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Fictional books are often used in periodical publications to increase the satirical tone of a work. This is a list of fictional books appearing in newspaper comics and comic book issues.

Newspaper comics[edit]

Works invented by Charles M. Schulz[edit]

In the Peanuts comic strip:
Books by Miss Helen Sweetstory

  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies and the Female Veterinarian
  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies and Their Layover in Anderson, Indiana
  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies and Their Pony Cart
  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies and Their Water Bed
  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies and Their XK-E
  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies Freak Out
  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies Go to Long Beach
  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies Make Cookies
  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies Join an Encounter Group
  • The Six Bunny-Wunnies Visit Plains, Georgia

Works invented by Bill Watterson[edit]

In the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip:

  • Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie by Mabel Syrup (since actually written by Mabel S. Barr)
  • Commander Coriander Salamander and 'Er Singlehander Bellylander, also by Mabel Syrup
  • Captain Napalm, an uncredited comic book

Miscellaneous from Newspaper comics[edit]

Comic books[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]

  • Born Normal, a memoir by Jean-Paul Beaubier on his life as Northstar
  • Gidget Goes to Hell a memoir by Patsy Walker (Hellcat) of her death and resurrection
  • How Peter Parker Ruined My Life, a biography by Debra Whitman
  • Legacy of Evil, by Ben Urich - a book exposing Norman Osborn and his son Harry as having taken up the mantle of the Green Goblin. Discontinued by Osborn when he took over the Daily Bugle.
  • Marvels, book of superhero photographs by Phil Sheldon
  • Power for the Preying, an expose about paranormal kids and the various forces attempting to exploit them, in the New Universe's Psi-Force
  • Shadows, The Dark Side of the Marvels, a book on supervillains by Dr. Dennis Schoolcroft
  • Sidekick, a memoir by Rick Jones
  • The Third Species, by John Sublime
  • The Vampire Conspiracy, by Harold H. Harold - Tomb of Dracula
  • Webs, book of Spider-Man photographs by Peter Parker

Miscellaneous from comics[edit]

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