List of federal judges appointed by Andrew Johnson

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President Andrew Johnson.

Following is a list of all United States federal judges appointed by President Andrew Johnson during his presidency.[1] Johnson appointed only nine Article III federal judges during his presidency, all to United States district courts. Andrew Johnson is one of only four presidents[2] who did not have an opportunity to appoint a judge to serve on the Supreme Court. In April, 1866 he nominated Henry Stanbery to fill the vacancy left with the death of John Catron, but the Republican Congress eliminated the seat.

District courts[edit]

Judge Court Began active
Ended active
Blatchford, SamuelSamuel Blatchford S.D.N.Y. May 3, 1867[3] March 4, 1878
Bryan, George SeabrookGeorge Seabrook Bryan D.S.C. March 12, 1866 September 1, 1886
Brooks, George WashingtonGeorge Washington Brooks D.N.C. August 19, 1865[4] January 6, 1882[5]
Clark, DanielDaniel Clark D.N.H. July 27, 1866 January 2, 1891
Dundy, Elmer ScipioElmer Scipio Dundy D. Neb. April 9, 1868 October 28, 1896
Erskine, JohnJohn Erskine N.D. Ga.
S.D. Ga.
July 10, 1865[4] April 25, 1882
December 1, 1883
Fox, EdwardEdward Fox D. Me. May 31, 1866 December 14, 1881
Hill, Robert AndrewsRobert Andrews Hill S.D. Miss.
N.D. Miss.
May 1, 1866 August 1, 1891
Sherman, Charles TaylorCharles Taylor Sherman N.D. Ohio March 2, 1867 November 25, 1872

Specialty courts[edit]

United States Court of Claims[edit]

Judge Began active
Ended active
Milligan, SamuelSamuel Milligan 1868 1874



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