Fatal dog attacks in the United States

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At least 4.5–4.6 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year and, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 20 to 30 of these result in death.[1][2] In the list, the attribution of breed is assigned by the sources.


Existing studies[edit]

There are a limited number of studies concerning the number of human deaths caused by dogs in the United States, and the number of attributed fatalities is difficult to validate or cross-compare with other study results because:

  • studies dependent on surveying news reports may not find all the relevant news items
  • different studies use different data collection methodologies and evaluation criteria
  • breed identification requires a subjective evaluation based on observation of outward physical attributes against imprecise breed standards.[3]

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association: 2000–2009[edit]

The most recent study of the epidemiology of fatal dog bites in the United States was published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association in 2013.[4] While earlier studies were based on television and newspaper reports, this was the first study to be based on law-enforcement reports, animal control reports, and investigator statements. It identified preventable factors in the fatal incidents. They found that the most common contributing factors were: absence of an able-bodied person to intervene, no familiar relationship of victims with dogs, owner failure to neuter dogs, compromised ability of victims to interact appropriately with dogs (e.g. mental disabilities), dogs kept isolated from regular positive human interactions versus family dogs (e.g. dogs kept chained in backyards), owners' prior mismanagement of dogs, and owners' history of abuse or neglect of dogs. Furthermore, they found that in 80% of the incidents, 4 or more of the above factors co-occurred.

The authors found that in a significant number of DBRFs there was either a conflict between different media sources reporting breed and/or a conflict between media and animal control reports relative to the reporting of breed. For 401 dogs described in various media accounts of DBRFs, media sources reported conflicting breed attributions for 124 of the dogs (30.9%); and where there were media reports and an animal control report (346 dogs), there were conflicting breed attributions for 139 dogs (40.2%)

According to this study, reliable verification of the breed of dog was only possible in 18% of incidents.

Wilderness & Environmental Medicine: 1979–2005[edit]

This 27-year study collected data from the CDC Wide-Ranging OnLine Data for Epidemiologic Research (CDC WONDER) program.[1] It looked at cases in which the cause of death according to International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes was dog bites. It did not include fatalities secondary to an infection from a bite. During those 27 years, the study found 504 deaths due to dog bites. They estimated that there were likely many additional deaths due to dog bites that were not reported by the CDC WONDER program.

They found that the most of the victims were male (58.1%). Alaska had by far the greatest incidence per capita at 11.83 deaths per 10 million population. The rest of the states ranged from 0 to 2.56 deaths per 10 million population. The majority of victims (55.6%) were less than 10 years old. Regarding race of the victim, they found that 14.3% of the victims were black, despite the fact that only 3% of dog owners are black. 2005 had the most attacks during the study, with 33 deaths. 2003 had the next most with 32, reflecting the fact that populations of both humans and dogs increased during the study period.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 1979–1998[edit]

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a study in 2000 on dog bite-related fatalities (DBRF) that covered the years 1979–1998. The report concluded that relying on media coverage of dog-bite-related fatalities presents a biased view of the dogs involved. They stated that media reports are likely to only cover about 74% of the actual incidents and that dog attacks involving certain breeds may be more likely to receive media coverage. They also reported that since breed identification is difficult and subjective, attacks may be more likely to be "ascribed to breeds with a reputation for aggression".[5]

The study found reports of 327 people killed by dogs over the 20-year period. Some breed information was available for 238 (73%) of the fatalities. Of 227 incidents with relevant data, 133 (58%) were unrestrained dogs and on the owners' property; 55 (24%) were loose off the owners' property; 38 (17%) were restrained dogs on their owners' property; and only one (less than 1%) was restrained off the owners' property.[5]

The study defined dog attacks as "a human death caused by trauma from a dog bite". Excluded from the study were deaths by disease caused by dog bites, strangulation on a scarf or leash pulled by a dog, heart attacks or traffic accident, and falling injury or fire ant bites from being pushed down by a dog. The study also excluded four deaths by trauma from dog bites by police dogs or guard dogs employed by the government.

The study found that Pitbulls and Rottweilers alone accounted for 67% of deaths, but there were also several Bullmastiffs, Boxers, Bull Terriers, Great Danes, St. Bernards, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a bulldog, and a Newfoundland.

Working dogs, however, were also frequently implicated, mostly German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers, but there were also several herders, including Australian shepherds and Collies, and one identified only as a "sheepdog".

Spitz and Primitive dogs comprised a substantial minority, including multiple Chow Chows; native Japanese dogs (mostly Akita Inus); and sled dogs types: Huskies, Malamutes and others. One incident involved a Basenji.

Wolfdogs killed 14 people during the study period, and dogs identified only as "mixed-breeds" or "unknown" killed 15. Deaths from wolfdogs, also known as wolf hybrids, plummeted after most states banned them as pets.

Fatal attacks by retrievers rarely but somewhat regularly occurred, including several Labrador Retrievers and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

There were also a comparatively small number of fatal hound attacks (including a Coonhound and two Dachshunds) and terrier attacks (including two of the smallest ratters: a West Highland White Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier, which is among the smallest of all dogs). The study also mentioned one fatal attack by a cocker spaniel.[6]

University of Texas Health Science Center[edit]

Researchers at the Department of Surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center examined data from the trauma and emergency surgery center from a 15-year period. Their findings were published in 2011 in the medical journal Annals of Surgery. [7]

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 1979–1994[edit]

The first epidemiological study of dog-bite fatalities in the United States was conducted by an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1977.[8] From 1979 through 1994, attacks by dogs resulted in 279 deaths of humans in the United States.[9]

University of Texas Study: 1966–1980[edit]

A study[10] conducted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School identified 74 fatal dog bites during the period 1966–1980 from news media and medical literature.

Most fatalities were young children, including 23 infants under 1 year old. In most cases, the dog was owned by the victim's family. In only 3 of the incidents was the dog reported to have been provoked by kicking, hitting, or having stones thrown at it. However, several incidents involved a child attempting to pet or hug the dog.[10]

In 6 of the incidents, there was no information available about the kind of dogs involved. In ten fatal attacks, the dogs were only described as "mixed-breed".

Many involved large and powerful molosser breeds: eight Saint Bernards, six Bull terriers, six Great Danes, two Boxers and a Rottweiler. In contrast to the time period covered in other studies, the researchers found no fatal attacks attributed to any pit bulls at all.

Spitz and primitive dogs committed a significant minority of the attacks, mostly sled dog breeds (nine Husky breeds and five Malamutes), one Chow Chow and a Basenji.

Fatal herding and working breed attacks numbered sixteen, twelve German Shepherd attacks, two collie attacks, and two involving a Doberman pinscher.

There were multiple retriever attacks, including three Golden Retrievers and a Labrador, and two attacks by very small breeds: one Dachshund, and one Yorkshire Terrier, which is among the smallest of all dogs.[10]

Media reports of fatal dog attacks in the United States[edit]

This list of fatal dog attacks in the United States reported by the news media supplements those compiled from scholarly papers.

Fatalities reported in 1887[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 30 Rabid Lap dog Jane McElhenney (Ada Clare) 39 years Attacked by her friend's lap dog in her theatrical agent's office in New York City. Her face was badly mutilated but she recovered and returned to the stage; one month later, after suffering greatly, she succumbed to the later stages of rabies and died on March 4.[11][12]

Fatalities reported in 1891[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
September 7 Mastiff-type dog (6) Edward Gillis 9 years Attacked by six Mastiffs after he teased them in their kennel.[13]

Fatalities reported in 1896[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
September 30 Saint Bernard Laura Barmann and an unnamed infant 7 years; unknown Two other children were also bitten. The infant was inside the owner's home at the time of the attack.[14]

Fatalities reported in 1901[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 17 Fox terrier Carrie Cobus 38 years The dog attacked its owner while she was having an epileptic seizure. A neighbor tried to beat the dog away with a poker. It then attacked him and Carrie Cobus's mother.[15]

Fatalities reported in 1904[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February 10 Rabid Rottweiler William Huston 57 years The dog had been poisoned by someone, so the man decided to shoot it to put it out of its misery. As he prepared to shoot, the dog bit him on the hand. He died several months later of rabies.[16]

Fatalities reported in 1912[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 29 Newfoundland Anna de Calve 3 years The girl was killed after attempting to play with the dog while it was eating a bone.[17]
September 9 Mastiff-type dog Mary Pisdarek 7 years No further details.[18]

Fatalities reported in 1934[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 21 Boston Terrier (2) Eunice Dean 4 years Mauled by two Boston Terriers while walking to her house.[19]

Fatalities reported in 1936[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
July 4 Mongrel Maxwell Breeze 14 years The dog dragged him under water and killed him by drowning.[20][21]

Fatalities reported in 1937[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
August 31 Chow Chow Charlotte Parker 65 years The victim was described as a "cripple" who was killed by her pet Chow Chow.[22]

Fatalities reported in 1939[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
May 14 Rottweiler Raymond Gene Smith 4 years The boy was torturing a small dog by wrapping a sack around its head while it yelped and struggled to escape. The larger dog, a lifelong companion of the boy, reportedly attacked while coming to the aid of the smaller dog.[23]

Fatalities reported in 1942[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February 9 Husky Mrs. Albert McBain 60 years Found in a pool of blood beside the crouching, growling dog with severe lacerations to the neck, arms, and shoulders. She died before arriving at the hospital. Investigators concluded she had fallen down some steps before the dog killed her. The SPCA killed the dog.[24]
August 27 Rottweiler Dorothy Whipka 21 years A large black dog known as Blackie[25] ran into Whipka as she walked to work. The dog, which had a history of chasing cars, was described as having "crashed" into Whipka, sending her flying so hard that when she landed, her head hit the pavement and she suffered a fractured skull. She died three hours later from the injury.[25][26]

Fatalities reported in 1943[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
July Doberman Pinscher May Jane Lund 2 years Killed by the family's pet dog.[27]

Fatalities reported in 1945[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February 13 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Marguerite Derdenger 21 months A female[28] family pit bull, Woof, attacked its family's infant child, biting through the base of her skull and crushing her spine.[29] The pit bull was surrendered to the city animal shelter for euthanization by the owners. A retired sailor and bar owner named Grady Terry attempted to block the euthanization, complaining that the pit bull had not received a trial. Superior Judge Charles McKay granted several reprieves before Superior Judge Emmet H. Wilson finally voided a restraining order on the procedure, allowing the shelter to euthanize the dog. The shelter's superintendent, Bert Morse, opined that the pit bull's reason for attacking was jealousy, a theory the newspapers and police seemed to adopt as an explanation, without any real proof.[30][31]
May 16 American Pit Bull Terrier (9) Doretta Zinke 39 years Zinke was mauled to death by a neighbor's pit bulls, which attacked her as she walked one evening, ripping off her clothes and shredding her body; she was found still alive, able to respond "The dogs" when asked what happened to her. Joseph E. Munn, 43, was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Zinke, and sentenced to 5 years in prison. His pit bulls were well known in the area for attacks on people and livestock.[32][33]

Fatalities reported in 1947[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 31 Rottweiler Glen Howard Brace 5 years Mauled by six dogs.[34]
February 7 German Shepherd Walter Momer Jr. 4 years The boy was killed while sledding. The dog reportedly had been in an incident the day before where it had attacked four children.[35] An article reported that the Philadelphia boy was "torn and mangled".[36]

Fatalities reported in 1948[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 1 German Shepherd Surname: May 1 months The girl was dragged from her bassinet and killed. The girl's father said that the dog had never been vicious, but was jealous of his other child, 18-month old Lawrence May.[37]

Fatalities reported in 1950[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
n/a Bulldog n/a, female 3 years Killeen, Texas. In an article about another attack, briefly mentioned along with several other recent fatal dog attacks in Canada and the US.[38]
March Siberian Husky Donald A. Boucher 5 years The dog was chained at the time of the attack.[39]

Fatalities reported in 1955[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
August 11 Pack of dogs Danny Betz 21 months The attack occurred in Anchorage, Alaska.[40]

Fatalities reported in 1958[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
November 24 German Shepherd Michael Kaminski 3 years The dog was 6 months old and had been acquired by the boy's family two weeks prior to the attack. The family said the dog had not shown any previous aggression. A veterinarian suggested that Michael may have made a sudden movement interpreted by the dog as a threatening gesture.[41]

Fatalities reported in 1959[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 24 Siberian Husky Billy Stillions 5 years Attacked when the boy crawled into a shed where the dog was chained.[42]
April 5 Pack of stray dogs Unknown woman 58 years She was knocked down and mauled by a pack of dogs. No other details available.[43]
May 23 A Pack of 7-10 stray dogs (one was "kind of like an Airedale" and another was "like a Collie") Mark Draper 2.5 years A neighbor found the pack attacking the child. Afterwards, a group of 100–150 people armed with guns and clubs searched the area and killed 15 dogs and wounded or captured 3 more. The pack was a known nuisance in the area and they may have attacked the boy for food, as they were found eating his body.[44][45]

Fatalities reported in 1960[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 19 Doberman Pinscher Frances Tetreault 50 years The dog was a full-grown male and prize-winning show dog. The victim was the owner of some local dog kennels, and there were no witnesses to the attack. Officers arriving found the dog in "a state of uncontrollable wildness". The dog had lived alone with Frances since her husband's death six months earlier. The house was found in complete disarray, with furnishings overturned and torn.[46]

Fatalities reported in 1963[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
October 23 German Shepherd Shari Nicoletti 2 years The girl was visiting a neighbor when their 1-year-old female dog jumped into the dining room through a window and killed the girl.[47]
November 18 Alaskan Malamute James Henderson 4 months Mauled by an Alaskan Malamute when he was left alone on a car seat with the dog. The five-year-old dog had been purchased a month prior as a watchdog.[48]

Fatalities reported in 1965[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 17 American Pit Bull Terrier/Airedale Terrier mix Vincent Scardina 22 months The dog had been recently acquired for the purpose of hunting wild hogs. It had been severely mistreated at some point in the past, showing obvious signs of fear and stressed eating habits. The boy had wandered to the area of the yard where the dog was usually kept, chained, and the attack happened silently. The owner said that he'd had dogs all his life, but that this one "was a screwball".[49][50]
April 23 Siberian Husky Marla Perry 4 years The girl was attacked by the family's chained Siberian Husky. The county coroner ordered a rabies test to be performed, believing that the dog had been scratched or bitten by other dogs.[51]
November Mongrel Louis Rasmussen 60 years The dog had attacked the woman twice prior to the fatal attack. One month before the fatal attack, another attack had required 2 weeks of hospitalization.[52]

Fatalities reported in 1966[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
June Rottweiler Johnny Sunshine 3 years Bitten by dog in neighbor's back yard.[53]
August 3 Rottweiler(3) Sharon K. Sparks 5 years During the attack, a 6-year-old boy was also seriously injured. The dogs had escaped from their kennel two days before.[54]

Fatalities reported in 1967[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
December 17 A pack of four dogs: German Shepherds (2) and Mongrels (2) Gene Anthony Goodman and Kenneth Goodman 5 years and 4 years When the attack happened the boys were playing in a nearby creek. The dogs were owned by a neighbor who often kept them penned up but let them loose to work on his house. They had recently been accused of killing pets in the area, but had never shown any animosity towards children, and had even played with the boys on several occasions.[55]
December 23 Great Dane Darla Anne Harper 4 years Mauled by her family's dog in the front yard of her home in Lookout Mountain, GA. According to the sheriff, the dog "killed the girl accidentally, during a playful romp" and that it "didn't appear vicious". She bled to death from wounds inflicted by the dog.[56]

Fatalities reported in 1969[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 6 German Shepherd Susan Babiarz 1 month The 3-year-old dog jumped into the girl's crib and clawed her to death.[57]

Fatalities reported in 1971[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 3 Labrador Retriever Karrie Fritz 3 years Killed by a neighbor's black lab.[58]
September 19 German Shepherd Heidi Sufficool 21 months The child's parents left her in a pen with the dog, which was owned by a friend. They returned 15 minutes later and found the baby bleeding from multiple bites. The baby died two hours later at the hospital.[59]

Fatalities reported in 1972[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 5 Saint Bernard Dawn Quintal 8 years The girl was attacked by the dog that neighbors said she had thrown rocks at and punched in the past. The attack occurred while she was watching nearby construction work and the owner said the dog had "always been gentle before".[60]
August 14 German Shepherd Abel Valdivia 2 years Killed by the 4-year-old pedigreed dog that belonged to his family and had known the boy all his life. The boy was following his mother around when the apparently unprovoked attack took place, and afterwards the dog roamed the house growling and barking.[61]

Fatalities reported in 1974[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January Saint Bernard David Scott Little 3 years Killed by the 1-year-old, 200-lb dog.[62]
April Saint Bernard Lawrence Calemmo 6 years The boy was attacked in a neighbor's back yard by the stray Saint Bernard.[63]
May 14 Golden Retriever Toni Lynn Edgeworth 5 years The girl was bitten by her neighbor's dog, with which she had played with before. The attack was reported to have been unprovoked.[64]
June Saint Bernard Walter Schell 70 years The man was working in his backyard when the dog ran in and attacked.[65]
November Labrador retriever and two Collies Brent Cryder 5 years Killed by the neighbor's dogs while playing in a back yard.[66]

Fatalities reported in 1975[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January Basenji[67] or Basenji mix Tracy Wax 5 months The baby was attacked while asleep on the living room floor.[68]
March Mongrel Fern Atchley 75 years The husband said they were sitting in the living room when the 7-year-old dog, which they had had since it was a puppy, latched onto the woman's throat and she died within minutes.[69]
May German Shepherd Johnny Patterson, Jr 2 years. The dog was usually kept on a chain, but the chain was broken and the dog was being kept with just a rope. The dog broke the rope, broke through a screen door and killed the boy before being shot dead with a .22 by the boy's father. The father said the dog had always been gentle when he was on the chain.[70]
June Husky type Heidi Foust 3 years Attacked by a dog that was chained up outside a welding shop.[71]
August German Shepherd-Labrador retriever mix (7 dogs) Michael Yount 5 years The boy was killed after entering a fenced-in yard where the 7 dogs, all 5 months old, were kept.[72]

Fatalities reported in 1976[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
May 15 American Pit Bull Terrier Misty Lee 6 years Mauled by a pit bull that was chained in a neighbor's yard.[73]
June German Shepherd Vincent Buffoleno 14 days The 90-lb dog tipped over the baby's bassinet while the mother was sleeping and then bit and tossed the baby around.[74]
August St. Bernard Christopher Steven Simpson 4 years The dog bit and broke the boy's neck.[75]
September German Shepherd Carra Bashold 5 days Killed after the mother left her alone for 1.5 hours with the starving, 4-month-old, 15-pound, female dog. Mother was charged with negligent homicide, however the charges were later dropped.[76]
December Cur dog "bred for hunting" Josh Gatlin 4 years The boy was playing with the dog and had a stick in his hand, when the dog apparently "became angry." The 7-year-old dog was said to have "never even growled at anyone."[77]

Fatalities reported in 1977[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 3 Alaskan Malamute Darrell Enneking 6 years Attacked by a large dog while walking home from school.[78]
April Saint Bernard and Labrador Retriever-Shepherd mix and third dog (puppy) Tamara Rhae Newton 6 years Few details available.[79]
April Saint Bernard Matthew Weck 5 years Killed when he tried to pet the tied-up dog.[80]
May 17 Bulldog Mathew Cochran 6-months The baby was killed by a pet bulldog inside the family's home.[81]
July Great Dane Jeremy Tomkinson 3 months Skull crushed by his grandparents' dog.[82]
September Elkhound-German Shepherd mix Robert Boyd 7 months The boy was killed after being left alone for a few minutes by his deaf babysitter. The 11-month-old dog entered the boy's playpen and the babysitter said the dog was "only playing with the child."[83]
December German Shepherd and possibly Irish Setter Jon Setzer, Jr. 3 years The German Shepherd had attacked at least 3 other people prior to this incident. The Irish Setter was also suspected, but no human remains were found in its stomach.[84]

Fatalities reported in 1978[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
September German Shepherd Danielle Nicole Russell 3 weeks Killed in her crib while the baby's 14-year-old mother talked to friends.[85]
December German Shepherd Jennifer Schafner 3 years The girl was playing in the backyard with the dog, which was owned by a friend of her father.[86]

Fatalities reported in 1979[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
October 30 Dachshund Christopher Johnson 2 weeks The boy died after the 6-year-old dog chewed off his legs while the mother slept in a nearby room. The dog was described as well-behaved by neighbors and friends.[87]

Fatalities reported in 1980[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 4 Alaskan malamute William Travis Crews 2 years Killed by his family's 120-pound, 14-month-old dog when he opened a door to let it inside.[88]
February 10 Siberian husky James Gradecki 1 month Killed by his grandmother's dog.[89]
February Siberian husky Shannon Marie Hicok 27 days Killed by her parents' friends' dog after being left in a room with the dog.[90]
April Great Dane Nicole Klingenbeck 4 weeks The dog had been given to the family a week before the girl was born. It was always kept outside, but managed to open the door and enter the house before turning over the bassinet and biting the baby on the head.[91]
April 27 Alaskan Malamute Tonia Chester 3 years Attacked by her grandfather's dog while playing in the back yard.[92]
December 29 Three Great Danes and a Great Dane-St. Bernard (dog) mix Kevin Zook 14 years The dogs chased the boy through a field and bit him until he died.[93]

Fatalities reported in 1981[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
October 25 Doberman pinscher (2) Ronald Messer 4 years Killed after he climbed over a fence into a yard where the dogs were kept in a kennel.[94]
? Mongrel(s) Mary Logan 81 years She was killed by several of the dogs she kept in her house in Northern Liberties, a neighborhood in Philadelphia.[95]
? Pit bull Truston Heart Liddle 6 years In Kaimuki, Hawaii[96]
December 8 Chow chow Daniel Thornton infant The 45-lb dog bit the sleeping infant.[97]

Fatalities reported in 1982[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
April St. Bernard (dog) mix Kerry Wezensky 5 years Few details available.[98]
June mixed-breed guard dog, "mostly German shepherd" Roy Emmanuel Hamilton Jr 7 weeks The dog broke through a window, still attached to his 20-foot chain, and attacked the baby.[99]
September Coon hound Paul Zechman 5 years Killed by the dog while playing unsupervised in his uncle's back yard.[100]
October 17 Pit bull Crystal Rose White 2-months The baby was attacked by a pit bull, which was then shot to death by police officers.[101]

Fatalities reported in 1983[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February Malamute Toby Daniel Brown 3 years Family had owned the dog 2 weeks. Mother described the incident as "a freak thing that happened."[102]
April Unknown Unknown girl ~1 week Killed by family's dog.[103]
July 7 American Pit Bull Terrier Sara Delance 5 years Attacked by the family's pit bull terrier while the babysitter watched helplessly.[104]
October 22 American Pit Bull Terrier guard dog and American Pit Bull Terrier puppy[105] Grace Parsons 67 years The woman had long been afraid of her neighbor's dogs in the trailer park where they lived. The dogs were usually kept chained to a post, but the day they attacked they were loose and killed the woman when she bent to pick up a newspaper. The adult dog had been trained as an attack and guard dog.[106]
October Akita Stephen Stanley 3 years Killed after he wandered into his grandparents' basement where the 100-lb dog was kept.[107]

Fatalities reported in 1984[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
March 3 Siberian husky Rachel Hernandez 4 years She was attacked in her front yard by a neighborhood dog that had broken free from its rope.[108]
July German Shepherd Dog Daniel Briggs Unknown The victim was a burglary suspect and was killed by a single bite to the throat by a police dog.[109]
October 14 Pit bull Coral Robinson 2-months The baby was mauled to death while she was in her crib.[110]
December 11 Pit bull Daniel Smith infant The infant was attacked by a pit bull inside a bedroom.[111]
December 19 English Sheepdog Gertrude Monroe 87 years The woman was killed after she fell on the 8-year-old, intact, male dog. The dog, named King Boots, was a prize-winning show dog and rated top dog of his breed by the American Kennel Club.[112]

Fatalities reported in 1985[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
June 27, 1985 "family dog" Melissa O'Rourke 3 years The girl was killed, and her grandmother injured when attacked by the family dog.[113]

Fatalities reported in 1986[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January Feral dogs (8) (with an appearance "similar to pit bull dogs") Stephen Fiengo 6 years While playing alone in a field near his home, he was attacked by 8 wild dogs.[114] He died later from infection of his wounds. Although the dogs were reported to be wild, the sheriff's sergeant said they had an appearance "similar to pit bull dogs" and was suspicious that they were involved in dog fighting.[115]
April 9 Pit bull Christopher Dickey 5 years Mauled by a chained pit bull.[116]
June 10 Pit bull Kyle Corullo 20-months Mauled to death by a pit bull while playing outside his home.[117]
September Coonhound Thomas Ebersole 7 years The boy was trying to free the dog that was tangled in a chain.[118]
October 26 Pit bull Fernando Salazar 3 years Mauled by the dog, which was chained in a neighbor's yard.[119]
November 21 Pit bull (3) Billy Gordon 4 years The boy was mauled by three pit bulls owned by Hayward Turnipseed, who was later sentenced to prison.[120]
December Husky Rachel Ann Blevins 3 years Bitten and scratched to death by the large, female dog her family had acquired 3 weeks earlier.[121]

Fatalities reported in 1987[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
April 6 pit bull (2) William Eckman 67 years Two pit bulls mauled Mr. Eckman as he walked past the house where they were being kept.[122]
April 6 pit bull Melissa Larabee 16-months The young girl was attacked by the family's pit bull while it was chained in the back yard.[122]
June 13 Pit bull James Soto 2 1/2 years The boy was mauled by neighbor Michael P. Berry's pit bull, which was being used to guard Berry's marijuana crop.[123]
July 4 Pit bull Robert Barbarita 29 years Mauled by a pit bull while watching fireworks in a park.[124]
September 24 Pit bull and German cattle dog Shannon Tucker 2 years Mauled to death outside her apartment building. Neighbor and owner of the dogs, Kenneth Ferguson, 32, was arrested.[125]
December 4 Pit bull Brian Lillis 2-weeks Mauled by the family's pet.[126]

Fatalities reported in 1988[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 20 Labrador Retriever Megan Stack 2 years Early in the morning, her father heard her scream and ran downstairs to find the dog biting her head. The dog, "Toby", was 80 pounds, eight years old, and had been their family dog for nine months. She died of several bites to the head and neck. Experts expressed surprise, noting that the breed had been well known for its gentleness and for being good with children.[127]
May Rottweiler Melissa Boyse 16 months The dog was usually kept in a cage in the house but was let out by the girl's brother.[128]
September 3 Rottweiler Cara Rognaldsen 35 days The baby was found chewed to death after being dragged from her crib by her mother's 100-pound dog. The mother faced criminal charges for the attack in addition to other drug-possession convictions.[129] The dog had a history of also biting the mother, other humans, and attacking other dogs.[130]
September Husky Wolfdog Nathan Carpenter 4 years Neighbors' dog, two hours after being adopted from an animal shelter.[131]
November 12 Mongrel Douglas Semaken 5 years Mauled by a chained mongrel while the boy was delivering party invitations.[132]
December 12 Pit bull Amber Haverstock 6-months The baby was fatally mauled by the family's pit bull.[133]

Fatalities reported in 1989[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 2 male dogs (breed never specified) and 1 female Doberman/Labrador mix April Loveless 4 years The child was found badly injured on her family's rural property, covered in scratches and with a deep, fatal wound to one thigh; a large chunk of flesh, including blood vessels and the femoral artery, had been torn out. April died of blood loss at a hospital. Though the parents said they suspected the dogs, police suspected her parents of torturing her to death, and they were convicted in late 1989 of her murder. In 1992, after the couple's new lawyers got access to ER and autopsy photos showing evidence of dogs, their convictions were vacated.[134]
March Pack of dogs, possibly including a Husky and German Shepherd Angie Nickerson 5 years The girl was killed by the roaming pack of neighborhood dogs after she got off the school bus.[135]
July Chesapeake Bay retriever Nelson Bunting 73 years Autopsy determined he died from bites inflicted by the 4- to 6-year-old dog. The dog, which had belonged to his son, attacked Mr. Bunting's wife earlier that day. It killed Mr. Bunting while the wife was at the hospital being treated for her bites.[136]
October 20 Rottweilers (2) Hoke Lane Prevette unknown Attacked while jogging near his home.[137]
December German shepherd and possibly a German Shepherd-Chow chow mix Alexander Jones 3 years The dogs were usually kept fenced in behind a storage building but were running free at the time of the attack.[137]

Fatalities reported in 1990[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January Siberian husky Ana Lynn Pagliaro 5 days The dog pulled the baby from her crib and killed her.[138]
March German Shepherd Laurene MacLeod 35 years The homeless woman was killed by a police dog that entered a vacant house where she was staying.[139]
June 9 Pit bull Betty Lou Stidham 57 years Mauled to death by two pit bulls owned by her next-door neighbor, police officer Edwin Hill. Hill was later sentenced to prison.[140]
July 18 Pit bull Tionna Kenny 6 months The baby was fatally mauled by a neighbor's pit bull as she slept in her room.[141]
August Akita Richard Stitch II 17 months Killed by the 11-year-old dog.[142]
February 27 Manchester Terrier Sarah Swineford 4 years The girl was bitten on the face while playing with her father's tenant's dog. She was brought to the hospital for surgery and her heart stopped during the operation. She died 2 days later from lack of oxygen to the brain. Her death was not directly due to the dog bite.[143][144]
November German Shepherd Kayla Reaves 2 weeks The girl's father was a police officer and the dog was a police dog he worked with. The 5-year-old dog took the baby from her bassinet in the family's home.[145]

Fatalities reported in 1991[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
April Akita Ishmael Gonzales 8 years The dog was a guard dog kept in the vacant lot behind an alcohol treatment facility. The boy had been abusing the dog by shooting rubber bands at it. When he entered the yard to retrieve the rubber bands he was attacked and killed.[146]
November Labrador Retriever and 2 mixed-breed Rottweilers Raymond Joseph Gosh 86 years Killed by his neighbor's three dogs.[147]
November 2 Siberian husky David Swaine 3 years Boy was killed by neighbor's dog while playing in his yard.[148]

Fatalities reported in 1992[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February Rottweiler Jonathan Christopher Williams 7 years The boy had found the dog and was leading it through his neighborhood on a leash looking for its owner. He had also taken along his own dog, a Rottweiler-Chow mix. When he was attacked by the lost dog, his own dog reportedly tried to defend him.[149]
February 12 Pit bull Robert Coffman 9-months Mauled to death by the family's pet pit bull.[150]
February 22 Pit bull (2) Derrick Goree 2 years The boy was attacked while he was sleeping.[151]
May 9 Pit bull Randall Ayers 2 years Mauled to death by a neighbor's chained and fenced pit bull.[152]
June 20 Rottweiler Daniel Worley 6 years Mauled by the family's pet Rottweiler.[153]
September Pit bull Angela Kaplan 28 years Jeffrey David Mann, 35 years-old at the time, was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for ordering his 70-pound pit bull to attack Kaplan, his girlfriend. It was later determined that Mann had earlier sexually molested the oldest of the two daughters he had with Kaplan along with three of her girlfriends.[154]

Fatalities reported in 1993[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
May 14 Rottweiler William Sheppard 2 years The dog attacked the boy after breaking out of a fenced-in enclosure where it was usually kept. The victim's mother was in the yard at the time of the attack, but was unable to drag the 121lb dog off her son in time to prevent it killing him. Neighbors said the dog was frequently allowed out of the kennel to play with local children as long as a parent was present, and no one could recall the dog frightening or attacking anyone before.[155]
December Alaskan Malamute Unknown boy 6 years The boy was bitten on the neck by the chained, 8-month-old dog.[156]
December Wolfdog Kevin Michael Lahey 2 years The boy wandered into a yard where the 120-lb dog was staying with her litter of nine puppies.[157]

Fatalities reported in 1994[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January Rottweiler Amarillys Torres 2 months The dog was usually kept chained to a water heater outside the house. She somehow got loose, got into the house, and killed the sleeping baby. The dog was later euthanized along with its four 10-week-old puppies.[158]
September 9 Pit bull (2) Anna Claudio 66 years Mauled inside her apartment, along with her husband Manuel, by their son's dogs in Bronx, New York. Manuel survived, but he was in stable condition at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital.[159]

Fatalities reported in 1995[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January German shepherd Wolfdog (2) Unknown 2 years The boy in South Dakota wandered into a neighbor's yard, where he was attacked and killed by two chained dogs.[160]
April Rottweiler Lindsay Shanaman 2 years Killed by her grandmother's 120-lb dog.[161]
May 19, 1995 Rottweiler-mix and at least 11 other dogs Robert A. Thorpe 11 years The boy was killed when visiting the trailer where the dogs lived to check on one that he had hit earlier in the day with his go-cart. The boy's father and cousins were accused of burning the trailer where the dogs lived in retaliation.[162]
May Rottweiler Kirby Lawrence 2 years Killed by a chained dog.[163]
September Chow Chow Sara Beth Wilkenson[164] 2 weeks A girl in Pennsylvania was killed in her crib by the family Chow Chow while her parents slept in the next room.[160]
October Rottweilers (3) Melton Earl Smith 60 years Three dogs were implicated in the attack. Little information available.[165]
October 20 Pit bull Walter Feser 75 years Mauled to death by two pit bulls while sitting in a wheelchair in his back yard.[166]
November 17 Rottweilers (2) Alec Balbachan[167] 4 years The Rottweilers, one male and one female, had rarely left the fenced-in backyard since they were puppies. Alec's uncle came home and let the dogs into the yard, where Alec's 8-year-old cousin and others had regularly played with the dogs in confidence. Alec, visiting from another town, followed his cousin into the yard, and the attack occurred. His grandmother stopped the attack, but not before it caused severe wounds to the head and neck. Alec was found unresponsive by EMTs and taken to intensive care. The dogs were seized and taken into quarantine. The decision to take Alec off life support was made just after noon on Sunday. The dogs were euthanized on Monday. No charges had been filed as of Tuesday.

Fatalities reported in 1996[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February Rottweiler and German Shepherd Anthony Hunt 4 years The little boy in Jacksonville, Florida was playing in his backyard when two family dogs killed him.[168]
March Rottweilers (2) Unknown 86 years A woman in Tennessee went outside of her home to check the weather and was fatally mauled by two Rottweilers owned by a neighbor; the dogs had attacked and injured the woman 1 month before the fatal attack.[160]
June Rottweilers (2) John Young 8 years John Young and a group of other boys in Oakland, California were teasing the two dogs with a ball when they attacked.[169]
July 4 Rottweiler Matthew Pedercini 1 year The boy in Orange, Massachusetts was snatched away from his mother by a 130-lb dog, which was tied up outside at the time.[170]
July Rottweiler Kasandra Duvall 21 months The dog broke free from its chain before killing the girl in Springfield, Missouri.[171]
October Rottweiler and Rottweiler mix Corey Hines 10 years Six dogs in Lake Wales, Florida escaped from a fenced yard and attacked the boy.[172]

Fatalities reported in 1997[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
April Rottweiler (3) Christopher Wilson 11 years Attacked while trying to get on the school bus in a rural part of Kansas.[173]
July 8 Pit bull Salvatore Biagini 70 years Mr. Biagini and his pet schnauzer were attacked by a pit bull while they were out for a morning walk in Queens, New York.[174]
December Labrador Retriever and Rottweilers (3) April Edwards 5 years The girl, who had a cognitive disability, wandered off and was later found dead in the backyard in Atalla, Alabama.[175]

Fatalities reported in 1998[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
September St. Bernard (dog) and Mastiff Jordan Schwarze 8 years Attacked after he climbed the fence into the enclosure where the neighbor dogs were kept. He died at a hospital in Durham, North Carolina.[176]

Fatalities reported in 1999[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February 3 Mixed-breed dogs or Labrador retriever-German shepherd mixes (2) Ellyssa Rhae Peterson 5 years The Crivitz, WI family had adopted the two dogs after they had been found as strays. The girl was alone with the dogs in the back yard when she was bitten and left with multiple puncture wounds. She died at the hospital that day. The sheriff said that the 50 to 60-lb dogs were not Pit bulls or Rottweilers, but unknown mixed-breeds that looked as if they had Labrador retriever and German shepherd ancestry. Before the attack, the girl and dogs had played together with "no problems". After the attack, the dogs were destroyed and tested negative for rabies.[177]
March Airedale Terrier Tyler Dean Teter-Chilton 2 weeks The child was asleep in bed before his grandparents heard a noise and then found the dog shaking him in its mouth. The family had owned the dog for 9 years.[178]
March Unclear (see text) Darrel Roberson 42 years A newspaper carrier found the man with the two dogs chewing on him. The dogs were never identified or found, but police said they were "relatively sure" they were Rottweilers or Doberman Pinschers.[179]
October German shepherd mix Demetrius Marcellus Tucker Jr. 5 days The boy was bitten by his foster family's dog, 3 days after being placed in their care.[180]

Fatalities reported in 2000[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February 3 Rottweiler Justin Tabner 5 years The boy was attacked after becoming entangled in the chain that restrained his family's dog.[181]
February German Shepherd Daryl Sanders 8 years The child was mauled to death by his family's 3-year-old dog, which seemed to be an outdoor dog kept on a tie-out. The child's body was found by his sisters; the dog was standing over Daryl's body, growling. Neighbors had to beat the dog back to retrieve the child's body. The neighbor who retrieved Daryl's body said there were bite marks on the neck, and that his shirt was torn. It was thought Daryl was attacked in the morning, but his body wasn't found until afternoon.
April 15 Pit bull Ramani Virgil 2 years Playing in the backyard of his Baton Rouge home when he got too close to a tethered pet, "Baby", who bit him repeatedly, severing an artery. Died within hours in the hospital. Family had the dog destroyed.[182]
June Pack of up to 20 dogs Dorothy Stewart 71 years Dorothy Stewart was a census worker who had gone to the rural home to survey the occupants. The owners of the dogs had been cited for failing to restrain them on multiple previous occasions.[183]
June German shepherd-Husky mix and Pit bull-Labrador retriever mix Jasmine Dillashaw 18 days The infant was in a baby swing in her grandparent's bedroom as her mother ran to prepare a bottle. One or both dogs bit the baby in the head, crushing her skull.[184]
October 7 Pomeranian Girl – name withheld 6 weeks An uncle was babysitting the child and left her alone to prepare a bottle for her. When he returned, he found the dog attacking her. He immediately freed the girl from the dog and rushed her to the hospital. But she later died from her injuries.[185]

Fatalities reported in 2001[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 26 Perro de Presa Canario (2) Diane Whipple 33 years Killed by her neighbor's two dogs in the hallway of her San Francisco apartment building.[186] The incident sparked an extensively publicized aftermath and the owners went to prison. The dogs, "Hera" and "Bane", had reportedly been mistreated and trained for violence by previous owners.
March 5 Pit bull/Rottweiler mix Surname "Small" Newborn Girl The girl's 16-year-old mother, Lisa Small, gave birth to the baby and then threw her into the back yard for her to be eaten by the dog living there.[187][188]
March 6 Rottweiler Joshua Brown[189] 3 years Few details available.
March 6 Pack of stray dogs Rodney McAllister 10 years Killed by stray dogs in a park where he had gone alone to play. His mother went to jail and lost custody of her other son for not supervising the child. Sparked a review of procedures, because Animal Control had not responded to neighbors' complaints about the free-ranging dogs in the park. Police subsequently rounded up ten stray dogs in and around the park — two chows, a Rottweiler, a German shepherd and six mixed-breed dogs.[190]
April 15 Chow Chow Willard Kirsh, Jr. (Misprinted as William Kirsh) 59 years Gravedigger killed by his black chow chow, named "Midnight". An artery in his leg was severed.[191]
April 30 Rottweiler Jovanna King 1 Month Girl killed after dog escaped from its pen.[192]
June 9 Rottweiler Kyle Anthony Ross 5 years Boy killed at home of his foster mother. The dog was usually kept in a chain-link cage behind the home.[193]
June 11 Pit bull Tyran Moniz-Hilderbrand 18 Months Dogs belonged to a house guest; mother badly mauled in trying to save her son.[194]
August 19 Mixed-breed dogs (possibly including Rottweiler, Pit bull, Beagle, and Labrador retriever) Donald Bryson Shumpert 2 years The nine dogs thought to be involved belonged to the neighbor. The boy was found about 50 yards from his home.[195]
August 21 Rottweiler Sierra Clayton 3 years Killed by dog after it broke free from its tether.[196]
October 29 Rottweiler Kristin Ann Jolley 1 year The girl was killed after walking up to the chained dog. The dog's owners were charged with starving and mistreating it.[197]
November 16 German Shepherd and/or German Shepherd mix Alexander Jarred Bennett 3 days Attacked when left alone in a bassinet.[198]
November 20 Husky (2) Josie Simone Hearon 3 weeks Attacked when left alone in a bassinet.[199]
December 1 Rottweilers (3) Tristen Gambrel 3 years Killed by three dogs.[200]

Fatalities reported in 2002[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February 7 Rottweiler and 2 Rottweiler-Pug mixes Genoe Novak 6 years Dogs killed the boy after escaping from their yard.[201]
February 14 Rottweilers (6) Alicia Clark 10 years Killed by her neighbor's six dogs. The dogs' owner received 2 years in prison for leaving her alone with the dogs which had previously exhibited dangerous behavior.[202][203]
April Rottweiler Victoria Morales 5 years The dog was a prize-winning show dog. It was a 120-lb male. The dog attacked after the girl saw a lizard and screamed.[204]
June 1 German Shepherd Colter Kumpost 4 years Killed by dog being trained for police work.[205]
October Rottweilers (2) Girl- no name released 23 months While her parents were sleeping, the girl went into the backyard where two dogs were kept chained.[206]
December Husky mix Unknown 2 weeks Details not available.[207]

Fatalities reported in 2003[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
February 21 Pit bull Alfred Macuk 72 years Mauled to death by a pit bull he was boarding in a kennel.[208]
March Rottweilers (2) Lily Krajewski 2 years Killed after dogs escaped from their kennel.[209][210]
March Rottweiler Wesley Swindler 3 years Killed after crawling into the dog's pen.[209]
March 7 Rottweilers (2) Jennifer Nicole Davis 5 years Killed by two dogs.[211]
March 24 Pit bull Tre'sean Forsman 3 years Killed by a friend's dog.[212]
March 26 Rottweilers (2) Vivian Anthony 54 years Attacked by 2 two dogs and died 53 days later.[213]
April Malamute Wolfdog Andre Angel Thomas 13 months Killed while sleeping in the living room of an acquaintance of his mother.[214]
May 16 American Staffordshire Terrier[215] (Pit bull) Bonnie Page 75 years Killed by her landlord's dog; her landlord was also injured in the attack.[216]
May 23 Stray dogs Cedric Edmonds 37 years Killed by stray dogs.[217]
June 20 Pit bull Somer Clugston 2 years Killed by her babysitter's dog when she left her alone in the house. The babysitter was sentenced to one year in jail for involuntary manslaughter. The dog had previously bitten two other children.[218]
August Rottweiler Samantha Grace Bauld[219] 3 years
August 31 Pit bull (2) Isaiah Alley 6 years Mauled by his uncle's pit bulls.[220]
September 7 Doberman Pinscher Valerie DeSwart 67 years Killed by a rescue dog she had adopted. The rescue organization was under investigation for mistreating the dogs under its care.[221]
October 2 Great Dane (2) Makayla Paige Sinclair 2 years Killed by 2 chained dogs when she wandered into their owner's yard.[222]
November 20 Pit bull (3) Jennifer Brooke 40 years Killed by her neighbor's three dogs, one of which had attacked another neighbor seven months earlier. The owner was sentenced to six months in jail for owning a dangerous dog that caused death.[223]
December 12 Pit bull-mix or Labrador-pit bull mix (6) Alice Broom 81 years Killed by her neighbor's six dogs. The owner was convicted of manslaughter[224] and sentenced to 12.5 years in prison.[225] Some news articles reported the dogs were "Labrador-pit bull dogs",[226] but other articles and court documents referred to them as just "pit bull mix."
December 26 Pit bull Florence Morris 78 years Mauled to death by her nephew's dog, which Mrs. Morris and her husband were taking care of.[227]

Fatalities reported in 2004[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 13 Mixed-breed dog (Pit bull-type) Nathan Roy Hill 3 years Killed by a dog chained in the neighbor's yard.[228]
February 21 Beagle-mix Truston Heart Liddle 17 months Wandered with his brother from his parents, a farmer and his wife who were working their land, onto an adjacent farm. Got too close to a chained dog, who, although well-fed and watered, appeared to spend most of his time tethered in place.[229]
March 11 Mixed-breed dogs (pack) Madison Carson 2 years Killed by relative's loose dogs.[230]
April Rottweilers (2) Samuel Trucks 2 years Killed by two dogs.[231]
April 3 Pit bull "John Doe" 16 months Killed by his grandmother's dog. The dog bit off one of its owner's fingers when she tried to intervene.[232]
April 16 Pit bull (4) Roddie Dumas, Jr. 8 years Killed by his father's four dogs.[233] The father was charged with involuntary manslaughter and a federal charge of assaulting a postal worker who tried to rescue the victim.[234] He was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison after being convicted on the assault charge and related drug and weapons charges.[235]
April 16 Pit bull-mix Myles Leakes 4 years Killed by his uncle's chained dog.[236]
April 24 BullmastiffGerman Shepherd mix John Streeter 8 years Killed by neighbor's two dogs while playing in his neighbor's backyard.[237]
May Rottweiler Leta Ward 65 years Killed by own dog. Owner was said to have known the dog was aggressive.[238]
July English mastiff Ryker Schweitzer 7 years The boy was found dead in a bean field with dog bites on his upper body.[239]
July 15 Pit bull Jordan Lee Parker 8-months Baby was mauled to death by his grandmother's pit bull.[240]
August 6 Pit bull (6) Mary DeLacy 87 years Killed by her son's six dogs.[241]
September 1 Pit bull-Labrador Retriever mix Isaiah Calandis Smith 19 months Killed by a chained dog in his yard in Greer, South Carolina.[242]
October 5 Mixed-breed dog Jose Diaz 5 weeks Killed by his mother's dog.[243]
October 8 Pit bull-mix (2) Anton Brown 8 years Killed by two dogs the family was keeping for a family friend.[244]
December 13 Pit bull-mix Kamryn Billingsly 1 month While she was sleeping next to her mother at a friend's house, the dog grabbed the child, dragged it down the hall, and killed it. The dog was usually kept outside but brought inside that night because it was cold out.[245]
December 13 Mongrel (Pit bull-type) (3) Annilee McKinnon 5 years Killed by a neighbor's 3 dogs while playing in the front yard at the home of her birth parents. This was not the girl's regular residence because she had been living with a foster family for four years. The neighbor who owned the dogs had been cited two weeks prior because the dogs had gone into another yard and attacked a neighbor's dog.[246]

Fatalities reported in 2005[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 2 Mixed-breed dog and pit bull mix[247] Tyler Babcock 6 years Severely mauled by his next-door neighbor's two dogs.[248] The dogs were frequently loose in the neighborhood. One female dog was described as "part pit bull". The other male dog "had a large head and other characteristics of a pit bull", but investigators weren't sure if he had pit bull breeds in him.[247]
January 28 Pit bull (3),

Mixed-breed dog

Lydia Chaplin 14 years Died of hypothermia after being attacked by 4 dogs (3 pit bulls, 1 mixed-breed dog) while walking alone at night in a rural area, one-half mile from home[249]
February 4 Pit bull Barbara Pilkington 70 years The dog's owner was abusing the dog at the time of the attack and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.[250] The dog's owner had been arrested several months earlier for beating another dog to death.[251]
March 8 Pit bull (3) Dorothy Sullivan 82 years Killed by three dogs while walking her Shih Tzu on her own property, two of the pit bulls were shot by police; the pit bulls' owner was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $500[252]
March 15 Rottweiler,


Sandra Sanchez 32 years While caring for on behalf of the owner, killed by two dogs[253]
April 5 Pit bull (2) Cassidy Jeter 6 years Killed by her family's two dogs as she walked to a swing set with her 4-year-old brother, both dogs were killed by police[254]
April 10 RottweilerGerman Shepherd-mix Robert Schafer 4 years He opened the dog's pen and was killed by his family's dog[255]
April 13 American Bulldog and/or "American Terrier" and/or Pit bull and/or Cane Corso[256][257] Ernie Assad 82 years Attacked by two dogs owned by Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears tight end Darnell Sanders and a third dog while watering his own back yard. One dog was referred to as a Cane Corso and the other two were variously described as American Bulldog, "American Terrier", or pit bull dogs. The man died of directly related complications (cerebral blood clot) 11 days later.[258] Investigators later determined that the Cane Corso played only a minor role in the attack.[259] An attorney for dog owner Darnell Sanders argued that the dogs only knocked over the man. However, the local animal control officer stated that she saw 7 bite marks on Assad when she interviewed him the night of the attack.[260]
April 14 Mixed-breed dog (2) Laverne Ford 74 years Killed by her own two dogs in her own home, one of the dogs were killed by police after charging at them.[261]
May 2 Rottweilers (2) Asia Turner 4 years Killed by her family's two dogs in her own back yard, both dogs were put down shortly after the attack.[262]
May 6 Husky,

Alaskan Malamute

Samantha Black 2 years Killed by her family's two dogs in her back yard[263]
May 7 Alaskan Malamute Kate-Lynn Logel 7 years Killed by her family's new dog in her back yard[264]
May 10 "part Pit bull (2)"[265] Lorinze Reddings 42 years Killed by his own two dogs in his own home[266]
May 15 Labrador Retriever,


Julia Beck 87 years Killed by her in-law's two dogs, they were later arrested on preliminary charges of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury, obstruction of justice and false informing and sentenced to four years in prison.[267]
May 17 Pit bull Arianna Fleeman 2 years Killed while visiting a friend's home with her mother, the Pit's owner was later sentenced to one year in prison.[268]
June 3 Pit bull Nicholas Faibish 12 years There were two dogs in the home. The boy's mother felt that the male dog was acting possessive toward the female dog because she was in heat. So when the mother left to run errands, she locked the boy in the basement to keep him separated from the dogs. While she was gone, the boy left the basement and was killed by the dogs. The boy's mother was charged with felony child endangerment.[269][270]
July 1 American Bulldog (2),
Neapolitan Mastiff,
Border Collie
Boyd Fiscus 83 years Killed in his own back yard by his neighbor's four dogs (two American Bulldogs, a Neapolitan Mastiff, and a Border Collie), the neighbors both were later arrested but served no jail time.[271][272]
July 4 Pit bull Dazavious Williams 5 weeks Killed when a neighborhood dog grabbed him from his aunt's arms[273]
July 13 Siberian Husky Alexis McDermott 6 days Killed in her crib by her family's dog[274]
August 2 Rottweiler Cassandra Garcia 16 months Killed when her grandparent's dog grabbed her from her mother's arms; the same dog killed a maltese the year before.[275]
October 3 Pit bull Mix Jonathan Martin 2 years Killed by at least one of the two pit bull mixes in his home, the dogs were used to guard a crop of marijuana and the parents were sentenced to three years in prison.[276]
October 14 Pit bull,
Mike Gomez 86 years Killed by two dogs while out walking or jogging; 11 days before the attack, both dogs killed a German Shepherd-mix; both dogs were put down.[277]
October 15 Rottweiler Sydney Akin 6 years Killed visiting the home of a family friend[278]
November 6 Pit bull Kylee Johnson 14 months Killed by her family's dog[279]
November 18 Pit bull mixes (2) Hulon Barbour 60 years Killed by two dogs while walking home, the dog's owner was sentenced to 365 days in prison.[280]
November 24 Unknown dogs Roberto Aguilera 64 years Killed during the night by unknown dogs in relative's yard[281]
November 26 Pit bullRottweiler mix (6) Lillian Styles 76 years Killed by her neighbor's six dogs in her own front yard, one dog was shot by police, the others were put down; the dog owners were found not guilty[282]
December 6 Bullmastiff Mary Stiles 91 years Killed by her own dog in her own home, which was then killed by police[283]
December 30 Pit bull (2) Cody Adair 4 years Killed by his uncle's chained dogs, both were put down[284]

Fatalities reported in 2006[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January Golden Retriever Kaitlyn Hassard 6 years The 60-lb dog dragged the girl by her scarf, strangling her to death.[285]
January 9 Rottweiler Ashton Lee Scott 11 months Killed by his grandmother's dog when the grandmother went to warm a bottle.[286]
February 4 Bullmastiff Conner Lourens 7 years Killed by his neighbor's dog[287]
February 24 Rottweiler Dominic Giordano 4 years Killed in his own back yard by his relative's dog[288][289]
March 14 Pit bull (2) Charles Gilbert Dalton 52 years Killed by his relative's two dogs. The owner pleaded guilty to manslaughter[290]
March 20 Rottweiler Quillan Cottrell 3 years Killed by his family's dog.[291]
April 10 Pit bull Mixes (3) "John Doe" Unknown Climbed fence into Metal business with three guard dogs. When the police arrived, they were able to order the dogs away from the victim.[292]
May 2 Pit bull and up to 3 others Juan Garcia 53 Killed by at least one dog at a property where he occasionally worked as a handyman.[293]
May 6 Great Pyrenees, Great Pyrenees mix, and mixed-breed dog[294] Dianna Acklen 60 years Killed while out for a walk. Of four dogs initially suspected, one was cleared by bite mark examination[295] and DNA results on two others were inconclusive.[296]
May 11 Pit bull (3) Raymond Tomco 78 years Killed in his own home by his daughter's three dogs, one of attacks dogs was shot to death by police.[297]
June 7 Pit bull dogs Shaun McCafferty 27 years Killed outside a meth lab by one or more of the lab owner's dogs, the owners of the dogs were arrested later on charges of suspicion of drug-related offenses.[298][299]
June 17 Pit bull Javelin Anderson 15 months Killed by one of her family's chained dogs.[300]
June 22 Rottweiler Gemma Carlos 2 years Killed by a neighbor's chained dog in the neighbor's yard, the dog was shot by a police officer after he found the body[301]
July 17 Wolfdog(s) Sandra Piovesan 50 years Mauled to death by one or more of her 9 wolf-dog hybrids. She bred the hybrids, but lacked the proper licensing to own them. Her body was found in the pen where the wolf hybrids were kept; the dogs were put down.[302]
July 18 Pit bull Brandon Coleman 25 years Killed in his own home by his own dog.[303]
July 25 Pit bull,


Mariah Puga 3 years Killed by two of her family's dogs[304]
July 27 Pit bull Jimmie McConnell 71 years Killed while gardening in her own yard by her neighbor's dog, the pit's owner was later sentenced to 4 years in prison.[305]
July 31 Pit bull (2) John Brannaman 81 years Killed by his neighbor's two dogs while taking out the trash, the owner of the pits was later charged with culpable negligence.[306]
August 18 Perro de Presa Canario Shawna Willey 30 years Killed by her own dog while giving it a bath, the dog was shot by police.[307]
August 29 Pit bull (2) Frank Baber 49 years Killed by two dogs at Blackburn's Auto-Salvage where he was living, both dogs were put down[308]
August 29 Boxer Pablo Flietes 52 years Killed when he entered the pen of his employer's dog[309]
October 3 Rottweiler Julius Graham 2 years Killed when a neighbor's dog escaped its pen, the dog was gunned down by police.[310]
October 8 Pit bull Jeannine Fusco 44 years Killed by her friend's dog while taking care of it, cops later killed the dog.[311]
October 29 Pit bull David McCurry 41 years Killed while inquiring about buying the dog that killed him[312]
November 3 Rottweiler Ariel Pogue 2 years Killed by one of her family's dogs, the dog was put down.[313]
November 3 Pit Bull Mixes (6) John Matthew Davis 10 years Killed by six dogs while walking home. In 2009, it was revealed that dogs attacked and killed the child for food and the owner was charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter and three counts of keeping unconfined, dangerous animals.[314]
November 4 Pit bull (4) Allen Young 22 months Killed by his father's four dogs after he was moving to a new trailer and took the dogs off their chains and left them in the new trailer unsupervised with his young son, the father was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter[315]
November 6 Rottweilers (2) Louis Romero, Jr. 2 years Killed by dogs kept to guard home where parents were drug trafficking. Parents fled to Mexico after boy's funeral and the dogs were put down.[316]
November 9 Pit bull Richard Adams 47 years Killed by a dog guarding an auto sales and repair shop.[317]
November 13 Rottweilers (2) James Eisaman 40 years Killed by his girlfriend's two dogs.[318]
November 21 Pit Bull (2) Pedro Rios 4 years Killed by two stray dogs outside his home.[319]

Fatalities reported in 2007[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 12 Pit bull Amber Jones 10 years Killed when she tried to free a neighbor's dog after its collar was caught on their chain link as the dog tried to jump over the fence.[320]
January 15 German Shepherd Linda Mittino 69 years Killed by her own dog.[321]
January 24 Rottweilers (2) Matthew Johnson 6 years Killed by two dogs the family had just adopted.[322]
January 28 Rottweiler Taylor Kitlica 18 months Killed by a stray dog her family had chained in their front yard in the hope that the owner would find it.[323]
February 16 Pit bull-mix

English Mastiff-mix

Robynn Bradley 2 years Killed while visiting her relatives when the relatives' two dogs escaped from their pen.[324]
March 16 Golden Retriever[325]

Catahoula Bulldog-Pit Bull Mix

Pamela Rushing 50 years Killed by her own dog, the Catahoula Bulldog-Pit Bull Mix was shot by police, the Retriever was put down.[326]
March 22 Pit bull Carolina Sotello 2 years Killed by one of her family's dogs.[327]
April 23 Pit bull Brian Palmer 2 years Killed by his family's dog; the dog killed a cat a week before Palmer's death, his mother was later charged with unlawful conduct toward a child.[328]
May 13 Pit bull (2) Celestino Rangel 90 years Killed by his great niece's dogs.[329]
May 25 German Shepherd Dog, Doberman Pinscher Magdalena Silva 95 years Killed by her dogs as she went to feed them, both were put down.[330]
~May 26 Unknown dogs Carshena Benjamin 71 years Killed by unknown dogs.[331]
May 26 Pit bull and Pit Bull mix Dandre Fisher 3 years Killed when he tried to climb over a fence into the dogs' yard in a housing area near a US Army Airfield.[332]
June 17 Chow-Chow mix Phyllis Carroll 63 years Killed by her own dog.[333]
June 29 Mixed-breed dogs Mary Bernal 63 years Killed by her sister's dog while visiting her sister.[334]
July 12 Rottweiler Tiffany Pauley 5 years Killed when she wandered into a neighbor's yard, her mother was later charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct in connection to her daughter's death after admitting she had been using methamphetamines in the hours before her daughter wandered away.[335]
July 23 Siberian Husky Trey Paeth 11 months Killed while visiting family friends when the friends' two dogs got into his playpen, both dogs were put down, no charges were filed.[336]
July 29 Pit bull Sabin Jones-Abbott 6 years Killed by his family's dog while trying to feed it, his father was later arrested for with endangering the welfare of a child.[337]
August 16 Pit bull Zachary King, Jr. 7 years Killed by his family's chained dog, his father was charged with second-degree manslaughter but was later found not guilty.[338]
August 18 Chow Chow-Mix Elijah Rackley 15 months Killed when playing with the puppies of a stray dog his family had chained in the yard.[339]
August 31 Pit bull Scott Warren 6 years Killed without warning by his family's dog.[340]
September 12 Rottweiler Kylie Cox 4 months Killed by her mother's boyfriend's dog when she set her down to warm a bottle of milk, the dog was later put to sleep and the owners of the dog were later arrested for involuntary manslaughter and child abuse and one was sentenced to 6 months in prison.[341]
September 13 American Bulldog (pack) Cheryl Harper 56 years Killed by the same pack of roaming dogs that killed Edward Gierlach.[342][343]
September 13 American Bulldog (pack) Edward Gierlach 91 years Killed by the same pack of roaming dogs that killed Cheryl Harper.[342][343]
September 25 German Shepherd Dog-mix Karson Gilroy 2 years Killed when he wandered onto a neighbor's property.[344]
October 2 Pit bull (2) Tina Canterbury 42 years Killed by her own dogs, both dogs were gunned down by police.[345]
October 5 Wolfdog (8) "Jane Doe" 73 years Killed by her son's eight wolf-dog hybrids, all 8 dogs were put to sleep on site.[346]
October 15 Pack of 5–7 mixed-breed dogs, all of which were Pit bull-mixes[347] Rosalie Bivens 65 years Neighbors said the dogs had been roaming the area for several years. No one claimed ownership, but the woman's son-in-law said he fed them on occasion, while two other neighbors fought to get the dogs off her, the armed neighbor shot and killed one of the dogs, the rest fled. Her son-in-law shot the remaining dogs after they fled into the woods.[348]
November 5 American Bulldog-Mastiff mix Tori Whitehurst 4 years Killed by her family's dog, the dog was later killed by police after it charged at them.[349]
November 7 Pit bull Seth Lovitt 11 years Killed by his family's dog. Two years later, a grand jury indicted both his mother and grandmother on one count of manslaughter and a count of reckless serious bodily injury to a child.[350]
November 12 Pit bull (2) Jennifer Lowe 21 years Killed at her friend's home by her friend's dogs, both having earlier been determined to be legally "dangerous". No charges were filed because it was on property.[351]
December 4 Pit bull (4) Cora Lee Suehead 61 years Killed by her own four dogs.[352]
December 13 Pit bull Holden Jernigan 2 years Killed by his grandmother's dog, she was later charged with unlawful conduct towards a child.[353]
December 17 Pit bull Blanche Brodeur 76 years Killed at her son-in-law's home by her son-in-law's dog.[354]
December 25 Pit bull or Pit bull mix[355] Kelly Caldwell 45 years Killed outside her home by roaming dogs which were later shot by police, the owners were later charged on suspicion of failure to control a mischievous animal resulting in death.[356]

Fatalities reported in 2008[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 4 Doberman Pinscher Andrew Stein 8 months Killed by his family's dog, the dog was later put to sleep at family's request.[357]
January 17 Jack Russell Terrier Justin Mozer 6 weeks Killed by his family's dog while sleeping on a king size bed, the dog was later put to sleep at family's request.[358]
January 20 Pit bull (2) Kelli Chapman 24 years Killed by her own two dogs which were gunned down by the police.[359]
April 28 Husky-mix Abraham Tackett 23 months Killed by a neighbor's chained dog, apparently protecting its food. The dog was later shot by the police.[360]
May 14 Pit bull Julian Slack 3 years Killed in his own home by a neighbor's dog. The following year, Camp Lejeune adopted a privatized housing policy that bans pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf-hybrids[361]
May 18 Pit bull (4) Tanner Monk 7 years Killed by four of his neighbor's dogs, 2 were killed by police officers; the other two were captured and euthanized, the neighbor's were later sentenced to 4 years in prison.[362]
June 18 Pit bull Pablo Hernandez 5 years Killed by his uncle's dog which flew into a rage at another Pit Bull passing by the home[363]
June 28 Golden Retriever-mix

Australian Shepherd-mix

Lorraine May 74 years Killed breaking up a fight between her dogs (theory)[364]
July 22 Pit bull Tony Evans, Jr. 3 years Killed when he wandered next to his neighbor's chained guard dog. Because it happen on the owner's property and the dog was chained, no charges were filed, the dog was later put to sleep at owners request[365]
July 25 Old English Sheepdog Mix Addison Sonney 14 months Killed by her family's dog which was later shot by police.[366]
July 28 Labrador Retriever-mix Zane Earles 2 months Killed by the family's 8 week old puppy that had not been fed in days which was later put to sleep. The teen mother was convicted of manslaughter for leaving her baby unattended in a swing for over 6 hours with the hungry puppy.[367]
August 14 Pit bull Robert Howard 35 (est.) Killed while saving the lives of a neighbor and her dogs from a stray or escaped fighting dog.[368]
August 14 Pit bull Isis Kreiger 6 years Killed by her family's dog which was shot by a neighbor and put to sleep, the girl died after being on life support apon her father's return from Iraq.[369]
August 17 Pit bull (2) Henry Piotrowski 90 years Killed in his own back yard by his neighbor's dogs, the owner of the Pit's were later sentenced to 3 years in prison and was given 5-years probation[370]
September 4 Pit bull (3) Luna McDaniel 83 years Killed when her neighbor's three dogs broke out of their pen, one was shot while 2 were put down, her neighbor was arrested for negligent homicide[371]
September 9 Husky Alexis Hennessy 6 days Killed in her crib by her family's dog[372]
September 12 Pit bull (2) Cenedi Kia Carey 4 months Killed by his family's two dogs after being torn out of her stroller, both dogs were killed by police officers.[373]
September 22 Husky Kylie Mae Daum 3 days Killed by her family's dog[374]
September 26 Pit bull-mix[375] Katya Todesco 5 years Killed by her neighbor's dog[376]
October 5 Pit Bull-Shar Pei mix Iopeka Liptak 13 months Killed by her mother's dog[377]
October 31 Pit bull (2) Chester Jordan 62 years Killed by his daughter's dogs[378]
November 26 Pit Bull-mix[379][380] "also might be a type of pit bull"[381] Alexander Adams 2 years The 40–45 lb dog was eating when the boy approached its food bowl. Dog belonged to the boy's grandmother.[382][383]
December 19 107-lb, 4-year-old male Pit bull-Mastiff mix and 52-lb, 6-year-old female Pit bull[384] Gerald Adelmund 60 years Killed by his nephew's two dogs in backyard. One dog had a litter of newborn puppies, all 11 dogs were put to sleep at the family's request.[385]

Fatalities reported in 2009[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 6 Pit bull (3) Cheyenne Peppers 5 years Killed by a dog belonging to her mother, a dog belonging to her mother's boyfriend, and a puppy produced by those two dogs.[386] Prior to the attack two of the dogs were chained up. The third dog, who was pregnant, was not chained at that time.[387]
January 11 Rottweiler(s) Alex Angulo 4 years Killed by a least one of his foster family's dogs, both dogs and a poodle were later put to sleep[388]
January 15 17-year-old Rottweiler Brooklynn Milburn 4 years Killed after crawling through a fence into her neighbor's yard, the dog was later put to sleep[389]
January 19 Husky Olivia Rozek 3 weeks Killed by her family's male dog after the dog pulled the child from a bed and dragged her into a hallway[390]
January 19 A part-Rottweiler, mixed-breed dog[391] Brianna Shanor 8 years Killed by a 100-lb dog that was chained outside a camping trailer that the dog used for shelter, the dog was later put to sleep as well as 2 others on the property.[392]
March 4 Chow-ChowGolden Retriever mix "Jane Doe" 2 weeks Killed by her family's dog, it was put down the next day.[393]
March 16 Mastiff Hill Williams 38 years Killed by his own dogs[394]
March 21 Unknown dog Dolly Newell 80 years While walking her own dog, the woman was bitten by a different dog when she attempted to feed it. She died several days later from the subsequent infection.[395]
March 22 Husky Dustin Faulkner 3 years Killed by his neighbor's female dog when it broke free of its chain which later shot by its owner.[396]
March 26 Pit bull Tyson Miller 2 years Killed by a chained dog in the backyard, his mother was later ordered to spend 2 years in prison.[397]
March 31 Pit bull (2) Izaiah Cox 7 months Killed by his great-grandmother's two dogs after she stepped away to warm a bottle, both dogs were later shot to death by police officers. Grandmother indicted for felony injury to a child, but died before case went to trial[398]
April 10 Boxer (3) Michael Landry 4 years Killed by his neighbor's (a K9 Officer) three dogs when they escaped from their yard[399]
April 10 Unknown (11) Gordon Lykins 48 years Killed by a pack of 11 dogs near an Indian Reservation, all 11 dogs and a litter of puppies were all put down after the attack.[400]
April 13 Blue HeelerAustralian Shepherd mix (3) David Whitenack, Jr. 41 years Killed by his landlord's three dogs[401]
April 22 Pit bull-mix Leonard Lovejoy, Jr. 11 months Killed by his family's dog which later killed by the father using a .45 handgun.[402]
June 15 Pit bull (2) Justin Clinton 10 years Killed when visiting a friend by dogs owned by the friend's family.[403] A jury awarded a US$7 million verdict for negligence against the dogs' owners.[404]
June 27 Pit bull mix, Collie mix (3) Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage 3 years Killed by mother's boyfriend's dogs, all were put down later on.[405]
August 10 Pit bull (2) Carter Delaney 20 years Killed along with a small dog by his brother's two dogs while caring for them, the dogs were put down, a Pit Bull puppy and a cocker spaniel were later returned to the family.[406]
August 14 Pack of sixteen stray mongrels Sherry Schweder 65 years Killed by the pack of stray dogs that killed Lothar Schweder[407]
August 14 Pack of sixteen stray mongrels Lothar Schweder 77 years Killed by the pack of stray dogs that killed Sherry Schweder[407]
August 15 Pit bull Justin Kummer 3 days Killed by his family's dog after being brought home from the hospital. The pit bull and a German Shepherd mixed-breed dog were both euthanized[408]
August 15 Pit bull Jasmine Deane 23 months Killed by her family's chained dog.[409]
October 23 Pit bull-mix[410] Colton Smith 17 months Killed at his babysitter's home by his babysitter's dog[411]
October 28 Pit bull Matthew Clayton "Booter" Hurt 2 years After wandering 4 blocks from his home, the boy was killed when he crawled into a dog house where the male dog was chained, the city later banned Pit Bulls.[412][413]
November 5 Pit bull Destiny Knox 16 months Killed at the home of her babysitter's boyfriend by one of the boyfriend's dogs which was killed by a arriving police officer.[414] The dog was usually kept on a chain outside, but had slipped free from its collar.[415]
November 24 Boxer mix[416] Karen Gillespie 53 years Killed by a dog adjacent to the owner's property, the owners were later charged with a misdemeanor punishable by up to 12 months in jail.[417]
November 30 American Pit Bull Terrier[418] Rosie Humphries 85 years Killed along with her pet poodle by a dog that broke free of its chain because the "D" ring failed[419]
December 4 Pit bull (5) Lowell Bowden 70 years Killed by a pack of five dogs. Owner convicted of involuntary manslaughter[420]
December 12 Rottweiler-Labrador Retriever mix[421] Dallas Walters 20 months Killed at his great-aunt's home by her dog during his cousin's birthday party, the dog was later put to sleep[422]
December 12 Alaskan Malamute Theresa Ellerman 49 years Killed at her friend's home by her friend's dog[423]
December 22 Weimaraner Liam Peck 2 years Killed by his family's dog, the dog was later put to sleep[424]

Fatalities reported in 2010[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 9 American Bully/American Pit Bull Terrier[425] Omar Martinez 3 years The father, boy, and their dog were together in their Apple Valley, CA backyard, but the father stepped inside, leaving the dog alone with the boy, and the dog attacked. The aggressive dog kept EMTs away until police arrived and shot it to death. EMT found him unresponsive and took him to the hospital where he was declared dead two hours later. No charges were filed as of press time.[426][427]
January 17 Pit bull (6) Johnny Wilson 56 years Killed by his daughter's six dogs[428] Police said the dogs were pit bulls, while the animal care and control commissioner said they were mixed-breed dogs.[429]
February 8 Rottweiler Carolyn Baker 63 years The woman died of a heart attack when she went outside to get her dog. Media reported that the woman was killed by her pet dog and was found in her driveway with numerous bite wounds.[430] Although the woman's family said they did not believe the dog was responsible for the death, the dog was euthanized after a pathologist determined that severe dog bites contributed to her death. The county coroner stated that the bites appeared to have been from the dog's attempt to drag her to safety after she collapsed.[431]
February 12 Unknown dog(s) (Pit bull) Anastasia Bingham 6 years Killed while walking to a friend's home. Investigators unable to locate dog(s) involved.[432] Sheriff's deputies initially reported that a pit bull dog was responsible.[433] Authorities were never able to find or identify any dog responsible for the attack. The dogs that were first thought to be responsible were found not to be involved. However, investigators "received confidential tips that stated that there were three other pit bulls, owned by the child's relatives, that were killed and dumped in a wooded area."[434]
February 18 71 Lb Siberian Husky Robert D. Hocker 11 days The boy was alone on a bed when the family's dog bit him, the 71 Lb dog was later put to sleep.[435]
February 19 Redbone Coonhound Kenneth Bock 57 years The dog, which had a history of biting people, was roaming freely and bit Mr.Bock at a storage facility where the man was a manager. Mr.Bock died of Capnocytophaga canimorsus sepsis from the bite several days later.[436][437]
February 20 Pit bull Christine Staab 38 years While Christine Staab was fighting with her mother, she was killed by one of her mother's six dogs. The family stated that the dog was protecting the mother.[438][439]
February 20 American Bulldog Violet Serenity Haaker 3 years Killed when she became entangled in the chain restraining one of the dogs at the family's American-Bulldog breeding facility, the attacking dog along with 3 others were later put to sleep.[440][441] It was originally reported that a pit bull was responsible.[442]
February 23 Pit bull "Baby Doe" Garrett 5 days Severely injured by her family's dog on February 18, she died of her injuries on February 23[443]
February 28 2 12-year-old Rottweiler Ashlynn Anderson 4 years Killed by a dog owned by her stepfather, (Ax Men star Jesse Browning).[444]
March 4 Pit bull Ethel Horton 65 years Killed by her nephew's dog while trying to defend her 71-year-old husband from it. She died of heart failure caused by the dog attack.[445]
March 8 Rottweilers (2) Justin Lopez 9 months Killed by his family's two newly acquired dogs. Dogs were obtained the day before and later put to sleep.[446]
April 14 Pit Bull mix per DNA test[425] Thomas Carter, Jr. 7 days Killed while in bed next to his mother who slept through the attack. After the attack the dog went outside and attacked another Pit Bull that was on a chain.[447][448]
May 20 Sled dog (6) Krystal Brink 3 years Killed by at least one sled dog when she wandered into her neighbor's sled dog yard, her uncle's brother later shot all 6 sled dogs to death via shotgun[449]
May 25 Rottweiler Hao Yun "Eddie" Lin 33 years The man was a USPS letter carrier. The dog was in a house, but pushed open a door, ran after Lin, and caused his head to strike the ground. He died nine days later. Authorities did not say if the attack included bites.[450]
May 28 American Pit Bull Terrier[425] Nathan Aguirre 2 years Killed by his family's dog[451]
June 3 Pit bull Savannah Gragg 9 years Killed in her home while opening the door to let the dog outside[452]
June 15 Bullmastiff-mix (5)

Pit bullBoxer mix (3)
Rottweiler-mix (1)

Michael Winters 30 years Killed by his nine dogs. Unknown which dogs/breeds participated in the attack. (5 Bullmastiff, 3 Pit bullBoxer-mix, 1 Rottweiler-mix), 2 were killed by police officers, others were put to sleep.[453]
July 12 German Shepherd-Husky mix Kyle Holland 5 years Killed by at least one dog owned by his mother's live-in boyfriend. The boyfriend pleaded guilty to a charge of dangerous animal death and the mother pleaded guilty to child abuse and manslaughter. The mother was also charged with "accessory after the fact" because she tried to dispose of her boyfriend's marijuana plants before calling 911.[454][455]
July 20 Pit bull (2) William Parker 71 years Suffered a fatal heart attack when attacked by two of his neighbor's dogs, the neighbor was charged with Reckless Homicide and four counts of Felony Reckless Endangerment.[456] The dogs had attacked another neighbor 2 days earlier.[457]
July 22 Pit bull (3) Jacob Bisbee 2 years Killed by three of his step-grandfather's dogs. Grandfather arrested for manslaughter.[458] The dogs had decapitated the family's pet Akita and killed the family's pet Chihuahua and parrot within the prior year. The dogs, which were kept in a garage, had previously shown aggression toward the boy.[459]
July 31 German Shepherd Dog-mix Aaron Carlson 2 years Killed by his family's dog, the mother was later arrested for five felony counts of cruelty to a child with possible injury or death.[460]
August 19 Unknown dog(s) Tracey Payne 46 years Killed by a dog(s) in vacant home.[461]
August 22 Pit bull (2) Jerry Yates 69 years Killed by 2 pit bulls a tenant was keeping on his land.[462]
August 25 Pit bull

"mixed-breed Shepard"[463]

Jason Walter 7 years Killed by a neighbor's three pit bulls and a mixed-breed dog while staying at the neighbor's residence.[464]
August 25 Boxer Taylor Becker 4 years Killed by a dog owned by a family friend.[465]
September 4 Pit bull Mattie Daugherty 85 years Killed by her daughter's 9-year-old dog.[466]
October 13 Pit bull (17) Rev. John Reynolds Sr. 84 years Found dead with severe bite wounds in a pen containing pit bull dogs.[467]
October 24 Pit bull Justin Valentin 4 days Killed by his family's dog, the dog was later put to sleep at owners' request[468]
November 2 Pit bullWeimaraner-mix (2) Christina Casey 53 years Killed in her own yard by her neighbor's two dogs[469]
November 10 Pit bull-mix[470] Kaden Muckleroy 2 years Killed by his grandfather's dog, which was chained to a tree.[471][472]
November 15 Mixed-breed dog (5) Cason Bryant 5 years Killed in his own yard by five of his neighbor's dogs[473]
November 15 German Shepherd Dog Shirley Lou Bird 79 years Killed by her own dog, which had bitten her on prior occasions.[474]
November 16 Pit bull Justin Lane 25 years Killed by his family's dog[475]
December 5 Pit bull Edward Mitchell 67 years Edward Mitchell was bitten while disciplining the dog, which belonged to his nephew. He died two months later from complications of his injuries.[476][477]
December 8 Pack of reservation dogs Larry Armstrong 55 years Killed by a pack of stray dogs,[478] up to 445,000 of which roam the Navajo Nation[479]
December 19 Rottweiler or Rottweiler mix Janet Vaughan 3 months While the child's mother bathed one dog, the child was killed by one of the nine dogs that the family kept in the back yard.[480]

Fatalities reported in 2011[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
N/A Reservation dogs Larry Armstrong 55 On an Indian Reservation, near Gallup, NM, found still alive but soon died from mauling by multiple dogs. Mentioned in passing an article about the problem of such dogs on the reservations.[481]
January 4 Pit bull mix Linda Leal 51 years Killed by her family's dog.[482]
January 12 Pit bull (2) Makayla Woodard 5 years Killed by her neighbor's two dogs in her own yard.[483] The neighbor pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 20 to 24 months in prison.[484]
January 24 Akita Kristen Dutton 9 years Killed by her grandfather's newly adopted dog.[485]
January 26 Pit bull (3) Ronnie Waldo 51 years Killed by landlord's three dogs while crossing the yard from a trailer home to landlord's home. Evidence showed the dogs appeared not to have eaten or been watered for a long time; the owner was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 20 years in prison (15 years suspended).[486]
January 26 Stray dogs Howard James Paul 76 years The victim was a homeless man found dead in a vacant lot. The medical examiner determined he bled to death after being attacked by stray dogs.[487]
February 17 Rottweilers (2) Sirlinda Hayes 66 years Killed by her neighbor's two dogs in her own backyard. The dogs also attacked their owner when he tried to come to her aid.[488]
February 19 Pit bull Darius Tillman 15 days Killed by family's dog.[489]
March 7 Rottweilers (2) Vanessa Husmann 3 years Killed by uncle's two dogs in his backyard.[490]
April 12 Rottweiler Annabelle Mitchell 7 months Killed by the family's dog when left unattended while child's mother was intoxicated. The girl's mother was subsequently convicted of endangering the welfare of a child.[491]
April 22 Pit bull Virgil Cantell 50 years Killed by a dog that was chained to the front porch of a neighbor's house. The dog had bitten other neighbors in the month preceding the attack.[492][493][494]
April 24 Pit bull-mix (4)[495] Margaret Salcedo 48 years Killed by four dogs when she was out walking alone in her neighborhood. A passerby tried to help but the dogs drove him back into his car.[496]
May 27 Cane Corso Jayelin Graham 4 years Killed by dog belonging to mother's boyfriend.[497] News outlets initially reported that the dog involved was a pit bull.[498]
May 29 Dutch Shepherd Police Dog[499] Jesse Porter 89 years While at home, the man was bitten and dragged by a police dog that was searching for an unrelated suspect. This led to the amputation of his leg and then death on July 27, 2011.[500]
June 11 American Pit Bull Terrier[501] David Haigler 38 years Killed at home by his own dog.[502]
June 15 Pit bull (2) Roy McSweeney 74 years Mauled by neighbors' two pit bulls while walking on his property.[503]
June 29 American Bulldog-mix[504] or Dogo Argentino[505] or "American terrier and pit bull mix" Salvador Cotto 6 months While visiting his aunt and uncle, the boy was briefly left alone in a room with their dog and was bitten. The medical examiner determined that the boy died of cerebral edema as a consequence of a single bite to the head, and ruled that the death was accidental.[506][507]
July 3 American Bulldog Michael Naglee 11 months Killed by the dog of his paternal grandparents at a family gathering.[508]
August 23 Pit bull-mix Michael Cook 61 years His own dog inflicted injuries on August 3 that required the amputation of both arms; he succumbed to his injuries on August 23.[509]
August 11 American Pit Bull Terrier[501] Darla Napora 32 Years Killed by one of her family's two pit bulls.[510]
August 12 Rottweiler James Dowling 4 years Killed by his grandfather's dog when it escaped its enclosure.[511]
August 30 Unknown (4) Addyson Paige Camerino 9 days The child was killed in the kitchen of the family's home. There were five dogs in the home, a Pit bull, bulldog, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and German Shepherd-Bulldog mix. Four of the dogs were involved in the attack, but the news media did not report which three, the mother and grandfather were arrested but charges were later dismissed after a jury could not reach a unanimous verdict.[512]
August 30 Pit bull Carmen Ramos 50 years Killed by her boyfriend's dog. The owner/boyfriend had previously been cited by the PSPCA for animal cruelty.[513]
September 4 Labrador Retriever-mix or Pit bull Brayden McCollen Two weeks Killed by family dog.[514] Some sources reported the dog as a Labrador retriever mix, others as a pit bull.[515][516]
September 16 Doberman Pinscher Donna Conrad 71 years Killed by her dog.[517]
September 30 Pit bull (3) Nevaeh Bryant 20 Months Killed by her aunt's three dogs. Her aunt later pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide, receiving a one-year suspended sentence.[518]
October 3 Pit bull-Mastiff mix Mya Maeda 11 days Dragged from her bassinet and killed by the family dog.[519]
November 11 American Staffordshire Terrier[501] and Pit bull-mix Edna Dyson 71 years Severely injured on her property when a neighbor's dogs slipped through a hole in their fence and attacked her.[520] She died of her injuries several days later.[521]
December 5 Pit bull Joseph Hines 58 years Killed by his dog in his home.[522]
December 6 American Bulldog or Pit bull (2) Tonia Parks 39 years While trying to break up a fight between her two dogs, she suffered a seizure and was attacked on November 13. She succumbed to her injuries on December 6.[523] Some news sources initially described the dogs as pit bulls and later described the dogs as American Bulldogs.[524]
December 8 Pit bull Misti Wyno 40 years Killed by her neighbor's dog.[525]
December 18 Pit bull Mable McCallister 84 years Severely injured on December 18 by her grandson's dog, the victim spent four days in a trauma center and died in hospice on December 31.[526]
December 24 Pit bull (2) Emako Mendoza 75 years The victim was attacked by her neighbor's two pit bulls on June 18; she succumbed to her injuries on December 24. The pit bull owners were convicted on February 13, 2013 of voluntary manslaughter and of owning a dangerous animal causing death;[527] one owner was sentenced to four years in state prison.[528]

Fatalities reported in 2012[edit]

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 14 Pit bull Jace Valdez 23 months Killed by his grandparent's dog.[529]
January 30 German shepherd Steven Robertson 6 years Mauled to death by a medical service dog trained to help a military veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).[530]
February 16 Husky Howard Nicholson, Jr. 2 days Killed by one of the family's four dogs.[531] The victim's mother pleaded guilty to child endangerment.[532]
March 4 Pit bull Diane Jansen 59 years Suffered a stroke when attacked while delivering mail and soon died of stroke with heart disease and dog bite listed as "contributing factors". The dog, which had been resting unchained in a garage with some juveniles, was later seized by animal control and later euthanized. It was reported she suffered the stroke immediately after getting attacked, but also that a witness said there seemed to have been something wrong with her before the bite, which the dog seemed to notice and spurred it to attack. The witness also noted that the dog had a reputation as trustworthy and friendly. The medical examiner said that the wounds were not very bad, but that soon after the frightening attack her speech began to slur, she became unresponsive, and was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead the next day.[533][534]
March 9 Rottweiler Dylan Andres 17 months Killed by neighbor's chained dog.[535]
March 25 Pit bull or Pit bull-mix[536] Kylar Johnson 4 years After wandering 1/2 mile from his home, the boy was killed by a chained dog in fenced yard.[537][538]
April 9 Pit bull (2) James Hurst 92 years Killed by neighbor's loose roaming dogs.[539]
April 20 Golden RetrieverLabrador Retriever mix Aiden McGrew 2 months Killed by the family's dog.[540] The death was ruled a homicide and child's father charged with illegal neglect of a child.[541]
April 27 MastiffRhodesian Ridgeback mix Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan 1 year Killed by the family dog.[542]
May 2 Pit bull Clifford Wright 72 years Killed by his son's dog.[543]
May 8 Pit bull Jazilyn Mesa 15 months Killed by the family dog. The victim's grandfather was charged with negligent child abuse resulting in death.[544]
May 17 Pit bull-mix[545] Makayla Darnell 3 days Killed by family's dog.[546]
May 26 Pit bull Eugene Cameron 65 years Found dead in his car port with dog bite injuries.[547] The dog was identified via DNA testing and the dog's owner, who was a neighbor, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and obstruction of justice.[548]
May 27 Labrador RetrieverGerman Shepherd mix (2) Ja'Marr Tiller 2 years Killed by two stray dogs.[549][550]
June 13 2 mixed-breed dogs Jack Redin 2 years Killed by neighbor's two mixed-breed dogs after wandering onto the neighbor's property.[551]
June 14 Pit bull Tyzhel McWilliams 8 months Killed by a single bite from one of three pit bulls owned by the mother's roommate.[552] Immediately prior to the attack, the dog was on a bed with the mother's roommates who were smoking marijuana. The dog reportedly became "frisky," at which point they pushed it off the bed and it bit the boy. The cause of death was given as "penetrating craniocerebral injuries due to a dogbite."[553]
July 11 Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog or Bullmastiff or Pit bullBull mastiff mix Ronnel Brown 40 years Killed by his own dog when it bit through his IV tube while he was undergoing at-home dialysis.[554] Media reported the dog as several different breeds. The SPCA Cincinnati Officials said that the dog was a "rare breed" Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog.[555]
August 11 or 12 one or more of Presa Canario (2), Pit bull (2), Boxer-mix Rebecca Carey 23 years Unclear which or how many dogs (four her own, one her neighbor's) were responsible.[556]
August 16 Pit bull Charles Hagerman 44 years Killed by at least one of two pit bulls that belonged to his girlfriend's son. Relatives said that Hagerman was scared of the dogs, which were kept in a cage. They also reported that the dogs had previously killed a dog and that they bit people that they did not know.[557]
September 1 Cane Corso (2) Dawn Jurgens 76 years Killed by own dogs.[558]
September 5 Unknown Bryton[559] Cason 4 years First name also spelled "Brayton", was playing in his yard when he disappeared. His body was found in the woods, dead of dog attack. Neighbors suspected a roaming bulldog they had seen in the neighborhood, which authorities captured and were trying to determine if this was the dog that killed Bryton.[560][561]
September 7 Pit bull (2) Debra Renee Wilson-Roberts 45 years Killed by own dogs, which had bitten people on previous occasions, including the owner.[562]
September 11 Pit Bull mix James Hudson 10 Months Killed by the family dog.[563] Animal shelter officials identified the dog as a Labrador – American Bulldog mix. The dog's owner and police identified the animal as a "pit bull mix."[564]
September 20 Rottweiler (2) Donald Thomas 82 years Outside checking his mail when two dogs owned by a neighbor mauled him to death. Police shot and killed the two attacking dogs and subsequently removed more than 30 other Rottweilers from the neighbor's residence.[565]
September 24 Pit bull-mix Rayden Bruce 3 Months An hour before the attack, police responded to the home for a domestic dispute between the infant's parents that included injuries. While the police were taking witness statements, the boy was left alone in a room with the dog and was attacked. The dog had been responsible for a "minor bite" in 2011. It had also been picked up by Animal Services in 2010 for running loose.[566]
September 26 Pit bull Nellie Davis 60 years Killed by a family member's dog.[567]
October 2 Pit Bull (7)[568] Mary Jo Hunt 54 years Killed while using a rake to stop an attack in which the pit bulls killed a pug and injured two terriers. Authorities euthanized the seven attacking dogs.[569]
October 4 Pit bull Tarilyn Bowles 3 weeks Mauled indoors by family dog when left briefly unattended.[570]
November 9 Rottweiler Dixie Jennings 3 months Killed at a boarding kennel owned by her mother.[571]
November 11 Olde English Bulldogge-American Bulldog mixes (8) Remedios Romeros-Solares 30 years Killed by the dogs at a house she was hired to clean.[572] The owners are being investigated for owning 24 marijuana plants found at the home.[573] The owner was breeding the dogs for sale.[574]
November 14 Bullmastiff Dawn Brown 44 years Killed by a dog she had obtained less than one week earlier.[575]
December 11 Pit bull (4) Esteban Alavez 34 years Visiting his relatives when killed by their neighbor's dogs.[576] Other neighbors said that the dogs had a violent history and were always roaming loose in the area. A month earlier they had killed a neighbor's dog. However, Animal Control said that they had never received a complaint about the dogs.[577]
December 11 Boston terrier Unknown woman 93 years The woman was "mauled by a Boston terrier." No other details are known as this death was never directly covered by the media. It was mentioned briefly in an article in 2014 about another fatal dog bite.[578]
December 13 Pit bull Savannah Edwards 2 years Killed while visiting a relative who rented living space from the dog's owner.[579]
December 26 Pack of stray dogs (mixed-breeds) Tomas Henio 8 years Killed by a pack of stray feral dogs while snowsledding on a hill near his home, the dogs killed four goats weeks before and were later put to sleep. Charges were later filed by the FBI[580]

Fatalities reported in 2013[edit]

Date Category of dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 8 Pit bull Betty Ann Chapman Todd 65 years Emergency Medical Technicians found the victim with dog bites to the neck, head, and face, and could not revive her. Her twelve-year-old granddaughter had attempted to pull the dog off her. According to the owners (the victims son and daughter in law), the victim had visited the house numerous times weekly and the dog had never shown aggressiveness towards her.[581] Later, a local online newspaper reported that the Todds didn't report the dog's previous aggression. However, the Greenwood County Sheriff's Dept stated that the dog's past had been reported the night of the attack by both Mr. & Mrs. Todd. The dog had a history of violence and had killed a Siberian Husky that it lived with. Prior to the attack on Ms Todd, the owners had attempted to reduce the dog's aggression by neutering it.
January 19 Pit bull Christian Gormanous 4 years Climbed over a fence and got too close to the neighbor's tethered dog.[582]
February 8 Pit bull (2) Elsie Grace 91 years Found dead with dog bites in motel room that she shared with her son and the two dogs. Autopsy results to determine if she died before or after being bitten are pending.[583]
February 16 Pit bull Isaiah Aguilar 2 years Killed in a neighbor's yard by a dog tied up in the yard.[584]
March 2 Pit bull Ryan Maxwell 7 years Killed by a dog that was kept chained in the back yard of a home he was visiting. The dog may have been let off the chain by the boy or may have broken free before the attack.[585][586] The dog's owners had been cited previously for letting their dogs run loose. Officers had also been called to their house on reports that dogs were not being fed. Although no criminal charges were filed in relation to this dog attack, one of the owners, Jereme Carter, is now in jail on murder charges from an unrelated case.[587]
March 6 Pit bull (2) Daxton Borchardt 14 months When babysitter, baby in her arms, let her two 45 lb. dogs in the house from the backyard of her home, they became "nippy", jumping up at the pair, so she batted them off. The dogs then attacked, and mauling her, shredding her clothing and knocking her down, causing the boy to hit the ground, whereupon the dogs attacked him. The babysitter tried stop the attack, and redirect the dogs' attack onto her. A neighbor heard screams but did nothing. She got the child away from the dogs and called 911. The boy was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and by helicopter from the hospital to a medical center later that day, where he was pronounced dead of dog attack. Before the attack, the veterinarian center where they had been spayed, neutered, and otherwise cared for had not seen them as dangerous, but one was described as "standoffish" while at the facility. The owner said she had got the three-year-old dogs as puppies and that they had never shown signs of aggression. After the attack, the dogs were euthanized and tested negative for rabies, and the authorities decided not to press charges against the babysitter.[588][589][590]
March 27 Pit bull and pit bull-mix (7) Monica Renee Laminack 21 months Killed by dogs belonging to her mother's boyfriend.[591] An autopsy confirmed that the child died of injuries consistent with a dog attack.[592] The child's mother was subsequently charged with Cruelty to Children in the Second Degree.[593]
April 7 Pit bull Mix (2) or bulldogs Tyler Jett 7 years Attacked while riding his bike by his neighbor's two dogs and died 5 days later. The owner a week prior had received a citation for allowing his aggressive dogs loose and is currently facing criminally negligent manslaughter charges.

Some sources identify the two dogs as "pit bull mixes";[594][595] other reports identified them as a "brindle bulldog" and an "Alapaha blue blood bulldog".[596][597] Some articles referred to them as both "pit bull mixes" and "bull dogs" within the same article.[598] Photos of the dogs exist.[599]

April 11 Pit bullMastiff mix[600] Claudia Gallardo 38 years A woman was killed after being attacked by a dog that has terrorized the neighborhood for months, according to authorities and residents.[601][602] The dog, reported to be a female pit bull/mastiff mix, was also reported to have attacked neighbors in the past.[600] Claudia Gallardo was killed after jumping into the fenced yard where the dog was kept.[600]
April 22 American Staffordshire terrier (pit bull)[603] Jordyn Arndt 4 years Four-year-old Jordyn Arndt, was mauled by a pit bull at her babysitter's home. The owner of the dog, 24-year-old Jana Marie Wright, was supposed to be babysitting Jordyn.[604][605] She was convicted and sentenced in July 2015 to 10 years in prison for child endangerment causing serious injury, 10 years for neglect of a dependent person, 2 years for interference with official acts, and 1 year for assault on a police officer, to be served concurrently.[606] Neighbors say that they had previously filed several complaints about the dog.[604] The babysitter had a history of arrest on drug-related and child-neglect charges.[607]
April 24 American Staffordshire terrier mix (pit bull mix) Beau Rutledge 2 years The boy was killed while the mother stepped away to use the restroom. The dog was 8-years-old and neighbors said they had never thought it was aggressive.[608][609][610][611]
April 30 German Shepherd Rachael Honabarger 35 years The attack happened at home involving a male dog registered to her husband. The dog was 100–150 lbs and 3 years old. One neighbor said that the dog has been aggressive and guarded the house.[612] News sources reported that she died four days after the attack; however, the date given in her obituary was 2 days after the attack.[613]
May 8 4 Pit bulls or feral dogs (mixed-breed dogs with "possible 'pit bull' influence")[614][615] Carlton Freeman 80 years Freeman, a bi-lateral amputee at the knees, was driving in his wheelchair when he was attacked by a pack of four dogs that neighbors said had been roaming the neighborhood on-and-off for months. He tried to fight the dogs, but was unable to and was pulled from his wheelchair. The incident happened on May 8, and Freeman died on May 12. The coroner says he had lacerations and bites "from his legs to the top of his head." Initial reports said that three of the dogs belonged to a woman who is Freeman's neighbor and relative.[616][617][618] The Sheriff's Office later announced that the four dogs were feral and did not belong to anyone.[619] Sheriff's reports described the dogs as "brown dogs" and Animal Control claimed that they were mixed-breed "with possible 'pit bull' influence."[615] However, multiple news sources stated that they were pit bulls. Photos of three of the dogs are available.[615] One of the four dogs has not yet been found.[620]
May 9 Pack of four free-ranging dogs: Pit bulls[621] Pamela Marie Devitt 63 years The woman was walking near her home when she was attacked by a pack of dogs. DNA results later confirmed that four of the eight dogs owned by a local man had been involved in the attack.[621] Local residents reported that the area repeatedly has problems with packs of dogs running loose.

The owner of the dogs was charged with second degree murder for the attack. He was also charged with assault with a deadly weapon for a previous incident in which his dogs attacked a horse and rider and he threw a stone at the rider. He also faced several charges related to a marijuana growing operation he was running.[621] The dogs had been involved in several other attacks for which the owner was cited, and he had also been cited for failing to vaccinate, license, spay, neuter or microchip the dogs.[622] He was also in violation of the legal limit in that jurisdiction of owning no more than 3 dogs. In 2006, he had had four other dogs confiscated and destroyed after they attacked emus.[623][624][625][626][627]

June 9 Bullmastiff[628] Ayden Evans[629] 5 years Killed inside the home of family friends near Jessieville, Arkansas where he had been staying for two weeks because his family's home in Moore, Oklahoma had been destroyed by tornados. After the child had started loudly crying, the 150 lb. dog came running out of a back room and attacked him. The dog's owner stopped the attack, but not before the boy had received serious wounds to the neck and face. He was rushed to a hospital in Hot Springs, AR where he was declared dead. The dog ran away, so authorities began trying to find it and euthanize it. Investigators declined to say just yet whether or not the owners would face any charges.[630][631]
June 17 Pit bull mix Nephi Selu 6 years The boy was attempting to ride the dog "like a horse" when he was bitten a single time on the top of the head.[632] The two-year-old, un-neutered male dog had been acquired as a guard dog[632] and was kept in the backyard of the family's home.[633] After the bite, the family did not think he had been seriously injured and expected him to be fine "after a couple of stitches."[632] He was brought to the hospital 2 1/2 hours after being bitten and died two hours later.[632] The dog had up-to-date rabies shots and was properly licensed.[634]
June 25 Pit bull mix Arianna Jolee Merrbach 5 years Killed after walking up to a chained dog that belonged to her aunt.[635] The dog had been kept on a chain in violation of the county's laws against prolonged tethering, and animal cruelty charges were being considered against the owner.[636]
July 1 Labrador Retriever mix[637]

or "large, longer haired, black" mixed-breed[638]
or Mastiff-Rottweiler mix[639]

Linda Oliver 63 years She was killed by a dog that she had taken in as a stray. The incident occurred while she was attempting to stop it from attacking her other "small brown wiener dog."[640]
September 15 Husky-Mix(es) Jordan Reed 5 years Jordan was found dead after being mauled by one or more loose dogs.[641]
September 22 Pit bull-mixes (3) Daniel Teubner 2 years Mauled by 3 mix-pit bulls at his babysitter's home.


September 23 "Mixed-breed pit bull[s] (5)"[643] Samuel Eli Zamudio 2 years Killed by up to five dogs that belonged to his grandmother, in the back yard of her house. Authorities do not know how the boy ended up in the yard with the dogs, and occupants of the house said they heard no screams or other noises, but the boy was found dead with bite marks to his face and neck. Neighbors had complained to authorities about the noise and "stench from the yard" where the dogs were kept. A photo of one of the dogs is available.[643] The boy's grandmother and uncle were later arrested in Colton, California.[644][645]
September 27 Pit bull Jordan Ryan 5 years The boy was unsupervised at a family friend's house and entered a backyard pen where the dog was kept. The dog had been acquired 6 weeks earlier.[646]
November 1 Pit bull Terry Douglass 56 years Her dog, Boosie, which she originally acquired for protection[647] and had raised from a puppy. It had previously attacked a family member and Douglass, who carried a large facial scar as a result. Boosie had been taken away by authorities, but Douglass had fought to have Boosie back, and he had recently been returned to her apartment in Balitimore, MD. Officers speculated Douglass, a handicapped woman, may have fallen on the dog, and described the scene as "horrific".[648]
November 4 Pit bull (2) Katherine Atkins 25 years Went out to the kennel behind their home in Kernersville, NC to feed the dogs as usual, but this time they attacked. They belonged to her boyfriend. The dogs were euthanized and will be given a necropsy for clues as to why they attacked.[649]
November 5 Pit bull (2) Nga Woodhead 65 years On her daily walk about a mile from her home in Spanaway, Washington. The dogs had escaped from a nearby property and attacked from the rear. She fought the dogs with her umbrella and called her husband. A passerby tried to help. He told her husband the location, who called 911. Another neighbor gave the passerby a gun and he shot one, which fled. Police arrived and shot them, and an ambulance took her to the hospital. Her arm was especially badly mauled ("shredded"). Almost a week later, when she was sitting in the hospital waiting for her discharge paperwork, she died of a heart attack thought to be brought on by "extremity contusions, lacerations and fractures due to dog bites". The Sheriff recommended the county prosecutor file charges, but it was not yet clear whether they would.[650]
November 8 Pit bull(s) Levi Watson 4 years Visiting a home in White County, Arkansas. The boy "managed to get out of the home" and "enter a fenced-in area where three pit bulls were being held."[651] Emergency crews brought him to the hospital where he died. At press time, police were investigating which of three pit bulls were responsible; what the fate of the dogs, which were taken into custody, would be; and whether any charges would be filed. The owner was cooperating with the investigation.[652]
November 21 Pit bull/bull mastiff mix Joan Kappen 75 years Hot Springs Village, Arkansas[653] The owner of the 87-pound dog said it would frequently "bite out of fear". It had previously bitten an intoxicated family member in the face, bitten a neighbor in the face, and bitten its owner on the arm and leg. The attack occurred after the dogs were let outside unsupervised, off-leash in an unfenced yard.
December 7 Pit bull (2) Jah'Niyah White 2 years South Side, Chicago[654]
December 10 Shiba inu (2) Mia Gibson 3 months Attack occurred in the Columbus, Ohio home when the parents were sleeping. Mia was a premature baby who had only come home from the hospital Thanksgiving.[655]
December 13 Pit bull Michal Nelson 41 years Her own dog. She had gone outside, where the dog was kept chained up in a pen, to break ice on the dog's water bowl, when it attacked. Her brother found her body and shot the dog. Her eleven other dogs were taken away by authorities.[656]
December 21 Pit bull (2) Betty Clark 74 New Braunfels, Texas: Elderly widow was walking alone when neighbors' dogs badly mauled her. She was saved by another neighbor and her boyfriend, who used a gun to scare off the dogs, but not before receiving wounds that caused her death in the hospital 16 days later. After the attack, the dogs were euthanized and their owners were arrested for allowing a dog attack that resulted in a death.[657] The attack was first reported in the news media 4 months after the incident in an article about an unrelated attack.[658]
December 28 Boxer Tom J. Vick 64 years Vick and his wife tried to break up a fight at their home in Bullhead City, AZ between their two dogs when one of them turned on them. He died soon after arriving at the local hospital; she survived and was flown to a Las Vegas, NV hospital.[659]

Fatalities reported in 2014[edit]

Date Location Victim's name Victim's age Category of dog Circumstances
January 5 Houston, Texas Christine Bell 43 years Pit bull Mixes[660] Killed by a pack of dogs in an attack in which 2 other people were also injured. The owners of the dogs had previously received multiple citations for keeping the animals in deplorable conditions, not licensing or vaccinating them, and allowing them to run at large. Homicide detectives were determining whether to press criminal charges.[661]
January 17 Bloomington, Illinois Kara Hartrich 4 years Pit bull (2 males, 1 female) Died from blood loss following injuries sustained to head and neck after being attacked by the dogs while her grandmother was babysitting Kara and her 2-year-old sister. When the grandmother attempted to intervene, the dogs turned on her and she then focused on protecting the 2-year-old child and was unable to stop the attack on Kara. Emergency personnel were called and Kara was taken to a hospital but died from her injuries. The dogs were surrendered to McLean County Animal Control where they were euthanized after a 10-day observation period. No charges were filed against the owners.[662][663]
January 26 Corona, California Annabell Martin 89 years Rottweilers (3) The dogs belonged to the woman's grandson. He told police they had no history of aggressive behavior.[664] Other details are not known as there is little media coverage available from the incident.
February 7 Dayton, Ohio Klonda S. Richey 57 years Mastiff Mix[665] or Pit Bulls[666] Two male dogs were involved. Complaints had been made before to animal control about the dogs being at large. The victim had made 6 prior calls to animal control about the dogs, concerning their barking and the conditions they were kept in with inadequate food and water.[667] There is discrepancy in the media about the breed of the dogs. Dayton Police said the dogs looked like pit bulls; however, the Montgomery County Animal Rescue Center said the dogs were licensed and listed as mastiffs. The dogs' two owners pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of failing to control dogs. A bill named after Richey, the Klonda Richey Act, aimed at reducing future attacks, was proposed in the Ohio State legislature.[668]
February 17 Temple, Texas Je'vaeh Mayes 2 years Pit bull mix The girl's family was watching a friend's female dog and its two puppies. They were being kept in the back yard. The 2-year-old girl went out into the yard alone without her parents' knowledge and was attacked by the mother of the two puppies.[669]
February 24 High Point, North Carolina Braelynn Rayne Coulter 3 years Pit bull Was playing in her yard when her family's dog suddenly attacked. Her mother tried to stop it, but the dog attacked her as well. The family said the dog had never been aggressive, but neighbors said it had escaped and attacked a dog. Both mother and daughter were taken to the hospital, where Braelynn died. The dog was taken by authorities and scheduled to be euthanized after police finished their investigation.[670][671]
February 26 Tallassee, Alabama Summer Sears 4 years White shepherd-mix, with possible involvement of a black retriever-mix Killed while playing behind the trailer her grandfather rented.[672]
February 28 Paterson, New Jersey Kenneth Santilla 13 years Bull mastiff A 115-pound bull mastiff escaped a back-yard fence and mauled two 13-year-old boys, killing one and injuring the other.[673]
March 1 Killeen, Texas Raymane Robinson Jr. 2 years Bull mastiff Walking home from the playground with an 8-year-old girl, when the dog accidentally escaped from his owner's garage and attacked the girl. A teenage boy saved the girl, but then the dog immediately attacked Raymane and dragged him off. Someone shot at the dog, frightening it into dropping the boy and running back into the garage. Police and EMTs arrived and took them both to the hospital, where doctors saved the girl but the boy died of penetrating and blunt injuries.[674]
March 25 Houma, Louisiana Mia DeRouen 4 years Pit bull Family's pet pit bull attacked while she was watching television with her mother. The mother, also injured, had to barricade herself and the injured child in a bedroom until police arrived. Responding officers were forced to shoot the pit bull in order to enter the apartment.[675] The dog, Niko, was of an unusually large size, weighing in at 130 lbs. The victim's family has refused cooperation with authorities into further investigation. Another dog, a 6-month old female, was removed from the scene.
March 31 Thornton, Mississippi Christopher Malone 3 years Pit bull (2) Christopher Malone's mother found the boy's body behind the family's Holmes County home. The Holmes County Sheriff's Department said it happened around 4 p.m. No one saw the attack. Family members said they've had the dogs since they were puppies, and the dogs have been around children their entire lives.[676]
April 1 Kaufman, Texas Dorothy Hamilton 85 years Pit bull (2) A woman was found dead at her home in Kaufman on Monday afternoon, and police believe that pit bulls are responsible for the killing. It was around 4:45 p.m. when authorities were called to a residence in the 1400 block of East First North Street. When police arrived at the scene, they discovered 85-year-old Dorothy Hamilton dead in the living room of her home. Investigators also found a pair of aggressive pit bulls inside of the house. Animal control put down the two dogs that were inside the house when police found Hamilton. Authorities said that the dogs were being held in a bedroom, but it looks as though they broke down the door in order to attack the woman.[677]
April 6 Riverside, Alabama John Harvard 5 years Pit bull Playing outside his home when neighbor's dog, between 80–100 lbs., attacked. His 9-year-old brother couldn't get the dog off him, so he ran in the house and got his father, who shot at the animal, which broke off the attack and fled. After the attack, a neighbor called the EMTs, and an ambulance took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The dog was taken to a veterinary clinic. Before the attack, John and the dog had played together; the dog had been legally allowed free range with no previous complaints; and the town had had a nuisance law but no leash law.[678][679]
April 27 Smiths Station, Alabama Katie Morrison 20 years Pit bull (3) In her friend's yard playing with the dogs. When she picked something up from the ground, one of the dogs attacked, and the other two joined in. She suffered extensive bite wounds over her body and a severe head injury and died about a week later. At press time no charges had been filed and the dogs were still in mandatory ten-day quarantine.[680]
April 28 Sebring, Florida Jessica Norman 33 years Unclear (see text) The woman was found dead of a methamphetamine overdose. An autopsy found that she had bites that "appeared to come from a canine" and which "contributed to the death."[681] At the time that she died, neighbors had seen three aggressive pit bulls running loose in the neighborhood. Investigators attempted to link the dogs to the woman's death with DNA. They were able to show by DNA that hairs on her were of canine origin, but were unable to match the DNA with that of the specific dogs.
May 4 Caldwell County, North Carolina, North Carolina Nyhiem Wilfong 18 months 1 Rottweiler Toddler killed by a chained family dog in backyard at his grandfather's house.[682]
May 7 Felton, Delaware Kasii Haith 4 years Pit bull (3) The child had gone with his pregnant mother to visit one of the mother's friends and was playing in front of the home with the dogs, whom he had reportedly played with in the past. At some point the mother looked outside to see the three pitbulls attacking the child and rushed to help him, at which point the pitbulls attacked her. Nearby HVAC workers attempted to beat the dogs back with PVC pipes and were unsuccessful. The child was pronounced dead on scene by paramedics, the pregnant mother was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries and monitoring of the unborn child. The dogs had not been vaccinated against rabies and were euthanised.[683]
June 9 Davisburg, Michigan Holden Garrison 10 weeks Catahoula Cur When the dog tried to get on the sofa where the baby was on his uncle's lap, the uncle pushed it off. The dog then attacked, biting the baby on the face and neck. Father was injured prying him out of its jaws. EMTs tried to revive the baby and airlifted him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Prior to the attack, the dog had lived with the family for four years. It had bitten a person once, but had drawn no blood. After the attack, the dog was euthanized.[684]
June 23 Metamora Township, Michigan Craig Sytsma 46 years Cane Corso (2) The victim was out jogging in the evening. A neighbor who witnessed the attack successfully drove off the dogs after wounding one with a gun. According to police, dogs at the same address had attacked and bitten two other people in the previous two years who were walking or jogging in the neighborhood.[685] An unprovoked attack on a jogger by two 100-pound Cane Corsos was reported in Lapeer, Michigan. The jogger died. The two owners of the dogs were charged with second degree murder, which carries a potential sentence of Life in Prison, and ultimately pleaded guilty to "owning a dangerous animal, causing death", receiving a prison sentence for a minimum of 57 months to a maximum of 15 years. The couple may also face deportation, as they were under investigation for falsifying citizenship documents at the time of the mauling. "The dogs involved in the attack have a history of escaping from their kennel and have bitten at least twice before."[686][687]
July 20 Tampa, Florida Logan Shepard 4 years Pit bull (2) Mauled to death by his uncle's guard dogs after being left unsupervised while his parents left to consume cannabis.[688] The boy's grandmother said that the family knew the dogs were vicious.[689] Neighbors also said that the dogs were known to be vicious.[690] Although early speculations stated that the child may have let the dogs out of their cages to play with,[691] family members later stated that the uncle had left the dogs free to roam the yard and "to protect his property."[690]
July 20 Dayton, Ohio Johnathan Quarles Jr. 7 months "American Staffordshire terrier also referred to as a pit bull" The dog got past a baby barrier, and the boy's stepgrandmother picked the boy up from a car seat on the floor. The dog then jumped and bit at the two of them, the stepgrandmother tried punching the dog and grabbing its collar, then the dog bit the boy's head and ripped his scalp off. The dog had prior behavioral issues. Following the incident, the dog was seized and euthanized in September 2014, and the stepgrandmother was sentenced to three years in prison in June 2016.[692]
August 4 Madison Township, Ohio Cindy Whisman 59 years Pit bull-presa canario mix[693] or Pit bull Was playing with her 2-year-old grandson in the yard when the dog attacked. A neighbor beat the dog off with a walking stick, but she was already dead, with multiple wounds to the head, neck, and body. The dog had not shown previous aggression; the child used to climb and put weight on the dog. After the attack, the dog was to be destroyed.[694][695]
August 7 Fanning Springs, Florida Joel Chirieleison 6 years Pit bull (2) Babysitting aunt let the child and the two dogs outside her house and sat to watch TV. No one saw the attack. She looked outside and saw the body in the driveway. The authorities arrived and determined that the dogs had killed the boy. After the attack, the dogs were removed by animal control officers and scheduled to be destroyed. The aunt had been babysitting the child when his father went to work for weeks. The aunt said she had never had any problems with the dogs before the attack, and police said the boy and the dogs had been together on a regular basis.[696][697][698]
August 11 St. Charles County Deriah Solem 1 year & 10 months Pit bull-mix Grandmother, 58, had set the child down after feeding her when the 80 lb., 10-year-old dog attacked. Wounds to the head and neck were the cause of death, not those to her back and stomach. Grandmother, who lost the tips of her fingers trying to save the child, ordered her brothers, 5 and 8 years old, to run for their lives. They ran and got the next door neighbor to call for help. She used a steak knife to end the attack, but the child was pronounced dead at the hospital. Before the attack, the dog had behaved aggressively. After the attack, the dog was destroyed.[699] The dog was usually kept locked up in a back room and it is unclear how the dog got out to attack.[700]
August 13 Miami-Dade County Javon Dade Jr 4 years Labrador retriever-pit bull mix[701] or pit bull mix and Pit bull In the evening, the boy was at home with his father. The father then went into a bedroom to smoke marijuana and cocaine with his girlfriend. The next morning the boy was missing. They later found him outside dead. The father and girlfriend were charged with child neglect. The father also had an extensive criminal history for dealing drugs.[702]
September 20 Benton County, Mississippi David Glass Sr 50 years Pack of pit bulls Attacked by a pack of dogs on the side of the road.[703][704]
September 26 Cave City, Arkansas Alice Payne 75 years Pit bull Ms. Payne's daughter arrived and found the elderly woman dead on the floor of her home with apparent bite marks on her face, neck, and arms inflicted by her own pit bull. Police responded to a 911 call made by the woman's family, who were able to get the dog into the back yard where it was eventually put down by police officers.[705]
October 24 Hustisford, Wisconsin[706] Logan Meyer[706] 7 years Rottweiler[706] The boy was bitten and bled severely at his home where there was also a dog kennel. He and his family had moved there a week or two earlier.[707]
October 25 Rowland, North Carolina Alameaner Dial 83 years Pit bull (1 adult male, 1 adult female, and 2 puppies) Attacked by her granddaughter's 4 dogs. The victim's daughter in law said that the dogs were left to roam in a large fenced area, were known to be vicious, and had caused problems in the neighborhood before. Relatives and neighbors had repeatedly asked that the dogs be restrained. They had previously called police and the Department of Social Service to intervene, but the situation of the dogs had remained unchanged.[708]
November 12 Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming Deanne Lynn Coando 40 years Pack of reservation dogs No one witnessed the attack by the pack of roaming dogs and few details are available.[709]
November 14 Stratford, Connecticut Stella Antanaitis 91 years Keeshond mix The woman was attempting to intervene in a fight between her dog and cat when the dog attacked her.[710]
November 18 Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota Jayla Rodriguez[711] 8 years Pack of reservation dogs[712] While sledding near her home, the girl was attacked by a pack of dogs. Witnesses to the attack were unsure of how many dogs were involved or what were their breeds.[713]
November 23 Rockingham County, North Carolina, North Carolina Jose Robles 62 years Pack of Hounds and Blue Heelers Man attacked by a pack of 14 dogs died from injuries related to the attack. The attack occurred by the pack of dogs while he was walking down a road. He was visiting family in the area.[714]
December 1 Pollock, Louisiana, Louisiana Bobbie Cheveallier 85 years Unknown Elderly woman attacked while she was unconscious (due to a diabetic condition) near her home by a pack of dogs. She died a few days later due to injuries from the attack. Some of the dogs belonged to a neighbor and some of the dogs were stray dogs. Their breeds were unknown.[715]
December 6 Citrus County, Florida Christopher Joaquin Camejo 2 years Rottweilers (4) The child was attacked and killed by his grandfather Joaquin's 4 Rottweilers in the grandfather's yard. The dogs broke little Christopher's neck and tore open his throat; there were bite wounds and abrasions to his entire body, as well as lacerations of his kidney, spleen and pancreas. Animal control seized the adult Rots and a Pekinese from the home; the Rots were euthanized. Joaquin retained a litter of Rottweiler puppies. Authorities disturbed by the violence of the boy's death pressed for charges against his parents, who both tested positive for meth, oxy and other illegal drugs. Neighbors told CPS that the Rots had been aggressive in the past, including attacking people, and the grandfather had been informed. They also said his house was the center of constant drug activity. Animal Control records showed multiple calls about the grandfather's address. His 32-year-old mother Claudie Scarbrough and his 30-year-old father Christopher Louis Camejo were charged with third-degree murder in his death; both were under the influence of illegal drugs when the attack occurred. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter.[716][717]
December 25 Portage, Indiana Edward Cahill 40 years Pit bull The man died after suffering bites to his arms and face from his dog. No one else was home to witness the attack. The man's girlfriend said they had given the dog a bone for Christmas and he was extremely aggressive and protective of it. The girlfriend also said that she had told Mr. Cahill to euthanize the dog in the past because he was "extremely aggressive and unpredictable."[718]

Fatalities reported in 2015[edit]

Date Location Victim's name Victim's age Category of dog Circumstances
January 7 Frederick, Maryland Eugene Smith 87 years Pit Bull The man died after suffering bites to his head and left arm from his son's dog. He was taking down a Christmas tree when the dog attacked him.[719]
January 19 Brooksville, Florida Declan Moss 1.5 years Pit bull (2) Playing on his family's porch when the family's two Pit bull dogs attacked.[720] His grandfather tried to pull the dogs off, but when the ambulance arrived, he was already dead. Before the attack, the two dogs had played with Declan since they were puppies and they had never shown any aggression. After the attack, the two dogs were removed by animal services.[721]
January 22 College Springs, Iowa Malaki Mildward 7 years Pit bull-mixes (2) Playing in his yard with the six-month-old pit bull mixes[722] — a 25-pound female and a 35-pound male — as he had done with no problems since they were small puppies. There were no witness; relatives came outside and found him unresponsive. The dogs stood calmly by while EMTs tried to revive him. They were calm and friendly as they were taken away until they along with the family's third dog were put down, just as they had reportedly always been with everyone before the attack.[723] When his father sold their litter-mates, he described them as "pitbull English bulldog-types." Malaki was pronounced dead 50 minutes after the attack. No charges were filed.[724]
February 4 Coal Hill, Arkansas Fredrick Crutchfield 63 Years unknown (3) Found dead by a family member.[725]
February 22 West Mifflin, Pennsylvania TayLynn DeVaughn 2 Years Pit bull-mix The family had been staying with the residents for days and the dog had shown no sign of aggression. At about 8:45 p.m. the dog suddenly bit her face and shook her, killing her very quickly.[726] She was pronounced dead at the hospital; the dog was euthanized, and no charges were filed.[727]
March 8 Ohio County, West Virginia Roy Higgenbotham Jr. 63 years Pit Bull This man was killed while trying to resuscitate the dog's owner from a heart attack. The pit bull was not registered with the city, despite ordinance requiring all pit bulls in the city be registered. Both men were pronounced dead at a local hospital.[728]
March 12 Sulphur Springs, Texas Betty Wood 78 years Rottweiler Found dead by her daughter in the home where she lived alone. Investigation concluded she had been killed by the dog that she had owned for five years. The dog was scheduled to be destroyed and tested for rabies.[729]
March 14 Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota Julia Charging Whirlwind 49 years Pack of reservation dogs The woman was attacked early in the morning near her property. The sheriff arrived and shot and killed the dogs.[730]
March 21 Jefferson County, Arkansas De'Trick Johnson 38 Pit bulls (7 or 8) Arrived at a garage for a car repair appointment, when seven guard dogs got under the fence and attacked him. He ran and got on the roof of his car, but was not saved. Police arrived and tazed a dog, but it had no effect, so he shot it dead. Animal control tried a tranquilizer gun on another, but that failed, so three more were shot dead, one escaped, and animal control captured and euthanized two. Before the attack, reports had been filed with the police about the dogs. After the attack, the escaped dog returned to the garage, showed aggression towards a deputy and was shot. An eighth dog found on the property that had not participated in the attack was captured.[731][732] The owner pleaded guilty to a felony manslaughter charge on April 1, 2016.[733]
March 31 Washington, Georgia Neta Lee Adams 81 years Unknown The woman's body was found in a ditch and autopsy determined she had died from a dog attack.[734]
April 14 Pahrump, Nevada Kenneth Ford 79 years 3 pit bulls Ford went to his neighbor's two-home property to feed his cats when the pit bulls jumped the fence and attacked him.
April 19 Dallas Texas Brayden Wilson 10 weeks old pit bull Was savagely killed by his family's pet pit bull. The child was sitting in a bouncing seat while the parents were outside.[735]
May 2 Canyon Lake, Texas Gaege Ramirez 7 years old mixed-breed 5 Mauled to death by up to five dogs while visiting friends.
May 25 Chicago, Illinois James Nevils III 5 years old Dogo Argentino Boy was killed by his cousin's dog while visiting his home. The dog belonged to the boy's cousin, who was away when the attack occurred.[736]
June 28 Lawton, Oklahoma Jordan Collins-Tyson 3 years old pit bull Killed by a pit bull while under the care of his babysitter. The pit bull fatally bit the little boy's throat. Police said the child had been around the dog before without any problems.[737]
July 2 Pecos, Texas Norberto Legarda 83 years old pit bulls (3) Attacked and killed by three pit bulls belonging to his daughter's next door neighbor while feeding his daughter's labrador. The neighbor's pit bulls somehow entered into the backyard and began attacking Legarda and the labrador. When police arrived, the pit bulls were still attacking the dog and a man was lying in the backyard. Police had to pepper spray and taser the pit bulls to reach the injured man. Shortly thereafter, Legarda was pronounced dead.[738]
July 7 Hendersonville, North Carolina Joshua Strother 6 years old pit bull Brutally killed by a pit bull belonging to his neighbor who had adopted the male, neutered pit bull from the Asheville Humane Society (AHS) three weeks earlier. The deadly attack occurred after Joshua climbed the fence to enter his neighbor's yard. Joshua had been climbing over the fence to visit the dog since its arrival, as well to play with his neighbor's young daughter.[739]
July 12 Shaker Heights, Ohio Annie Williams 71 years old pit bull Attacked and killed by a pit bull that had escaped from the back yard just after she exited her car in a residential neighborhood. Annie was picking up her two great granddaughters from a home in Shaker Heights, where they were with their father, when the pit bull belonging to someone living in the home attacked her in the driveway.[740] The dog's owner pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. His mother pleaded guilty to negligent homicide and received a six-month suspended jail sentence.[741]
July 24 Redbird, Oklahoma Carolyn Lamp 67 years old pit bulls (3) Rottweiler (1) Violently killed by up to four dogs. Witnesses said she was walking down South Main Street in the small town of Redbird when the animals attacked. One man chased the dogs away, but it was too late. The dogs savaged the woman's face and ripped off all of her clothing. Witnesses said she was left unrecognizable. She died on scene.
August 10 Orlando, Florida Max Gracia 25 years police dog The man, an armed-robbery suspect was bitten multiple times by police dogs while resisting arrest. An autopsy determined that he died four days later of infection from those dog bites. During the arrest, Mr.Gracia had hit the dog several times and attempted to drown it in a lake.[742]
August 22 Spartanburg, South Carolina Porsche Cartee 25 years Pit bull Porsche was killed by her pit bull when she tried to protect her two roommates from being attacked by the dog.[743]
August 24 Davie County, North Carolina Cathy H. Wheatcraft 48 years Pit bull Wheatcraft had just stepped out and was walking toward her mailbox when attacked. The dog, which may have been riled from a storm, had escaped through a neighbor's window while its owner was away. It had been declared a "nuisance animal" three months earlier, after leaving its owner's property and fighting with another dog. A neighbor of Wheatcraft was attacked while trying to assist her, until a police officer arrived and fatally shot the dog.[744]
September 4 Autauga County, Alabama Barbara McCormick 65 years Shepherd or retriever mixed-breeds (3) McCormick was apparently mauled to death by her family's pet dogs. When she was found, two dogs were off their leash, and one was tied up. The county sheriff speculated that the dogs may have gotten into a fight during feeding, and she may have tried to break up the fight or been accidentally knocked down prior to the attack.[745]
September 8 North Shore, California Emilio Rios 65 years Pit Bull (2) The man was out for a morning walk near his home when he was attacked by the dogs. The dogs also attacked a woman, leaving her in a hospital with major injuries. They ran off when police arrived, and were later captured at a nearby residence.[746]
September 22 Miami-Dade County, Florida Carmen Reigada 91 years American bulldog mix, Rhodesian ridgeback mix, German shepherd mix The woman was found in her home in a pool of blood, missing the skin of her scalp and most of her face, with bites on her head, neck, arms and legs. Her great grandson's three pet dogs were suspected. A forensic dentist matched the mouths of all the dogs to the bite marks. Miami-Dade Animal Services confiscated the dogs, declared them dangerous, and wanted to euthanize them, but the owner fought to spare two of them. His attorney argued that the bulldog, found covered in blood, may have been the aggressor, and that the other two dogs, found without blood, were trying to help her. A March 2016 ruling ordered their euthanization.[747]
September 28 Baker Heights, West Virginia Lamarkus Hicks 2 years Boxer mix The toddler was attacked by a 1-year-old boxer mix named Bubba, which was chained in the yard of a neighbor.[748]
October 18 Vidor, Texas Tanner Smith 5 years Pit Bull (2) Child killed by two pit bulls while visiting a friend's home.[749]
October 16 Oklahoma City Edgar Brown 60 years Pit Bulls (5) Man was attacked on October 6 by five pit bulls when he went to a friend's rental home to take out the trash, and died on October 16 in a hospital from a number of complications.[750]
November 8 Elmont, New York Amiyah Dunston 9 years Pit Bull Amiyah was visiting her father and playing outside with 2 other children when a family friend's 2-year-old male pit bull "Kane" aka "Beast" attacked her, biting into her head and neck and throwing her around. Police have to shoot the pit bull to end the attack. Amiyah died at the hospital, bite wounds all over her body.[751]
November 12 Madison County, Tennessee Anthony Riggs 57 years Rottweiler Attacked and killed by a 5-year-old pet Rottweiler he had adopted only that same day. His wife called deputies who shot the dog killing it. Riggs was pronounced dead on the scene with multiple bite wounds all over his body.[752]
November 15 Oneida County, New York Carter Hartle 11 Months Shar Pei-Pit Bull-mix[753] Family dog attacked and killed the baby while "playing" with the children.[753]
December 2 Detroit, Michigan Xavier Strickland 4 years Pit Bulls (4) Attacked and killed while walking with his mother to volunteer at a local school. The pits escaped from 41-year-old Geneke Lyons' poorly fenced yard, grabbed the child and dragged him back under the fence; once inside the fence, they mauled him to death as he screamed for his mother. Police arrived and shot 3 pits fatally, the other was taken away by animal control. The child was rushed to a local hospital where he later died of his injuries. Pit owner Geneke Lyons was arrested by police; he was charged in January 2016 with second-degree murder, manslaughter and possessing dangerous animals causing death. His lawyer called it an accident. Neighbors say his pit bulls routinely escaped his property and terrorized locals.[754][755][756]
December 3 Port Huron, Michigan Rebecca Hardy 22 years Pit Bull and White Husky[757][758][759] The woman, a young mother, climbed onto a decrepit fence of a yard housing a pit bull known to be vicious; a witness said the pit bull, King, pulled Hardy down off the fence. It mauled her head, tearing out her throat, one eye, both ears and part of her nose, as well as breaking her spine. There was a white husky in the yard, and a litter of pit/husky mixes in the house. The husky joined in the attack later. Owners Andrew Scott Miller and Jessica Rae Johnson were cited for lacking dog licenses.[759]
December 4 Rogersville, Missouri Werner Vogt 85 years 4 Boxer mixes Elderly man was killed by a neighbor's loose dogs while riding his bike in his neighborhood.[760]
December 20 Miami, Florida Nyjah Espinosa 2 years 5-year-old male American Bulldog Pit bull mix[761] The girl was visiting her father at his home when his dog attacked her. The girl's grandmother called the dog a pit bull on social media,[762] but Animal Services said it was an American Bulldog mix.[763]

Fatalities reported in 2016[edit]

Date Location Victim's name Victim's age Category of Dog Circumstances
January 3 Linda, California Tyler Trammell-Huston 9 years Pit bulls (3) The boy was visiting his sister whose dogs killed him.[764]
January 8 Independence, Virginia Payton Sawyers 15 months Pitbull-Rottweiler Mix Payton was attacked on January 6, 2016 under the care of her babysitters. The dog which belonged to the babysitters bit Payton in the head. She was airlifted to a hospital and died two days later.[765]
January 24 Lumberton, North Carolina Talan West 7 years Pit bull, mixed-breeds (2) While playing with his siblings in a field, Talan was charged by three dogs. The male pit bull terrier broke his neck killing him after he was bitten multiple times by the other dogs. The three dogs tested negative for rabies. The pit bull, who suffered from severe heartworms, became overexcited and died at the scene. The other two, who were female and had young puppies, were euthanized.[766][767]
February 7 Youngstown, Ohio Aiden Grim 3 days Labrador-Shepherd Mix Aiden was lying in a laundry basket when the family dog bit his head. He was dead at the arrival of the police. The death was ruled accidental as the forensic pathologist that performed the autopsy said the dog was only trying to pick the baby up.[768]
February 11 Perquimans County, North Carolina Suzanne Story 36 years Boxer-Pit bull Mix Story was mauled to death inside her home by her 1.5-year-old 100-pound male Boxer-Pit bull mix. The dog had attacked her while she was cleaning its crate; her sister heard her screams and pulled the dog off her and shut it into a bathroom. The dog broke a hole in the bathroom door, forced its way out and resumed its attack, holding her down, mauling her, and ripping her throat out.[769]

Story had adopted Buddy from a newspaper ad placed by his former owner, Cheryl Davino, only weeks before it killed her. The dog's breeder, Mike Brown, told reporters Davino had told Brown that she sold Buddy after he attacked her small dog; Davino never mentioned Buddy's violent attack to Story.[770]

March 28 Charlotte, North Carolina Bessie Flowers 84 years American Pit Bull Terriers (2) While visiting her daughter's home, Flowers slipped or fell onto a dog's bed. The daughter's family dogs, a male and female, initially played with Flowers, then became increasingly aggressive, biting her head and neck, and causing substantial blood loss. According to the Medical Examiner's Office, Flowers died of "blunt force neck injuries due to dog attack." The two dogs were euthanized three days after the attack.[771][772]
March 31 Leesburg, Florida Sonda Tyson 66 years Large pit bull mix Severely attacked in her home by her own dog, which police described as a 100lb brindle pit bull mix.[773] No witnesses were present. The dog was fatally shot on site by responding police officers.[774]
April 21 San Diego, California Sebastian Caban 3 days Pit bull Mix Two parents were watching television in bed with their newborn son and 2-year-old, neutered family pit bull Polo, which they'd adopted from the San Diego Humane Society five months previously; the SDHS advertised Polo online as "vivacious, bubbly and cheerful."[775] The mother coughed, and the 76lb pit bull responded by biting the newborn infant in the head. After a struggle to get Polo to release their child's skull, the parents drove Sebastian to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Polo was quarantined by San Diego County Animal Services, which euthanized it days later, at the request of the owners.[776][777]
April 24 Homestead, Florida Manuel Mejia 49 years 10 Belgian Malanois-bulldog mixes Caretaker was killed on the farm where he worked and the dogs lived.[778]
June 4 Stockton, California Earl Wayne Stephens Jr. 43 years Pit bull Victim was helping the pit bull's owner repair a scooter when the pit bull bit the victim in an undisclosed number of times, killing the victim[779][780]
June 4 Bangor, Maine Hunter Bragg 7 years Pit bull Victim was playing outside with the pit bull when the dog attacked the boy's throat, according to the animal control officer's report. Report states the attack was unprovoked and the dog had a history of attacking other pets belonging to the previous owner of the pit bull.[781][782][783]
June 15 Manor, Texas Erin McCleskey 36 years Appeared to be Labrador retriever-great Pyrenees mixes (4) and husky-Australian cattle dog mixes (2) McCleskey entered the gate to a property to serve court papers, and was attacked by several dogs. Neither the dogs' owner nor any witnesses were present during the attack. 14 puppies were also found on the property. No humans lived at the house, where the six adult dogs were kept for breeding purposes.[784][785] A court ruling to euthanize the dogs was made on June 24, 2016.[786]
June 20 New Haven, Connecticut Jocelyn Winfrey 53 years American Bulldog Mixes Jocelyn Winfrey was attacked, bitten and mauled by two dogs when she and her friend, Hamilton Hicks, who is the owner of the dogs, were walking to his house. During the attack, Hicks tried to pull the dogs off of Winfrey but he was also attacked and suffered non-life threatening injuries. Neighbors also intervened by throwing rocks at the dogs during the incident. After the attack, Winfrey underwent surgeries to remove both eyes and one leg. Winfrey died one week after the attack.[787][788] Hicks was charged with misdemeanor possession of crack cocaine, and there was "speculation as to whether or not the dogs may have gotten into some narcotics", but the dogs were too aggressive to test without anesthetics, which would have polluted the sample. The dogs were scheduled to be euthanized.[789]
June 27 Fresno, California Susie Kirby[790] 3 days Believed to be Shar-pei/Pit Bull Mixes (2) A mother left her infant "for a few seconds" on a sofa, and her brother's two pit bulls, which she thought were tied up outside, entered through an open door and attacked the infant. The mother heard screaming and ran to rescue the baby. Susie Kirby died at the hospital. The pit bulls were surrendered to the Central California SPCA to be euthanized.[791][792]
August 19 Jacksonville, Florida Michael Downing 83 years Rottweiler mix, German Shepherd mix, and Chow Chow mix. Elderly man killed by a pack of four dogs that had escaped their yard.[793]
October 23 Sherman Township, Michigan Kiyana McNeal 4 years Doberman Pinscher Child killed by newly adopted family dog and the mother tried to intervene but was unable to stop the attack.[794]
October 25 New York City, New York Daisie Bradshaw 68 years 2 German Shepherds Woman killed in her home by her daughter's two dogs.[795]
December 16 Grover Beach, California David Fear 68 years 1 Belgian Malinois and 1 German Shepherd The two dogs were attacking an elderly woman and David was killed by the dogs when he tried to intervene to stop the attack. The dogs had somehow escaped their owner's property. The elderly woman survived the attack.[796]

Fatalities reported in 2017[edit]

Date Location Victim's name Victim's age Category of dog Circumstances
January 17 San Marcos, Texas Skylar Julius 2 months German Shepherd (1) The baby girl was attacked by the family dog while the father was sleeping.[797]
February 13 Queens, New York Louise Hermida 75 years Mastiff-Great Dane mix (1) Louise was attacked by the family dog in the basement of her home.[798]
February 16 Clarksville, Tennessee Unknown 5 years English Mastiff (2) The child was attacked by two family dogs. The identify of the child was not publicly reported.[799]
Apr 6 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Cecille Short 82 years pit bull (2) Cecille was attacked by two dogs that escaped their yard while she was walking her own dog in her neighborhood.[800]
April 27 Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania Lisa Green 32 years Boxer mix (1) Lisa was attacked by her own dog and was found lying on her backyard deck.[801]
May 1 Asheville, North Carolina Jane Egle 59 years South African Boerboel (1) Jane, who was a dog breeder, was found dead in her house with injuries that are consistent with a dog attack. She was found dead by her daughter who described one of the six dogs that were in her mother's house as "extremely aggressive". All six dogs were South African Boerboels and all six were not properly socialized and had aggression issues.[802]
May 12 Redding, Connecticut Sandra Keiser 71 years mixed breed dog (1) Sandra was attacked by her own dog in her home.[803]
May 25 Grand Rapids, Michigan Susannah Murray 3 weeks pit bull (3) The baby was left alone for five minutes with three dogs, one of the three dogs attacked her.[804]
June 1 Virginia Beach, Virginia Unknown 91 years American Pit Bull Terrier (1) The woman was attacked after she had fallen in her home. The dog was adopted by her daughter three days prior.[805]
June 9 Phoenix, Arizona Marcos Raya Jr. 18 months Rottweiler (1) Marcos was attacked by the family dog while the grandmother was doing laundry.[806]
July 27 El Paso, Texas Jacob Brooks 4 years German Shepherd mix (3), pit bull mix (1) Jacob was attacked by four family dogs while left unattended on the trampoline in the backyard.[807]
August 6 Bangor, Maine Unknown 3 weeks Husky-Shepherd mix The baby boy was attacked by the family dog while sleeping in his crib.[808]
August 7 Jackson, Mississippi Connie Storey 61 years pit bull (1) Connie was attacked by her son's dog went she went outside to feed it.[809]
August 19 Houston, Texas Michael Obergas 8 weeks Giant Schnauzer mix (1), Labrador Retriever mix (1) The baby boy was killed by the two family dogs while in his crib.[810]
October 21 Lowell, Massachusetts Javien Candelario 7 years pit bull (1) Javien entered an enclosure where two dogs were held and was fatally attacked.[811]
November 3 Cleveland, Ohio Sophia Booth 2 weeks German Shepherd (1) The baby girl was killed by the family dog in her bedroom.[812]
November 4 Hamlet, North Carolina David Baber 65 years pit bull (1), mixed breed dog (1) David was killed by his two dogs in the backyard of his home.[813]
November 29 Guntersville, Alabama Tracy Cornelius 46 years pit bull (4) Tracy and her friend were attacked by four dogs belonging to a relative.[814]
December 1 Gaffney, South Carolina Korbin Williams 8 years mixed breed dog (3) Korbin and his friend were walking in his neighborhood when they were attacked by three dogs. Korbin was pronounced dead at the scene; the other child was taken to a hospital for bites to his leg. Korbin was familiar with the dogs, played with them daily, and had just fed them before the attack. His mother was caring for the dogs while their owner was out of town and they escaped from a fence.[815]
December 7 Jackson County, Alabama Emily Colvin 24 years pit bull (5) Emily was killed and another woman injured when five dogs from her neighbor's house attacked them while walking.[816]
December 11 Alsip, Illinois Dorothy Ford 76 years pit bull (1) Dorothy was attacked by a dog in the back yard of the home where she lived.[817]
December 14 Goochland County, Virginia Bethany Stephens 22 years pit bull (2) Bethany was attacked by her own two dogs while taking them for a walk in a wooded area near her father's house. Due to circumstances in her life, she had left her dogs with her father who, according to reports, had neglected the dogs.[818]
December 20 Phoenix, Arizona Carol Harris 69 years Akita (1) Carol was attacked at the dog boarding facility where she was a volunteer. She was working with the dog to socialize it when the attack happened.[819]
December 24 Arjay, Kentucky Lorraine Saylor 66 years pit bull (2) Lorraine was attacked by a neighbor's two loose dogs in front of her house. The neighbor who owned the dogs was in jail when the attack occurred.[820]
December 28 Modesto, California Deborah Onsurez 56 years Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Queensland Heeler, Labrador Retriever, pit bull mix. Deborah was killed by a pack of seven stray dogs of various breeds and mixed breeds while outside near the driveway of a business.[821]

Fatalities reported in 2018[edit]

Date Location Victim's name Victim's age Category of dog Circumstances
January 9 Ouachita Parish, Louisiana Laura Ray 53 years pit bull (1) Laura was killed by the dog at a pet boarding facility. She worked at the pet boarding facility and it was the dog's first stay at the facility.[822]
January 14 Duncan, Oklahoma Rylee Dodge 3 years pit bull (1) Rylee was killed at home by the family dog. The dog had been adopted only five days earlier.[823]
March 7 Jonesville, Virginia Unknown 8 days Malamute-Wolf hybrid mix (1) The baby girl was mauled and killed while she was in her bassinet by the 3 year old family dog.[824]
March 9 Cape Girardeau, Missouri Unknown 13 months mixed breed dog (1) The baby girl was mauled and killed by a dog while she was at her babysitter's house. The dog, described as a 40 pound mixed breed dog (Labrador Retriever, Malamute, pit bull mix) in the news footage, lived at the babysitter's house.[825]
March 25 Converse, Texas Noah Trevino 4 years mixed breed dog (1) The boy was playing in the backyard of his home when the family dog attacked and killed him. The dog was tethered at the time of the attack and was described as a "mixed large breed dog" by Bexar County Animal Control.[826]
May 5 Sherman Oaks, California Gaia Nova 3 months Rottweiler (1), Labrador Retriever (1) The baby girl was attacked and killed by a family dog when her grandmother left the room to get a bottle. The family had three dogs - a Rottweiler (100 lbs), a Labrador Retriever (100 lbs), and a small terrier (10 lbs). Authorities are not sure which of the three dogs is responsible, but it is likely that one (or both) of the family's larger dogs was responsible (Rottweiler and/or Labrador Retriever). [827]
May 10 Ardmore, Oklahoma Tracy Garcia 52 years mixed breed dogs (7) The woman was attacked and killed by her neighbor's dogs. The dogs were described as 7 small (all under 40 lbs) mixed breed (dachshund terrier) dogs.[828]
May 16 Gulfport, Mississippi 75 years pit bulls (2) Attacked by neighbor's dogs.[829]The neighbor, Emily Craft, was later arrested on charges of "dog at large" and "vicious animal," and the dogs were euthanized.[830]
May 30 Miramar, Florida 8 months pit bull (1) Infant attacked by family pet while in the care of a relative.[831]
June 12 Forest Park, Georgia Paige George 5 months German Shepherd (1) The baby girl was mauled and killed by the babysitter's dog while the infant was asleep. The babysitter was also asleep in another room when the incident occurred. The babysitter was a family friend and the dog had been around the baby since it was born. [832]
June 21 Huntingtown, Maryland Jenna Sutphin 28 years Dogo Argentino (1) Jenna was attacked and killed by one of her dogs, a Dogo Argentino that she owned with her fiance. She was found outside of her home early in the morning and died later that day as a result of her injuries. Her fiance is a K-9 officer and they owned two Dogo Argentinos (both family dogs) that were being used as a breeding pair. The dog that attacked Jenna was shot and killed by a responding Maryland State Police trooper. [833]

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