List of fictional alien species: N

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Name Source Type
Naalu Twilight Imperium serpentine telepaths
Naglon Doctor Who Humanoid
Nairnama Independence War, aka I-War
Namekian Dragon Ball Humanoid
Naram Renegade Legion Humanoid
Narn Babylon 5 Humanoid
Nebulon Homestar Runner A bipedal green alien. Whenever he appears, he is told to leave, as "no one likes his style".
Nhar-Gh'Ok Invader Zim Humanoid. Resembling babies.
Na'vi Avatar (2009 film) Blue Humanoid
Nausicaans Star Trek
Neadlehead Win, Lose and Kaboom
Nosedeenian Ben 10
Nebari Farscape Humanoid
Nebular Calvin and Hobbes
Necris Unreal tournament
Necrons Warhammer 40,000
Necrotons Mork and Mindy Humanoid
Nemet C. J. Cherryh's Alliance-Union universe
Nephilim Wing Commander: Prophecy
Neptunians Futurama Humanoid
Neutrals Futurama Humanoid
New Gods The Fourth World in DC Comics
New Orions Master of Orion III
Nicassar Warhammer 40,000
Niea Niea 7
Nietzscheans Andromeda
Nihilanth Half-Life
Nimbuloids Ascendancy
N'Kull Advent Rising
Nitros Oxide Crash Bandicoot series
Nodulians Tracker
Nomads Freelancer
Nomes Terry Pratchett's The Bromeliad
Nommo Master of Orion
N'Orr Twilight Imperium water-efficient warrior insectoids
Novus Universe at War
Nox Stargate SG-1 Humanoid
Nyronds passim in the works of Zander Nyrond; occasionally in those of his "brother" Soren