 2014- [115][116]
United States Daniel Bryan United States Brie Bella 2014- [117]
United States Mike Bennett United States Maria Kanellis 2014-
Bulgaria Rusev United States Lana 2016-
United States Dean Ambrose Canada Renee Young 2017- [118]

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