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In contrast with the political party systems of many nations, Canadian political parties at the federal level are often only loosely connected with parties at the provincial level, despite having similar names. One exception is the New Democratic Party, which is organizationally integrated with most of its provincial counterparts including a shared membership.

Political parties represented in the House of Commons[edit]

Name Founded Ideology Leader MPs
  Conservative Party of Canada
Parti conservateur du Canada
2003 Conservatism, Economic liberalism Stephen Harper 162
  New Democratic Party
Nouveau Parti démocratique
1961 Social democracy Thomas Mulcair 95
  Liberal Party of Canada
Parti libéral du Canada
1867 Liberalism, Centrism Justin Trudeau 36
  Bloc Québécois 1991 Quebec sovereignty, Separatism, Social democracy Gilles Duceppe 2
  Green Party of Canada
Parti vert du Canada
1983 Green politics Elizabeth May 2
  Strength in Democracy
Forces et Démocratie
2014 Social democracy, Quebec nationalism, Regionalism Jean-François Fortin 2

Other parties registered with Elections Canada[edit]

Parties that are eligible to be registered with Elections Canada[1][edit]

Unregistered parties that have been active in recent years[edit]

Historical parties that have won seats in Parliament[edit]

Other historical parties that nominated candidates[edit]

Historical parties that did not nominate candidates[edit]

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