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This is a list of fictional dogs in animated television and is a subsidiary to the list of fictional dogs. It is a collection of various animated dogs in television.

Television (animation)[edit]

Name Breed TV program Notes
Ace Hart Private Eye Dog German Shepherd Dog City The detective
Akamaru unknown Naruto Kiba Inuzuka's ninja dog.
Alistair generic Crystal Tipps and Alistair Crystal's friend in the British 5 minute shows.
Astro Great Dane The Jetsons The family dog; about a family in the future
Augie Doggie generic The Quick Draw McGraw Show Doggie Daddy's pup.
Bandit Terrier Jonny Quest Jonny's dog ; about a boy who accompanies his father on extraordinary adventures
Barkley generic Sesame Street A puppet originally named Woof-Woof.
Barkleys, the generic The Barkleys A dog family, inspired by hit sitcom All in the Family.
Barney Old English Sheepdog Barney (British) About a dog who has many adventures with a mouse friend.
Beck generic Beck (Japanese) Ryusuke's dog; about a teenage boy and his pursuit of a music career.
Beegle Beagle Beagle The Great Grape Ape Show Great Ape's friend; about a 40-foot-tall purple gorilla and his canine pal who travel the countryside.
Beethoven St. Bernard Beethoven A talking dog and his friends; inspired by the live-action films.
Berkley generic Bad Dog About a dog who, when told he was a bad dog, would freeze and pretend to be dead until someone told him he was a good dog
Big Dog Dachshund 2 Stupid Dogs About a big dog and a little dog who aren't very smart and their everyday misadventures.
Billy Dog generic The Busy World of Richard Scarry One of the characters in the children's books and animated TV series; about anthropomorphic animals in the fictional city of Busytown
Binky Barnes generic Arthur One of the characters; about an 8-year-old boy an anthropomorphic aardvark his friends and family.
Bitzer Sheepdog Shaun the Sheep (British) Shaun's friend; about an anthromophic sheep and farm associates.
Black Hayate unknown Fullmetal Alchemist (Japanese) Riza Hawkeye's dog; about the adventures of two alchemist brothers and set in a fictional universe where alchemy is an advanced scientific technique.
Blue generic Blue Clues A program intended to get preschoolers to learn through active participation in activities grounded in their everyday lives.
Brain generic Inspector Gadget (Canadian) Inspector Gadget's and Penny's faithful pet dog; about the adventures of a clumsy simple-witted cyborg detective.
Brandon generic It's Punky Brewster Punky's pet ; about a girl and her dog abandoned by her mother.
Brandy Harrington generic Brandy & Mr. Whiskers About a dog and a hyperactive rabbit that get stuck in the Amazon Rainforest together.
Braveheart generic Inch High, Private Eye Inch's dog; about a miniature detective, her niece and dog who solve mysteries.
Brian white Labrador Retriever Family Guy The family dog and equal family member; about the Griffins, a dysfunctional family.
Buford Bloodhound The Buford Files A smart but sleepy bloodhound; about a dog who teams up with two teenagers to solves confusing mysteries.
Bullet generic Barney Google and Snuffy Smith Snuffy's dog
Bumpy generic Noddy (British) Noddy's companion; a character created by Enid Blyton.
Burp generic Gerald Mc Boing Boing Gerald's dog in the TV series The Gerald McBoing-Boing Show.
Buster generic The Fantastic Flying Journey About three kids their uncle and a dog traveling in a fantastic flying machine.
Butch Bulldog Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pluto's nemesis.
Buttons German Shepherd Animaniacs The dog that takes care of Mindy.
Charkie Cocker Spaniel Curious George Steve and Betsy's dog; about a brown monkey who is brought from his home in Africa by "The Man with The Yellow Hat" to live in a big city.
Choppy Bulldog The Yogi Bear Show The guardian of Yakky, an anthropomorphic yellow duckling; about a fast-talking picnic basket stealing bear named Yogi.
Chuchu generic The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan The children's dog; about the Chan family who solve mysteries around the city.
Cleo Poodle Clifford the Big Red Dog One of Clifford's friends; about a big dog that gets in constant trouble.
Clifford generic Clifford the Big Red Dog Emily's dog; about a big dog that gets in constant trouble.
Corneil generic Corneil and Bernie (French; also called Watch My Chops) John and Beth's pampered pet; about an intelligient talking dog and his "dog-sitter" Bernie Barges.
Cosmo, the Spacedog Golden Retriever Guardians of the Galaxy About a telepathic Soviet dog who is the security chief of the space station Knowhere and a member of the Guardians.
Courage generic Courage the Cowardly Dog About an anthropomorphic dog who lives with a married couple of elderly farmers in the "Middle of Nowhere".
Dashi Dachsund The Octonauts (British) A dog who is the photographer of the Octonauts.
Dennis Dachshund Toytown (British) Larry the Lamb's sidekick; about misunderstandings arising from devices created by Mr. Inventor.
Deputy Dawg generic Terrytoons A deputy sheriff in the Mississippi bayous.
Digger generic Valley of the Dinosaurs The family dog; about a family who find themselves in a prehistoric valley where they befriend a cave family.
Dill generic The Herbs (British) A hyperactive dog; about a fantasy mix of human and animal characters inhabiting the magical walled garden of a country estate.
Ding Dong generic The houndcats The right-hand man (dog) with bad timing and judgment, loosely based on the series Mission: Impossible.
Dinko generic Astro Farm (British) The family dog; about a family who work on an asteroid.
Dinky Dog Old English Sheepdog Dinky Dog Sandy's dog; about two girls living with their uncle, and a cute pup who suddenly grows to the size of a horse.
Diogee generic Milo Murphy's Law Milo'ss dog; about a boy who has thing always go unexpected.
Dirty Dawg generic The Kwicky Koala Show Ratso's sidekick; about the adventures of Kwicky Koala.
Dog generic CatDog One half of conjoined brothers; about the adventures of a conjoined twin hybrid of a cat and dog with two heads and two personalities.
Dogger generic The Adventures of Portland Bill (British) Portland Bill's dog; about situations arising in a fictional lighthouse on the Guillemot Rock.
Doggie Daddy generic The Quick Draw McGraw Show Augie Doggie's father.
Dogtanian generic Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds (Spanish and Japanese) The dog version of d'Artagnan, an adaptation of the French classic story by Alexandre Dumas.
Doidle generic The Fairly OddParents Pet dog of Vicky and her family; about the adventures of 10-year-old boy who wishes for a perfect life but has his problems.
Doki generic Doki (Canadian) A curious dog; about animal friends who are members of the Worldwide Expedition Club.
Dollar Dalmatian Richie Rich The family dog
Doogie generic FARMkids (Australian) About pampered zoo animals accidentally being shipped to a dude ranch.
Dotty Dog generic The Get-Along Gang One of the gang of animals who form a club to tell stories.
Dougal Skye Terrier The Magic Roundabout (French and British) The main character (in 2005 the first computer-animated movie to be made in the United Kingdom.)
Douglas generic shaggy dog Microscopic Milton Mrs. Witherspoon's large shaggy dog; about a tiny kid who lived in a clock on the mantelpiece.
Douglas Dog generic Henry's Cat (British) Friend of Henry's cat; about a laid-back ponderous yellow cat and his many friends and enemies.
Dudley generic T.U.F.F. Puppy A secret agent; about a dim-witted secret agent working for an organization called T.U.F.F. with his partner, Kitty Katswell.
Duke generic Captain N: The Game Master Kevin's dog; about a teenager from California and his dog who are taken to another universe known as Videoland.
Dukey generic Johnny Test Johnny's dog; about the adventures of a troublesome and bratty boy who lives with his brilliant 13-year-old twin sisters and an intelligent talking dog.
Dum Dum Sheepdog Touche Turtle and Dum Dum The turtle's dumb associate; about a pair of heroic fencers who battle villains and heroically saves those in distress.
Dynomutt Doberman Pinscher Dynomutt, Dog Wonder A robot dog; about a super hero called Blue Falcon and his assistant a bumbling yet generally effective robot dog.
Ein Welsh Corgi Cowboy Bebop (Japanese) A highly intelligent dog; about the adventures of a group of bounty hunters traveling on their spaceship.
Eliot Shag German Shepherd Dog City The muppet animator in the TV series with puppetry.
Elvis genereic Butch Cassidy Wally's dog; about a group of teens who lead double lives as popular rock stars and a secret crime fighting team.
Fat Dog Mendoza generic but extremely obese Fat Dog Mendoza (British) About a smart-mouthed dog who is incredibly obese and his friends who try to fight crime.
Fern Walters generic Arthur One of Arthur's classmates; about an eight-year-old male anthropomorphic aardvark.
Fetch generic Histeria Loud Kiddington's dog, a satirical look at history with a cast of comic characters.
Fifi Poodle Rugrats Spike's girlfriend; about eight babies as well as two dogs and their day-to-day lives.
Flash Basset Hound The Dukes Roscoe's dog; about an automobile race around the world.
Flash the Wonder Dog German Shepherd Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers About a dog TV star dressed up like a super hero, who gets his costume stolen by bad characters.
Fleabag generic large dog The Oddball Couple About the misadventures of a messy dog and a neat cat who lived together.
Fluffa generic Summerton Mill (British) Dan's companion; about a beautiful valley where when the rains turns the old waterwheel a little bit of magic takes place.
Foofur generic hound Foofur Heir-apparent; about a dog who inherits his owner's estate but can't take possession.
Fu Shar Pei American Dragon: Jake Long Lao's companion; about a 13-year-old boy who can change into a dragon and protect the magical creatures living in the city.
Fuji Great Dane The Osmonds The musician's dog, depicting the real-life musical family as cartoon characters.
Fumbles generic Where's Huddles? Huddles' dog; about a professional football quarterback and his neighbor.
Fuzzby generic shaggy dog Grandma Bricks of Swallow Street (British) One of many series from Cosgrove Hall Films a British animation studio.
Gecko generic Duckman Duckman's purple dog; based on characters created by Everett Peck in his Dark Horse publication.
Genevieve generic Madeline Madeline's dog; about a girl who lives in Paris and attends a boarding school.
Gin Akita Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin (Japanese) Daisuke's dog; about a dog who leaves his master to join a pack of wild dogs from all over Japan to fight a deranged bear and his minions.
Goddard robot dog The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Jimmy's robot dog; about a boy genius who creates gadgets, his robot dog and his friends and family in Retroville.
Goliath generic Davey and Goliath Davey's talking do;, 15 minute episodes dealing with issues such as respect for authority, sharing and prejudice.
Goliath generic Samson and Goliath Samson's dog; about a superhero teenager and his dog as they ride around the country on a motorbike fighting evil.
Goober generic Goober and the Ghost Chasers The Partridge kids' dog; about a group of teenagers solving spooky mysteries with their dog who can become invisible.
Goosers Labrador Retriever The Twisted Whiskers Show Claude's dog; based on the Twisted Whiskers greeting cards; created by Terrill Bohlar.
Gus West Highland White Terrier King (Canadian) Russel's dog; about a boy who finds a portal under his bed leading to an alternate universe called Under.
Happy Walter Higginbottom generic The Mighty B! Bessie's companion; about an ambitious girl scout who believes she will become a superhero if she collects every Honeybee badge.
Harry generic Stanley Stanley's dog; about a boy who learns how to deal with difficult situations.
Hong Kong Phooey generic Hong Kong Phooey The superhero; about a dog who uses Chinese martial arts to fight crime.
Howie generic Almost Naked Animals Manager of the Banana Cabana; about Howie and his staff and their unusual adventures in the tropical resort.
Hoze Hounds Dalmatian Hoze Houndz (Canadian) Six fire dogs; about the misadventures of a fire-fighting team.
Huckleberry Hound generic The Huckleberry Hound Show About a blue dog that speaks with a Southern drawl with a relaxed sweet and well-intentioned personality.
Jake generic Adventure Time Finn's dog; about a 14-year-old boy and his dog with magical powers living in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo.
James Hound generic Dr. Ha-Ha About a bumbling kung-fu artist like Hong Kong Phooey.
Jelly Roll generic Jibber Jabber (Canadian) The kids' dog; about fraternal twins who have very active imaginations and share the same vision of their adventures.
Jitters generic Raw Toonage A character in the cartoon series by Walt Disney.
Jollop generic Engie Benjy Engie's dog; about a boy and his dog who save the day with their extra special fixing skills.
Kipper generic Kipper The main character; about a mischievous and funny dog and his friends; written by Mick Inkpen.
Krypto the Superdog Great Dane Krypto the Superdog Kevin's companion; about a dog from Superman's planet living on Earth as the pet of a 9-year-old boy.
Ladybird Bloodhound King of The Hill Hank's dog; about a working-class Methodist family in a fictional small town.
Liquidator generic Darkwing Duck A supervillain; about a superhero aided by his sidekick who lives in an unassuming suburban house with his adopted daughter.
Little Dog Dachshund 2 Stupid Dogs About a big dog and a little dog who aren't very smart and their everyday misadventures.
Lomax generic hound Lomax, the Hound of Music About a music loving pooch, his feline sidekick, and their human companion on a tune-filled train ride.
Loula generic Pocoyo (Spanish) Pocoyo's companion; about a young boy dressed in blue who is full of curiosity.
Ma-Mutt Bulldog ThunderCats Loyal dog of Mumm-Ra, the villain, in the animated TV series; about a team of humanoid cats who fight evil in their adopted home world. A sequel series follows the cats as they are forced to roam the planet Third Earth.
Mac Greyhound Clifford the Big Red Dog One of Clifford's friends; about a big dog that gets in constant trouble.
Magenta generic Blue Clues Blue's best friend in the animated TV series, a program intended to get preschoolers to learn through active participation in activities grounded in their everyday lives
Mammoth Mutt Chihuahua Krypto the Superdog A dog that can inflate her body enormously in the comic book series and the animated TV series; about a dog from Superman's planet living on Earth as the pet of a 9-year-old boy.

(Also in the series are dogs Ace the Bathound, Bulldog, Paw Pooch, Tail Terrier, Tusky Husky, Hot Dog)

Martha generic Martha Speaks Helen's talking dog; about a girl who feeds her dog alphabet soup that travels to the dog's brain.
McBarker English Bulldog What's New Mr. Magoo Quincy Magoo's dog; about a nearsighted gentleman who is never aware of the situations he gets into.
Meat generic large dog Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show The cat's antagonist; a spin-off of the show Marsupilami.
Merlin Labrador Retriever Merlin the Magical Puppy (Australian) A mischievous puppy whose make-believe and playful dreams become a reality thanks to his magical red collar.
Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog generic Tom Terrific Tom's lazy sidekick; about a boy who lives in a treehouse and can transform himself into anything he wants.
Milo Jack Russell Terrier The Mask Stanley Ipkiss' dog; about a bank clerk who is transformed into a manic super-hero when he wears a mysterious mask.
Minus generic Poko (Canadian) Poko's dog in; about a young boy with a magic finger, his pet dog and his toy monkey.
Mop Top generic The Brady Kids The family dog; about a blended family from two former marriages including three boys and three girls and the housekeeper.
Mr. Peabody generic The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show An intelligent and clever dog in the Mr. Peabody and Sherman segments; about the time-travelling adventures of an advanced canine and his adopted son.
Mr. Peanutbutter Labrador Retriever BoJack Horseman BoJack's former sitcom rival and Diane's boyfriend; about the star of a once hit television show now washed up and complaining about everything.
Ms. Lion Lhasa Apso Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Firestar's dog; about a trio called the Spider-Friends who fight against various villains.
Mumbly generic The Mumbly Cartoon Show A detective dog famous for his wheezy laugh who dresses up in a trenchcoat and solves crimes using his dog senses, paroding television detective Columbo.
Mungo generic Mary, Mungo and Midge (British) Mary's dog; about a girl and her dog and her pet mouse Midge who lived in a tower block in a busy town.
Mussel Mutt Sheepdog The Houndcats The hungry herding dog; loosely based on the series Mission: Impossible.
Muttley mixed breed Dick Dastardly About a villainous character and his dog accomplice.
Paddlefoot Dachshund Clutch Gargo Spinner's dog; about a writer sent around the world on dangerous assignments accompanied by his young ward and his dog.
Pal generic Arthur About an American and Canadian animated educational television series for children created by Cookie Jar Group.
Patrasche Bouvier des Flandres A Dog of Flanders (Japanese) Nello's companion; about a Flemish boy and his dog; based on the book by Marie Louise de la Ramée under the Japanese pseudonym Ouida.
Paw Patrol various breeds Paw Patrol About 7 pups each with a unique personality and skills and a tech-savvy boy working together on rescue missions to protect their city.
Pazuzu generic Neighbors from Hell The family dog; about a family of demons who move to Texas from Hell to destroy a drill that can dig to the Earth's core.
Peter Puppy generic Earthworm Jim Jim's sidekick, based on the video game series of the same name.
Petey generic The Puppy's Further Adventures. A lonely orphan boy's dog; based on a children's book The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy; written by Jane Thayer.
Petey Pit Bull The Little Rascals. The kids' dog; about a scruffy bunch of kids and their dog; based upon the old live-action film Our Gang.
Pigger generic Braceface (Canadian) One of Sharon's pets; about a junior high school student with braces that get in her way of leading a normal teenage life.
Pinky Chihuahua Phineas and Ferb Isabella's dog; about two step-brothers who find inventive things to do on each day of their summer vacation.
Pluto generic Mickey Mouse Works and others The pet of Mickey; by Walt Disney.
Poochini generic Poochini's Yard About a dog who runs away from home after its rich owner dies and is eventually adopted by an American family.
Porkchop generic Doug Doug's dog; about Doug Funnie and his family.
Potsworth English Springer Spaniel Midnight Patrol: Adventures in the Dream Zone A neighborhood dog; about a dog and four kids who patrol in dreamland where they have special powers.
Precious Pup generic The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show Granny Sweet's dog; about a pint sized hero Atom Ant and super-sleuth Secret Squirrel.
Puff Poodle Proud Family The family dog; about a 14-year-old and her wacky family and friends.
Pupcake generic Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry's energetic pup; about a little girl, her friends and pets. The Strawberry Shortcake brand began from greeting cards, etc. by American Greetings.
Puppy Purple generic The Blobs One of the blobs; about a community of colorful paint-splash characters who live in Paintbox Land.
Raggedy Dog generic The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy One of the stuffed dolls who come to life in Marcella's bedroom; based on the books by Johnny Gruelle.
Ralph Mutt The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs A high-ranking spy dog; about a secret organization of dogs that are dedicated to protecting their world.
Ralphie St. Bernard Lazer Tag Academy Jaren's dog; about a girl who travels back in time from the year 3010 to the 1980s to help her ancestors.
Rantanplan generic Lucky Luke (French-Belgian) A prison guard dog; about a cowboy known to "shoot faster than his shadow".
Reddy generic Ruff and Reddy A stupid dog; about the adventures of a smart cat and a not-so-smart dog.
Ren Chihuahua The Ren and Stimpy Show About the adventures of the psychotic dog and a good-natured dimwitted cat.
Rhubarb generic The Houndcats The do-it-all scientist in the group; based on the series Mission: Impossible.
Riff Australian Shepherd Tractor Tom (British) A dog who likes to round-up animals; about Tractor Tom and his human animal and vehicle friends at both work and play.
Road Rovers Golden Retriever Road Rovers About a team of five super-powered crime-fighting anthropomorphic dogs known as cano-sapiens.
Roger generic Bobbys World The family dog; about the daily life of Bobby and his very overactive imagination.
Roobarb generic Roobarb (British) About a green dog whose adventures are usually snarled by a cynical pink cat.
Rosie and Ruff generic Rosie & Ruff in Puppydog Tales (British) Canine buddies; about the happy mischief of four dogs (including Scratch and Sniff).
Rosie O'Gravy Rough Collie Dog City Ace's love interest; puppetry; created by Jim Henson.
Roy generic Ricky Sprocket: Showbiz Boy Ricky's dog; about the world's biggest child film star who doesn't let celebrity fame go to his head.
Rude Dog generic Rude Dog and the Dweebs Owner of an auto shop. (Also in the series are dogs Tweak, Caboose, Reggie, Snatch, Winston, Gloria, and Kibble.)
Ruff Briard Dennis the Menace The family dog; about a boy who causes problems for everyone.
Ruff Ruffman generic FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman Host in the animated TV game show on PBS during the PBS Kids GO! block of educational programming
Ruffy generic Timmy Time A energetic puppy in the British Children's animated TV series; about a boy and his friends who have to learn to share, make friends and accept their mistakes
Rump Bull Terrier DinoSquad The squad's pet; about five teenagers who have the power to turn into a dinosaurs using this power to fight a villain.
Runt generic, large Animaniacs A loyal but stupid dog; part of an ensemble cast of off-the-wall Warner Brothers characters, appearing in a wide variety of roles.
Samson generic Braceface (Canadian) One of Sharon's pets; about a junior high school student with braces that get in her way of leading a normal teenage life.
Santa's Little Helper Greyhound The Simpsons The family dog; about a dysfunctional family and noted for its fast and subtle humor and ridiculous plots.
Sapphie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jewelpet (Japanese) Aoi's pet; about the magical world of Jewel Land where three magicians turned the Jewelpets into Jewel Charms.
Scooby-Doo Great Dane Scooby-Doo Where Are You Lifelong companion of Shaggy Rogers; about a big dog and several teenage humans. (See Scooby-Doo.)
Scrappy-Doo Great Dane Scrappy-Doo The nephew of cartoon star Scooby-Doo; about a big dog and several teenage humans. (See Scrappy-Doo.)
Scratch Unknown Dot. Dot's pet; about a 8-year old girl who goes on adventures.
Scruff generic Scruff Peter's dog; about a curious puppy living on a farm. Originally a Catalan and Spanish series created by Josep Vallverdú.
Scruff generic Little Princess The princess's dog; about a little girl and her discovery of the world.
Scruffty generic Bob the Builder (British) Bob's dog; about a construction worker his friends and a gang of anthropomorphic work-vehicles.
Sergeant Murphy generic The Busy World of Richard Scarry One of the characters; about anthropomorphic animals in the fictional city of Busytown.
Seymour (aka Seymour Asses) Border Terrier Futurama Fry's 20th century dog; about a 20th-century pizza delivery boy who finds himself in the 31st century.
Shadow generic large dog The Centurions Jake Rockwell's dog; about an evil cyborg, his sidekicks and an army of drones who seek to conquer the Earth.
Shamus Bloodhound Q. T. Hush One of Q.T.'s assistants in 5 minute episodes about a detective and animal his assistants.
Sharky Shark dog Eek! The Cat Annabelle's pet guard dog; about a purple cat whose motto is "it never hurts to help" an attitude that usually gets him into trouble.
Shep Rough Collie Horseland Bailey's ranch dog; about a group of young children at a riding school.
Sherlock Hound Hound Sherlock Hound (Japanese) The genius sleuth. (Also in the series are John Watson and other dog characters.)
Skits generic Martha Speaks Helen's second dog; about a girl who feeds her dog alphabet soup that travels to the dog's brain.
Snowy Fox Terrier The Adventures of Tintin (Originally Belgian) Tintin's dog, and the animated movie; about a reporter and his dog.
Snuffles Bloodhound The Quick Draw McGraw Show Quick Draw's companion used to ferret out bad guys in the old West.
Sparky generic South Park Stan's dog; about the bizarre adventures of four boys.
Sparky generic The Fairly OddParents Timmy's talking fairy dog; about the everyday adventures of Timmy Turner, a boy who is granted two fairy godparents.
Spike Bulldog Heathcliff A neighbor's dog; about a wisecracking trouble-making cat.
Spike Siberian Tiger Hound Rugrats Fifi's boyfriend and the Pickles' family dog; about eight babies as well as two dogs and their day-to-day lives.
Sprocket Sheep Dog Fraggle Rock Doc's; a high-energy raucous musical romp with "Muppet" characters called Fraggles.
Spunky Golden Retriever Rocko's Modern Life Rocko's dog; about the surreal adventures of an anthropomorphic wallaby and his animal friends and faithful dog.
Stogie Golden Retriever Mission Hill (formerly known as The Downtowners) Andy's dog; about a young man who works in an ad agency.
Stringer and Tubby Beagle The Beagles A canine singing duet; a take-off of the famous musical group The Beatles.
Tagg generic The Adventures of Gulliver Gary's dog; about a boy and his dog on an island with little people.
Talking Dog generic The Powerpuff Girls The girls' dog; about three kindergarten-aged girls with superpowers.
T-Bone Bulldog Clifford the Big Red Dog One of Clifford's friends; about a big dog that gets in constant trouble.
The Dog Bull Terrier Family Dog The Binsford's pet; about an average suburban family as told through the eyes of their dog.
Tiger generic Kipper the Dog Kipper's friend in a series of children's books and; about a mischievous and funny dog and his friends
Timmy Border Collie Famous 5: On the Case (British/French) The children's dog; loosely based on the children's books of the same name by Enid Blyton.
Towser generic Towser About a clever dog; created by writer and illustrator Tony Ross.
Trouble generic Superstretch and Microwoman The couple's dog; about a shape-shifting husband and wife crime-fighting team.
Turbodogs Labrador Retriever Turbo Dogs Six dogs friends; about speedy canine friends who learn lessons in friendship, fair play, and teamwork.
Tutu generic Little Bear Granny's dog; about a curious grizzly bear cub who lives in the forest with his family and friends.
Tyrone Bulldog The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty Waldo Kitty's antagonist; a parody of James Thurber's story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with anthropomorphic dogs and cats.
Underdog generic Underdog About a dog with super powers who always speaks in rhymes.
Vinny generic Family Guy Brian's replacement; about the Griffins a dysfunctional family.
Wee Reg generic Fluffy Gardens One of the characters; a series of seven-minute episode tells the story of a different character.
Weed Akita Ginga Legend Weed (Japanese) Son of Gin; about a dog and his allies who journey throughout Japan aiding those in need.
Weenie Dachshund Oswald Oswald's friend; about an octopus in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, mythological creatures and other odd characters.
What-A-Mess Afghan Hound What-A-Mess (British) Title character; about an accident-prone puppy
Whimper Basset Hound Clue Club (retitled Woofer & Wimper, Dog Detectives) Dottie's helpers in solving mysteries; about four teenagers who solve mysteries with the help of two talking hounds
White Fang wolf-dog hybrid White Fang About a wild dog's journey to domestication during the Klondike Gold Rush at the end of the 19th century.
William & Elizabeth generic Bob and Margaret (Canadian/UK) The couple's pet dogs; about a married English couple, a middle class 40-ish working couple with no children and two dogs.
Willie Dachshund Whistle for Willie Peter's dog; about a boy who longs to whistle for his dog.
Willy generic Sport Billy Billy's loyal companion; about a young boy who is from the planet Olympus which is populated by athletic god-like beings
Winoma generic My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic A character; about a studious unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle as her mentor Princess Celestia guides her to learn about friendship in the town of Ponyville
Wonder Dog Labrador Retriever Super Friends One of the super-heroes; based on the Justice League comic books.
Woof generic Where’s Waldo Waldo's dog; about a boy and his dog who travel to distant lands solving mysteries and helping people.
Woofer generic Winky Dink and You Winky's dog; about a boy and his dog; inviting children to draw solutions to problems.
Woofer Bloodhound Clue Club (retitled Woofer & Wimper, Dog Detectives) Dottie's helpers in solving mysteries; about four teenagers who solve mysteries with the help of two talking hounds.
Woofster generic Super Why Whyatt's dog; a children's adventure series in which five Super Readers help preschoolers learn the fundamentals of reading.
Wordsworth generic Jamie and the Magic Torch (British) Jamie's dog; about young boy finds adventure in a fun dimension called Cuckoo Land.
Yippee, Yappee, Yahooey generic Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey The king's royal dogs; about 3 dogs that must always protect, serve and obey the King.
Yomp Yomp generic Yogi Bear The sheriff's dog; about an amusing bear and his antics in Jellystone Park.
Yukk! generic Mighty Man Mighty Man's faithful sidekick; about a millionaire and his ugly dog who fight crime by becoming very small.
Zed Ben 10: Omniverse Kevin's dog
Zoe Trent Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) A purple dog that loves singing, fashion, and being a star.