List of fictional alien species: J

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Name Source Type
Jaffa Stargate SG-1 Genetically altered humans with pouches that are designed to incubate Goa'uld larvae.
Jaridians Earth: Final Conflict Humanoid
Jawa Star Wars Creatures that live in the Tatooine desert. Their appearance is known to few as they often have robes covering the whole of their bodies.
Jem'Hadar Star Trek
Jenova Final Fantasy 7
Jezzedaic Priests Battlelords of the 23rd Century
Jiralhanae Halo Known more commonly as Brutes. Part of Covenant Hierarchy.
Jjaro Marathon Trilogy
J'naii Star Trek
Jocaceans Farscape Humanoid
Jophur David Brin's Uplift Universe
Jorenians S.L. Viehl's StarDoc series and associated universe Large blue-skinned humanoid with retractile claws.
Jotoki Larry Niven's Known Space
Joozian South Park Their skin is dull yellow, with light brown markings and have beady eyes. Only male Joozians have been shown.
Judoon Doctor Who Rhino-like Humanoid