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A fictional book is a non-existent book created specifically for (i.e. within) a work of fiction. This is not a list of works of fiction (i.e., actual novels, mysteries, etc.), but rather imaginary books that do not actually exist.

Inclusion criteria[edit]

This is a list of fictional books that appear in literature. Fictional books appearing in other print media, such as comics, are listed in List of fictional books from periodicals. Fictional books that appear in other types of media, such as television shows, are listed in List of fictional books from non-print media.

This is not a list of works of fiction (i.e., actual novels, mysteries, etc.), but rather imaginary books that do not actually exist. The fictional books on this list are ordered alphabetically under the name of the actual author who invented them.


Works invented by Edwin A. Abbott[edit]

In Flatland:

  • Through Flatland to Thoughtland by Prof. A. Square

Works invented by Gilbert Adair[edit]

In The Act of Roger Murgatroyd:

  • The Case of the Family Jewels by Evadne Mount
  • Death Be My Deadline by Evadne Mount
  • The Mystery of the Green Penguin by Evadne Mount
  • No Murder in the Title by Evadne Mount
  • Oedipus vs. Rex by Evadne Mount
  • The Proof of the Pudding by Evadne Mount
  • The Stroke of 12 by Evadne Mount
  • The Timing of the Stew by Evadne Mount
  • The Urinal of Futility by Evadne Mount
  • The Wrong Voice by Evadne Mount (play)

In A Mysterious Affair of Style:

  • Death: A User's Manual by Evadne Mount
  • Eeny-Meeny-Murder-Mo by Evadne Mount (play)
  • Murder Without Ease by Evadne Mount
  • The Tourist Trap by Evadne Mount (play)

In A Closed Book:

  • The First Fruits by Sir Paul
  • The Lion of Beltraffico by Sir Paul
  • Sitting at the Feet of Ghosts by Sir Paul
  • The Spirit of the Place by Sir Paul

Works invented by Douglas Adams[edit]

In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series:

The fictional electronic book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, depicted on the cover of a 1991 electronic edition of the actual trilogy
  • Celestial Homecare Omnibus
  • Encyclopedia Galactica
  • Fifty-Three More Things to do in Zero Gravity
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Mark II
  • How I Scaled the North Face of the Megapurna with a Perfectly Healthy Finger But Everything Else Sprained, Broken or Bitten Off By a Pack of Mad Yaks
  • How I Survived an Hour with a Sprained Finger
  • Life Begins at Five Hundred and Fifty
  • Practical Parenting in a Fractally Demented Universe
  • Sidereal Daily Mentioner's Book of Popular Galactic History
  • Sqornshellous Swamptalk
  • The Ultra-Complete Maximegalon Dictionary of Every Language Ever
  • You and Your Planets by Gail Andrews
  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Guilt But Were Too Ashamed To Find Out by Oolon Colluphid
    • Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Sex But Have Been Forced To Find Out by Oolon Colluphid
  • Where God Went Wrong by Oolon Colluphid
    • Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes by Oolon Colluphid
    • Who Is This God Person Anyway? by Oolon Colluphid
    • Well That About Wraps It Up for God by Oolon Colluphid
  • The Big Bang Theory: A Personal View by Eccentrica Gallumbits
  • Songs of the Long Land by Lallafa
  • Time Traveller's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations by Dr. Dan Streetmentioner

In Doctor Who :

  • Origins of the universe by Oolon Colluphid
  • The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey by Rassilon

Works invented by Lloyd Alexander[edit]

  • In The Book of Three, there is a distinct and fictional tome named The Book of Three

Works invented by Martin Amis[edit]

In The Information:

  • Amelior by Gwyn Barry
  • Summertown by Gwyn Barry
  • Aforethought by Richard Tull
  • Dreams Don't Mean Anything by Richard Tull
  • Invisible Worms (unpublished) by Richard Tull
  • Untitled by Richard Tull

In London Fields:

  • Darts: Master the Discipline by Anonymous

In Money:

  • The Ironic High Style by Doris Arthur

Works invented by Poul Anderson[edit]

In The Earth Book of Stormgate:

  • A "running set of reminiscences" by James Ching
  • Tales of the Great Frontier by A. A. Craig. (Poul Anderson had used the pseudonym ""A. A. Craig"" for two earlier stories.)
  • Far Adventure, an autobiography by Maeve Downey
  • Private journals of Hirharouk
  • The Sky Book of Stormgate by Rennhi

Works invented by Wes Anderson[edit]

In The Royal Tenenbaums:[1]

  • Old Custer, a novel by Eli Cash
  • Wildcat, a novel by Eli Cash
  • Accounting For Everything: A Guide to Personal Finance, non-fiction by Henry Sherman
  • Dudley's World, non-fiction by Raleigh St. Clair
  • The Peculiar Neurodegenerative Inhabitants of the Kazawa Atoll, non-fiction by Raleigh St. Clair
  • Family of Geniuses, a memoir by Etheline Tenenbaum
  • Three Plays ("Erotic Transference," "Nakedness Tonight," "Static Electricity"), by Margot Tenenbaum

In Moonrise Kingdom:[2]

  • Disappearance of the 6th Grade by Burris Burris
  • Shelly and the Secret Universe by Nan Chapin
  • The Girl from Jupiter by Isaac Clarke
  • The Francine Odysseys by Gertrude Price
  • The Light of Seven Matchsticks by Virginia Tipton
  • The Return of Auntie Lorraine by Miriam Weaver

Works invented by Piers Anthony[edit]

In The Source of Magic:

  • The Anatomy of Purple Dragons, author unknown
  • Hailstones: Magic vs. Mundane, author unknown
  • The Status of Spirits in Royal Abodes, author unknown
  • Tales for Ghosts, author unknown

Works invented by Isaac Asimov[edit]

In The Foundation Trilogy:

In "Blind Alley":

  • Essays on History, by Ligurn Vier

Works invented by Kate Atkinson[edit]

In Emotionally Weird:

  • by Effie Andrews, the 'Madame Astarti' novels:
    • The Finger of Fate
    • Hand of Fate
    • Mermaids Ahoy!
    • Pick a Card, Any Card
    • The Wheel of Fortune
  • by Andrea Garnet
    • The Adventures of Anthea
    • Anthea's Anguish (Booker prizewinner 2001)
  • The Invasion of the Tara-Zanthians by Colin Hardy
  • The Expanding Prism of J by Archie McCue
  • Wards of Love by Philippa McCue
  • The Balniddrian Conspiracy (in the Chronicles of Edrakonia series) by Kevin Riley
  • by Martha Sewell (poetry)
    • Cherry Picking in Vermont
    • Chicken Spirits

In Life After Life:

  • by Delphine Fox (pseudonym for Isobel Todd)
    • The Adventures of Augustus (series)

Works invented by Margaret Atwood[edit]

In The Blind Assassin:

  • The Blind Assassin by Laura Chase
  • The Chase Industries: A History

In Lady Oracle:

  • Lady Oracle by Joan Foster
  • by Louise K. Delacroix (pen name of Joan Foster)
    • Escape from Love
    • The Lord of Chesney Chase
    • Love Defied
    • The Secret of Morgrave Manor
    • Stalked by Love
    • Turrets of Tantripp
  • by Mavis Quilp
    • Anne Armstrong, Junior Nurse
    • Helen Curtis, Senior Nurse
    • Janet Holmes, Student Nurse
    • Judith Morris, Arctic Expedition Nurse
    • Lucy Gallant, Army Nurse
    • Nurse of the High Arctic
    • Romance in Paradise

In The Robber Bride:

  • Deadly Vestments: A History of Inept Military Couture by Antonia Fremont (in progress)
  • Five Ambushes by Antonia Fremont
  • Four Lost Causes by Antonia Fremont


Works invented by John Barnes[edit]

In One For the Morning Glory:

  • Chronicles, by Cedric
  • The Codwalloper's Daughter, traditional story ballad
  • Highly Unpleasant Things It Is Sometimes Good To Know, compilation
  • King Boniface, by Roderick
  • The Masque of Murder, by Roderick
  • Memoirs, by King Amatus
  • Penna Pike, traditional story ballad, extended by Prince Amatus
  • Robber Baron: The Rise of the Thunder Family from Terror of the North to the Kingdom's Most Respected Barony, by Deacon (Prime Minister) Dick Thunder (authorship disputed)
  • Things That Are Not Good To Know At All, compilation
  • The Third Part of Prince Amatus, by Roderick
  • The Tragical Death of Boniface the Good, by Roderick

Works invented by L. Frank Baum[edit]

In The Road to Oz:

  • Encyclopedia Donkaniara, by an unknown author

In the Oz books, by Baum and his successors:

  • Glinda's Great Book of Records

Works invented by Max Beerbohm[edit]

In Seven Men:

  • A Faun on the Cotswolds by Stephen Braxton
  • Savonarola: A Tragedy by Ladbroke Brown
  • Ariel in Mayfair by Hilary Maltby
  • Fungoids by Enoch Soames
  • Negations by Enoch Soames

In A Christmas Garland:

Works invented by John Bellairs[edit]

In The Face in the Frost:

  • An Answer for Night-Hags
  • Nameless Horrors and What to Do About Them
  • Six Centuries of English Spells
  • Table of Rust Rates by Captain Monkhouse
  • Krankenhammer by Stefan (the mad cobbler of Mainz) Schimpf

In Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull:

  • Weird Tales of the Maine Seacoast
  • Clavicule de Saloman, La by Warren Windrow

In The Dark Secret of Weatherend:

  • Eminent Minnesotans
  • A History of Hoosac County
  • Peculiarities of American Cities
  • The Testament of J. K. Borkman by Jorgen Knut Borkman
  • The Book of the Dead by Simon of Salisbury

In The Figure in the Shadows:

  • Free Inquiry into the Properties of Magic Amulets by Florence Helene Zimmermann

In The House with a Clock in Its Walls:

  • Hardesty's Universal Omnium Gatherum
  • Cloud Formations and Other Phenomena by Isaac Izard

In The Letter, The Witch, and the Ring:

  • A Cyclopedia of Jewish Antiquities by Reverend Merriwether Burchard

In The Mummy, The Will, and the Crypt:

  • Stately Homes of New England

In The Doom of the Haunted Opera (with Brad Strickland):

  • Transactions of the Capharnaum County Magicians Society (6 volumes)

In Vengeance of the Witch-Finder (with Brad Strickland):

  • History of the Barnavelt Family and the Rebellion Against King Charles I by James Barnavelt
  • Persecution, for Witch-Craft, of Martin Christian Barnavelt by Martin Christian Barnavelt

Works invented by Hilaire Belloc[edit]

In "Done into Verse: A Suggestion for a Rhymed 'Who's Who': Keanes, Herbert O'Hone":

(all by Herbert Keanes)

  • The Ethics of Jean-Paul
  • Flowers and Fruit
  • The Future of Japan
  • Is There a Clifford?
  • Musings by Killarney's Shore
  • Nero
  • Problems of the Poor
  • What, indeed, is man?

Works invented by Jedediah Berry[edit]

In The Manual of Detection:

  • The Manual of Detection

Works invented by Robert Bloch[edit]

In The Man Who Collected Poe:

  • The Crypt by Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Further Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym by Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Worm of Midnight by Edgar Allan Poe

In The Mannikin:

  • Cabala of Saboth
  • Commentaries on Witchcraft by Mycroft

In The Shambler from the Stars:

In The Suicide in the Study:

  • Cultes des Goules by Comte d'Erlette
  • Black Rites by Luveh-Keraphf

Works invented by Roberto Bolaño[edit]

In 2666: (all by Benno von Archimboldi)

  • The Berlin Underworld
  • Bifurcaria Bifurcata
  • Bitzius
  • The Black Sea
  • The Blind Woman
  • D'Arsonval
  • The Endless Rose
  • The Father
  • The Garden
  • The Head
  • Inheritance
  • The King of the Forest
  • The Leather Mask
  • Lethaea
  • The Lottery Man
  • Lüdicke
  • Mitzi's Treasure
  • Railroad Perfection
  • The Return
  • Rivers of Europe
  • Saint Thomas

Works invented by Jorge Luis Borges[edit]

In Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius:

In "The Library of Babel":

  • Axaxaxas mlö (the words "axaxaxas mlö" also occur in Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius in an example of the language of Tlön)
  • The Combed Thunderclap
  • The Plaster Cramp

In stories named after the fictional books:


  • The Conversation with the Man Called Al-Mu'tasim: A Game of Shifting Mirrors by Mir Bahadur Ali (1934) -- Illustrated version
  • Lesbare und lesenswerthe Bemerkungen über das Land Ukkbar in Klein-Asien by Johann Valentin Andreä
  • The Book of Things Unknown by Attar
  • Temple of Fire by Ali Azur
  • Urkunden zur Geschichte der Zahirsage (Documents and Tales: the History of the Zahir) by Julius Barlach (1899)
  • A General History of Labyrinths by Silas Haslam (1888)
  • Vindication of Eternity by Jaromir Hladík (1927)
  • Don Quixote and other works by Pierre Menard
  • Les Problemes d'un probleme by Pierre Menard (1917)
  • The God of the Labyrinth by Herbert Quain
  • April March by Herbert Quain
  • The Secret Mirror by Herbert Quain
  • Statements by Herbert Quain
  • Dem hemlige Fralsaren by Nils Runeberg (1909)
  • Kristus och Judas by Nils Runeberg (1904)
  • Biography of the Baal Shem by Dr. Marcel Yarmolinsky (1940)
  • An Examination of the Philosophy of Robert Fludd by Dr. Marcel Yarmolinsky (1921)
  • History of the Sect of the Hasidim by Dr. Marcel Yarmolinsky (1931)
  • Tetragrammaton by Dr. Marcel Yarmolinsky
  • A Vindication of the Cabala by Dr. Marcel Yarmolinsky (1938)

Works invented by William Boyd[edit]

In Any Human Heart:

  • North by Night by Butler Hughes
  • by Logan Montstuart
    • The Cosmopolitans
    • The Girl Factory
    • The Mind's Imaginings
    • The Villa by the Lake
  • by Peter Scabius
    • Already Too Late
    • Beware of the Dog
    • Guilt
    • Iniquity
    • Night Train to Paris
    • The Red and the Blue and the Red
    • The Slaughter of the Innocents
    • Three Days in Marrakesh

In Brazzaville Beach:

  • by Eugene Mallabar
    • The Peaceful Primate
    • Primate's Progress

In Restless:

  • The Story of Eva Delectorskaya by Eva Delectorskaya
  • The Hollow Mountain by Sam M Goodforth
  • Germany: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Robert York

Works invented by T. C. Boyle[edit]

In "Achates McNeil"[edit]

  • Blood Ties by Tom McNeil
  • Electric Orphans by Tom McNeil

In "Going Down"[edit]

  • Cincuenta y retrocetiendo (Fifty Going Down) by Filéncio Salmón
  • The Ravishers of Pentagord by Filéncio Salmón

Works invented by Richard Brautigan[edit]

In The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966:

  • Growing Flowers by Candlelight in Hotel Rooms by Ms. Charles Fine Adams
  • The Other Side of My Hand by Harlow Blade
  • Moose by Richard Brautigan
  • My Trike by Chuck
  • The Culinary Dostoevski by James Fallon
  • Vietnam Victory by Edward Fox
  • The Quick Forest by Thomas Funnel
  • Love Always Beautiful by Charles Green
  • Breakfast First by Samuel Humber
  • Pancake Pretty by Barbara Jones
  • Leather Clothes and the History of Man by S. M. Justice
  • It's the Queen of Darkness, Pal by Rod Keen
  • Hombre by Canton Lee
  • My Dog by Bill Lewis
  • The Stereo and God by Reverend Lincoln Lincoln
  • He Kissed All Night by Susan Magar
  • The Need for Legalized Abortion by Doctor O.
  • Bacon Death by Marsha Patterson
  • The Egg Laid Twice by Beatrice Quinn
  • Jack, The Story of a Cat by Hilda Simpson
  • Printer's Ink by Fred Sinkus
  • Your Clothes are Dead by Les Steinman
  • Sam Sam Sam by Patricia Evens Summers
  • UFO vs. CBS by Susan De Witt
  • A History of Nebraska by Clinton York

Works invented by Marie Brennan[edit]

In A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent:

  • Concerning the Rock-Wyrms of Vystrana: Their Anatomy, Biology, and Activity, with Particular Attention to Their Relation with Humans, and the Revelation of Mourning Behavior, by Jacob Camherst and others
  • A Journey to the Mountains of Vystrana, by Isabella Camherst, Lady Trent
  • A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir, by Isabella Camherst, Lady Trent
  • A Natural History of Dragons, by Sir Richard Edgeworth
  • Avian Anatomy, by Gotherham
  • Reliques of Vystrani Wisdom, by David Parnell
  • Methods of Cavern Formation in a Variety of Environments, by Pegshaw

Works invented by Elinor Brent-Dyer[edit]

In the Chalet School series:

  • In A Future Chalet School Girl: Mystery at Heron Lake by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In Althea Joins the Chalet School: The Secret of Castle Dancing by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In Carola Storms the Chalet School: The Rose Patrol in the Alps by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In The Chalet School Goes To It: Gipsy Jocelyn by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In Gay from China at the Chalet School: Indian Holiday and Nancy Meets a Nazi by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In Jo Returns to the Chalet School: Cecily Holds the Fort and Malvina Wins Through by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In Joey Goes to Oberland: Audrey Wins the Trick and Dora of the Lower Fifth by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In Lavender Laughs at the Chalet School: Lavender Laughs in Brazil: Lavender Laughs in Cyprus: Lavender Laughs in Libya: Lavender Laughs in Scotland: Lavender Laughs in the West Indies: Lavender Laughs in Turkey and Lavender laughs in New Guinea by Sylvia Leigh; and The Lost Staircase, Luella was a Land Girl, and The Robin Makes Good by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In The Chalet School and the Island: The Sea Parrot by Kester Bellever
  • In The Chalet School in Exile: Tessa in Tyrol by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In The Mystery at the Chalet School: The Leader of the Lost Cause by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In The New Mistress at the Chalet School: King's Soldier Maid and Swords Crossed by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In A Problem for the Chalet School: A Royalist Soldier-Maid and Werner of the Alps by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In Three Go to the Chalet School: Lavender Laughs in Kashmir by Sylvia Leigh
  • In Tom Tackles the Chalet School: The Fugitive of the Salt Cave and The Secret House by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In Two Sams at the Chalet School: Swords for the King! by Josephine M. Bettany
  • In Maids of La Rochelle: Guernsey Folk Tales by Elizabeth Temple

Works invented by John Brunner[edit]

In Stand on Zanzibar:

  • Better ? than ? by Chad C. Mulligan
  • The Hipcrime Vocab by Chad C. Mulligan
  • You : Beast by Chad C. Mulligan
  • You're an Ignorant Idiot a series by Chad C. Mulligan

Works invented by Steven Brust[edit]

In Athyra:

  • The Book of the Seven Wizards
  • Knitting of Bones
  • On the Number of the Parts of the Body
  • The Remembered Tales of Calduh
  • The Sorcerer's Art and the Healing of the Self

In Five Hundred Years After:

  • Bedra of Ynn and Lotro: An Historical and Poetical Comparison (anonymous)
  • Mountain Ballads (anonymous)
  • Redwreath and Goldstar Have Traveled to Deathgate (play) (anonymous)
  • Tales of Beed'n (anonymous)
  • Short Life of Lotro (anonymous)
  • Wise Sayings of Five Bards (anonymous)
  • Overview of the Architecture of the Old Imperial Palace by Burrin
  • Imperial Wing of the Old Palace by Dentrub
  • History of Doors and Windows by Kairu
  • Three Broken Strings by Paarfi of Roundwood
  • Court Dress Before the Interregnum by Traanier
  • A Brief Consideration of Adverb Placement in Colloquial Tongue by Vaari
  • The Clothes Unmake the Emperor by Baron Vile

In Jhegaala:

  • Six Parts Water (play) by Miersen
  • Fauna of the Middle South: A Brief Survey by Oscaania

Works invented by Lois McMaster Bujold[edit]

In The Curse of Chalion:

  • The Legend of the Green Tree by Behar
  • The Fivefold Pathway of the Soul: On the True Methods of Quintarian Theology by Ordol

Works invented by A. S. Byatt[edit]

Works invented by Algis Budrys[edit]

In The Falling Torch:
  • Wireman's Time by Robert Markham, Litt. D., Columbia University Press, New York, 2512 A.D.. $4.00
  • Note: Markham's book, of which only a single paragraph is provided, is a biography (one of many) of Michael Wireman, who liberated Earth from extraterrestrial invaders and became its decades-long dictator. The Burdis book itself proceeds to tell the basic facts of Wireman's life which escaped all biographers.


Works invented by James Branch Cabell[edit]

Works invented by Italo Calvino[edit]

In If on a Winter's Night a Traveler:

  • If on a Winter's Night a Traveler, by Italo Calvino
  • Outside the Town of Malbork, by Tazio Bazakbal
  • Leaning from the Steep Slope, by Ukko Ahti
  • Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo, by Vorts Viljandi
  • Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow, by Bertrand Vandervelde
  • In a Network of Lines that Enlace, by Silas Flannery
  • In a Network of Lines that Intersect, by Ermes Marana
  • On the Carpet of Leaves Illuminated by the Moon, by Takakumi Ikoka
  • Around an Empty Grave, by Calixto Bandera
  • What Story Down There Awaits its End?, by Anatoly Anatolin

Works invented by Cao Xueqin[edit]

In Hong Lou Meng:

  • Ji Zhi (姬子)

Works invented by Peter Carey[edit]

In Oscar and Lucinda:

  • Corallines of the Devon Coast and Hennacombe Rambles by Theophilus Hopkins

Works invented by Thomas Carlyle[edit]

In Sartor Resartus:

  • by _von Diog. Teufelsdrockh
  • by von Diog. Teufelsdrockh
    • Die Kleider, ihr Werden und Wirken (Clothes, their Origin and Influence): J. U. D. etc. Stillschweigen und Cognie. Weissnichtwo, 1831.

Works invented by Jonathan Carroll[edit]

In A Child Across the Sky:

  • Bones of the Moon by Cullen James (not the same book as Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll)

In The Land of Laughs:

  • An untitled biography of Edward Abbey by Stephen Abbey
  • An untitled biography of Marshall France by Stephen and Gardner Abbey
  • The Green Dogs of Sorrow by Marshall France
  • The Land of Laughs by Marshall France
  • Night Races Into Anna by Marshall France
  • Peach Shadows by Marshall France

In Sleeping in Flame:

Works invented by Michael Chabon[edit]

In Summerland:

  • How to Catch Lightning and Smoke
  • The Wa-He-Ta Brave's Official Tribe Handbook

In "The God of Dark Laughter":

  • Encyclopedia of Archaeo-Anthropological Research
  • Uber das Finstere Lachen, by Friedrich Von Junzt
  • Khndzut Dzul (The Unfathomable Ruse)

In Wonder Boys:

  • The Abominations of Plunkettsburg and Other Tales by Albert Vetch (writing as August Van Zorn)
  • The Arsonist's Girl by Grady Tripp
  • The Bottomlands by Grady Tripp
  • Fans and Fadeaways by John Jose Fahey
  • Eight Solid Light-years of Lead by John Jose Fahey
  • Kind of Blue by John Jose Fahey
  • The Land Downstairs by Grady Tripp
  • The Love Parade by James Leer
  • Sad Tidings by John Jose Fahey
  • Wonder Boys by Grady Tripp

Works invented by Robert W. Chambers[edit]

From The King in Yellow[edit]

  • The King in Yellow by Castaigne (Castaigne is either the author or the translator)
    • The King in Yellow has been adopted by authors into the Lovecraftian tradition.

From "The Repairer of Reputations"[edit]

  • The Imperial Dynasty of America by an unknown author.

Works invented by Raymond Chandler[edit]

Attributed to Aaron Klopstein (Klopstein committed suicide at the age of 33, shooting himself with an Amazonian blowgun):[3]

  • Cat Hairs in the Custard (poetry)
  • The Hydraulic Facelift (poetry)
  • Once More the Cicatrice (novel)
  • The Seagull Has No Friends (novel)
  • Twenty Inches of Monkey (short stories)

Works invented by Agatha Christie[edit]

Attributed to Ariadne Oliver:

  • The Affair of the Second Goldfish
  • The Body in the Library
  • The Cat it Was Who Died
  • The Clue of the Candle Wax
  • Death of a Debutante
  • Famous Crimes Passionnels (article)
  • The Lotus Murder
  • Murder for Love v. Murder for Gain (article)
  • The Tendency of the Criminal (article)
  • The White Cockatoo
  • The Woman in the Woods

Attributed to Salome Otterbourne:

  • Snow on the Desert's Face (unpublished)
  • Under the Fig Tree

Works invented by Clamp[edit]

In the manga Chobits

  • A City With No People (children's book series)
    • Vol. 1: A City With No People
    • Vol. 2: Someone Just For Me
    • Vol. 3: They Can Do Anything
    • Vol. 4: A Wish That Can't Be Granted
    • Vol. 5: Little By Little
    • Vol. 6: Please Find Me
    • Vol. 7: A Warm Heart

Works invented by Susanna Clarke[edit]

Works invented by Jonathan Coe[edit]

In What a Carve Up!:

  • A Pox on the Box: Memoirs of a Disillusioned Broadcaster by Alan Beamish
  • The Winshaw Legacy: A Family Chronicle by Alan Beamish
  • Dropping in on Jerry: A Light-Hearted Account of the Dresden Bombings by Wing Commander "Bullseye" Fortescue
  • Accidents Will Happen by Michael Owen
  • The Loving Touch by Michael Owen
  • The A-Z of Plinths by Revd. J. W. Pottage
  • So You Think You Know about Plinths? by Revd. J. W. Pottage
  • Plinths! Plinths! Plinths! by Revd. J. W. Pottage
  • 300 Years of Halitosis (unknown author)
  • Great Plumbers of Albania (unknown author)
  • I was Celery (unknown author)
  • A Life in Packaging - Fragments of an Autobiography:Volume IX - The Styrofoam Years (unknown author)
  • A Lutheran Approach to the Films of Martin and Lewis (unknown author)

Works invented by J.M. Coetzee[edit]

In Diary of a Bad Year:

  • Strong Opinions by JC

In Elizabeth Costello:

  • Fire and Ice by Elizabeth Costello
  • The House on Eccles Street by Elizabeth Costello

Works invented by Eoin Colfer[edit]

In And Another Thing...:

  • The Complete Maximegalon Statistics, Volumes 1—15,000
  • The Quick Guide to the Complete Maximegalon Statistics, Volumes 1—25,000

Works invented by Wilkie Collins[edit]

In The Moonstone[edit]

  • Life, Letters, and Labours of Miss Jane Ann Stamper (forty-fourth edition)

In Who Killed Zebedee[edit]

  • The World of Sleep

Works invented by Joseph Conrad[edit]

  • An Inquiry into some Points of Seamanship by a man Tower, Towson—some such name (In Heart of Darkness) Conrad is probably either conflating or making Marlow conflate two books: J. T. Towson's navigation tables, 1848 and 1849, and Nicholas Tinmouth's An Inquiry relative to various points of seamanship, 1845: so not really an invented book.[4]

Works invented by Cressida Cowell[edit]

In How to Train Your Dragon[edit]

  • How to Train Your Dragon by Professor Yobbish

Works invented by Richard Cowper[edit]

In A Dream of Kinship:

  • Codex Iniquitatis by Anonymous
  • Letters to Brother Matthew by Brother Francis of York (later called Saint Francis)
  • A Perspective of the Christian Dilemma by Brother Matthew (writing as V. O. V.)

In The Road to Corlay:

  • The Avian Apocrypha by anonymous
  • The Book of Gyre by anonymous
  • The Book of Morfedd by anonymous
  • Carlisle ms by anonymous
  • Old Peter's Tale by anonymous
  • Orgen's Dream by anonymous
  • Morfedd's Testament by Morfedd

In A Tapestry of Time:

  • Kentmere Psalter by anonymous
  • An unknown title by Master Surgeon Brynlas
  • Revelations by St. Francis
  • The True History of the Boy by St. Francis
  • History of Kinship in the United Kingdoms, Vol. 1 by Franscombe
  • Being and Non-Being by Hagendorf
  • Lexicon by Langley
  • Catalogue by Dean Pardoe
  • Leaves from an Antiquarian's Notebook by Dean Pardoe
  • Consolations of Philosophy by Pargeter
  • An unknown title (contains the word "Life") by Dom Sarega

In The Twilight of Briareus:

  • W. H. O. Regeneration Statistics. Vol. 3. 2004 by anonymous
  • L'Histoire Particulière de la Renaissance by Pierre Candel
  • Reminiscences by Margaret Hardy

Works invented by Edmund Crispin[edit]

In The Case of the Gilded Fly:[edit]

  • Metromania by Robert Warner (play)

Works invented by Justin Cronin[edit]

In The Passage[edit]

  • Belle of the Ball by Jordana Mixon

Works invented by John Crowley[edit]

In Little, Big:

  • Upstate Houses and Their Histories (pamphlet) by anonymous
  • Architecture of Country Houses by John Drinkwater
  • Brother North-Wind's Secret and other books (resembling Thornton Burgess's books) by John Storm Drinkwater

In The Solitudes:

  • Mythos and Tyrannos by Frank Walker Barr
  • Time's Body by Frank Walker Barr
  • Bitten Apples by Fellowes Kraft
  • The Book of a Hundred Chapters by Fellowes Kraft
  • Bruno's Journey by Fellowes Kraft
  • The Court of Silk and Blood by Fellowes Kraft
  • Darkling Plain by Fellowes Kraft
  • A Passage at Arms by Fellowes Kraft
  • Under Saturn by Fellowes Kraft
  • The Way's Far Turning by Helen Niblick
  • Steganography by Lois Rose
  • Dawn of the Druids, author unknown
  • Phaeton's Car, author unknown
  • Worlds in Division, author unknown

Works invented by Andrew Crumey[edit]

In D'Alembert's Principle[edit]

  • Tales from Rreinnstadt by Muller

In Mobius Dick[edit]

  • The Angel Returns by Heinrich Behring, translated by Celia Carter
  • Professor Faust by Heinrich Behring, translated by Celia Carter
  • Evolution Towards Perfection by Otto Hinze
  • The Teleology of Mental Degeneration by Otto Hinze

In Mr Mee[edit]

  • Epistemology and Unreason by Ian Muir
  • Rosier's Encyclopedia by Jean-Bernard Rosier

In Music, in a Foreign Language[edit]

  • Il Furto by Alfredo Galli
  • The Optical Illusion Last Friday by Alfredo Galli
  • Minds and Memories by Lowell

In Pfitz[edit]

  • Aphorisms by Vincenzo Spontini

Works invented by Chris Crutcher[edit]

In The Sledding Hill[edit]

  • Warren Peece by Chris Crutcher


Works invented by Mark Z. Danielewski[edit]

Works invented by Robertson Davies[edit]

In Fifth Business:

  • Celtic Saints of Britain and Europe by Dunstable Ramsay
  • Forgotten Saints of the Tyrol by Dunstable Ramsay
  • A Hundred Saints for Travellers by Dunstable Ramsay

Works invented by John DeChancie[edit]

In Castle Murders:

  • The Moswell Plan by Dorcas Bagby, a book believed to be fictional even in its own world
  • Eidolons of the King by Librarian Osmirik, the Castle books as they exist in the fictional world

In Castle Perilous:

  • Ervoldt: His Book by Lord Ervoldt

Works invented by Philip K. Dick[edit]

In The Man in the High Castle:

  • The Grasshopper Lies Heavy by Hawthorne Abendsen

In A Maze of Death:

  • How I Rose From the Dead in My Spare Time and So Can You by A. J. Spectowsky

In The Transmigration of Timothy Archer:

  • Here, Tyrant Death by Bishop Timothy Archer

Works invented by Paul Di Filippo[edit]

In Plumage From Pegasus:

  • A History of Supermarket Fiction: How SF Swept the World by Roger Barnard
  • Corn Likker, Drag Racin' and Coon Huntin' by Andy Duncan and Michael Bishop
  • Great Mafia Science by Ben Bova
  • The Unsurrendered Fembot by Richard Calder
  • Faith-Based Fictions: A Conversation by Orson Scott Card, Andrew Greeley and Barry Malzberg
  • How to Pick Up Guys by Samuel Delany
  • Boy Magnate by Gordon Van Gelder
  • The Magazine Chums and the Case of the Disappearing Readers by C.J. Cutlyffe Heintz-Ketzep
  • The Magazine Chums Meet the Distributor of Doom by C.J. Cutlyffe Heintz-Ketzep
  • The Magazine Chums and the Great Paper Shortage by C.J. Cutlyffe Heintz-Ketzep
  • The Magazine Chums Apply for an Arts Council Grant by C.J. Cutlyffe Heintz-Ketzep
  • A History of Science Fiction and Fantasy in the New Yorker by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Forever Plus! by Amber Max
  • Mega-Awesome SF: The True Story Behind Forever Plus! by Amber Max
  • Andre Norton's Smackdown by Andre Norton
  • Imaginary Realist: The Life of Timothy Eugene by Milton Sharp
  • Women Write Fantasy, Men Write Science fiction by Nancy Kress and Charles Sheffield
  • I was a Teenaged Pornographer! by Robert Silverberg
  • The Big Book of High-Tech Texas Bar-B-Q by Bruce Sterling

Works invented by Martin Donovan and David Koepp[edit]

In Death Becomes Her:

  • Forever Young by Helen Sharp

Works invented by Arthur Conan Doyle[edit]

In the Sherlock Holmes series:

  • Chaldean Roots in the Ancient Cornish Language by Sherlock Holmes
  • Early English Charters by Sherlock Holmes
  • Malingering by Sherlock Holmes
  • Of Tattoo Marks by Sherlock Holmes
  • On Secret Writings by Sherlock Holmes
  • On the Polyphonic Motets of Lassus by Sherlock Holmes
  • On the Study of Tobaccos and their Ashes by Sherlock Holmes
  • On the Surface Anatomy of the Human Ear by Sherlock Holmes
  • On the Typewriter and Its Relation to Crime by Sherlock Holmes
  • Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, with Some Observations upon the Segregation of the Queen by Sherlock Holmes
  • Upon the Dating of Old Documents by Sherlock Holmes
  • Upon the Influence of a Trade upon the Form of the Hand by Sherlock Holmes
  • Upon the Tracing of Footsteps by Sherlock Holmes
  • Upon the Uses of Dogs in the Work of the Detective by Sherlock Holmes
  • Whole Art of Detection by Sherlock Holmes
  • Heavy Game in the Western Himalayas (1881) by Colonel Sebastian Moran
  • Three Months in the Jungle (1884) by Colonel Sebastian Moran
  • The Dynamics of an Asteroid by Professor James Moriarty
  • A Treatise on the Binomial Theorem by Professor James Moriarty
  • Giant Rat of Sumatra by Dr. John Watson

In the Professor Challenger series:


Works invented by Umberto Eco[edit]

In Foucault's Pendulum:

  • Diary of a Village Doctor
  • Diary of a Young Girl's Illness
  • The Wonderful Adventure of Metals
  • Chronicles of the Zodiac by Dr. De Amicis
  • The Carmassi Brothers by Adeodato Lampustri
  • The Dismissed by Adeodato Lampustri
  • Panther Without Eyelashes by Adeodato Lampustri
  • Chaste Throbs by Odolinda Mezzofanti Sassabetti

In The Name of the Rose:

  • On the Use of Mirrors in the Game of Chess by Milo Temesvar
  • Manuscript de Dom Adson de Melk, Le by Abbe Vallet

Works invented by David Eddings[edit]

In The Belgariad:

  • The Mrin Codex a prophecy made by a madman

Works invented by Joe Eszterhas[edit]

In Basic Instinct:


Works invented by Sebastian Faulks[edit]

In A Week in December:

  • Bolivia: Land of Shadows by Antony Cazenove
  • Shropshire Towers by Alfred Huntley Edgerton
  • Alfie the Humble Engine by Sally Higgs (winner of the Pizza Palace Book of the Year)
  • A Winter Crossing by Alexander Sedley
  • The Potter's Tale by R. Tranter

Works invented by Joshua Ferris[edit]

In Then We Came to the End:

  • Hiding Places Both Underwater and Underground a McLenox Publication
  • The Anarchist's Philosophy a McLenox Publication
  • How to Make a Fake Birth Certificate on Your Home Computer a McLenox Publication

Works invented by Ronald Firbank[edit]

In Caprice:

  • Ozias Midwinter by anonymous

In Inclinations:

  • Three Lilies and a Moustache by anonymous
  • Travels by Lady Cray
  • Violet's Virtue (or The Virtue of the Violet) by A Literary Lady (The Scottish Sappho)
  • Book of Cats by Miss Neffal
  • Six Strange Sisters by Geraldine O'Brookomore
  • Those Gonzagas by Geraldine O'Brookomore
  • Notes on the Tedium of Places by William Wordsworth

In Vainglory:

  • The Home Life of Lucretia Borgia by Mrs. Asp
  • The Women Queens of England by Mrs. Asp
  • Autobiography by Mrs. Cresswell
  • The Red Rose of Martyrdom by Mrs. Cresswell
  • The Leg of Chicken by Mr. Garsaint
  • Love's Arrears by Claud Harvester
  • New Poems by Claud Harvester
  • Vaindreams by Claud Harvester
  • Scroll from the Fingers of Ta-Hor by Miss Hospice
  • Sacerdotalism and Satanism by Miss Missingham
  • Beams by Bishop Pantry
  • Even-Tide by Bishop Pantry
  • Inner Garden by Bishop Pantry
  • Night Thoughts by Bishop Pantry
  • Verlaine at Bournemouth by Lady Anne Pantry

Works invented by Jasper Fforde[edit]

Works invented by Gardner F. Fox[edit]

In Kothar--Barbarian Swordsman:

  • The Lord Histories of Satoram Mandamor

In Kothar and the Demon Queen:

  • Attributed to Gronlex Storbon
    • Dialogue of Demons
    • Nights of Necromancy

Works invented by Michael Frayn[edit]

In A Landing on the Sun:

  • Fair Do's:Studies in the Perception of Social Justice by E J Maitland
  • Natural Man by Dr Elizabeth Serafin

Works invented by Cornelia Funke[edit]

In Inkheart:

  • Inkheart by Fenoglio


Works invented by Neil Gaiman[edit]

Works invented in Good Omens, co-authored by Terry Pratchett, are listed in the "Terry Pratchett" section of this article.
Works invented in The Sandman comics are listed in the "DC Comics" section of List of fictional books from periodicals.

Works invented by Stella Gibbons[edit]

In Cold Comfort Farm:

  • Pard-spirit; A Study of Branwell Brontë by Mr. Meyerburg (Mybug)
  • The Higher Common Sense and The Pensées by the Abbé Fause-Maigre, translated by H. B. Mainwaring

Works invented by Robert Goddard[edit]

In Play to the End:

  • Lodger in the Throat by Joe Orton
  • The Plastic Men by Derek Oswin

Works invented by Edward Gorey[edit]

by C. F. Earbrass:

  • The meaning of the house
  • A moral dustbin
  • More chains than clank
  • The truffle plantation
  • The unstrung harp
  • Was it likely?

by Miss D. Awdrey-Gore:

  • The blancmange tragedy
  • The dustwrapper secret
  • The pincushion affair
  • The postcard mystery
  • The teacosy crime
  • The toastrack enigma
  • The toothpaste murder

by Dewda Yorger:

  • Dreary Rewdgo at Baffin Bay
  • Dreary Rewdgo on the Great Divide
  • Dreary Rewdgo in the Yukon

Works invented by John Green[edit]

In The Fault in Our Stars:

  • Midnight Dawns
  • The Price of Dawn
  • Requiem for Mayhem
  • An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten

Works invented by Graham Greene[edit]

In The End of the Affair:

  • The Ambitious Host by Maurice Bendrix
  • The Crowned Image by Maurice Bendrix
  • The Grave on the Water-Front by Maurice Bendrix


Works invented by Radclyffe Hall[edit]

In The Well of Loneliness:

  • The Furrow by Stephen Johnson

Works invented by Carolyn Hart[edit]

Works invented by Scott Hawkins[edit]

In The Library at Mount Char:

  • Mental Warfare vol. III: The Concealment of Thought and Intention by anonymous

Works invented by Mark Helprin[edit]

In Winter's Tale:

  • Pictures of Big White Horses by anonymous
  • Equine Anatomy by Burchfield
  • Catalog of Alabama Curry Combs 1760–1823 by Georgia Fatwood
  • Ride Like Hell, You Son of a Bitch! by Fulgura Frango
  • A River Moves Forward by Selena Haskins
  • Care and Feeding of the Horse by Robert S. Kahn
  • The Afro-California Jumping Style by Sierra Leon
  • Memoirs of a Military Groom by Moffet Southgate
  • Dressage by Turner

Works invented by Frank Herbert[edit]

In the Dune series:

Works invented by William Hope Hodgson[edit]

In Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder stories:

  • the Sigsand MS
  • Astral and Astarral Co-ordination and Interference by Harzam with addenda by Carnacki
  • Acrostics by John Dumpley
  • Astarral Vibrations Compared with Matero-involuted Vibrations Below the Six-Billion Limit by Professor Garder
  • Experiments with a Medium by Professor Garder
  • Induced Hauntings by Harzam

Works invented by S. A. Hunt[edit]

In The Outlaw King series:

  • "The Blade and the Bone" by Edward Brigham
  • "The Brine and the Bygone" by Edward Brigham
  • "The Cape and the Castle" by Edward Brigham
  • "The Feared and the Free" by Edward Brigham
  • "The Gunslinger and the Giant" by Edward Brigham
  • "The Rope and the Riddle" by Edward Brigham
  • "The Truth and the Trial" by Edward Brigham

Works invented by Samantha Hunt[edit]

In Mr. Splitfoot:

  • The Book of Ether by Zeke

Works invented by Aldous Huxley[edit]

In Brave New World:

  • Chemical and Bacteriological Conditioning of the Embryo by anonymous
  • Practical Instructions for Beta-Store Workers by anonymous

In Crome Yellow:

  • Biography of Men Who Achieved Greatness by anonymous
  • Biography of Men Who had Greatness Thrust Upon Them by anonymous
  • Biography of Men Who were Born Great by anonymous
  • Biography of Men Who were Never Great at All by anonymous
  • Cosmic Cuts by anonymous
  • What a Young Girl Ought to Know by anonymous
  • Wild Goose Chase, A Novel by anonymous
  • Humble Heroisms by Mr. Barbecue-Smith
  • Pipe-Lines to the Infinite by Mr. Barbecue-Smith
  • unknown by Mr. Barbecue-Smith
  • Dictionary of the Finnish Language by Caprinulge
  • The Tales of Knockespotch by Knockespotch
  • Certaine Priuy Counsels by One of Her Maiestie's Most Honourable Priuy Counsels, F.L. Knight by Sir Ferdinando Lapith
  • unknown by Hercules Lapith
  • unknown by Denis Stone
  • Thom's Works and Wanderings by Tom Thom
  • History of Crome by Henry Wimbrush

Works invented by James Hynes[edit]

In The Lecturer's Tale:

  • Das Ding an Sich: A Cultural History of Cultural Histories by Lorraine Alsace[5]
  • Les Mortifications by Jean-Claude Evangeline
  • To Reign in Hell: The Will to Power in Paradise Lost by Anthony Pescecane
  • Where's Waldo? The Representation of Everyman in Emerson by J. O. Schmeaux
  • Daughters of the Night: Clitoral Hegemony in LeFanu's Carmilla by Victoria Victorinix
  • Rhythm and Metonomy in Coleridge's Christobel by Victoria Victorinix

In Publish and Perish:

  • The Barbecued God: Death of a Yorkshireman by Joseph Brody
  • The Missionary Position: The Franciscan Construction of Rapanui Gender 1862–1936 by Virginia Dunning
  • (Re) Visioning Resurrection: The Myth of Human Sacrifice by Gregory Eyck
  • A History of Early Modern Witchcraft by Victor Karswell
  • Cooking the Captain: The Colonialist as Yorkshire Pudding by Stanley Tulafale


Works invented by John Irving[edit]

In The World According to Garp:

  • Confessions of an Ellen Jamesian by Anonymous
  • A Sexual Suspect by Jenny Fields (autobiography)
  • My Father's Illusions by T.S. Garp
  • The Pension Grillparzer by T.S. Garp
  • Procrastination by T.S. Garp
  • The Second Wind of the Cuckold by T.S. Garp
  • The World According to Bensenhaver by T.S. Garp
  • A History of Everett Steering's Academy by Stewart Percy
  • Lunacy and Sorrow: The Life and Art of T.S. Garp by Donald Whitcomb

In A Widow for One Year:

  • Before the Fall of Saigon by Ruth Cole
  • My Last Bad Boyfriend by Ruth Cole
  • Not for Children by Ruth Cole
  • The Same Orphanage by Ruth Cole
  • The Door in the Floor by Ted Cole
  • The Mouse Crawling Between the Walls by Ted Cole
  • A Sound Like Someone Trying Not To Make a Sound by Ted Cole
  • Coffee and Donuts by Ed O'Hare
  • A Difficult Woman by Ed O'Hare
  • Leaving Long Island by Ed O'Hare
  • Sixty Times by Ed O'Hare
  • Summer Job by Ed O'Hare
  • Followed Home from the Flying Food Circus by Alice Somerset
  • McDermid Reaches a Milestone by Alice Somerset
  • McDermid Retired by Alice Somerset
  • Missing Persons McDermid by Alice Somerset

In Until I Find You:

  • Normal and Nice by Emma Oastler
  • The Slush Pile Reader by Emma Oastler

In Last Night In Twisted River:

  • Baby in the Road by Danny Angel
  • East of Bangor by Danny Angel
  • Family Life in Coos County by Danny Angel
  • In the After-Hours Restaurant by Danny Angel
  • The Kennedy Fathers by Danny Angel
  • Kissing Kin by Danny Angel
  • The Spinster; or, The Maiden Aunt by Danny Angel


Works invented by Jin Yong[edit]

  • Jiu Yin Zhen Jing (九陰真經; Nine Yin True Classic), a fictional book on martial arts techniques and inner energy cultivation methods. It appears in all three novels in the Condor Trilogy.
  • Jiu Yang Zhen Jing (九陽真經; Nine Yang True Classic), a fictional book similar to the Jiu Yin Zhen Jing. It appears only in the second and third novels in the Condor Trilogy.

Works invented by Diana Wynne Jones[edit]

In The Lives of Christopher Chant:

Jones invented a series of children's books that are apparently similar to Enid Blyton's Malory Towers and St. Clair's series. The Millie, below, are about a girl, Millie, who goes to a boarding school called Lowood House School. There are reportedly about ten books in the series, but only six are named: the first five, below, and another book called Head Girl Millie.

  1. Millie Goes to School
  2. Millie of Lowood House
  3. Millie Plays the Game
  4. Millie's Finest Hour
  5. Millie in the Upper Fourth

Works invented by Robert Jordan[edit]

In The Eye of the World:

  • The Essays of William of Maneches
  • The Travels of Jain Farstrider
  • Voyages Among the Sea Folk

In The Great Hunt:

  • The Dance of the Hawk and the Hummingbird by Teven Aerwin
  • Mirrors of the Wheel
  • To Sail Beyond the Sunset

In The Dragon Reborn:

  • A Study of the War of the Shadow by Moilin daughter of Hamada daughter of Juendan

In The Shadow Rising:

  • Dealing with the Territory of Mayene, 500 - 750 of the New Era
  • Travels in the Aiel Waste, with Observations on the Savage Inhabitants
  • The Treasures of the Stone of Tear
  • The Killers of the Black Veil by Soran Milo
  • A Journey to Tarabon by Eurian Romavni
  • The History of the Stone of Tear by Eban Vandes

In ''The Fires of Heaven:

  • The Flame, the Blade and the Heart

In Lord of Chaos:

  • Essays on Reason by Daria Gahand
  • Men of Fire and Women of Air by Elora daughter of Amar daughter of Coura
  • A Study of Men, Women, and the One Power Among Humans by Ledar son of Shandin son of Koimal


Works invented by Franz Kafka[edit]

In Der Prozeß/The Trial[edit]

  • Die Plagen, welche Grete von ihrem Manne Hans zu erleiden hatte

In Tagebücher/Diaries[edit]

  • Die Rache des Kommandeurs [series of columns]

Works invented by Caitlín R. Kiernan[edit]

  • The Mound Builders and the Stars: An Archaeo-Astrological Investigation by Charles L. Patrick Akeley
  • The Travels of Odysseus by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  • Waking Leviathan by Jacova Angevine
  • The Last Loan Shark of Bodega Bay by Theo Angevine
  • The Man Who Laughed at Funerals by Theo Angevine
  • Pretoria by Theo Angevine
  • Seven at Sunset by Theo Angevine
  • What the Cat Dragged In by Theo Angevine
  • Memoirs of a Martian Demirep by anonymous
  • Pornographies of Pnakotus by anonymous
  • Red Book of Riyadh by anonymous
  • Famous Film Monsters and the Men Who Made Them by Ben Browning
  • The Magdalene Grimoire by Roderick Burgess (from The Girl Who Would Be Death miniseries, based on Neil Gaiman's Sandman series)
  • The Light Beyond Centre by Reese Callicot
  • The Ecstatic River by Reese Callicot
  • The Ark of Poseidon by Sarah Crowe
  • A Long Way To Morning by Sarah Crowe
  • The Red Tree by Sarah Crowe and Dr. Charles L. Harvey
  • Silent Riots by Sarah Crowe
  • Bloody Mary, La Llorona, and the Blue Lady: Feminine Icons in a Child's Apocalypse by Judith Louise Darger
  • The Children of Artemis by Fera Delacroix
  • Alice by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ("Lewis Carroll")
  • New American Monsters: More Than Myth? by Gerald Durrell
  • Closing the Door: Anatomy of Hysteria by Elenore Ellis-Lincoln
  • Hollywood Land by William Faulkner
  • Evening at the Gates of Dawn by Sadie Jasper
  • Hauntings of Old New England by Sadie Jasper
  • Ode to Fanny Brawne by John Keats
  • The Boats of Morning by Alex Marlowe
  • The Breathing Composition by Welleran Smith
  • The Far Red World by Andre Tyson
  • Werewolvery in Europe and Rituals of Corporeal Transformation by Arminius Vambery
  • Lemming Cult by William L. West
  • Looking for Moreau: A Posthumanist Manifesto by Maxwell White

Works invented by Stephen King[edit]

Works invented by Barbara Kingsolver[edit]

In The Poisonwood Bible:

  • How to Survive 101 Calamities

In The Lacuna:

  • Pilgrims of Chapultepec by Harrison W. Shepherd
  • The Unforetold by Harrison W. Shepherd
  • Vassals of Majesty by Harrison W. Shepherd

Works invented by Elizabeth Kostova[edit]

In The Historian:

  • The untitled dragon books which different characters in the book find.
  • Ballads of the Carpathians
  • Life of Saint George
  • Philosophie of the Aweful
  • The "Chronicle" of Zacharias of Zographou by Atanas Angelov and Anton Stoichev
  • Sisyphus by Thomas Aquinas
  • The Torture Commissioned by the Emperor for the Good of the People by Anna Comnena
  • The Cannibals by Henricus Curtius
  • Tales from the Carpathians published by Robert Digby
  • Fortunes of an Assassin by Erasmus
  • History of Central Europe by Lord Gelling
  • The Damned by Giorgio of Padua
  • The King of Tashkani by William Shakespeare, as a "lost work"

Works invented by Nicole Krauss[edit]

In The History of Love:

  • The History of Love by Leo Gursky
  • How to Survive in the Wild by Alma Singer
  • Life as We Didn't Know It
  • The Remedy
  • Words for Everything


Works invented by R. A. Lafferty[edit]

In Fourth Mansions:

  • The Back Door of History by Arpad Arutinov
  • Prose Poems by Maurice Craftmaster
  • Broken Cisterns and Living Waters by Endymion Ellenbogen
  • Second Trefoil Lectures by Michael Fountain
  • The Precursors by Dr. Jurgens
  • New Bestiary by Audifax O’Hanlon
  • Simplicitas by Orthcutt

In Through Other Eyes[edit]

  • Beard in Essential by Aristotle
  • Beard in Existential by Aristotle

In Ginny Wrapped in the Sun[edit]

  • The Contingent Mutation by Dr. Minden

In Name of the Snake[edit]

  • Euntes Ergo Docete Omnes ("Going therefore Teach Ye All") by Pope Pious XV

In Entire and Perfect Chrysolite[edit]

  • Exaltation Philosophy by Audifax O’Hanlon
  • World as Perfection by Diogenes Pontifex

In Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne[edit]

  • History of Philosophy by Cobblestone

In Primary Education of the Camiroi[edit]

  • Joint Report to the General Dubuque PTA Concerning the Primary Education of the Camiroi by Piper, Paul, et al.

In Incased in Ancient Rind[edit]

  • Lost Skies by Audifax O’Hanlon

In Polity and Custom of the Camiroi[edit]

  • Report of Field Group for Examination of Off-Earth Customs and Codexes to the Council for Government Renovation and Legal Re-Thinking by Piggot, Paul, et al.

In The Six Fingers of Time[edit]

  • The Sexagintal and the Duodecimal in the Chaldee Mysteries by Schimmelpenninck
  • The Relationship of Extradigitalism to Genius by Zubarin

In Land of the Great Horses[edit]

  • Twenty-second Century Comprehensive Encyclopedia

Works invented by Stanisław Lem[edit]

In One Human Minute:

  • One Human Minute, by J. Johnson and S. Johnson, Moon Publishers, 1988
  • Weapons Systems of the Twenty-first Century: The Upside-down Evolution, 2105
  • The World as Cataclysm

In Imaginary Magnitude:

  • GOLEM XIV, by GOLEM; foreword by Irving T. Creve, M.A., PH.D.; introduction by Thomas B. Fuller II, General, U.S. Army, RET.; afterword by Richard Popp, Indiana University Press, 2047
  • Eruntics, by Reginald Gulliver
  • A History of Bitic Literature, by Juan Rambellais, et al.
  • Necrobes, by Cezary Strzybisz
  • Vestrand's Extelopedia in 44 Magnetomes

In A Perfect Vacuum:

  • Les Robinsonades (or The Robinsonad) by Marcel Coscat
  • Pericalypsis by Joachim Fersengeld
  • Gigamesh by Patrick Hannahan
  • Die Kultur als Fehler (or Civilization as Mistake) by Wilhelm Klopper
  • Rien du tout, ou la consequence (or Nothing, or the Consequence) by Mme Solange Marriot
  • Sexplosion by Simon Merrill
  • Odysseus of Ithaca by Kuno Mlatje
  • Idiota (or The Idiot) by Gian Carlo Spallanzani
  • Toi (or You) by Raymond Seurat
  • Being Inc. by Alastair Waynewright
  • Gruppenfuhrer Louis XVI (or Nazi Squad Leader Louis the Sixteenth) by Alfred Zellermann
  • U-Write-It

In Solaris:

  • Historia Solaris, by Hughes and Eugel

Works invented by Madeleine L'Engle[edit]

In A Ring of Endless Light:

  • untitled book about medical applications of lasers by Dr. Wallace Austin

In A Severed Wasp:

  • Curing and Healing by Cardinal Wolfgang von Stromberg (establishes notability of character within the book)

In A Swiftly Tilting Planet:

  • The Horn of Joy by Matthew Maddox (the book serves as a MacGuffin in the novel, being sought after by Charles Wallace and others; but ultimately is not needed) Also seen in An Acceptable Time
  • Once More United by Matthew Maddox. Maddox's first book is incidental to L'Engle's novel.
fictional books in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Illustration by Pauline Baynes.

Works invented by Jonathan Lethem[edit]

In Chronic City:

Works invented by C. S. Lewis[edit]

In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:

  • The Life and Letters of Silenus
  • Is Man a Myth?
  • Men, Monks, and Gamekeepers; a Study in Popular Legend
  • Nymphs and Their Ways

In Prince Caspian:

  • Grammatical Garden or the Arbour of Accidence pleasantlie open'd to Tender Wits by Pulverentus Siccus

In That Hideous Strength:

Works invented by Barry Lopez[edit]

In "The Mappist"[edit]

  • The City of Ascensions by Onesimo Peña (pseudonym of Corlis Benefideo)
  • The City of Cod by William Smith Everett (pseudonym of Corlis Benefideo)
  • The City of Floating Sand by Frans Haartman (pseedonym of Corlis Benefideo)
  • The City of Frangipani by Jemboa Tran (pseudonym of Corlis Benefideo)
  • The City of Geraniums by Corlis Benefideo

Works invented by H. P. Lovecraft[edit]

This includes works by others in the Cthulhu Mythos.

Works invented by Robert Ludlum[edit]


Works invented by Thomas Mann[edit]

In "Death in Venice":

  • A prose epic on Frederick the Great by Gustav von Aschenbach
  • Maia by Gustav von Aschenbach
  • Ein Elender (The Abject) by Gustav von Aschenbach
  • Geist und Kunst (Mind and Art) by Gustav von Aschenbach

Works invented by Anthony Marra[edit]

In "A Constellation of Vital Phenomena ":

  • Chechen Civilization and Culture Under Russian Patronage by Khassan Ghesilov
  • Origins of Chechen Civilization: Prehistory to Fall of the Mongol Empire by Khassan Ghesilov

Works invented by Ann M. Martin[edit]

In The Baby-sitters Club series:

  • Alice Anderson by Henrietta Hayes
  • Alice Anderson's Big Break by Henrietta Hayes
  • Alice Anderson's Greatest Challenge by Henrietta Hayes
  • The Anderson Family Reunion by Henrietta Hayes
  • The Basics of Playwriting by an unnamed author
  • Bone Chilling Ghost Stories by an unnamed author
  • Ghosts and Spooks, Chills and Thrills: Stories NOT to be Read After Dark by an unnamed author
  • Ghosts: Fact and Fantasy by an unnamed author
  • Ghosts I Have Known by an unnamed author
  • Good Money by an unnamed author
  • Great Dog Tales by an unnamed author
  • A History of Stoneybrooke by Enos Cotterling
  • The Horse in Art by an unnamed author
  • Horses of the World by an unnamed author
  • Kids Can Cook … Naturally by an unnamed author
  • Live from New York by Amelia Moody
  • The Lost Grandmother by Amelia Moody
  • Mandy Mandango Takes the Bull by the Horns by Amelia Moody
  • Night Frights Number Thirteen! Don’t Get Out of Bed! by Theodore “Ted” Garber
  • Nitty Gritty Meatballs by Amelia Moody
  • Spirits, Spooks, and Ghostly Tales by an unnamed author
  • The Stoneybrook Who’s Who by an unnamed author

Works invented by W. Somerset Maugham[edit]

In The Moon and Sixpence:

  • A Modern Artist: Notes on the work of Charles Strickland by Edward Leggatt, ARHA, publ. Martin Secker, 1917
  • Karl Strickland: sein Leben und Schwingel und seine Kunst, by Hugo Weitbrecht-Rotholz, Ph.D., publ. Schwingel und Hanisch. Leipzig, 1914
  • Strickland: The Man and His Work, by Robers Strickland (his son). Wm. Heinemann, London. 1913

Works invented by Ian McEwan[edit]

In Saturday:

  • No Exequies (poetry) by John Grammaticus (winner of the Newdigate Prize)
  • My Saucy Bark (poetry) by Daisy Perowne (granddaughter of John Grammaticus, and also Newdigate prizewinner)

In Atonement

Works invented by Anne Michaels[edit]

In Fugitive Pieces:

  • Bearing False Witness by Athos Roussos
  • From Relics to Replica by Athos Roussos
  • Groundwork by Jakob Beer
  • Dilemma Poems by Jakob Beer
  • Hotel Rain by Jakob Beer
  • What Have You Done to Time by Jakob Beer

Works invented by David Mitchell[edit]

In Ghostwritten:

  • The Infinite Tether - You and Out of Body Experiences by Dwight Silverwind

In Cloud Atlas:

  • Knuckle Sandwich by Dermot 'Duster' Hoggins
  • The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing by Adam Ewing
  • Half-Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery by Hilary V. Hush
  • The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish by Timothy Cavendish

In The Bone Clocks:

  • The Creepy Guy in the Yoga Class by Louis Baranquilla
  • Man in a White Car by Richard Cheeseman
  • Bushonomics and the New Monetarism by I.F.R. Coates
  • Route 605 by Nick Greek
  • Desiccated Embryos by Crispin Hershey
  • Echo Must Die by Crispin Hershey
  • Red Monkey by Crispin Hershey
  • To Be Continued by Crispin Hershey
  • Wanda in Oils by Crispin Hershey
  • The Icepick Man by Ersilia Holt
  • Across the Wide Ocean by Devon Kim-Ashkenazy
  • Horsehead Nebula by Maaza Kolofski
  • Soul Carnivores by Soleil Moore
  • Your Last Chance by Soleil Moore
  • In God's Country by Japheth Solomon
  • The Radio People by Holly Sykes
  • Wildflowers by Holly Sykes
  • How to Get Seriously Rich by Thirty by unknown

Works invented by Walter Moers[edit]

In The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear:

  • The Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs by Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Works invented by Lucy Maud Montgomery[edit]

In Anne of Avonlea:

  • Edgewood Days by Charlotte E. Morgan
  • Golden Keys by Charlotte E. Morgan
  • The Rosebud Garden by Charlotte E. Morgan

In Anne's House of Dreams:

  • A Mad Love by an unnamed woman (it has one hundred and three chapters)
  • The Life-Book of Captain Jim by Captain James Boyd and Owen Ford

In Rilla of Ingleside:

  • Morgan on the Care of Infants

In Emily's Quest:

  • The Moral of the Rose by Emily Byrd Starr
  • A Seller of Dreams by Emily Byrd Starr (unpublished)
  • A Royal Betrothal by Mark Delange Greaves

In The Blue Castle:

  • Thistle Harvest by John Foster
  • Magic of Wings by John Foster
  • Wild Honey by John Foster

Works invented by Richard Morgan[edit]

In the Takeshi Kovacs series:

  • Poems and Other Prevarications by Quellcrist Falconer
  • Things I Should Have Learned by Now by Quellcrist Falconer

Works invented by Haruki Murakami[edit]

In 1Q84


Works invented by Vladimir Nabokov[edit]

In Invitation to a Beheading:

  • Quercus

In The Real Life of Sebastian Knight:

  • Lost Property by Sebastian Knight
  • Success by Sebastian Knight
  • The Doubtful Asphodel by Sebastian Knight
  • The Funny Mountain by Sebastian Knight
  • The Prismatic Bezel by Sebastian Knight

In Lolita:

  • Histoire Abrégée de la Poésie Anglaise by Humbert Humbert
  • Lolita, or the Confession of a White Widowed Male by Humbert Humbert
  • The Proustian Theme in a Letter from Keats to Benjamin Bailey by Humbert Humbert
  • Who's Who in the Limelight (a theatrical yearbook of 1946), author unknown
  • The Little Nymph a play by Clare Quilty
  • Dark Age a play by Clare Quilty
  • The Strange Mushroom a play by Clare Quilty
  • Fatherly Love a play by Clare Quilty
  • The Enchanted Hunters a play by Clare Quilty
  • The Lady who Loved Lightning a play by Clare Quilty & Vivian Darkbloom
  • My Cue a biography of Clare Quilty by Vivian Darkbloom

In Pnin:

  • Suhie Gubi (Dry Lips) by Liza Bogolepov
  • Russia Awakes by Miss Herring
  • Response, A Hundred Love Lyrics by American Women

In Pale Fire:

  • A book on surnames (title unknown) by Charles X. Kinbote
  • Timon Afinsken (translation of Timon of Athens by Conmal, Duke of Aros
  • Voluminous correspondence by Ferz and Oswin Bretwit
  • Zemblan variants of the Konungs skuggsjá collected or forged by Hodinski (also known as Hodyna)
  • Ten volumes' worth of novels (titles unknown) by Jane de Faun
  • Dim Gulf by John Shade
  • Hebe's Cup by John Shade
  • Night Rote by John Shade
  • Poems by John Shade
  • Supremely Blest by John Shade
  • Taming a Seahorse by John Shade
  • A psychology textbook (title unknown) by Professor C.
  • Birds of Mexico by Samuel Shade, illustrated by Carolyn Shade
  • Historia Zemblica
  • The Merman (play)

In Look at the Harlequins!:

The book begins with a list of "Other Books by the Narrator". Many, if not all, of these titles appear to be doppelgangers of Nabokov’s real novels.

Works invented by Geoff Nicholson[edit]

In Hunters and Gatherers:

  • The Books of Power (18 vols.) by Thornton McCain

Works Invented by Garth Nix[edit]

In Sabriel:

  • The Book of the Dead (anonymous)

In Lirael:

  • The Book of Remembrance and Forgetting [anonymous]
  • Creatures by Nagi by Nagi
  • In the Skin of a Lyon [anonymous]

Works invented by Idra Novey[edit]

In Ways to Disappear:

  • by Beatriz Yagoda


Works invented by Patrick O'Brian[edit]

In Desolation Island:

  • New Operations for Suprapubic Cystotomy by Dr. Stephen Maturin
  • Suggestions for the Amelioration of Sick-Bays by Dr. Stephen Maturin
  • Thoughts on the Prevention of Diseases most usual among Seamen by Dr. Stephen Maturin
  • Tractatus de Novae Febris Ingressu by Dr. Stephen Maturin

In The Wine-Dark Sea:

  • Mariners: Consensus and Cohesion in Certain States of Adversity by Dr. Stephen Maturin
  • Some Remarks on Peruvian Cirripedes by Dr. Stephen Maturin

In Treason's Harbour:

  • Modest Proposals for the Preservation of Health in the Navy by Dr. Stephen Maturin
  • Remarks on Pezophaps Solitarious by Dr. Stephen Maturin

Works invented by Flann O'Brien[edit]

In At Swim-Two-Birds:

  • A Conspectus of the Arts and Sciences by Cowper
  • Flower o' the Prairie by William Tracy
  • Jake's Last Ride by William Tracy
  • Red Flannagan's Last Throw by William Tracy

In The Third Policeman:

  • De Selby Compendium by Bassett
  • Lux Mundi: A Memoir of de Selby by Bassett
  • Recollections by Bassett
  • Glauben ueber Ueberalls by Countess Schnapper
  • A Memoir of Garcia by de Selby
  • Codex by de Selby
  • Country Album by de Selby
  • Golden Hours by de Selby
  • Layman's Atlas by de Selby
  • Rural Atlas by de Selby
  • Histoire de Notre Temps by Du Garbandier
  • Great Towns by Goddard
  • The Man Who Sailed Away: A Memoir by H. Barge
  • Conspectus of the de Selby Dialetic by Hatchjaw
  • De Selby's Life and Times by Hatchjaw
  • The De Selby Water-Boxes Day by Day by Hatchjaw
  • Hatchjaw and Bassett by Henderson
  • De Selbys Leben by Kraus
  • Collected Works by Le Clerque
  • Extensions and Analyses by Le Clerque
  • De Selby - l'Enigme de l'Occident by Le Fournier
  • De Selby - Lieu ou Homme? by Le Fournier
  • Thoughts in a Library by Peachcroft
  • Bibliographie de de Selby

Works invented by George Orwell[edit]

In Nineteen Eighty-Four:

In Keep the Aspidistra Flying:

  • The World Beyond, by the author of Spirit Hands Have Touched me
  • Father Hilaire Chestnut's "latest book of R.C. propaganda"
  • London Pleasures, lengthy narrative poem which Gordon Comstock is working on but never completes—"a dreadful book that never got any further, and which, as he knew in his moments of clarity, never would get any further"
  • Mice, small volume of poetry by Gordon Comstock
  • High Jinks in a Parisian Convent by Sadie Blackeyes
  • Jesus the First Rotarian, Some Aspects of the Italian Baroque ("a snooty-looking volume"), Secrets of Paris and The Man She Trusted, none of whose authors are stated

In The Road to Wigan Pier:

  • Marxism for Infants by Comrade X, member of the CPGB

In Coming Up for Air:

  • Astrology applied to Horse-racing, "which proved that it's all a question of influence of the planets on the colours the jockey is wearing."
  • Wasted Passion—"The chap in the story finds out that his girl has gone off with another chap."


Works invented by Charles Palliser[edit]

In Betrayals:

  • The Armageddon Protocol by Drummond Gilchrist (unfinished)
  • The Atlantis Ultimatum by Drummond Gilchrist
  • The Importance of Being Jack, a play by Maturin within the fictional television show Biggert.
  • The Cincinnatus Papers by Jeremy Prentice
  • Down on Whores by Horatio Quaife
  • Enough Rope by Auberon Saville
  • The Finger Man by Cyril Pattison
  • For Richer, For Poorer by Jeremy Prentice
  • The Mystic Medicine Man: Henri Galvanauskas in Lithuania 1940-41 by Jacques Gicquiaux
  • The Greater Glory by Jeremy Prentice
  • Let Not Ambition by
  • The Hauptmann Ultimatum by Frederick Ludlum
  • The Quintain by Drummond Gilchrist
  • The Quintessence by Cyril Pattison
  • The Right Lines by Horatio Quaife
  • The Sensation Seeker by Cyril Pattison
  • Unmasking Strategies of Desire: Texts, Power, and the Phallus in the Work of Henri Galvaunauskas by Graham Speculand
  • The Sting in the Tail by Jeremy Prentice, unpublished
  • The Throat Surgeon by Lavinia Armitage
  • Too Clever by Half by Jeremy Prentice
  • The Twister by William Henry Ireland, unpublished

Works invented by Orhan Pamuk[edit]

In The Black Book:

  • Obscuri Libri by Bottfolio
  • Kitabü’z- Zulmet by İbn Zerhanî

Works invented by Christopher Paolini[edit]

In Brisingr:

  • Domia abr Wyrda

Works invented by Arturo Pérez-Reverte[edit]

In The Club Dumas:

  • Umbrarum Regni Novem Portis
  • Key to Captive Thoughts
  • A Curious Explanation of Mysteries and Hieroglyphs
  • The Three Books of the Art
  • The Secrets of Wisdom by Nicholas Tamisso
  • The Lost Word by Bernard Trevisan
  • Asclemandres
  • Delomelanicon, or Invocation of Darkness by Lucifer
  • De origine, moribus et rebus gestis Satanae
  • Dissertazioni sopra le apparizioni de' spiriti e diavoli
  • Restructor omnium rerum
  • Isis, the Naked Virgin by Baroness Ungern
  • The Devil, History and Legend by Baroness Ungern
  • Lupin, Raffles, Rocambole, and Holmes by Boris Balkan
  • Dumas: the Shadow of a Giant by Boris Balkan
  • Universal Bibliography by Mateu
  • Dictionary of Rare and Improbable Books by Julio Ollero
  • The Thousand Best Desserts of La Mancha by Enrique Taillefer
  • The Secrets of Barbecue by Enrique Taillefer
  • The Dead Man's Hand, or Anne of Austria's Page by Enrique Taillefer
  • Angeline de Gravaillac, or Unsullied Virtue by Amaury de Verona
  • I, Onan
  • In Search of Myself
  • Oui, C'est Moi
  • Treatise on the Art of Fencing by Don Jaime Astarloa

Works invented by Elizabeth Peters[edit]

In Curse of the Pharaohs:

  • History of Ancient Egypt by Professor Radcliffe Emerson

In The Deeds of the Disturber:

  • Development of the Egyptian Coffin from Predynastic Times to the End of the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty, With Particular Reference to Its Reflection of Religious, Social, and Artistic Conventions by Professor Radcliffe Emerson

In Die For Love:

  • Crimson Bloom of Love by Valerie Fitzgerald
  • The Slave of Lust by Valerie Vanderbilt
  • With a Willow in Her Hand by Valerie Valentine

In Naked Once More:

  • Lust Among the Savages by Jacqueline Kirby
  • Naked in the Ice by Kathleen Darcy
  • Passion of the Dark by Jacqueline Kirby
  • Priestess of the Ice God by Brunnhilde Karlsdottir
  • Red Flag, Red Blood by Jack Carter

Works invented by Stephen Potter[edit]

In Gamesmanship:

  • Bird Gamesmanship by Stephen Potter
  • Gamesman's Handbook (1949) by Stephen Potter
  • Gardens for Gamesmen, or When to be Fond of Flowers by Stephen Potter
  • Moth's Way and Bee's Wayfaring by O. Agnes Bartlett
  • Origins and Early History of Gamesmanship by Stephen Potter
  • The Silver Book of End-Play Squeezes by Stephen Potter
  • Twenty-Five Methods of Tee-Leaving by Stephen Potter

In Lifemanship:

  • Dictionary of Lifemanship and Gameswords by Symes
  • Kninghts, and How to Reasuure Them about their Social Position by unknown
  • MP-manship 1953 by T. Driberg
  • Periodship (volume 2) by J. Betjeman
  • Springs on the Arun by A.C.Y. Davis

In One-Upmanship:

  • The Birdsman in Society by B. Campbell
  • Bricks Without Straw by Olaf Pepacanek
  • The Muse in Chains by Stephen Potter
  • The Tea Party by T.D. Pontefract

In Supermanship: '

  • Airborne Heritage by Stephen Potter
  • Down to Sixteen or Less by Stephen Potter
  • Literary Guide to the Thames Valley by Stephen Potter
  • My Fayre Sussex by Otto Carling
  • Rhododendron Hunting in the Andes by Dr. Preissberger

Works invented by Anthony Powell[edit]

For a list organized by author see "An Anthony Powell ABibliography." [7]

In Books Do Furnish a Room:

  • Borage and Hellebore by Nick Jenkins
  • Sweetskin by Alaric Kydd
  • Bin Ends by F.X. Trapnel
  • Camel Ride to the Tomb by F.X. Trapnel
  • Dogs Have No Uncles by F.X. Trapnel
  • Profiles in String by F.X. Trapnel

In the A Dance to the Music of Time series:

  • Dust Thou Art by St. John Clarke
  • E'en the Longest River by St. John Clarke
  • Fields of Amaranth by St. John Clarke
  • The Heart is Highland by St. John Clarke
  • Match Me Such Marvel by St. John Clarke
  • Mimosa by St. John Clarke
  • Never to the Philistines by St. John Clarke

In Fisher King:

  • An unknown title by Valentine Beals

In Hearing Secret Harmonies:

  • The Gothic Symbolism of Mortality in the Texture of Jacobean Stagecraft by Emily Brightman
  • Cain's Jawbone by Evadne Clapham
  • Death's Head Swordsman, The Life and Works of X. Trapnel by Russell Gwinnett
  • Bedsores by Ada Leintwardine
  • The Bitch Pack meets on Wednesday by Ada Leintwardine

In What's Become of Waring:

  • Fierce Midnights by O. Guiller-Lawson
  • An unknown title by Shirley Handsworth
  • Aristogeiton: a Harmony by Minhinnick
  • Than Whom What Other? by Redhead
  • Athletes Footmen by Quentin Shuckerly
  • An unknown title by T.T. Waring

Works invented by Terry Pratchett[edit]

In the Discworld series:

  • 100 Walks in the Ramtops, by Eric Wheelbrace
  • Almanack de Gothic
  • Cooking with Brains, by Chef Aimsbury (Chef dé Canine Cuisine, Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork)
  • Demonylogie Malyfycorum of Henchanse thee Unsatyfactory
  • Diseases of the Dragon
  • The Show Judges' Guide to Dragons, by Lady Sybil Ramkin
  • Diseases of the Sheep
  • Geoffrey and the Magic Pillow Case in Snuff, by Miss Felicity Beedle
  • Grim Fairy Tales
  • The Goode Childe's Booke of Faerie Tales
  • I Spy....Demons, by Professor Cuvee of Unseen University
  • Inne Juste 7 Dayes I Wille Make You a Barbearian Hero!, by Cohen the Barbarian
  • The Joye of Snackes, by "A Lancre Witch"
  • Koom Valley Codex
  • The Laws and Ordinances of the Cities of Ankh and Morpork
  • Liber Immanis Monstrorum, by Professor Cuvee of Unseen University
  • The Little Duckling Who Thought He Was an Elephant in Snuff, by Miss Felicity Beedle
  • Melvin and the Enormous Boil in Snuff, by Miss Felicity Beedle
  • Mr. Bunnsy Has an Adventure
  • Necrotelicomnicon
  • The Octavo
  • Res Centum et Una Quas Magus Facere Potest
  • The Summoning of Dragons, by Tubal de Malachite
  • True Art of Levitatione
  • Twurp's Peerage
  • Walking in the Koom Valley, by Eric Wheelbrace
  • What I Did On My Holidays, by Twoflower
  • Where's My Cow? in Thud! (A version exists in the real world which features the fictional characters reading the fictional version.)
  • The World of Poo in Snuff, by Miss Felicity Beedle

In The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents:

  • Mr Bunnsy Has an Adventure

In Good Omens (with Neil Gaiman):

  • The Nice And Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
  • The "Buggre Alle Thys" Bible (fictional edition of the Bible)

In Wintersmith:

  • Survival in the Snow (by T.H. Mouseholder)
  • Cooking in Dire Straits (by Superflua Raven)
  • Among the Snow Weasels (by K. Pierpoint Poundsworth)
  • The Habits of Wolves (by Captain W.E. Lightly)
  • Magnaventio Obtusis (by Perspicacia Tick)
  • Ancient and Classical Mythology (by Chaffinch)
  • Passion's Plaything (by Marjory J. Boddice)
  • Sundered Hearts (by Marjory J. Boddice)
  • Unexpurgated Dictionary

Works invented by Malcolm Pryce[edit]

In Aberystwyth Mon Amour:

  • On Pools of Love by Joyce Moonweather
  • Governing a Sloop Captain Marcus Trelawney
  • Towards a New Pathology of Slovenliness Dr Heinz X. Nuesslin
  • Roses of Charon by Job Gorseino
  • Corruption of the Deep: The Captain's Guide to Last Rites and Burials at Sea

Works invented by Thomas Pynchon[edit]

  • Adventures in Neuropathy by Puckpool
  • An Account of the Singular Peregrinations of Dr Diocletian Blobb among the Italians, Illuminated with Exemplary Tales from the True History of That Outlandish And Fantastical Race
  • The Book of Iceland Spar ('commonly described as "like the Ynglingasaga only different"')
  • The Chums of Chance and the Caged Women of Yokohama
  • The Chums of Chance and the Curse of the Great Kahuna
  • The Chums of Chance and the Evil Halfwit
  • The Chums of Chance and the Ice Pirates
  • The Chums of Chance at Krakatoa
  • The Chums of Chance at the Ends of the Earth
  • The Chums of Chance in Old Mexico
  • The Chums of Chance in the Bowels of the Earth ('for some reason one of the less appealing of this series, letters having come in from as far away as Tunbridge Wells, England, expressing displeasure, often quite intense, with my harmless little intraterrestrial scherzo.') (Pynchon 2006, p. 117)
  • The Chums of Chance Nearly Crash into the Kremlin
  • The Chums of Chance Search for Atlantis
  • The Courier's Tragedy by Richard Wharfinger (a Jacobean revenge play in five acts)
  • The Ghastly Fop (from Mason & Dixon)
  • How I Came to Love the People (anonymous)
  • The Italian Wedding Fake Book by Deleuze & Guattari
  • King Kong; 18 vls. by Mitchell Prettyplace (a 'definitive study')
  • Neil Nosepicker's Book of 50,000 Insults. The Nayland Smith Press, Cambridge (Massachusetts), 1933
  • The Pennsylvaniad, an epic poem by Timothy Tox featured throughout Mason & Dixon
  • On Preterition by William Slothrop ('among the first books to've been not only banned but ceremonially burned in Boston')
  • The Plays of Ford, Webster, Tourneur and Wharfinger by Dr. Emory Bortz
  • Plotting the Stealth and Intrigue of the Jacobean Revenge Plays by Dr. Emory Bortz
  • Tales of the Schwarzkommando collected by Steve Edelman
  • Things That Can Happen In European Politics by Ernest Pudding
  • The Wisdom of the Great Kamikaze Pilots (with illustrations by Walt Disney)


Works invented by François Rabelais[edit]

Works invented by Ayn Rand[edit]

In The Fountainhead:

  • Clouds and Shrouds, a memoir by Lois Cook
  • The Gallant Gallstone, a novel by Lois Cook
  • Sermons in Stone, a book about architecture by Ellsworth Toohey

In Atlas Shrugged:

  • The Heart is a Milkman, a novel by Balph Eubank
  • The Metaphysical Contradictions of the Universe, a philosophy book by Dr. Simon Pritchett?
  • The Vulture Is Molting, a nonfiction book by an unnamed author
  • Why Do You Think You Think?, a nonfiction book by Dr. Floyd Ferris

Works invented by Corey Redekop[edit]

In Shelf Monkey:

  • By Agnes Coleman:
    • My Baby, My Love
    • Baby I was Nothing Before You
    • Baby Madeleine, What Happened
  • By Patricia Yellow:
    • A Dime of Two for Your Thoughts
  • By Douglas McDonald:
    • Jesus Rides Shotgun
  • By Ian Falk:
    • Shame on All of You
  • By Nicholas Rapley:
    • I'm All Out of Tea
  • By Laureen Hoper:
    • Lightbulbs and Dreams
  • By Gerry Ewes:
    • Diamonds Out of Diapers

Works invented by Mary Renault[edit]

In The Friendly Young Ladies:

  • By J.O. Flint:
    • Pillar of Cloud
    • Remission
  • By Tex O'Hara, pseudonym of Leonora Lane:
    • Lone Stair Trail
    • The Mexican Spur
    • Quick on the Draw
    • Silver Guns
    • Yippee-ih!

Works invented by J. K. Rowling[edit]

This is a list of books mentioned in the Harry Potter series. Titles specifically mentioned as textbooks are listed first, by class, followed by other books listed by general topic. Note that three of the following fictional books have since been written and published in the real world: Quidditch Through the Ages by Kennilworthy Whisp (2001), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander (2001), and The Tales of Beedle the Bard (2007, 2008).

Works invented by Carlos Ruiz Zafón[edit]

In The Shadow of the Wind:

  • By Julián Carax:
    • The Angel of the Mist
    • The Cathedral Thief
    • The Red House
    • The Shadow of the Wind


Works invented by Brandon Sanderson[edit]

In The Way of Kings,

  • The Way of Kings, a scriptural work by Nohadon
  • The Book of Endless Pages, a religious text

In Words of Radiance,

  • Words of Radiance, a historical treatise

Works invented by Lewis Sands[edit]

In The Librarian, by L. Sands:

Works invented by May Sarton[edit]

In Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing, by F. Hilary Stevens:

  • Bull's Eye, a novel
  • From a Hospital Bed, poems
  • Themes & Variation, poems
  • Dialogues, poems
  • Country Spells, poems
  • The Silences, poems
  • Most of the book is an interview of Mrs. Stevens at 70, and each book represents a section of her life.

Works invented by Dorothy L. Sayers[edit]

Works invented by Davis Schneiderman[edit]

In Drain:

  • The Book of Maneuvers by Fulcrum Maneuvers, plays a pivotal role

In Multifesto: The Henri d'Mescan Reader:

  • Summary Execution by Henri d'Mescan
  • Abstractions by Henri d'Mescan
  • Marginalia by Henri d'Mescan
  • The Trial and Death of Henri d’Mescan: Apoplectic by Henri d'Mescan
  • Spacecats of the World, Untie! by Henry Mescaline
  • Tupeat, Frompeet, Repeit by Henry Mescaline
  • Hallucigenome: The Henry Mescaline Reader by Henry Mescaline
  • Post-America" by Henri d'Mescan
  • 'Touching a Careless God, or Were by Hans Dialectic
  • And the Pleasure Dome Decrees… by Lucien Spume
  • Kaballah?—Cab Allah! by Henri d’Mescan
  • Crocodilopolis, or, The Ribcage Sounds Like A Wooden Chest by Gact
  • The Breakers — Newport, RI. in 103 New World Sites: A Compendium of the Obtuse
  • Try and Catch God before God ACTs Up. by Tacg

In Dis:

  • Autobiomagicatomsexmonkey by Thelonius Bosh, edited by Ablaut the monkey.

Works invented by Charles M. Schulz[edit]

The Six Bunny-Wunnies series by Helen Sweetstory

Works invented by Michael Shea[edit]

In Nifft the Lean:

  • The Aquademoniad
  • Thaumaturgicon, by Undle Nine-fingers
  • The Life and Personal Recollections, as well as Many pointed Observations, of Grahna-Shalla, son of Shalla-hedron of Lower Adelfi, who Fished in the Demonsea and Returned with Booty Marvelous to Tell
  • Thaumaturge's Pocket Pandect, by Balder Xolot
  • Pan-Demonion, by Parple

Works invented by Lionel Shriver[edit]

In The Mandibles:

  • Ad-Out by Enola Mandible
  • Better Late Than by Enola Mandible
  • Cradle to Grave by Enola Mandible
  • Gray by Enola Mandible
  • The Saint of Glengormley by Enola Mandible
  • The Stringer by Enola Mandible
  • Virtual Familys by Enola Mandible

Works invented by Alix Kates Shulman[edit]

In Ménage:

  • Fire Watch, by Zoltan Barbu
  • Stories, by Heather McKay

In Burning Questions:

  • My Life as a Rebel, by Zane Indiana

Works invented by Clark Ashton Smith[edit]

  • The Book of Eibon, by Eibon
  • Histoire d'Amour, by Bernard de Vaillantcoeur
  • The Testament of Carnamagos. This title was used twice, once set in current times(short story "The Treader of the Dust") and also set in the far distant future, in Zothique, earth's last continent.(short story "Xeethra".) Either Smith lost track or the book is extraordinarily long-surviving.

Works invented by Lemony Snicket[edit]

Works invented by Muriel Spark[edit]

In The Finishing School :

  • The School Observed by Rowland Mahler
  • Who Killed Darnley? by Chris Wiley

In The Girls of Slender Means :

  • The Sabbath Notebooks by Nicholas Farringdon

In Loitering with Intent :

  • Warrender Chase by Fleur Talbot

In Memento Mori :

  • The Gates of Granella and The Seventh Child by Charmian Colston

In A Far Cry From Kensington :

  • Farewell, Leicester Square by Hector Bartlett

Works invented in The Spitting Image Book[edit]

  • Jennings Has Tweaky Nipples by Anthony Buggery
  • Jennings Buys a New Dress by Anthony Buggery
  • Jennings and the Hormone Implants by Anthony Buggery
  • Jennings Gradually Begins to Feel More at Ease When He is With Other Women by Anthony Buggery
  • Jennings Spends an Intimate Evening with a Signals Officer from the Royal Navy by Anthony Buggery
  • Jennings Undergoes Specialist Surgery by Anthony Buggery
  • Mrs. Jennings Has Twins by Anthony Buggery

Works invented by Neal Stephenson[edit]

In Cryptonomicon and Quicksilver:

  • The Cryptonomicon

In Anathem :

  • Second New Revised Book of Discipline

In The Diamond Age :

  • A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer

Works invented by Laurence Sterne[edit]

In The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman:

  • Grand System of Universal Monarchy by Jean-Baptiste Colbert
  • De Fartandi et Illustrandi Fallaciis by Didius
  • Military Architecture and Pyroballogy by Gobesius
  • Notes for a Sermon to be Preached at Court by Dr. Homenas
  • Treatise on the Animus and the Anima by Metheglingius
  • De Concubinis Retinendis by Phutatorius
  • Works by Prignitz
  • De Partu Difficili by Lithopaedus Senonesis
  • A (short) List of the Virtues of the Widow Wadman by Toby Shandy
  • Apologetical Oration by Toby Shandy
  • The Campaigns of Uncle Toby and Corporal Trim by Tristram Shandy
  • Dissertation upon the Word 'Tristram' by Walter Shandy
  • Life of Socrates by Walter Shandy
  • Philippicks by Walter Shandy
  • Plain Stories by Tristram Shandy
  • Remarks Made on a Tour of France in the Year 1765 by Tristram Shandy
  • Tristrapaedia by Walter Shandy
  • De Nasis by Hafen Slawkenbergius
  • Treatise on Midwifery by Dr. Slop
  • Works by Ludovicus Sorbonensis
  • The Second Council of Carthage by St. Cyprian
  • Code Louis by unknown
  • Dramatic Sermons by Parson Yorick

Works invented by Peter Straub[edit]

  • In The Hellfire Club: Night Journey by Hugo Driver
  • In Ghost Story: The Nightwatcher by Donald Wanderly
  • In Koko: The Divided Man by Tim Underhill

Works invented by S. M. Stirling[edit]

Works invented by Barry Strugatz and Mark R. Burns[edit]

In She-Devil:

  • Love in the Rinse Cycle by Mary Fisher
  • Trust and Betrayal: A Docu-Novel of Love, Money and Betrayal by Mary Fisher


Works invented by Josephine Tey[edit]

In The Daughter of Time:

  • Bells on Her Toes by Rupert Rouge
  • History Is the Bunk by Brent Carradine (planned non-fiction)
  • The Case of the Missing Tin-Opener by John James Mark
  • The Rose of Raby by Evelyn Payne-Ellis
  • The Sweat and The Furrow by Silas Weekley
  • Unnamed hard-boiled detective novel by Oscar Oakley
  • Unnamed romance novel by Lavinia Finch

In Miss Pym Disposes:

  • The Book by Lucy Pym

Works invented by J. R. R. Tolkien[edit]

Works invented by Harry Turtledove[edit]

In American Empire: Blood and Iron:

In American Empire: The Center Cannot Hold:

In Settling Accounts: In at the Death:


Works invented by John Updike[edit]

In Bech: A Book:

  • Travel Light, a novel by Henry Bech
  • Brother Pig, a novel by Henry Bech
  • When the Saints, an essay collection by Henry Bech

In Bech is Back:

  • Think Big, a novel by Henry Bech


Works invented by Jack Vance[edit]

In Araminta Station:

  • Charter of the Cadwal Conservancy by the Members of the Naturalist Society of Earth
  • The Worlds of Man by the Fellows of the Fidelius Institute

In Cugel's Saga:

  • Intimate Anatomy of Several Overworld Personages by Haruvoit

In the Demon Princes series:

  • Better Understanding of the Institute by Charles Bronstein
  • Chronicles of Navarth by Carol Lewis
  • Civilized Ideas and Civilized Worlds by Michael Yeaton
  • A Comparison of Mathematical Processes as Employed by Six "Intelligent" Alien Races by Unspiek, Baron Bodissey
  • A Concise History of Oikumene by Albert B. Hall
  • The Criminal Mentality by Michael Diaz
  • Dar Sai and the Darsh by Joinville Akers
  • Encyclopedia of Sociology by B. A. Edgar
  • Everyman's Guide to the Stars
  • Fauna of the Vegan Worlds by Rapunzel K. Funk
  • Games of the Galaxy by Everett Wright
  • Gustations by Michael Weist
  • The Heham Fjoliot
  • Human Institutions by Prade
  • The Institute: A Primer by Mary Murray
  • Interplanetary Crime: Causes and Consequences by Karen Miller
  • The Moral Essence of Civilization by Calvin V. Calvert
  • Peccant Souls by Theodore Pederson
  • Peoples of the Coranne by Richard Pelto
  • The Sexual Habits of the Sarkoy by B. A. Edgar
  • Star Directory
  • Studies in Comparative Anthropology by Russell Cooke
  • The Teachings of Didram Bodo Sime by Didram Bodo Sime
  • Ten Explorers: A Study of Type by Oscar Anderson
  • Tourist Guide to the Coranne by Jane Szantho

In The Dying Earth:

  • Cazdal's Tract
  • The Cyclopedia
  • The Lost Book of Kells
  • The Tomes of Kae

In The Eyes of the Overworld:

  • Thrump's Almanac by Thrump
  • Zaraides the Wizard, His Compendium of Spells, Beware by Zaraides
  • Zaraides the Wizard, His Workbook, Beware by Zaraides

In the Lyonesse Trilogy

  • Abstracts and Excerpts, by Balberry
  • Book of Logotypes
  • Candasces
  • The Chronicles of Ys
  • Clavetz of Avallon
  • Dalziel of Avallon
  • Jirolamo
  • Junifer Algo
  • Lagronius: his Chronicles
  • Matreo
  • Memories of Nausicaa
  • Morning Ode, by Merosthenes
  • Orgon Photis
  • Panis the Ionian
  • The Pantological Index
  • Saint Uldine's Children
  • Twitten's Almanac
  • War of the Goths and the Huns, by Khersom

In The Palace of Love:

  • Introduction to Old Earth by Ferencz Szantho
  • Worlds I Have Known by L. G. Dusenyi

In Rhialto the Marvellous:

  • Characteristic Stuffs: Dusts and Microvies of the Latter Aeons
  • The Encyclopedia
  • The Great Gloss
  • Primer of Practical Magic, by Killiclaw
  • The Three Books of Phandaal

In The Star King:

  • The Demon Princes by Caril Carphen
  • The IPCC: Men and Methods by Raul Past
  • Life by Unspiek, Baron Bodissey
  • Men of the Oikumene by Jan Holberk Vaenz LXII
  • New Discoveries in Space by Ralph Quarry
  • Popular Handbook of the Planets
  • Scroll from the Ninth Dimension


  • The Book of Dreams by Howard Alan Treesong
  • The Killing Machine Peoples of the Concourse by Streck and Chernitz

Works invented by Kurt Vonnegut[edit]


Works invented by David Foster Wallace[edit]

In Infinite Jest:

  • Incest and the Life of Death in Capitalist Entertainment by Gilles Deleuze

Works invented by Bill Watterson[edit]

  • Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie by Mabel Syrup
  • Commander Coriander Salamander and 'er Singlehander Bellylander by Mabel Syrup

Works invented by Evelyn Waugh[edit]

In Brideshead Revisited: (all by Charles Ryder)

  • Ryder's Country Seats
  • Ryder's English Homes
  • Ryder's Village and Provincial Architecture
  • Ryder's Latin America

Works invented by Donald Westlake[edit]

In Jimmy the Kid:

  • Child Heist by Richard Stark. (Several chapters from this fictional book are included in Jimmy the Kid. Westlake actually wrote many novels under he pen name of Stark, but this one was fictional, a self-joke. Stark also appears briefly as a character.)

Works invented by P. G. Wodehouse[edit]

In the Jeeves stories
  • All for Love by Rosie M. Banks
  • Autumn Leaves by Gwendolen Moon
  • Blackness at Night by Adela Cream
  • The Case of the Poisoned Doughnut by Rex West
  • The Courtship of Lord Strathmorlick by Rosie M. Banks
  • Inspector Biffen Views the Body by Rex West
  • Jenny, The Girl Jockey
  • Madcap Myrtle by Rosie M. Banks
  • Memories of Eighty Interesting Years by Lady Carnaby
  • Murder in Mauve by Rex West
  • The Mystery of the Pink Crayfish by Rex West
  • My Friends the Newts by Loretta Peabody
  • Only a Factory Girl by Rosie M. Banks
  • Pipped on the Post
  • Recollections of a Long Life by Sir Willoughby
  • A Red, Red Summer Rose by Rosie M. Banks
  • 'Twas on an English June by Gwendolen Moon
  • The Woman Who Braved All by Rosie M. Banks
In Joy in the Morning
  • The Poisoned Pen
  • Spindrift by Florence Craye
  • Spinning Wheel
  • With Guns and Camera in Little Known Borneo
In "The Artistic Career of Corky"
  • American Birds by Alexander Worple
  • The Children's Book of American Birds by Muriel Singer
  • More American Birds by Alexander Worple
In Aunts Aren't Gentlemen (U.S. title The Cat-nappers)
  • By Order of the Czar
  • The Mystery of A Hansom Cab
In The Mating Season
  • Mervyn Keene, Clubman by Rosie M. Banks
  • Murder at Greystone Grange
  • In Clustering Around Young Bingo: Frank Recollections of a Long Life by Lady Bablockhythe
  • In Cocktail Time: Cocktail Time by Sir Raymond Bastable
  • In Leave it to Psmith: Songs of Squalor by Ralston McTodd
  • In Pigs Have Wings: On the Care of the Pig by Augustus Whiffle
  • In Sam in the Suburbs: Is There a Hell? by Rev. Aubrey Jerningham
  • In Sleepy Time: Hypnotism As A Device To Uncover the Unconscious Drives And Mechanism In An Effort To Analyse the Functions Involved Which Gives Rise To Emotional Conflicts In the Waking State by Professor Pepperidge Farmer
  • In Something Fresh: The Adventures of the Secret Six by Felix Clovelly
  • In Strychnine in the Soup: Strychnine in the Soup by Slingsby, Blood on the Banisters

Works invented by Gene Wolfe[edit]

Works invented by John Wyndham[edit]

In The Chrysalids

  • Nicholson's Repentances, a supplement to the Bible

In The Day of the Triffids

  • Sex Is My Adventure by Josella Playton

Miscellaneous from literature[edit]

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