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This list of fictional birds is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. It is restricted to notable bird characters from the world of fiction.

Anseriformes (swans, geese, etc.)[edit]

For ducks see

Apodiformes (hummingbirds, swifts, etc.)[edit]

Charadriiformes (seagulls, puffins, etc.)[edit]

Ciconiiformes (storks, ibises, etc.)[edit]

Columbiformes (pigeons, dodos, doves, etc.)[edit]

Pigeons and doves[edit]


Coraciiformes (kingfishers, hornbills, etc.)[edit]

Cuculiformes (cuckoos, roadrunners, etc.)[edit]

Falconiformes (falcons, hawks, eagles, vultures, etc.)[edit]

Galliformes (chickens, peacocks, turkeys, guans, etc.)[edit]


Bird Brain, a zombified bass guitarist with a partially exposed brain and eyeballs dangling from their sockets.
Bone Head, a resurrected chicken skeleton with a trumpet.
El Pollo Diablo, a horned, pitchfork-wielding demon chicken hatched from a deviled egg.
Frankenchicken, a seven foot-tall tambourine-shaking rooster constructed in a lab.
Greasy Chicken, a pompadoured retro rockabilly chicken guitarist.
Pastafarian, a tie-dyed hippie saxophonist with a taste for herbs.
Puke Boy, a punk rock drummer with a tendency to over-indulge in partying.
Punky Rooster, a punk rock accordionist with a pierced beak and comb.
Sgt. Psyclopps, a one-eyed militia guitarist.
Wikkan Chicken, a keyboardist chicken versed in witchcraft.

Other galliformes[edit]

Gaviiformes (loons, etc.)[edit]

Gruiformes (cranes, etc.)[edit]

Passeriformes (crows, finches, sparrows, etc.)[edit]

Crows, ravens, jays, rooks and magpies[edit]

Finches and canaries[edit]


Other passeriformes[edit]

Pelecaniformes (pelicans, boobies, cormorants, etc.)[edit]

Piciformes (toucans, woodpeckers, etc.)[edit]


Toucans and emerald toucanets[edit]

Phoenicopteriformes (flamingoes, etc.)[edit]

Procellariformes (albatrosses, etc.)[edit]

Psittaciformes (parrots, macaws, etc.)[edit]

Sphenisciformes (penguins, etc.)[edit]

Jessica, a penguin who appears in Oggy and the Cockroaches.

Alex, a penguin who appears in the episode Keep Cool (2000) in Oggy and the Cockroaches

Tootsie,a 1-year old baby penguin in the Donald Duck Franchise. Appears in the 1939 cartoon Donald's Penguin.

Strigiformes (owls, etc.)[edit]

Struthioniformes (ratites, etc.)[edit]


Birds of unknown species[edit]


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