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A Scientologist is an adherent of the doctrines and beliefs of Scientology.[1]

Current Scientologists[edit]


Name Lifetime Notes
Alley, KirstieKirstie Alley 1951– Actress.[2][3][4][5]
Archer, AnneAnne Archer 1947– Actress (mother of former Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis).[3]
Aspen, JenniferJennifer Aspen 1973– Actress.[6][7]
Barbour, JamesJames Barbour 1966– Broadway actor and singer.[8]
Bartilson, LynseyLynsey Bartilson 1983– Actress.[9]
Bell, CatherineCatherine Bell 1968– Actress.[9][10][11][12]
Cardone, GrantGrant Cardone 1958– Salesman, author, motivational speaker, media personality.[13]
Cartwright, NancyNancy Cartwright 1957– Voice-over actress, voice of Bart Simpson.[9][14][15][16][17]
Ceberano, KateKate Ceberano 1966– Actress and musician.[18][19][20][21] Ceberano is a third-generation-Scientologist; her grandmother worked as a governess for the children of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.[19]
Christensen, ErikaErika Christensen 1982– Actress, raised Scientologist.[2][3][9]
Constanten, TomTom Constanten 1944– Former keyboardist for the Grateful Dead.[22][23][24]
Corea, ChickChick Corea 1941– Musician.[3][5][9][18]
Cruise, TomTom Cruise 1962– Actor.[3][18][21]
Dayton, SkySky Dayton 1971– Founder of EarthLink.[25][26]
Dohring, DougDoug Dohring Ex-owner of Neopets.[27]
Dohring, JasonJason Dohring 1982– Actor, raised Scientologist.[28]
Duggan, RobertRobert Duggan 1944– Billionaire investor/ CEO.[29]
Elfman, BodhiBodhi Elfman 1969– Actor.[30][31][32][33]
Elfman, JennaJenna Elfman 1971– Actress.[2][3][5][9]
Elfman, RichardRichard Elfman 1949– Writer and director.[25]
Francis, StacyStacy Francis 1966– Singer.[34]
Fresh, Doug E.Doug E. Fresh 1966– Musician and actor.[9][16][17]
Hansen, BeckBeck Hansen 1970– Musician.[3][16][17][37]
Imhoff, GaryGary Imhoff 1952– Actor.[38]
Isham, MarkMark Isham 1951– Musician and film music composer.[39]
Kubrick, VivianVivian Kubrick 1960– Filmmaker, composer & daughter of Stanley Kubrick.[40]
Lewis, JulietteJuliette Lewis 1973– Actress.[3][5][41]
Masterson, AlannaAlanna Masterson 1988– Actress.[42]
Masterson, ChristopherChristopher Masterson 1980– Actor.[2][9]
Masterson, DannyDanny Masterson 1976– Actor.[2][9]
Meskimen, JimJim Meskimen 1959– Actor and improviser.[43][44]
Migenes, JuliaJulia Migenes 1949– Opera singer.[45]
Milos, SofiaSofia Milos 1965– Actress.[46][47]
Minkoff, RebeccaRebecca Minkoff Fashion designer.[48]
Moss, ElisabethElisabeth Moss 1982– Actress.[49] Placed among "famous Scientologists" in a 2009 article in the St. Petersburg Times.[50]
Mutrux, FloydFloyd Mutrux 1941– Film director and writer.[51]
Nelson, HaywoodHaywood Nelson 1960– Actor.[52]
Nichols, MarisolMarisol Nichols 1973– Actress.[18]
Norton Taylor, JudyJudy Norton Taylor 1958– Actress.[39][53][54]
Peña, MichaelMichael Peña 1976– Actor.[55]
Phillips, BijouBijou Phillips 1980– Actress and model.[56]
Prepon, LauraLaura Prepon 1980– Actress.[25]
Presley, PriscillaPriscilla Presley 1945– Actress.[57]
Preston, KellyKelly Preston 1962– Actress[2][5][58]
Purcell, LeeLee Purcell 1947– Actress.[39]
Ribisi, GiovanniGiovanni Ribisi 1974– Actor raised Scientologist.[5][37]
Ribisi, MarissaMarissa Ribisi 1974– Actress raised Scientologist.[37]
Roberts, Michael D.Michael D. Roberts 1947– Actor.[39]
Rodríguez, RuddyRuddy Rodríguez 1967– Actress.[59][60]
Sheehan, BillyBilly Sheehan 1953– Rock bassist.[45]
Stafford, MichelleMichelle Stafford 1965– Actress.[61]
Suplee, EthanEthan Suplee 1976– Actor.[62]
Travolta, JohnJohn Travolta 1954– Actor.[2][3]
Van Susteren, GretaGreta Van Susteren 1954– Television show host.[2][10][37] Listed among "A list" members of Scientology in a 2006 article in The Boston Globe. Identified among "notable Scientologists" in the 2007 edition of the book Extraordinary Groups: An Examination of Unconventional Lifestyles by authors William W. Zellner and Richard T. Schaefer.[63] Placed among "famous Scientologists" in a 2009 article in the St. Petersburg Times.[50] Her husband, a lawyer, is a fellow practitioner of Scientology.[37] She told People magazine, "I am a strong advocate of their ethics."[37]
Winter, EdgarEdgar Winter 1946– Musician.[64]

Former members[edit]

Name Lifetime Left Notes
Anderson, LarryLarry Anderson 1952- 2009 Actor, star of Orientation: A Scientology Information Film, left the organization in 2009 and requested his money back.[65]
Atack, JonJon Atack 1947– 1983 Whistleblower, and critic of the Scientology organization.[66]
Beghe, JasonJason Beghe 1960- 2008 Actor, rose to Operating Thetan level OT V within the organization, left Scientology and subsequently spoke out publicly against the organization in 2008.[67][68]
Boniadi, NazaninNazanin Boniadi 1980– Actress[69] Her mother had been a Scientologist.[70]
Bornstein, KateKate Bornstein 1948– 1981 Transgender author, playwright, performance artist and gender theorist, was a spokesperson for Scientology.[71]
Brodie, JohnJohn Brodie 1935– American football player.[4][72] Credited Dianetics with his recovery from a sports injury; left after some of his friends "were expelled and harassed during a power struggle with church management."[4]
Burroughs, William S.William S. Burroughs 1914–1997 1960s Burroughs was an author and poet. In the 1960s Burroughs joined and left the Church of Scientology.[73] In talking about the experience, he claimed that the techniques and philosophy of Scientology helped him and that he felt that further study into Scientology would produce great results. He was skeptical of the organization itself, and felt that it fostered an environment that did not accept critical discussion.[74] His subsequent critical writings about the church and his review of Inside Scientology by Robert Kaufman led to a battle of letters between Burroughs and Scientology supporters in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine. He wrote the book Ali's Smile: Naked Scientology.[75][76]
Canova, DianaDiana Canova 1953– 1993 Actress.[77] Is critical of Scientology's "straightforward" desire for money.[78][79]
Christman, ToryTory Christman 1947– 2000 Whistleblower, and critic of the Scientology organization.[66]
DeGrimston, RobertRobert DeGrimston 1935– With wife, Marry Anne DeGrimston, founder of The Process Church of The Final Judgment.[80][81]
Duignan, JohnJohn Duignan 1946– Whistleblower, and critic of the Scientology organization.[66]
Gaiman, NeilNeil Gaiman 1960– Novelist, graphic novelist and screenwriter. Son of David Gaiman, raised Scientologist in East Grinstead. Has left the Church, although prefers not to speak publicly about it.[82]
Gale, PhilipPhilip Gale 1978–1998 Massachusetts Institute of Technology student and primary developer of EarthLink's innovative ISP software; committed suicide.[83]
Geldof, PeachesPeaches Geldof 1989–2014 Journalist, television presenter and model.[84] It was reported that she left Scientology and converted to Thelema.
Haggis, PaulPaul Haggis 1953– 2009 Film director, Academy Award winner, in response to the San Diego branch's public support of California Proposition 8 and other factors, including Scientology's "indefensible actions, and inactions" and lies.[85]
Headley, MarcMarc Headley 1974– 2005 Whistleblower, and critic of the Scientology organization.[66]
Hunter, RobertRobert Hunter 1941– Lyricist for the Grateful Dead.[86]
Lee, JasonJason Lee 1970– 2016 Actor.[87][88]
Manson, CharlesCharles Manson 1934– Identified as a Scientologist during time in prison.[19][80][89][90] Manson studied Scientology while incarcerated.[91] He incorporated Scientology doctrines in his teachings.[80] He ordered Manson Family member Bruce Davis to journey to the United Kingdom and work for the Scientology organization in London.[92]
Miscavige Hill, JennaJenna Miscavige Hill 1984– 2005 Niece of David Miscavige, author and whistleblower.[93]
Miscavige, RonRon Miscavige 1936– 2012 Father of David Miscavige, author and whistleblower.[94]
Offer, VinceVince Offer 1964– 2002 Film director of The Underground Comedy Movie and pitchman for Shamwow!.[95]
Presley, Lisa MarieLisa Marie Presley 1968– 2012 Singer and songwriter[96][97]
Rathbun, MarkMark Rathbun 19xx– 2004 Whistleblower, and critic of the Scientology organization.[66]
Remini, LeahLeah Remini 1970– 2013 Actress[98][99] and critic of the Scientology organization.
Rinder, MikeMike Rinder 1955– 2007 Whistleblower, and critic of the Scientology organization.[100]
Rogers, MimiMimi Rogers 1956– Actress[101]
Scobee, AmyAmy Scobee 19xx– 2005 Whistleblower, and critic of the Scientology organization.[102]
Slatkin, ReedReed Slatkin 1949–2015 Criminal Ponzi scheme perpetrator.[103]
Twitchell, PaulPaul Twitchell 1908–1971 1959 Spiritual writer and founder of Eckankar.[104][105] Joined Scientology and achieved the status of "Clear".[106]

Deceased members[edit]

Name Lifetime Notes
Black, KarenKaren Black 1939–2013 Actress.[14][107][108]
Bono, SonnySonny Bono 1935–1998 Entertainer and congressman (R-CA 44th).[15] Identified among "notable Scientologists" in the 2007 edition of the book Extraordinary Groups: An Examination of Unconventional Lifestyles by authors William W. Zellner and Richard T. Schaefer.[63] Identified as a Scientologist by his ex-wife, however she stated that "Sonny did try to break away at one point, and they made it very difficult for him". The Church denied any estrangement with Bono.[109][110]
Boyd, StephenStephen Boyd 1931–1977 Actor, rose to Grade IV within the organization, utilized Scientology techniques while filming a movie in Louisiana.[111]
Conaway, JeffJeff Conaway 1950–2011 Actor.[112][113][114][115]
Hayes, IsaacIsaac Hayes 1942–2008 Musician and actor.[3][16]
Hopkins, NickyNicky Hopkins 1944–1994 Musician.[116]
Katselas, MiltonMilton Katselas 1933–2008 Acting teacher.[3][38]
Lewis, GeoffreyGeoffrey Lewis 1935–2015 Actor.[41][117]
Lottick, NoahNoah Lottick 1966–1990 Scientologist whose suicide was the focus of the Time magazine article "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power".[118][119][120][121][122][123]
McPherson, LisaLisa McPherson 1959–1995 American woman whose death has been a source of controversy for Scientology.[64][124]
Palomo, EduardoEduardo Palomo 1962–2003 Actor.[125][126]
Perkins, ElliElli Perkins 1949–2003 Scientologist businesswoman[127] who was murdered by her son who suffered from mental illness.[128][129][130][131]
Santos, PabloPablo Santos 1987–2006 Actor.[132]

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