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Name Source Notes
Taalo Star Control The only member of the Sentient Milieu known to inhabit the region of space currently occupied by the New Alliance of Free Stars. They are large, rock-like creatures. The unusual silicon-based physiology of the Taalo did not trigger the instinctual territoriality of the Ur-Quan and the two races became friends, resulting in the entrance of the Ur-Quan into the Sentient Milieu. They were highly advanced technologically, their final creation being the Taalo Shield, created in desperation for their allies as a protection against Dnyarri mind-control.
Tachidi Master of Orion III
Taelons Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict Humanoid
Tagorians Noon Universe
Taiidan Homeworld Humanoid
Tak Tak Star Trek
Talan Outcast
Talarian Star Trek
Talaxian Star Trek Humanoid
Tallerian Warhammer 40,000
Talokians DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes
Talosian Star Trek
Tamaraneans Teen Titans Humanoid
Tamarian Star Trek
Tandaran Star Trek
Tandu David Brin's Uplift Universe
Tangeans Buzz Lightyear of Star Command A humanoid being that can phase through objects and read minds
Tanndai Techknight Battlelords of the 23rd Century
Tarellian Star Trek
Tarentatek Star Wars
Targum Umor targumskega diplomata Plantoid
Tarkans Farscape Humanoid
Tarkas Sword of the Stars
Tasoth X-COM: Terror from the Deep
Tatanga Super Mario Land Humanoid
Tau Warhammer 40,000 Humanoid
Tavleks Farscape Humanoid
Taxxons K. A. Applegate's Animorphs Large centipede-like creatures with several big hands and an undying hunger
Tc'a C. J. Cherryh's Chanur novels
Tchoung Valérian and Laureline
Technarchy Marvel Comics
Tecresean Battlelords of the 23rd Century
Tellarite Star Trek
Temarkians Utopia
Tenctonese Alien Nation
Tenebrian Hal Clement's Close to Critical
Tentaculat X-COM: Terror from the Deep
Terileptils Doctor Who
Terra Novans Star Trek
Terran Final Fantasy IX
Terrellian Star Trek Humanoid
Terrians Earth 2 They are humanoid in shape but not in physiology. Their chemical structure is not carbon-based, and they are symbiotic with their planet and able to move through the soil. They communicate with humans through dreams.
Tetramand Ben 10
Tetraps Doctor Who
Thalan Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords
Thalians Star Fleet They are humanoid in appearance. Due to their mixed appearances, it is unclear if they belong in a definitive race or are many races out of the Thalian Zone after domination from the Imperial Alliance. All have robotic/cybernetic attachments replacing certain parts of their bodies. These range from robotic lobsters/centipedes over one eye to symbiotic talking faces and at least one arm is replaced with a robotic one.
Thalonian Star Trek
Thals Doctor Who
Than-Thre-Kull Andromeda Insectoids
Thanagarian DC Comics
Thargoids Elite / Captain Kremmen
Thasian Star Trek
Thep Khufan Ben 10
Therbian (see Aaamazzarite) Star Trek
Theron Dan Dare stories
The Others The 5th Wave (series) City-sized alien spaceship. Nickname given by Cassie Sullivan. They created a series of "waves" to wipe out humanity and invade Earth.
The Thing Who Goes There?, The Thing from Another World, and The Thing (including a video game sequel, novelization/comic book series, and a prequel) Parasites that have the capability to shape-shift, thus imitating its hosts after assimilating them.
The Strangers Knowing
Tholian Star Trek
Thraddash Star Control Rhinoceros-like humanoid
Thranx Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth series
Thrint Larry Niven's Known Space
Thrumbos RimWorld Incredibly powerful horned quadrupeds with white fur covering their heads and backs.
Tiberians Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes' Encounter With Tiber
Tilikanthua Utopia
Time Lords of Gallifrey Doctor Who Humanoid
Tines Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep Dog-like group intelligences
Titanians DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes
Titanide John Varley's Gaea trilogy
Titans Yoko Tsuno The nickname comes from the fact that they are gigantic insectoids. They have strong telepathic abilities and need cybernetics to survive on an Earth-like planet.
T'Lani Star Trek
Tleilaxu Dune universe
Tnuctip Larry Niven's Known Space
Toclafane Doctor Who
Tok'ra Stargate SG-1
To'kustar Ben 10 This species is created during cosmic storms.
Tollan Stargate SG-1
Toluen Imperium Galactica II: Alliances
Tony [Hetalia]]
Torians Galactic Civilizations
To'ul'h Orion's Arm
Trabe Star Trek Humanoid
Tractators Doctor Who
Traeki David Brin's Uplift Universe
Tralfamadorians Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan and Slaughterhouse 5
Tran Alan Dean Foster's Icerigger
Transylian Ben 10
Transylvanians Rocky Horror Picture Show
Transformer Transformers
Trandoshans Star Wars
Traskans Farscape Humanoid
Treecats David Weber's Honorverse A six-legged cat-like creatures native to the planet Sphinx in the Manticore System. They are a tool-using race that loves celery.
Treens Dan Dare stories
Tribble Star Trek Compare with the earlier flat cats from Robert A. Heinlein's The Rolling Stones.
Triceraton Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Trilarians Master of Orion II
Trillions Nicholas Fisk books Small collective crystals
Trills Star Trek
Trinocs Larry Niven's Known Space
Triscene X-COM: Terror from the Deep
Trolls Homestuck Trolls that are characterized by their horns and grey colored skin. Beta Universe Trolls hail from the planet Alternia, while Alpha Universe Trolls hail from the planet Beforus.
Tromites DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes
Tsiongi Harry Turtledove's Worldwar series A domestic animal native to Home and kept as pets by the Race. The plural of tsiongi is 'tsiongyu'. Tsiongyu got along well with both Lizards and human beings, but were not as friendly or playful as the beffel, an animal with which the tsiongi tended to fight. Domestic tsiongi is used to help herding zisuili unlike its feral cousins who preyed on the meat animals. It is also known for having a reputation in perversity and pride.
Tsufurujin Dragon Ball
Tunnel Makers Einstein's Bridge Aquatic/shape-shifting
Tusken Raider Star Wars Humanoid
Turians Mass Effect
Twi'lek Star Wars Humanoid
Twinsunians Little Big Adventure
Twonkies The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Tyranid Warhammer 40,000
Tzenkethi Star Trek