List of federal judges appointed by James A. Garfield

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Despite his short tenure in office, James A. Garfield was able to appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court of the United States and four other federal judges. Garfield shared the appointment of Addison Brown with his successor, Chester A. Arthur, with Garfield placing him on the bench via a recess appointment and Arthur later nominating him to the same seat and issuing his commission.

Supreme Court[edit]

Judge Seat State Began active
Ended active
Stanley Matthews seat 6 Ohio 18810512May 12, 1881 18890322March 22, 1889

Lower courts[edit]

Judge Court Began active
Ended active
Pardee, Don AlbertDon Albert Pardee Fifth
May 13, 1881 September 26, 1919[1]
Boarman, AlexanderAlexander Boarman W.D. La. May 18, 1881 August 30, 1916
Brown, AddisonAddison Brown S.D.N.Y. June 2, 1881[2] August 30, 1901
Colt, LeBaron B.LeBaron B. Colt D.R.I. March 21, 1881 July 23, 1884


  1. ^ The old Fifth Circuit was abolished on June 16, 1891 in favor of the newly created United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, to which Pardee was assigned by operation of law, and on which he served until his death on September 26, 1919.
  2. ^ Recess appointment; formally nominated on October 12, 1881, confirmed by the United States Senate on October 14, 1881, and received commission on October 14, 1881.