List of fictional alien species: W

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Name Source Type
Wadi Star Trek
Waldahudin Robert J. Sawyer's Starplex
Wanderers Noon Universe
Wang's Carpets Greg Egan's Diaspora
Wankh Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure series Black frog-like humanoids
The Watcher Marvel Comics
Waterseekers Red Planet
Weeping Angels Doctor Who Statue-like humanoid
Weevils Torchwood Humanoid
Whrloo Larry Niven's Known Space
Willis the Bouncer Red Planet
Winathians DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes
Wirrn Doctor Who
Wisps Sonic the Hedgehog Squid-like creatures of various shapes and colors
Wogneer Star Trek
Wolfweeds Doctor Who
Wookiees Star Wars Humanoid
Wraith Stargate The wraith looks like a human; the difference is the grey skin, the long hair of all of them, and some little holes in the face.
W'rkncacnter Marathon Trilogy