List of fictional alien species: V

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Name Source Type
Vaadwaur Star Trek
Vademon Digimon
Vanacancia Utopia
Vanryn The Haunted Stars Related to Earth people. They once possessed a great interstellar empire, but are now a low-technology people, restricted to their home world Ryn (a planet of Altair).
Vardians Tracker
Varga plants Doctor Who
Vardrag Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
Vargr Traveller RPG Genetically-altered canine stock taken from Terra by the Ancients
Vasari Sins of a Solar Empire
Vashta Nerada Doctor Who Tiny, swarming creatures found in the shadows; like piranhas or ants, they strip their prey to the bone.
Vasudans Descent: FreeSpace – The Great War Humanoid
Vauvusar Renegade Legion Amphibianoid
Vaxasaurian Ben 10 Dinosaur-like aliens from the planet Terradino. Vaxasaurians can change their size to be up to 60 feet tall.
Velantians Lensman books
Venek Farscape Humanoid
Venom and Carnage Marvel Comics
Venom grubs Doctor Who
Verga Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World Frozen insect-like humanoids with blue skin
Vervoids Doctor Who
Vespid Warhammer 40,000
Vhorwed Schlock Mercenary
Vidiians Star Trek
Vilani Traveller RPG
Viltrumites Invincible
Vinean Yoko Tsuno Humanoids with blue skin
Visitors South Park Stereotypical looking aliens with gray skin and tear-shaped heads and eyes. They are genderless.
Visitors V
Vogons The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Unsightly humanoids, described as "not actually evil, but bad-tempered, bureaucratic, officious and callous". They originate from Vogsphere, where they used surgery rather than natural evolution to achieve their current form. They pilot Vogon Constructor Fleets, which are used to obliterate planets.
Vok Beast Wars Mysterious aliens who seem to resemble floating, gaseous skulls; their base of operations (be it a planet or even a whole other dimension) is Nexus Zero. They apparently have some jurisdiction over the stability of time and space and use highly advanced technology, including the Planet-Buster. Some consider them to be an evolved form of the Swarm, "purified" by Optimus Prime with the Matrix.
Vorc Farscape Humanoid
Vorcarian bloodtracker Farscape Humanoid
Vorlons Babylon 5
Vorta Star Trek Humanoid
Vortex life forms Ecco the Dolphin
Vortians Invader Zim Vortians are characterized by their goat-like physiology (hooves, horns, etc.) The Vortians are a technologically advanced race, providing the Irkens with advanced military technology. The Vortian home world, Vort, was conquered by Invader Larb and is now Irk's top military research prison.
Vorticon Commander Keen Humanoid
Vortigaunt Half-Life Humanoid
Vortisaurs Doctor Who audio dramas
Voth Star Trek
Vroarscans Utopia
Vrusk Star Frontiers Insectoid centauroid
Vulcans Star Trek Humanoid
Vullard Ratchet & Clank
Vulpimancer Ben 10 Eyeless gorilla-dog like aliens found on the planet Vulpin. Vulpimancers can use echolocation.
VUX Star Control
Vyrium Conquest: Frontier Wars Reptilian
Vyro-Ingo Star Control 3
Vy'keen No Man's Sky Honorable warriors in the Universe of NMS.