List of fictional alien species: B

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Name Source Type
Baalols Perry Rhodan
Babel fish The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy A universal translator; a small yellow leech-like fish that telepathically translates all languages into one the wearer knows after inserting it in his ear.
Badoon Marvel Comics
Bahmi Rift: Planes of Telara Descendants of humans and air spirits. Large blue- or violet-skinned humanoids.
Bailies Cleopatra 2525 Machine race that conquered Earth
Bajoran Star Trek Humanoid
Ba'ku Star Trek
Baliflids Ascendancy
Ballchinnian Men in Black II
Balmarian Super Robot Wars
Baltan Ultraman Space ninja
Bane The Sarah Jane Adventures Large tentacled aliens
Bandersnatchi Larry Niven's Known Space Artificially engineered single-celled gastropod, twice the size of a brontosaurus. Slaver's meat animal, sentient. Agree to be hunted for sport in exchange for currency to purchase mechanical arms. Asexual reproduction, impervious to genetic degradation or mutation.
Bandi Star Trek Humanoid
Banik Farscape Humanoid
Bannermen Doctor Who Humanoid
Bantha Star Wars Huge hairy beasts of burden
Barkonides Perry Rhodan
Barzans Star Trek
Battle Cupcakes Bravest Warriors The Battle Cupcakes were engineered by Danny to fight to the complete and utter death.
Baufrin Renegade Legion Insectoid centauroid
Beffel Harry Turtledove's Worldwar series A domestic animal native to Home, kept as pets by the Race. Befflem (plural) are described as having armored hides and possessing stumpy legs despite their agility. They are generally playful and agreeable and make an endearing squeaking noise, but their aggressiveness should not be underestimated: When cornered by another animal, they do quite well for themselves in a fight. Threats include tsiongi and prey include domestic cats and dogs. On Home, there were regulations against letting unleashed befflem run free. On Tosev 3 (Earth), such regulations were uncommon as befflem were much more inclined to do what they wanted than what the Race wanted them to do. They would adapted well on Earth, making many smaller native animals its prey. They also treated human masters the same as any of the Race.
Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race Muv-Luv
Benjari Battlelords of the 23rd Century
Benzite Star Trek
Berellian Star Trek
Berserkers Fred Saberhagen's Berserker series
Berubelan Anachronox
Besalisk Star Wars Four arms
Betazoid Star Trek Empathic humanoids
Bgztl DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes
Bioroids Intense Stories
Bith Star Wars
Bismollian DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes
Bjorn Space Quest
Black Arms Shadow the Hedgehog Humanoid
Black Cloud Fred Hoyle Interstellar dust cloud
Black Oil The X-Files
Blastaar Marvel Comics Native of the Negative Zone
Blathereen Doctor Who Raxacoricofallapatorian
Blisk Destroy All Humans! 2 Bipedal, armoured crustaceans with a hive mind and a dependence on radiation. Former natives of Mars.
Blobs Invader Zim
Bolian Star Trek Blue-skinned humanoids
Boolite Farscape Humanoid
Boomalopes RimWorld Genetically engineered quadrupeds that, while weak and fragile, explode when they die.
Boomrats RimWorld Rat-like creatures that explode when killed
Borg Star Trek A race of cybernetically enhanced life forms from the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. Able to assimilate almost any life form into their collective hive-mind and able to adapt to all forms of offensive capability instantly.
Bothans Star Wars Humanoid
Braalians DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes
Bradicor Schlock Mercenary
Brain Dogs Bravest Warriors
Brainiac Smallville
Brains The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius ("Win, Lose and Kaboom")
Brakiri Babylon 5 Primarily night dwellers
Breen Star Trek Humanoid
Brikar Star Trek: New Frontier
Briori Star Trek
Brood Marvel Comics
Brunnen G LEXX Humanoid
Brunali Star Trek
Brutes (Jiralhanae) Halo Pack mentality humanoids of great physical standing. Part of a larger group known as the "Covenant". Intensely loyal to their religious beliefs, intent on completely wiping out the human race.
Budong Farscape
Bugs from Klendathu Starship Troopers
Bulrathi Master of Orion
Buggers Ender's Game series A hive mind species resembling insects. Invaded Earth twice before being destroyed at their home world by Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin.
Bunless People Bravest Warriors The Bunless people inhabit the planet Bunless 9 and have no buns.
Bynar Star Trek