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This list of fictional cats and other felines in comics is subsidiary to the list of fictional cats. It is restricted solely to notable feline characters from notable comics. For characters that appear in several separate comics, only the earliest appearance will be recorded here.

Character Origin Creator Notes
Alley-Kat-Abra New Teen Titans Feline magician formerly with the Zoo Crew[1]
Anise Magico
Aquamarine Mamotte! Lollipop
Atom Atom the Cat Al Fago Published by Charlton Comics in 1957
Azrael The Smurfs Peyo Gargamel's red cat who is just as evil as his master. [2]
Babu Sankarea
Basil Basil the Royal Cat Published in 1953 by St. John Publications
Bill the Cat Bloom County/ Outland / Opus Berkeley Breathed A largely comatose orange tabby cat.
Billy Billy the Cat Stéphane Colman and Stephen Desberg Billy is a boy who was killed in a car accident and reincarnated as a cat.
Blacksad Blacksad Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido John Blacksad, a black cat/panther who works as a private detective.
Bucky Katt Get Fuzzy Selfish, cynical, and lazy. His ears are nearly always drawn laid back flat on his head, a feline sign of defiance, aggressiveness and/or unfriendliness.
Butch Pogo Walt Kelly A brick-throwing housecat.
Cal Boes (Ox Tales) Wil Raymakers and Thijs Wilms
Calico Cat Takemitsu Zamurai
Carrot Pepper&Carrot David Revoy An orange striped cat who is Pepper's pet.
Cassandra Cat Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids Bob Weber Jr. A cat who is a jewel thief and gets by on her charm and beauty.
Catbert Dilbert Scott Adams The evil human resources director.
Cat Filament
Cat Hiiro no Marionetta
The Cat of Marlinspike Hall The Adventures of Tintin Hergé A nameless black and beige stray cat who lives with Tintin and Captain Haddock at their manor in Marlinspike Hall. The cat originally had a rivalry with Snowy, but in later albums they seem to be friends.
Célimène Chlorophylle Raymond Macherot A cat who kidnaps mice and forces them to steal salami sausages for her in exchange for their lives. [3]
Cha Cha! Chu! Cho!
Chaffoux Chaffoux Bom [4] and Patrice Cadot [5] A gag comic about an unlucky cat which appeared in Tintin in 1986.
Chaminou Chaminou Raymond Macherot An orange anthopomorphic cat who is an aristocrat who wears a monocle, smokes cigars and works as a secret agent.[6]
Le Chat Le Chat Philippe Geluck A grey obese cat who wears a suit. He always addresses the reader with absurd monologues. [7]
Chubby Huggs Get Fuzzy Oversized, overaffectionate cartoon cat.
Chi Chi's Sweet Home An adorable gray and white kitten with black stripes wanders away from her family and is found by a young boy, Youhei, and his mother. They take the kitten home and Chi then has a splendid time living with her new family, learning about different things and meeting new people and animals. Adapted into an anime series.
Chiyo-chichi Azumanga Daioh Chiyo's "father".
Cicero's Cat (real name: Desdemona [8]) Cicero's Cat Bud Fisher A spin-off of Mutt and Jeff. [9] [10]
Cybil Liō Mark Tatulli Liō's white cat. [11]
Dex-Starr Green Lantern A member of the Red Lantern Corps.
Donyatsu Donyatsu Yūsuke Kozaki
Doraemon Doraemon Fujiko F. Fujio A famous children's manga series about a blue robot cat from the future (22nd century) who helps the owner great-great grandfather, Nobita Nobi to achieve better life later. Doraemon have many gadgets and items that considered most advance technology from the future, to help Nobita Nobi dealing with his daily life.[12]
Faron Peanuts Charles M. Schulz Lazy Cat that is carried around by Frieda. The animal made only about a dozen appearances in the comic strip
Fat Freddy's Cat Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Gilbert Shelton The lazy striped cat of the trio. He later received his own spin-off comic. [13]
Fellini Macanudo Liniers The cat of Enriqueta.[14]
Flossie Flossie Gerard Wiegel A pantomime comic about a black cat. [15]
Fluffy Darkwing Duck
Fritz the Cat Fritz the Cat Robert Crumb An anthropomorphic striped cat who enjoys sex and drugs.[16] Made into an animated feature by Ralph Bakshi in 1972. [17]
Garbonzo Winston Jim Burnett and Johnny Sajem. A black cat. [18]
Garfield Garfield Jim Davis Orange-and-black striped cat known for his enormous love for lasagna and sarcastic commentary. He is also very lazy and hates Mondays.[19]
Gaston Lagaffe's cat Gaston André Franquin Nameless playful black-and-white cat of Gaston, who creates a lot of mayhem. [20]
Gaturro Gaturro Cristian Dzwonik A domestic cat, who freely wanders the neighbourhood and causes trouble at school.
GCAT Homestuck Andrew Hussie First guardian of post-scratch Earth
Gekkou Fujimura-kun Mates
Heathcliff Heathcliff George Gately Other felines from the strip include: The Catfather.[21]
Heinz Heinz René Windig and Eddie de Jong A grumpy, sarcastic striped cat. [22]
Hessu-Kissa Hessu-Kissa Wallu A grey striped cat whose adventures appear in the pre-school magazine Lastenmaa.[23]
Hercule Pif le chien José Cabrero Arnal Pif's nemesis.[24]
Hershey the Cat/Hershey St. John Sonic the Hedgehog A female black and white cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics by Archie Comics. She first appeared in the Endgame Saga and was shown as the girlfriend of Drago Wolf, a member of Lupe's Wolf Pack team, Drago forces Hershey to stage the killing of Sally by making it look like Sonic was the culprit. After the demise of Doctor Robotnik, Drago's removal from his group and Sonic's name being cleared, Hershey would later join the Royal Secret Service alongside Geoffrey St. John, they became lovers and eventually married at gunpoint. Hershey disappears during a mission and is presumed by her husband to be dead.
Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson The plush Bengal tiger and best friend of the comic's protagonist, Calvin, Hobbes is perceived by Calvin as being a live tiger, but by every other character as a stuffed toy. Hobbes, whose name is an allusion to the English political philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, often tries to be the voice of reason for Calvin during their numerous adventures.
Jaspers/Frigglish Homestuck Andrew Hussie Rose Lalonde's pet, stolen (accidentally) by Roxy Lalonde and subsequently killed. Corpse was returned to Rose.
Jaspersprite Homestuck Andrew Hussie Rose Lalonde's pet, corpse was prototyped and turned into Rose's sprite. Later prototyped again with an eldritch princess sprite.
Jasprosesprite^2 Homestuck Andrew Hussie Rose Lalonde's pet, corpse was prototyped and turned into Rose's sprite. Sprite was prototyped and turned into Roxy's sprite. Also contains a godtiered Rose Lalonde corpse and an eldritch princess plush.
Kat Kat and Kanary Leo Baxendale and Charles Grigg A black-and-white cat who lives in never-ending rivalry with a yellow canary. Originally published in The Beano.[25]
Cassandra "Roast Beef" Kazenakis Achewood Chris Onstad
Kitty Puss the Cat Teddy Tail Charles Folkard [26], Harry Folkard, [27], Herbert Sidney Foxwell Arthur Potts [28],

William St. John Glenn [29]

Friend of Teddy Tail, created by Herbert Sidney Foxwell. [30]
Kitty Stand Still, Stay Silent Minna Sundberg Also known as Missekat, Pusekatt, Kissekatt, Kisu, or Kisa.[31]
Koppy Cat Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids Bob Weber Jr. A cat who is an art forger.
Korky the Cat Korky the Cat James Crighton [32] A black and white cat whose gags ran in The Dandy.
Krosp Girl Genius Emperor of All Cats.
Krazy Kat Krazy Kat George Herriman Black cat who is in love with Ignatz the mouse. Yet Ignatz always hurles a brick at his head. [33]
Kuro Cyborg Kuro-chan A black and white tuxedo robotic cat.
Kuro Love Hina A black cat
Kuroneko-sama Trigun A black cat (also what his name literally means) who appears in every single episode of Trigun.
Loedertje Jack, Jacky and the Juniors (Jan, Jans en de Kinderen) Jan Kruis A mischievous Siamese cat and the family's pet. [34]
Ludwig Arlo and Janis A ordinary house cat, sometimes treated as a human by Arlo.
Luna Sailor Moon
Maya Azumanga Daioh Sakaki's pet Iriomote Cat.
Meebo Meebo and Zuky Laura Howell A cat who lives in constant rivalry with the dog Zuky and often kills him in violent ways. The series is published in The Beano.
Miaowara Tomokato The Samurai Cat semi-graphic novel series A former samurai serving under Oda Nobunaga who sets off on a quest to avenge the murder of his feudal lord, Tomokato is the main character of a satirical series in which he and his nephew Shiro travel through time and space - including into film universes, and eventually, Hell itself - while massacring a wide variety of fictional and historical figures.
Mikes Mikes the Cat Josef Lada A talking black cat. [35]
Mingus The Unwritten Mike Carey A winged cat who acts as the protagonist's familiar in the Tommy Taylor novels, a fictional 13-part series within the universe of The Unwritten.
Mirliton Mirliton Raymond Macherot A gentle cat unable to hunt as he is best friends with mice and birds. [36]
Myšpulín Čtyřlístek Jaroslav Němeček A scientist.
Omaha Omaha the Cat Dancer Reed Waller and Kate Worley Erotic "furry" comic book character
Pantoufle Sibylline Raymond Macherot A black-and-white cat who serves as the major antagonist in the series. He later received a spin-off comic.[37]
Paulie Non Sequitur Wiley Miller A cat who often sits on Captain Eddie's shoulder
Peekaboo [38] Rose is Rose Don Wimmer and Pat Brady Rose, Jimbo, and Pasquale's cat.
Edgar Allan Poes (a pun on Edgar Allan Poe and the Dutch word "poes" for "pussy). Yet general audiences usually refer to him as "De Rode Kater" ("The Red Cat"). Jack, Jacky and the Juniors (Jan, Jans en de Kinderen) Jan Kruis A red cat who is the pet of the family. He is the most iconic character of the franchise. [39]
Ponpon Schanulleke Eric De Rop [40] and Patty Klein [41] Orange striped cat who is a good friend of Schanulleke and Duddul.
Pounce De Leon Homestuck Andrew Hussie Nepeta Leijon's parent figure. Killed in a cave-in and later became her sprite.
Poussy Poussy Peyo Black and white cat who has a series of misfortunes.[42]
Preston The Flibbertys Ray Helle The domestic cat of the couple Stan and Fran Flibberty.
Princess Pussycat Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids Bob Weber Jr.
Pusheen Facebook/Everyday Cute (website) Claire Belton and Andrew Duff Chubby gray tabby cat.
Puss Puss 'n' Boots John Geering, Morris Heggie. A black anthropomorphic cat, often in conflict with his rival, Boots the dog.
Raspoutine Inspector Canardo Benoît Sokal Canardo's nemesis. [43]
Patrick Reynolds Achewood Chris Onstad
Rulito Rulito, el Gato Atorrante Raúl Roux Argentine comics series, published in the magazine El Tony in 1928.[44]
Salem Saberhagen Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Talking cat, from the comic book, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and the television series of the same name in 1996, as well as the Sabrina, the Animated Series and its 2003 spinoff.
Molly Sanders Achewood Chris Onstad Wife of Roast Beef
Scrameustache Scrameustache Gos (Roland Goossens) An extraterrestrial alien who looks like a cat. [45]
Scratch Overboard Chip Dunham
Scratch Scratch9 An ordinary house cat who gains the ability summon any of his nine lives to help him out when he's in trouble.
Sebastian Josie and the Pussycats
Sénéchal (Ratso) Cubitus Dupa Cubitus' next-door neighbor black-and-white tuxedo cat who acts as his rival. [46]
Shiro Tomokato The Samurai Cat series Gun-happy nephew of Miaowara Tomokato, who shares in his uncle's quest out of a love of violence. Even more prone to breaking the Fourth Wall than Tomokato.
Simon's Cat Simon's Cat Simon Tofield His antics, often in the quest for food, vex his owner, Simon. He loves cat food, but also enjoys birds, mice, and fish out of Simon's koi pond.
Skit Skit the Kat Edgar Henry Banger Gag comics series, which ran between 1940 and 1946 [47]
Raymond Quentin Smuckles Achewood Chris Onstad An American Curl cat.
Soapy Neil the Horse Arn Saba A cigar smoking cat.[48]
Solange 9 Chickweed Lane Siamese cat belonging to Edda Burber.
Stanislas Prudence Petitpas Maurice Maréchal Prudence's orange cat. [49]
Streaky Supergirl
Superkatt Giggle Comics Dan Gordon A parody of a superhero comic.
Pelle Svanslös Pelle Svanslös Gösta Knutsson An anthropomorphic black and white cat.
Tabby Moose and Molly Bob Weber Jr.
Tim Tim, Toots & Teeny Main cast member in a 1929-1937 British comic strip.
Tom Poes (Tom Poes) Tom Poes Marten Toonder A small white cat who acts as the rational counterpart to main character Olivier B. Bommel (Oliver B. Bumble). [50]
Tuffy Coo Coo Comics A street cat who chases and antagonizes stray dogs.
Vanilla Monica's Gang Mauricio de Sousa Maggy's pet cat.
Wiley Catt Pogo Walt Kelly A menacing bobcat
Willis Willis the Cat Nadia Khiari Cat who rose to become a real-life symbol of rebellion in Tunisia during the Arab Spring. [51]

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