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Felix Salten's Renni, as drawn by Philipp Arlen, 1941

This list of fictional dogs is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. It is restricted to notable dog characters from the world of fiction. For real/famous dogs, see List of dogs. For mythological dogs, see Mythological dogs.


Prose and poetry[edit]

  • Buck, in Jack London's The Call of the Wild
  • Bull's-eye, Bill Sikes' dog in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
  • Jip (short for Gypsy), Dora Spenlow's spaniel in Charles Dickens' David Copperfield



Film (live-action)[edit]

Television (live-action)[edit]

Film (animation)[edit]

Television (animation)[edit]



Only songs with dog characters are included in this section. Not metaphorical dogs or songs with "dog" in the title.

Video games[edit]

Sporting and advertising mascots[edit]

Other fictional dogs[edit]

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