List of fictional canines in comics

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This is a list of fictional canines in comics, and is subsidiary to the list of fictional canines. It is a collection of various notable non-dog canine characters. Dogs can be found under comics in the list of fictional dogs. Wolves can be found under comics in the list of fictional wolves.

Name Species Comic Format Notes
Ferdinand Fox Fox Coo Coo Comics Comic books A genius fox who teaches the forest animals high IQ tricks. Created by Alexander Samalman.
Fiona Fox Fox Sonic the Hedgehog Comic books A treasure hunter and Scourge the Hedgehog's love interest.
Fix and Foxi Fox Fix and Foxi Comic books Created by Rolf Kauka. Adapted into a TV Series.
Foxy Fagan Fox Foxy Fagan by Harvey Eisenberg Comic books A trouble prone fox who is sly but things don't work out as he plans.
Slylock Fox Fox Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids Comic strips A detective, constantly matching wits against a variety of criminals and assisted by his sidekick Max Mouse.
Foxy Fox The Dandy Comic strips
Joris Goedbloed Fox Tom Poes, Panda Comic strips Despite his last name ("Goedbloed" would translate as "Good blood" in English) Joris is an untrustworthy con-artist who uses Macaronic Latin.
McFox Fox Lionel's Kingdom Comic books The original main character in Lionel's Kingdom comics.
Seminole Sam Fox Pogo Comic strips
Ozy Fox Ozy and Millie Web comics