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Clergy and other religious figures have generally represented a popular outlet for pop culture, although this has tapered in recent years. Some of the more popular clergy, members of religious orders and other religious personages featured in works of fiction are listed below.

All names on list are in Western order (first name, last name) when applicable.



Roman Catholic Church[edit]

Attended seminary[edit]

Monks and friars[edit]


Nuns from The Singing Nun[edit]
  • Mother Prioress
  • Sister Ann
  • Sister Cluny
  • Sister Mary
  • Sister Michele
  • Sister Elise
  • Sister Brigitte
  • Sister Gertrude
  • Sister Marthe
  • Sister Therese
  • Sister Elizabeth
  • Sister Consuella
  • Sister Marissalas
Nuns from Impure Thoughts[edit]
  • Sister Gertrude
  • Sister Juliet
  • Sister Othilda
  • Sister Joan of Arc
  • Sister Edmunda
  • Sister Scholastica
  • Sister Atta
Nuns from The Keys of the Kingdom[edit]
  • Mother Maria Veronica
  • Sister Clotilde
  • Sister Martha
  • Sister Mercy Mary
Nuns from In This House of Brede[edit]
  • Dame Phillipa
  • Dame Agnes
  • Mother Abbess Hester
  • Dame/Mother Abbess Catherine
  • Dame Emily
  • Dame Colette
  • Dame Thecla
  • Dame Scholastica
  • Dame Margaret
  • Dame Beatrice
  • Dame Maura
  • Dame Joan
  • Dame Veronica
  • Dame Perpetua
  • Dame Anselma
  • Dame Ursula
  • Sister/Dame Cecily
  • Sister Hilary
  • Sister Polycarp
  • Sister Louise
  • Sister Joanna
  • Sister Jane
  • Sister Renata
  • Sister Constance
  • Sister Barbara
  • Sister/Sama Kazuko
  • Sister/Sama Yuri
  • Sister/Sama Mariko
  • Sister/Sama Yoko
  • Sister Sumi
  • Mother Mary Regina
  • Sister Mary Paul
  • Sister Robert Anne
  • Sister Mary Leo
  • Sister Mary Hubert
  • Sister Julia Child of God
  • Sister Mary Wilhelm
Nuns from Brides of Christ[edit]
  • Mother Ambrose
  • Sister Agnes
  • Sister Catherine
  • Sister Paul
  • Sister Attracta
  • Sister Clare
  • Sister Innocent
  • Sister Philomena
  • Sister Pierre
  • Sister Polycarp
  • Sister Francine
  • Sister Perpetua
  • Sister Patrick
  • Novice Brigid
  • Novice Therese
  • Novice Denise
Nuns from Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?[edit]
  • Sister Helen
  • Sister Lee
  • Sister Louise
  • Sister Melanie
  • Sister Monica
Nuns from The Flying Nun[edit]
  • Reverend Mother Superior Plaseato
  • Sister Ana
  • Sister Bertrille
  • Sister Jacqueline
  • Sister Sixto
  • Sister Theresa
Nuns from Lilies of the Field[edit]
  • Mother Maria
  • Sister Agnes
  • Sister Albertine
  • Sister Elizabeth
  • Sister Gertrude
Nuns from The Nun's Story[edit]
  • Mother Emmanuel
  • Mother Mathilde
  • Mother Cristophe
  • Mother Marcella
  • Mother Didyma
  • Sister Luke
  • Sister Margharita
  • Sister William
  • Sister Eleanor
  • Sister Pauline
  • Sister Marie
  • Sister Augustine
  • Sister Aurelie
  • Sister Ellen
  • Sister Bernard
  • Sister Timothy
  • Novice Simone
Nuns from Agnes of God[edit]
  • Mother Miriam Ruth
  • Sister Agnes
  • Sister Marguerite
  • Sister Anne
  • Sister Susanna
  • Sister Jeannine
  • Sister David Marie
  • Sister Therese
  • Sister Elizabette
  • Sister Geraldine
  • Sister Genevieve
  • Sister Luke
  • Sister Joseph
  • Sister Paul
Nuns from The Sound of Music[edit]
  • Mother Abbess of Nonnberg Abbey
  • Sister Berthe
  • Sister Margaretta
  • Sister Sophia
  • Sister Bernice
  • Sister Catherine
  • Sister Agatha
  • Postulant Maria Rainer
Nuns from Chrono Crusade[edit]

Unless otherwise specified, all below belong to the fictional Order of Magdalene (specifically, the Order of Mary Magdalene).

Nuns from Sister Act and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit[edit]
  • Mother Superior
  • Sister Alma
  • Sister Mary Clarence
  • Sister Mary Lazarus
  • Sister Mary Patrick
  • Sister Mary Robert
Nuns from Trinity Blood[edit]
  • Sister Esther Blanchett (Queen of Albion)
  • Sister Noélle Bor (Mistress)
  • Sister Kate Scott (Iron Maiden)
  • Sister Paula (Lady of Death)
  • Various Abesses and Nuns
Nuns from Satan Never Sleeps[edit]
  • Sister Agness
  • Sister Theresa
  • Sister Mary
  • Sister Justine
Nuns from The Trouble with Angels and Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows[edit]
  • Mother Superior
  • Sister George
  • Sister Celestine
  • Sister Constance
  • Sister Clarissa
  • Sister Ligouri
  • Sister Rose Marie
  • Sister Barbara
  • Sister Elizabeth
  • Sister Ursula
  • Sister Prudence
  • Novice Mary Clancy
  • Novice Sheila
Nuns from A Certain Magical Index[edit]
  • Sister Agata
  • Sister Agnese Sanctis
  • Sister Angelene
  • Sister Caterina
  • Sister Lucia
  • Sister Orsola Aquinas
  • Sister Ridovia Lorenzetti






Eastern Orthodox Church[edit]





  • Bishop Mitrofanii of ZavolzhskPelagia and the White Bulldog and sequels by Boris Akunin
  • Bishop Nikolai Tolstoy – A Certain Magical Index, killed by Sister Vasilisa
  • Bishop Tikhon – The Devils by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, from a chapter originally excised by Russian censors but which can be found in many modern editions.


  • Patriarch Krans R. Tsarskiy – A Certain Magical Index

Anglican/Episcopal churches[edit]





  • Index Librorum Prohibitorum – A Certain Magical Index
Nuns from Black Narcissus[edit]

Other Protestants[edit]


Baptist ministers[edit]

Christian ministers[edit]

  • Reverend Shaw Moore (John Lithgow) – Footloose, minister responsible for banning dancing and rock music in a small town

Congregationalist ministers[edit]

Lutheran pastors and priests[edit]

Methodist ministers[edit]

Presbyterian ministers[edit]

Non-denominational/other/unspecified/fictional Protestant[edit]

Unspecified/Pre-schism/Other religious workers[edit]




Miko from Shrine of the Morning Mist[edit]

  • Kurako Hieda
  • Tama Hieda
  • Yuzu Hieda
  • Shizuka Midō
  • Seiko Rikīshi
  • Izumi Sakakibara
  • Chika Yurikasa

Kuro Miko[edit]

While "Dark Miko" do not exist in real-world Shinto, a number of them appear in popular fiction.





  • Spiritual Virtue – The Chinese Bell Murders by Robert van Gulik
  • Abbot Songsten – in the Doctor Who story The Abominable Snowmen.
  • K'anpo Rinpoche – in the Doctor Who story Planet of The Spiders.


Monks from Shaolin Soccer[edit]
  • Empty Hand (Brother #4)
  • Hooking Leg (Brother #2)
  • Iron Head (Brother #1)
  • Iron Shirt (Brother #3)
  • Sing (also known as "Steel Leg") (Brother #5) (Stephen Chow)
  • Weight Vest (Brother #6)
Monks from Mortal Kombat[edit]

Unless specified, all belong to the Shaolin discipline.





High Priests[edit]







Ainu religion[edit]

North American shamanist[edit]

Fictional religions[edit]

Yevonism (from Final Fantasy X)[edit]


Maesters are considered equivalent of cardinals, with the Grand Maester equivalent to the Pope.

  • Grand Maester Mika
  • Maester Seymour Guado
  • Maester Wen Kinoc
  • Maester Kelk Ronso
  • Maester Jyscal Guado (predecessor and father to Maester Seymour Guado)


Summoners are a cross between miko and priests; they fall into the ranks of summoner and high summoner (the title of High Summoner is posthumously bestowed upon a summoner when they defeat Sin).

  • High Summoner Yunalesca (first high summoner)
  • High Summoner Gandof
  • High Summoner Ohalland
  • High Summoner Yocun
  • High Summoner Braska
  • High Summoner Yuna (received title non-posthumously)
  • Summoner Belgemine (killed on pilgrimage)
  • Summoner Ginnem (killed on pilgrimage)
  • Unnamed sister of O'aka XXIII and Wantz (killed on pilgrimage)
  • Summoner Dona (quit pilgrimage)
  • Summoner Isaaru (quit pilgrimage)
  • Summoner Zuke (quit pilgrimage)


Acolytes of the Yevon church are common, but the only one that plays a major role in the game is a young woman named Shelinda.

Arms of the Church[edit]

The Yevon Church also has many militant arms in addition to the Summoners.

  • The Warrior Monks serve as protectors of the Maesters and the City of Bevelle itself. Maester Kinoc is the leader of the Warrior Monks and Auron was a former member of the Warrior Monks.
  • The Guardians serve as protectors of the Summoners, but are not directly related to the church. A Summoner chooses their Guardians and can choose non-Yevonites if they wish.
  • The Crusaders are a kind of army the exists to protect towns and temples from Sin. Unlike the Guardians, Crusaders are directly related to the church. The Crusaders used to be called the "Crimson Blades" until they were absorbed into the church.

The Church of Aram (from The Elder Gods)[edit]


Andari are considered the equivalent of bishops.

  • Andari Estarg


Heria are Aramite priests.

  • Jalkan

Bajoran Religion (from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)[edit]

The Order (from Silent Hill)[edit]

  • Dahlia Gillespie, Priestess
  • Leonard Wolf, Keeper of the Seal
  • Vincent, Priest
  • Claudia Wolf, Priestess
  • Jimmy Stone, Priest of the Valtiel Sect
  • George Rostin, Priest of the Valtiel Sect
  • Toby Archbolt, Priest of the Holy Mother Sect

Nisan Religion (from Xenogears)[edit]

Great Mother[edit]

Great Mothers are akin to popes, the leaders of the religion.

  • Margie Fatima
  • Sophia

Ethos (from Xenogears)[edit]



  • Stone

Ormus (From Xenosaga)[edit]


  • Patriarch Julius XVIII
  • Patriarch Sergius XIV
  • Patriarch Sergius XVII


  • Cardinal Heinlein


  • Chief Inquisitor Margulis
  • Pellegri

Omnianism (from Discworld)[edit]


The Cenobiarch or Supreme Iam is equivalent to the Pope.


  • Fri'it


  • Cusp
  • Vorbis


  • Didactylos
  • Drunah
  • Horn

Quite Reverend[edit]

  • Mightily-Exalted-Are-Those-Who-Praise-Om Oats


  • Murduck
  • Nuhmrod (Master of Novices)
  • Sasho

Discworld pantheon[edit]

The Order of Wen the Eternally Surprised from Discworld[edit]

The Church of Granas (from Grandia II)[edit]


  • Pope Zera

High Priestess[edit]

  • Selene


  • Carius


  • Elena


  • Eurydice
  • Ismene
  • Isolde
  • Tessa
  • Velda

The Chapter of Viron (from The Book of the Long Sun)[edit]



Origin (from Stargate SG-1)[edit]


  • Adria


  • The Doci, The leader of the Priors
  • Damaris
  • Gerak
  • Daniel Jackson
  • Several unnamed priors


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