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This list of fictional cats and other felines is subsidiary to the list of fictional cats. It is restricted solely to notable feline characters from notable animated television shows and film. For characters that appear in several separate television series, only the earliest series will be recorded here.

Character Origin Notes
Amanojaku Ghost Stories Amanojaku is literally a demon trapped inside of a cat's body
Autocat Motormouse and Autocat
Artemis Sailor Moon Guardian to Sailor Venus.
Azrael Smurfs
Babbit and Catstello Merrie Melodies[1] Babbit and Catstello are Looney Tunes based on the comedic duo Abbott and Costello. Although the short, fat character calls the other one "Babbit", the tall, skinny one never addresses his partner by name; the name "Catstello" was invented later. In two other shorts they are portrayed as mice instead of cats.
Banjo Banjo the Woodpile Cat An overly curious and rebellious kitten who, after getting into trouble for falling from a house to see if he could land on his feet, runs away from his woodpile home in his owners' farm.
Beans Merrie Melodies Early colleague of Porky Pig and sometimes Ham and Ex's uncle.[2]
Bartleby True and the Rainbow Kingdom True's anthropomorphic navy blue talking pet cat and sidekick who is quite loyal to her.
Beerus Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Purple cat based loosely on Egyptian mythology. He is the god of destruction.
Berlioz The Aristocats A kitten who is Duchess' son and brother of Marie and Toulouse.
Beverely Where's Huddles? Spoiled cat of Claude Pertwee.
Billy the Cat Billy the Cat A boy named Billy is transformed into a cat by a magician who decides to teach the boy a lesson.
Blossom FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman Ruff Ruffman's "cool" assistant
Bonkers D. Bobcat Bonkers A bobcat policeman.
Boo Funky Phantom Ghost cat sidekick of Funky Phantom who teased Elmo the dog.
Box Prince Adventure Time A male cat that is a prince of the Box Kingdom.
Branya The Comic Artist and Assistants An adorable little orange kitty who embodies the manga's mascot. He wears a black tuxedo and a pink bra over his ears. He communicates with cute little poster signs and is very cuddly.
Buckley Slacker Cats One of the two main protagonists of Slacker Cats, along with Eddie. He is a cat owned by Louise, living in her apartment. He is clever by cat standards, but he thinks he is much more clever than he really is, which causes he and Eddie to encounter a lot of trouble. He secretly wants to be human, feeling life is limited as a cat. His best friend is Eddie, who is often the cause of his mishaps. Buckley is also the constant nemesis of Mrs. Boots for reasons that remain unknown. He is in love with his owner Louise and plans on marrying her, but she doesn't return his feelings. Despite his unreturned feelings he still addresses her as if she were his girlfriend. Buckley's personality fluctuates from laziness and uncaring to being remotely active and feeling guilty. He is notably more ethical than Eddie. Buckley also shows an aggressive side, attacking his friend Tabitha and removing her remaining ear, though it was later reattached. Voiced by Harland Williams.
Butch Tom and Jerry A black and white alley cat, who made his first appearance in the Tom and Jerry series in the 1943 short, Baby Puss (in which he serves as the secondary villain/main archenemy) alongside Topsy and the already-established Meathead.
Cake the cat Adventure Time A cat who exists in the Fionna’s world and gender-swapped version of Jake the dog.
Cali PAW Patrol Katie's cat; friend of the PAW Patrol
Carla Fairy Tail Carla (シャルル Sharuru) is an Exceed, the daughter of Queen Shagotte, and a close companion to Wendy Marvell. She and Wendy belonged to Cait Shelter before joining Fairy Tail. Carla is a small, white Exceed with pink ears and brown eyes, which are smaller than Happy's eyes. She also has two whiskers on each side of her face. Carla wears a pink bow near the end of her tail. Unlike the carefree Happy, Carla is very strict and serious most of the time, rarely showing emotions.
Cat CatDog Somewhat uptight and believes strongly in being polite and neat. He is a stickler for cleanliness and, like most cats, is aquaphobic. He is also obsessed with jet skis. Cat is 26 years old. Despite his sophisticated personality, Cat also has a dark side. Whenever he snaps, Cat becomes a ruthless, psychopathic maniac who even the Greasers are scared of once they see what he is capable of doing. He is attached to his twin brother, Dog.
Cat Peg + Cat A blue cat whose best friend is Peg. He loves circles and accompanies Peg on her adventures. Cat often inspires Peg to realize a solution to a problem without being aware of it himself.
Catbus My Neighbor Totoro It is a large creature, depicted as a grinning male cat with a hollow body that serves as a bus, complete with windows and seats coated with fur, and a large bushy tail. The character's popularity has led to its use in a spin-off film, toys for children, an art car, and being featured in the Ghibli Museum, among other products and influences.
The Catillac Cats Heathcliff A group of cats who live in a junkyard and headed by Riff-Raff and supported by Cleo cat (Riff-Raff girlfriend), Hector a streetwise Hispanic cat, Wordsworth W. Wordsworth a hip-hop groovy cat who speaks in rhyme, Mungo a big black Persian cat and Spike the junkyard dog.
Cattanooga Cats (Country, Kitty Jo, Scoots, and Groove) Cattanooga Cats A musical band of hillbilly cats.
Chance (T-Bone) SWAT Kats The larger member of the SWAT Kats and pilot of the Turbokat jet. T-Bone is one of the best pilots in the SWAT Kat universe, as seen in "Cry Turmoil." He loves aerial warfare history, as seen in "The Ghost Pilot," and Scaredy Kat cartoons.
Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland A pink and purple striped cat with a wide smile and close-set, piercing yellow eyes. Mischievous, and takes pleasure in misdirecting Alice. He is capable of invisibility, and frequently enters and exits the scene with all parts faded away except for his grin or eyes.
Chi Chi's Sweet Home An adorable gray and white kitten with black stripes wanders away from her family and is found by a young boy, Youhei, and his mother. They take the kitten home and Chi then has a splendid time living with her new family, learning about different things and meeting new people and animals.
Chloe The Secret Life of Pets
Chococat Sanrio Chococat is drawn as a black cat with huge black eyes, four whiskers, and like his counterpart Hello Kitty, no mouth. His name comes from his chocolate-colored nose.[3][4]
Claude Cat Looney Tunes (a pun on the homophone "clawed cat") had his origins in several other cat characters used by Chuck Jones from 1940 to 1945. These cats were mostly similar in appearance and temperament, with black fur and anxious personalities.
Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti The Loud House Two cats owned by the McBride family.
Cliff The Loud House The loud family's pet cat.
Courageous Cat Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse The protector of Empire City. When fighting bad guys, Courageous Cat would use all-purpose Cat Gun or a vast variety of different deus ex machina "trick guns" he pulls out of his cape.
The Copycat PAW Patrol Enemy of the PAW Patrol; known for copying others' superpowers
Custard Roobarb A chubby pink cat who likes to play pranks on his next-door-neighbour, the dog Roobarb.
Danny Cats Don't Dance A cheerful, naive cat who wants to become a famous Hollywood star.
Darwin April and the Extraordinary World The cynical companion to April who consumes a formula granting him invincibility and eternal life.
Duchess The Aristocats Madame Adelaide's cat and mother of three kittens (Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse). She falls in love with Thomas and is forced to choose her life at home or a life with Thomas.
Diana (Jewelpet) Jewelpet A Black Munchkin cat with white paws who uses Dark Magic. She wears a lace-trimmed pink waistcoat, a pink bow, and a silver heart-shaped necklace.
Diana Sailor Moon Child of Luna and Artemis and guardian to Chibiusa.
Dinah Alice in wonderland Alice's cat Dinah is brown and white and wears a pink bow
Doc Hickory, Dickory, and Doc A Doc think black and white cat tuxedo voiced by Paul Frees Hickory and Dickory together.
Dodsworth Looney Tunes An obese, lethargic black-and-white cat with a large red nose (voiced by Edward Selzer and based on W.C. Fields) who tries to get a small white kitten to do his mousing for him.
Doraemon Doraemon A blue, robot cat from the future to help his owner's great-great-grandfather, Nobi Nobita who often have problems.
Dydo The Mighty Hercules The evil wizard Daedalus's pet cat, which is grey and ill-tempered.
Eek Eek! The Cat A purple cat whose motto is "it never hurts to help", though his situations dictate otherwise.
Elsie Stanley A talking cat and one of the main characters of the show
Evil Earthworm Jim The ruler over Planet Heck, intent on claiming Jim's super suit or destroying the universe. He is frequently assisted, but more often annoyed, by his aide Henchrat.
Fantomcat Fantomcat The Duke of Fantom. A masked swashbuckling hero who joins the Detective Team after his release and is nicknamed Fantomcat.
Fat Cat Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Rescue Rangers' enemy.
Felicia The Great Mouse Detective Feline "Enforcer" for Professor Ratigan.
Felix Felix the Cat A cute, funny black and white cat created in the silent film era. In later decades he has a "Magic Bag of Tricks".
Figaro Pinocchio Best known as the pet cat of Geppetto and Pinocchio too. Figaro has also starred independently in a number of Disney shorts, as the pet of Minnie Mouse, which was a common theme for Disney characters to be juxtaposed from movies to cartoon shorts. In a "Golden Key" Cartoon Digest of Walt Disney comics, Faigaro had his own page in regard to "Figaro Feline Friends" {various members of the cat family}
Fluffy Rugrats Angelica's pet cat.
Fraidy Fraidy Cat A scrawny yellow cat who is prone misfortune as he is living his last life and always accidentally summons one of his former lives (or a storm cloud in the case of nine) when he says a number between one till nine or anything that sounds remotely like those numbers.
Francis Felidae Feline protagonist of the film Felidae.
Fritz Fritz the Cat The main character of the Fritz the Cat films and comics. He is a college-aged anthropomorphic cat, presumably living in the 1960s.
Fritz Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night
Furrball Tiny Toon Adventures A greyish-blue ragged looking cat, with a bandage around his tail. Has many similarities to Sylvester and Penelope Pussycat and is prone to getting in unfortunate encounters. Serves once as Fifi La Fume's love interest and sometimes as Elmyra Duff's pet.
Garnet Jewelpet A pink Persian Cat who symbolizes love, and usually has a mature, feminine personality. She wears a red ribbon on her head and a pink jewel necklace. One of the three main characters of the series.
Gideon the Cat Pinocchio A mute, dimwitted and bumbling anthropomorphic feline sidekick who serves as the film's comic relief.
Gilbert Caillou The titular character's pet cat
Gordon Catscratch A Scottish speaking cat who is the brother of Mr. Blik and Waffle.
Gumball Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball A blue preteen anthropomorphic cat who is the series' protagonist. Husk Hazbin Hotel The front desk clerk and bartender of the Hazbin Hotel
Happy Fairy Tail, Edens Zero A small blue cat with a white underbelly and a down-to-earth, loyal, usually mischievous personality. In the Fairy Tail series, Happy is a magical creature with the ability to grow wings and fly with his magic, and wears a green sack where he keeps food and items. In Edens Zero, he is actually an alien cat who was resurrected as a cyborg after getting run over by a drunk driver, and can morph his body into a pair of rayguns used by his best friend, Rebecca.
Heathcliff Heathcliff He is an orange tabby cat who also appeared in another TV series four years later.
Henry's Cat Henry's Cat A laid-back ponderous yellow cat who likes eating, but whose actual name isn't known.
Jack Oggy and The Cockroaches He's Oggy's Cousin.
Jade Catkin Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own Jade Catkin is Roxie's roommate who is a gothic bombay cat.[5] She is also Roxie's best friend and she loves to sleep.
Jake (Razor) SWAT Kats The smaller member of the SWAT Kats, who is a mechanical genius. He designed the various gadgets and advanced weaponry used in the Turbokat, and he serves as the radar interceptor and weapons control officer, or RIO, in the Turbokat.
Jenny Bucky O'Hare The attractive pilot of the Righteous Indignation, who belongs to an order of artificers (witches).
Jess Postman Pat Black and white cat of the title song in the BBC children's series.
Jibanyan Yo-kai Watch The Cat Bakeneko ghost
Jiji Kiki's Delivery Service Kiki's black cat.
Josehpine Nyan Koi!
Julius Alice Comedies A tuxedo cat who serves as a sidekick to Alice. He was the first recurring cartoon character created by Walt Disney.
Katerina Kittycat Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Katerina lives with her mother, Henrietta Pussycat in the treehouse and loves dancing. She is O the Owl's next-door neighbor and one of Daniel's closest friends.
Kat Kid vs. Kat A space alien that looks like a Sphinx cat.
Katnip Herman and Katnip Herman's enemy.
Katz Courage the Cowardly Dog He is a red thin cat with yellow eyes. He is an antagonist as owner of sinister shops all having his name in him. He is quite good at sports and luring unsuspecting people to the traps he sets up, just for his own amusement.
Kirara InuYasha Sango's faithful demon-cat companion who usually appears to be a small kitten-sized feline with two tails, but can become large enough to carry several passengers whenever the need arises.
The Kitten Simon's Cat The Cat's flatmate who appears to be more intelligent than his older feline friend despite its young age.
Kitten Catastrophe Crew PAW Patrol Evil feline doppelgangers of the PAW Patrol
Kitty Danger Rangers
Kitty Katswell T.U.F.F. Puppy A female cat who is one of T.U.F.F.'s best agents. She is also Dudley's partner and best friend. Skilled in various fighting styles and use of firearms, short tempered, and easily startled, Kitty is a force to be reckoned with.
Krazy Kat Krazy Kat Surreal cartoon by George Herriman
Kwazii The Octonauts
Leopold Leopold the Cat Leopold the Cat (Russian: Кот Леопольд, Kot Leopold) is a Soviet/Russian animation series about the pacifistic, and intelligent cat, Leopold. Leopold always wears a bow tie even when swimming. He is always confronted by two mischievous mice, Grey and White (Mitya and Motya).
Kuro Cyborg Kuro-chan A Black and white robotic cat tuxedo.
Kuro Love Hina A Black Cat cure
Kuroneko-sama Trigun A black cat (also what his name literally means) who appears in every single episode of Trigun.
Kwazii Octonauts A humanized orange cat with a mysterious pirate past. He has a habit for getting into trouble on his many adventures.
Kyo Sohma Fruits Basket Kyo Sohma (草摩 夾 Sōma Kyo?) is a character in the manga and anime series Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya. He transforms into an orange cat whenever he is hugged by a person of the opposite gender or when his body comes under a great deal of stress. This animal is not in the Chinese zodiac, but legend says would have been if it had not been tricked by the Rat into missing the induction feast.
Lightning Tom and Jerry Tom's alley cat friend who is known for his swift lightning speed.
Lucifer Cinderella The pet cat of Lady Tremaine, who seeks to catch and devour Cinderella's mice friends, Jaq and Gus.
Luna Sailor Moon A dark purple cat who is a devoted servant to Princess Serenity and advisor to her mother, Queen Serenity.
Luxor Tutenstein Cleo's pet cat and was possibly named after the Luxor Temple. When Tut was brought back to life, he was compelled to be ever loyal to his new "master" and has gained the ability to talk.
Maomolin Ranma ½ Is a giant bakeneko whom Shampoo accidentally brought to Nerima inside a giant bell.
Master Korin Dragon Ball A master of Akido, and guardian of the path to Heaven.
Marie The Aristocats A kitten who is Duchess' daughter and sister of Berlioz and Toulouse.
Mehitabel Shinbone Alley A singing alley cat who dreams of being a star and befriends Archy.
Mewsette Gay Purr-ee A beautiful white Turkish Angora. Jaune Tom's girlfriend. While she is idealistic and naive, she is kind and demure, and believes strongly in herself.
Meathead Tom and Jerry A brown, mangy alley cat who wears a red toupee (which is occasionally seen the same color as the rest of his fur). He is generally portrayed as dull-witted and first appeared in the short, Sufferin' Cats! (1943), as Tom's rival. He also appears in Baby Puss and additional shorts as one of Tom's alley cat buddies/foes. He is known as Frankie in Heavenly Puss. In Scat Cats, his final appearance in the original theatrical shorts, he is portrayed with an all-gray color.
Meow Space Dandy A dimwitted cat-like Betelgeusian (ベテルギウス星人 Beterugiusu-seijin?) who is brought aboard the Aloha Oe after Dandy and QT mistake him for a new species of alien. His real name is Me#$%* (pronounced Merowmreowreow)
Mittens Bolt A black cat with white fore-paws, muzzle, belly, and tail-tip. She has three scarred cuts into her left ear. She is the, at first, unwitting companion of the CG animated film's main character, Bolt, and his hyperactive and somewhat insane "sidekick", Rhino.
Mochi Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada's cat.
Mr. Blik Catscratch A black bombay cat who is selfish, vain and surly who insults his brothers with a short temper and cares about money.
Mr. Cat Kaeloo He's Has A Crush On Kaeloo.
Mr. Jinks Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks A ginger house cat with a blue collar on his neck. He frequently bullies the two mice Pixie and Dixie, but occasionally is a good friend to them and serves as their saviour in various episodes. His common catchphrase is "I hate meeces to pieces".
Mr. Jolly Teacher's Pet One of Leonard's pets; a fat orange cat who is afraid of outdoors. Voiced by David Ogden Stiers.
Mr. Mumbles Dan Vs. A black cat who Dan "adopted" during his mission to destroy the animal shelter. Despite the fact that Dan learns that Mr. Mumbles is a female, he still keeps the "Mr." in her name. Due to her cuteness, she is the only character who Dan doesn't get mad at.
Mr. Whiskers Frankenweenie A angora cat are girls into vampire evil cat
Nelson Martha Speaks Sneaky cat who tries to frame Martha the talking dog for cake stealing, but ends up going to the Vet!
Nermal Garfield The self-proclaimed "world's cutest kitten".
Nyan Cat Animated pixellated cat with the body of a Pop-Tart, flying through space, and leaving a rainbow trail behind it.
Nyamsus Nyan Koi!
Nicole Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball A blue cat and the mother of Gumball Watterson, and one of the main characters.
Oggy Oggy and the Cockroaches A blue chubby cat who's often being harassed by a trio of cockroaches.
Oliver Oliver & Company An orange tabby in a Disney film inspired by Oliver Twist.
Opalescence (or Opal) My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Rarity's ill-tempered Persian cat.
Dr. Paula Hutchison Rocko's Modern Life
Pagan Griffin Extreme Ghostbusters Kylie Griffin's cat.
Pantherlily Fairy Tail Pantherlily (パンサー・リリー Pansā Rirī) is an Exceed that used to work for the kingdom of Edolas as the Magic Militia's First Division Commander of the Royal Army.[3] He is currently a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and is Gajeel Redfox's cat companion. His head is that of a black panther's, but has a white muzzle and a scar running down across his left eye. Like his fellow commanders (except Hughes), he wore a personal set of battle armor with a long cape draped around his body, as well as a helmet.
Peg-leg Pete Mickey Mouse universe Pete is a Disney cat, and main enemy of Mickey Mouse, and has been in comics and cartoons since the Alice cartoons. He's the oldest character in the Disney community.
Penelope Pussycat Looney Tunes A mute and shy black and white cat. Often chased by Pepé Le Pew, being mistaken for a skunk because a white stripe of paint gets across her back.
Poyo Satou Poyopoyo A spherical orange cat adopted by the main family in the show. He is adored by most other characters in the show.
Princess Carolyn BoJack Horseman A main character in the series. A pink Persian cat who is a talent agent.
Proud Heart Cat Care Bears One of the Care Bear Cousins. She has turquoise fur (originally pale orange) with a white tail tip, and her tummy symbol is a pink star with a red heart inside.
Punkin' Puss Punkin' Puss & Mushmouse A hillbilly cat.
Puss in Boots Shrek 2 A supporting character in the Shrek film series, as well as the protagonist of the 2011 spin-off prequel Puss in Boots (2011). He is voiced in the English, Spanish, and Italian versions by Antonio Banderas. He is based loosely on Charles Perrault's fairy tale character of the same name, and he is the main "other fairy tale character" in the three sequels.
Pussyfoot Looney Tunes A small kitten who stands by the bulldog Marc Anthony's side.
The Rabbi's Cat The Rabbi's Cat A cat which obtains the ability to speak after swallowing a parrot, and its owner who is a rabbi in 1920s Algeria.
Rita Animaniacs A little grey and white kitten with green eyes. In her part, she sings a song when the going gets tough. She acts as the brains to ensure her and her best friend Runt's survival.
Rubbish Rubbish, King of the Jumble An overfed cat with a rectangle head, who lives in the junk-filled attic of an old house.
Ruff The Ruff & Reddy Show Reddy's best friend.
Rufus The Rescuers An elderly cat who resides at Morningside Orphanage and comforts Penny when she is sad.
Salem Saberhagen Sabrina, the Animated Series Talking black cat from the comic book, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and the television series of the same name in 1996, as well as the Sabrina, the Animated Series and its 2003 spinoff.
Sawyer Cats Don't Dance A beautiful, but disenchanted secretary for Farley Winks and Danny's girlfriend.
Scratchy The Simpsons Appears in a The Itchy & Scratchy Show, a show-within-a-show.
Scat Cat and the Alley Cats (Billy Boss, Hit Cat, Peppo Cat, and Shun-Gon) The Aristocats Thomas O' Valley's band of friends. Scat is the sniot talking leader and plays the trumpet, Billy Boss plays the double bass, Hit Cat plays the guitar, People Cat plays the accordion, and Shun-Gon plays the piano and drums.
Sebastian Josie and the Pussycats Snickering sidekick of Alexandria Cabot in the comic book and classic TV Cartoon series {although not shown in movie}. Sebastian and ALexandria are contemporary comic relief bumbling bad guys similar to Dick Dastardly and Muttley. {In fact Don Messick voiced both Sebastian Cat and Muttley!}
Sergeant Tibbs One Hundred and One Dalmatians The cat who helps save the Dalmatian puppies from Cruella de Vil and her lackeys.
Shermy Adventure Time A small, light-gray cat who exists in the future and is close friends with Beth.
Shii-chan Kamichama Karin
Si and Am Lady and the Tramp Unpleasant Siamese cats, best remembered for their song, The Siamese Cat Song.
Simon's Cat Simon's Cat A cat who goes to extreme lengths to get his master to feed him.
Snooper Snooper and Blabber A cat detective.
Snagglepuss The Quick Draw McGraw Show A pink anthropomorphic mountain lion sporting an upturned collar, shirt cuffs and a string tie with a great desire to be a stage actor.
Snowball II The Simpsons Originally Snowball V, there have been many housecats in the show.
Speedy Cerviche Samurai Pizza Cats Speedy is the leader of the Pizza Cats.[1] As his name implies, he is nimble and fast on his toes, a trait which comes in handy both when delivering pizzas and when fighting crime. He wields the magical Ginzu sword (Masamasa), whose power is unleashed in almost every episode as Speedy's special attack, the Cat's Eye Slash.

Speedy is very self-confident and loves to pose for the camera after each victory. He has a sharp sense of humor and often provides sarcastic and witty dialogue but remains very committed to his duties. He has green eyes and wears white armor. Speedy has a crush on Lucille and later, Polly, towards the final episodes. There has been controversy over the spelling of his English name. Initially, it was thought that Speedy's surname was spelled "Service" ("service" pronounced with Italian phonics sounds like "ser-vee-chay," making the name "Speedy Service" a tidy pun) which came from the Saban Powerhouse stories published by Acclaim Comics. However, most official packaging (such as the VHS box for the movie) spells his name "Cerviche," making it the de facto spelling. Ceviche (also spelled as "cebiche" or "seviche") is actually a seafood dish prepared not by cooking but by using citrus to treat the meat. Also known as Yattarō from the Japanese series Pizza Ninja Cats.

Spot Hong Kong Phooey Comic relief Sidekick to Henry the Janitor aka "Hong Kong Phooey"; Spot ended up doing most of the work and gets none of the credit.
Stimpy Ren and Stimpy A red and white, rotund cat with a blue nose, purple eyelids, no tail, hands with gloves that have fingernails, human-style buttocks, flat feet, and a brain the size of a peanut. He is portrayed as intelligent enough in some cases and sometimes as nonsensically stupid.
Stinky Doug Roger's pet cat who was later revealed to be a girl at the start of the third season.
Streaky the Supercat DC Comic books Cat who accidentally received superpowers; pet of Supergirl; ancestor of Whizzy the Supercat; later appears as comic relief sidekick in Krypto the Superdog.
Street cats The Casagrandes A vicious gang of Bombay cats that terrorize residents of Great Lakes City.
Sylvester the Cat Looney Tunes Black and white cat who commonly carries out predatory schemes on Tweety and Speedy Gonzales.
Tama Nyan Koi!
Thomas O' Malley The Aristocats A cat who befriends Duchess (whom falls in love with) and becoming a stepfather of Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse to help them get back to Paris.
Tiger An American Tail A cowardly, long-haired, orange, bushy-tailed tabby cat who befriends Fievel Mousekewitz. He is also a vegetarian (with the exception of the occasional fish). Voiced by Dom DeLuise.
Tom Cat Tom and Jerry An anthropomorphic grey/blue cat who has a love-hate relationship with Jerry Mouse.
Top Cat Top Cat The yellow furred, laid back and clever main character. He wears a purple hat and vest. He often rips off and/or tricks his gang and Officer Dibble. He does respect the effort the gang does for him, but he often takes credit for it.
Topsy Tom and Jerry Tom's alley kitten friend.
Torakichi Ohayō! Spank Spank's friend/enemy.
Toulouse The Aristocats A kitten who is Duchess' son and brother of Berlioz and Marie.
Vanilla Monica and Friends Maggy's pet cat.
Waffle Catscratch A silly chill cat who is the brother of Mr. Blik and Gordon.
White Kitty The Powerpuff Girls The main antagonist of the Season 1 episode "Cat Man Do"
Yoko Timothy Goes To School A friendly gray tabby cat originally from Japan who is typically sweet and is the most warm-hearted child in the school. She plays the violin well and sees the best in people. Yoko enjoys different aspects of Japanese culture, including sushi and origami, which has occasionally caused problems for her and her classmates. She is Timothy's best friend and they are often seen together. She wears a yellow dress with a red cardigan. She's nicknamed "little cherry blossom" by her mother. Voiced by Lisa Yamanaka.
Yzma (transformed) The Emperor's New Groove When Yzma accidentally steps on the potion, she transforms into a small, white kitten.[6]

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