List of female judges of the Supreme Court of India

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The Supreme Court of India, in New Delhi

This is a list of female judges of the Supreme Court of India, the highest court in the Republic of India. The list is ordered according to chronology.

The first female justice in the court was Fathima Beevi appointed on 6 October 1989. There have been 7 more female justices in the court since then. Presently there are 3 sitting female judges out of the total 25 judges (including Chief Justice) in the court namely R. Banumathi, Indu Malhotra and Indira Banerjee.[1][2]

List of Judges in chronology[edit]

S. No. Name Date of appointment Date of retirement Position before being appointed
as Judge of Supreme Court
1 Fathima Beevi 6 October 1989 29 April 1992 judge of Kerala High Court first female judge of Supreme Court
2 Sujata V. Manohar 8 November 1994 27 August 1999 Chief Justice of Kerala High Court
3 Ruma Pal 28 January 2000 2 June 2006 judge of Calcutta High Court longest-serving female judge of Supreme Court
4 Gyan Sudha Misra 30 April 2010 27 April 2014 Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court
5 Ranjana Prakash Desai 13 September 2011 29 October 2014 judge of Bombay High Court
6 R. Banumathi 13 August 2014 19 July 2020 Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court incumbent
7 Indu Malhotra 27 April 2018 13 March 2021 Member of the High Level Committee (HLC) in the Ministry of Law and Justice[3] incumbent
8 Indira Banerjee 7 August 2018 23 September 2022 Chief Justice of the Madras High Court incumbent

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