List of festivals in the United States

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Festivals of the United States
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This is an incomplete list of festivals in the United States.

Festivals by locale[edit]

State and city[edit]


Festivals by type[edit]

Alternative festivals[edit]

Arts and crafts festivals[edit]

Beer festivals[edit]

Celebration/talk festivity[edit]

Culture, heritage and folk festivals[edit]

Earth and nature festivals[edit]

Film festivals[edit]

Fine art and theatre festivals[edit]

Flower festivals[edit]

Food, harvest and wild game festivals[edit]

For food festivals in the United States, see also: Category:Food festivals in the United States.

Holiday festivals[edit]

Innovation festivals[edit]

LGBT festivals[edit]

Music festivals[edit]

Rock festivals in the United States, see: Category:Music festivals in the United States.

Pagan festivals[edit]

Pioneer festivals[edit]

Religious festivals[edit]

Renaissance fairs[edit]

Rodeo and horse racing festivals[edit]

Science festivals[edit]

Seasonal festivals[edit]

Sports festivals[edit]

Storytelling festivals[edit]

Transportation festivals[edit]

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