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This is a list of fictional dogs in comics and is a subsidiary to the list of fictional dogs. It is a collection of various dogs in comics.


Name Breed Series Creator Notes
Ace the Bat-Hound German Shepherd Batman Bob Kane Bruce Wayne's dog.
Adolph Dachshund Dinglehoofer und His Dog (fr) Harold Knerr Dinglehoofer's dog. In 1936 the dog was renamed Schnappsy to avoid connotations with Adolf Hitler. [1]
Akamaru unknown Naruto (Japanese manga) Masashi Kishimoto Kiba Inuzuka's ninja dog.
Alexander Great Pyrenees Fullmetal Alchemist (Japanese manga) Hiromu Arakawa Nina Tucker's dog.
Alec generic small fluffy dog Alec the Great Edwina Dumm [2]
Albert Albert Klaus Vonderwerth [3]
Alonzo Have You Seen Alonzo? Ralph Yardley [4], Paul Terry [5], John Terry [6], Mike Randall, Tam, Jim Navoni [7] and Herbert Morton Stoops[8].
Alphonse Luc Junior René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. Luc's faithful dog. [9] [10]
The Angriest Dog in the World unknown The Angriest Dog in the World David Lynch. An angry black dog stuck in one position, tied to a pole. [11]
Andy St. Bernard Mark Trail Ed Dodd Mark's faithful dog.
Axel generic Fusco Brothers J.C. Duffy The brothers' dog.
Bandit Labrador Retriever We3 Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. One of the three protagonists.
Banks mixed breed Barkeater Lake Corey Pandolph
Barfy Labrador Retriever Family Circus Bil Keane The first family dog.
Barnabas unknown The Sandman: Brief Lives Neil Gaiman, Jill Thompson Talking canine companion of the character Destruction and later of the character Delirium too.
Beagle Boys Beagle Donald Duck Carl Barks A gang of criminals who constantly try to rob Scrooge McDuck. [12]
Beauregard Bugleboy Bloodhound Pogo Walt Kelly
Beaumont Sheepdog Pooch Cafe Paul Gilligan Bartender of Pooch Café.
Beck generic Beck (Japanese manga) Harold Sakuishi Ryusuke's dog; about a teenage boy and his pursuit of a music career.
Bello White Fox Terrier De Avonturen Van Bello Marten Toonder Main protagonist in a short-lived 1939 Dutch comic strip. [13]
Bello Blue dog Bussi Bär Rolf Kauka The blue dog of Bussi Bär. [14]
Belvedere generic Belvedere George Webster Crenshaw Pet of Orville and Emma, an intelligent and spoiled dog who causes lots of problems for his family.
Bessy Rough Collie Bessy (Belgian) Willy Vandersteen Main character in a long-running Belgian western comics series. In the franchise he is the pet of Andy. [15]
Biff & Riley generic Biff & Riley Jeff Payden Two canine brothers, one silly, the other serious.
Bill Cocker Spaniel Boule et Bill Jean Roba Boule's dog. [16]
Biscuit generic Stone Soup Jan Eliot Holly and Alix's dog.
Bitsy generic Marvin Tom Armstrong The family dog.
Black Bob Border Collie Black Bob Jack Prout Comic strip published in The Dandy. Shepherd master Andrew Glenn's dog.
Black Hayate unknown Fullmetal Alchemist Hiromu Arakawa Riza Hawkeye's dog; about the adventures of two alchemist brothers and set in a fictional universe.
Bleeker robotic The Rechargeable Dog Jonathan Mahood Skip's robotic dog.
Blu generic Monica's Gang (Brazilian) Mauricio de Sousa Franklin's pet.
Bobje generic Bert Kamagurka Bert's tiny anthropomorphized dog; used as mascot for the Flemish magazine HUMO in the 1990s. [17]
Boby generic Boby Sifre [18] A blue puppy dog. [19]
Bolivar St. Bernard Donald Duck Al Taliaferro Donald's pet and often a nuisance to him. [20]
Bonzo the Dog mixed breed Bonzo the dog George E. Studdy A little puppy who often appeared in comics and ads in the 1920s. Later inspired the name of the Bonzo Dog Band. [21]
Boomer generic Pooch Cafe Paul Gilligan Poncho's friend.
Boot Old English Sheepdog The Perishers' (British) Maurice Dodd
Bowser generic Moose & Molly Bob Weber
Böwser vön Überdog Bulldog The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama Alex Langley and Nick Langley Primary antagonist.
Bradley generic On a Claire Day Henry Beckett and Carla Ventresca Claire Bennett's pet.
Brainy Barker Saluki Krypto the Superdog A dog which possesses telekinetic powers.
Brigadier Snuf generic Tom Poes (Dutch) Marten Toonder Second most important police officer, after Bulle Bas. [22]
Buckles generic Buckles David Gilbert A guileless and innocent dog.
Butch generic Moose and Molly Bob Weber
Bul Super Bulldog Tom Poes (Dutch) Marten Toonder An anthropomorphic bulldog who acts as a major crook in the series. He is usually seen together with his cronie, Hiep Hieper. [23]
Bulle Bas Bulldog Tom Poes (Dutch) Marten Toonder Anthropomorphic police chief who always suspects Olivier B. Bommel of any possible crime and wants to arrest him. [24]
Bullet generic Barney Google and Snuffy Smith Billy DeBeck Snuffy's dog. [25]
Bulletdog English Setter Bulletman Bill Parker and Jon Smalle. Bulletman's dog.
Bumper Bulldog The Middletons Ralph Dunagin and Dana Summers The family dog.
Cagney Boston Terrier Zack Hill John Deering Zack's pet.
Canturro generic Gaturro Cristian Dzwonik A character in the Argentine comic strip.
Chief Mutt Bulldog Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids Bob Weber Jr.
Le Chien de Berger (The Shepherd's Dog) Otterhound Le Génie des Alpages F'Murr The nameless shepherd's dog who is able to walk on two feet and converse in intelligent and philosophical conversations. [26]
Chibi St. Bernard Itazura na Kiss Kaoru Tada
Clive generic My Own Genie Jamie Smart Lula's pet, who is given the power of speech by Genie.
Cosmo, the Spacedog Golden Retriever Guardians of the Galaxy Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Cobb and Ruppert generic Deflocked Jeff Corriveau Two sheep dogs who are brothers.
Colin Curly generic Colin Curly created for advertising by Bob Lawrie A comic book following success as advertising icon for Quavers, a British snack food.
Cubitus (Wowser) Old English Sheepdog Cubitus Dupa Semaphore's (Professor Ding's) obese anthropomorphic dog. [27]
Daisy generic Blondie Chic Young The family dog. [28]
Danny Great Dane Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Hirohiko Araki The dog belonging to Jonathan Joestar.
Dawg generic Hi and Lois Mort Walker and Dik Browne The family dog. [29] [30]
Devil German Shepherd The Phantom Lee Falk The Phantom's dog.
Ditto Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Monica's Gang Mauricio de Sousa Monica's dog.
DJ Dog Pit Bull Housebroken' Steve Watkins A rap artist dog who lives with the Watson family.
Dog Border Collie Footrot Flats Murray Ball A dog who thinks he's intelligent and tough but is actually soft and cowardly. [31]
Dogbert generic Dilbert Scott Adams Dilbert's dog. He wears glasses and is highly intelligent.
Dogmatix (Idefix) Terrier Asterix René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo Obelix's minuscule dog. [32]
Dogpool mutt Deadpool Corps Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza Deadpool from a different reality and an original member of the Deadpool Corps.
Dogs of C-Kennel (including Iggy, Kenny, Oliver, Tucker, and Willy) Chihuahua, Husky, Great Dane, Schnauzer, and Pit bull Dogs of C-Kennel Mick and Mason Mastroianni Dogs who live in a kennel.
Dollar Dalmatian Richie Rich Alfred Harvey and Warren Kremer The family dog.
Droolia Bullmastiff Pooch Cafe Paul Gilligan A female bulldog who is in love with Poo Poo.
Drooly English Sheepdog Krypto the Superdog A dog who can use his drool as a weapon.
Duke generic Kelly & Duke Jack Moore Kelly's best friend.
Earl Jack Russell terrier Mutts Patrick McDonnell
Edgar English Sheepdog For Better or Worse Lynn Johnston The second family dog besides Farley.
Einstein generic Einstein Jay Heavilin and Frank B. Johnson Leroy's moustached dog, who is a genius and able to talk with his master. [33]
Electra generic Cathy Cathy Guisewite Cathy's dog.
Eugene the Jeep unknown Popeye E.C. Segar A character presumed to be some type of dog.
Fang generic The Duplex Glenn McCoy Eno's dog.
Farley English Sheepdog For Better or Worse Lynn Johnston The first family dog before Edgar.
Fergus generic Citizen Dog Mark O'Hare Mel's dog.
Fifi Bobtail Jommeke Jef Nys Dog of the Countess Elodie from Stiepelteen, who is so large that she can ride him like a horse. [34]
Fikske Rikske en Fikske Nonkel Fons [35] and Gray Croucher [36] The naughty dog of the boy Rikske. Both were mascots of the Belgian children's magazine Zonnekind. [37]
Fluffy Lhasa Apso Monica's Gang Mauricio de Sousa Jimmy Five's dog.
Fokkie Flink generic nl:Fokkie Flink Joop Geesink, Henk Zwart, Henk de Wolf Anthropomorphic black and white dog who solves crimes. [38]
Fred Bassett Basset Hound Fred Basset Alex Graham About a snobbish dog who appreciates the finer qualities of life.
Fritz Dachshund The Adventures of Jane Norman Pett Jane's dog. [39]
Fuzz generic Ziggy Tom Wilson Ziggy's dog.
Gai-Luron Basset Hound Gai-Luron (French) Marcel Gotlib Melancholic dog. [40]
Geddown The Flibbertys Ray Helle The dog of Stan and Fran Flibberty.
Gin Akita Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin (Japanese) Yoshihiro Takahashi Daisuke's dog who joins a pack of wild dogs to fight a deranged bear and his minions.
Gnasher Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound Dennis the Menace and Gnasher David Law Dennis' dog and an accomplice to his pranks.
Gnipper Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound (British) Gnasher and Gnipper David Law Gnasher's puppy. [41]
Grimm Bull Terrier Mother Goose and Grimm Mike Peters A talking dog owned by Mother Goose.
Gumbo mixed breed Adam@home Brian Basset, Rob Harrell The family dog who was added to the family in October 2012.
Gus Scottish Terrier Pooch Cafe Paul Gilligan
Hellhound unknown Beyblade: Metal (series) Takafumi Adachi Myreille Psychiokieus's vicious dog beyblade.
Hiep Hieper little white dog Tom Poes (Dutch) Marten Toonder Tiny sidekick and criminal associate of Bul Super. [42]
Homeless Hector generic Homeless Hector Bertie Brown A stray dog whose humoristic adventures were published in Illustrated Chips. [43]
Hot Dog generic Archie Bob Montana Jughead's dog.
Hudson Beagle Pooch Cafe Paul Gilligan Poncho's friend. Well-meaning but naïve.
Howard Huge St. Bernard Howard Huge Bunny Hoest, John Reiner An oversized family dog.
Humphrey generic Superkatt Dan Gordon An anthropomorphic cat who wears a bowtie, bonnet, and diaper as a superhero costume.
Iggy Boston Terrier JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Hirohiko Araki Iggy's a stray Boston Terrier.
Jock Scottish Terrier Fred Basset Alex Graham Fred's companion.
Jollipop White Labrador Panda (Dutch) Marten Toonder Panda's loyal and very formal butler. [44]
Joost White Labrador Tom Poes (Dutch) Marten Toonder Bommel's loyal and very formal butler. [45]
Kemlo "Hyperdog" Caesar, Sergeant Doberman Top 10 Alan Moore, Gene Ha and Zander Cannon An intelligent, talking dog in a robotic exoskeleton.
Kewpie generic The Born Loser Art Sansom The family dog.
King Alaskan Malamute Challenge of the Yukon Fran Striker and George W. Trendle The sled dog of St. Preston.
Koko Border Collie The Other Coast Adrian Raeside One of the family dogs.
Kolin Kelly generic Krazy Kat George Herriman A brickmaker.
Kreeg mixed breed Sojourn Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa, Ron Marz, Ian Edginton, Greg Land Arwyn's dog.
Krypto generic big white dog Superman Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster Superman's dog. [46]
Little Dog generic Little Dog Lost Steve Boreman About a long-lost dog who enjoys the adventure of the open road.
Lockjaw Bulldog Fantastic Four Stan Lee, Jack Kirby An extraterrestrial alien who looks like a bulldog.
Lotje Teckle Jan, Jans en de Kinderen Jan Kruis Despite its feminine name a male dog and one of the family's pets. [47]
Louie generic Overboard Chip Dunham Captain Crow's pet.
Lucky generic Hawkeye Barton's dog.
Mammoth Mutt Chihuahua Krypto the Superdog Jerry Siegel A dog who can inflate her body enormously.
Marmaduke Great Dane Marmaduke Brad Anderson The Winslow family's oversized dog. [48]
Max generic Lola Todd Clark Lola's pet.
Metal Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Rock Dog (Chinese) Zheng Jun A meditating and orphaned dog who grows up in a Buddhist temple.
Mortimer mixed breed Jump Start Robb Armstrong The Cobb family dog.
Nabuko Donosor alien dog Urbanus (Flemish) Urbanus and Willy Linthout A yellow dog whose front head and upper jaw float above his lower jaw and the rest of his body. He wears slippers on his feet and is able to talk. In reality he is member of a species called the Hittentits, but Urbanus adopted him as his dog. [49]
Napoleon Irish Wolfhound Napoleon and Uncle Elby Clifford McBride Uncle Elby's dog, who was based on the pet of the creator' uncle. [50]
Newshounds Golden Retriever Newshounds Thomas K. Dye The staff of news broadcasting company, KPET.
Nosonja Alan Ford Max Bunker and Magnus. Number One's dog
Nugget unknown (possibly a Jack Russell or Fox Terrier) Adventures of the Big Boy Stan Lee, Bill Everett, Sol Brodsky and Dan DeCarlo Big Boy's dog, who has the ability to think in human language.
Odie generic Garfield Jim Davis Utterly dim-witted, constantly drooling yellow dog of Jon Arbuckle and frequent target of Garfield's sarcasm. [51]
Offissa Bull Pup Bulldog Krazy Kat George Herriman Police dog who has a soft spot for Krazy Kat and often arrests Ignatz the Mouse whenever he throws a brick at Krazy Kat. [52]
Oso Pug Sheldon Dave Kellett Sheldon's dog.
Otto generic Beetle Bailey Mort Walker Sergeant Snorkel's pet who wears the same military uniform as him. [53]
Patches generic Gamin and Patches Mort Walker The moustached dog of the street urchin Gamin.[54]
Pekkie Poodle Jommeke Jef Nys The black poodle of the character Filiberke, who is Jommeke's best friend. [55]
Picpak generic Picpak Dog Comics Kim Belding Pick pooch and star of strip
Pif (Spiff in English) generic Spiff and Hercules (French: Pif et Hercule) José Cabrero Arnal Anthropomorphic dog. Inspired his own magazine: Pif Gadget. [56]
Pimpa Red spotted white dog Pimpa (Italian) Francesco Tullio Altan A talking dog who lives in a magical world.
Pip generic Pip, Squeak and Wilfred (British) Bertram Lamb and Austin Bowen Payne [57]
Polgas generic Pugad Baboy (Filipino) Pol Medina, Jr. Sungcals' anthropomorphic family dog.
Poncho generic Pooch Cafe Paul Gilligan Chazz's dog.
Ponta Koizumi Labrador Guru Guru Pon-chan (Japanese) Satomi Ikezawa A puppy who turns into a human and falls in love with a girl in his school.
Poo Poo Bichon Frise Pooch Cafe Paul Gilligan Poncho's friend, who has trouble with his masculinity because he's a poodle.
Pooch generic Sinfest Tatsuyada Ishida A stereotypical cheerful dog.
Poochie generic Nancy Ernie Bushmiller Nancy's dog. [58]
Poussif Dalmatian Poussin et Poussif René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. A Dalmatian dog who has to guard a little baby, Poussin, and bring him back to safety whenever he crawls out of the house. [59] [60]
Puddles generic Luann Greg Evans Luann's dog.
Pup Parade dogs generic Pup Parade (British) Gordon Bell Dog-versions of Leo Baxendale's The Bash Street Kids, originally published in The Beano.
Radar Dalmatian possibly Supreme Rob Liefeld A super-powered dog.
Rantanplan generic hound Lucky Luke (French-Belgian) Morris A dumb prison guard dog who watches over the Dalton brothers or assists Lucky Luke in tracking them down when they escape. [61] In both cases he is easily fooled and never understands what is going on? Jolly Jumper loathes him.
Rex the Wonder Dog German Shepherd Rex The Wonder Dog Robert Kanigher and Alex Toth A dog who gets an injection of a special serum giving him strength, speed and intelligence in fighting evil.
Rivets generic Rivets George Sixta The family dog; the strip first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post in 1944.
Rocket generic Chacha Chaudhary (Indian) Pran Kumar Sharma Chacha Chaudhary's dog.
Rocky generic Rocky (Swedish) Martin Kellerman An anthropomorphic dog.
Roscoe generic Pickles Brian Crane Earl and Opal's dog.
Rosebud Basselope (a cross between a basset hound and an antelope) Bloom County Berkeley Breathed
Rover Labrador Retriever mostly Red and Rover Brian Basset Red's loyal companion.
Ruff Briard Dennis the Menace (U.S. comic) Hank Ketcham The family dog.
Rufferto Generic dog Groo the Wanderer Sergio Aragonés Groo's inseparable companion.
Saffie (Sammy) Generic hound Ox Tales (Boes in Dutch) Wil Raymakers and Thijs Wilms Boes' dog. [62]
Sakura Papillon The Other Coast Adrian Raeside One of the family dogs.
Sam Cocker Spaniel Family Circus Bill Keane The second family dog.
Sam Cocker Spaniel Sam & Max Steve Purcell A clever six-foot detective dog who wears a suit and a fedora.
Sandy Airedale Little Orphan Annie Harold Gray Annie's dog.
Sapphie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jewelpet Atsushi Maekawa, Tomoko Miyakawa Aoi's pet.
Satchel mixed breed Get Fuzzy Darby Conley One of Rob's pets.
Scamp Mixed breed Scamp Walt Disney Pup of the Tramp in Lady and the Tramp. Received his own comics series, despite only featuring for five minutes in the original motion picture.
Shagg E. Dawg Generic shaggy dog Ask Shagg Peter Guren A dog answering readers' questions about other animals.
Skip Samoyed Kapitein Rob Pieter J. Kuhn Kapitein Rob's dog whom he rescued from a sinking German ship near Murmansk. [63]
Smirnov German Shepherd Blacksad Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido Police commissioner and friend of Blacksad.
Snert generic Hagar The Horrible Dik Browne Hagar's dog, who wears a Viking helmet like his master. [64]
Sniffy the Pup generic Sniffy the Pup A playful and frolicking pup.
Snoopy Beagle Peanuts Charles M. Schulz Charlie Brown's eccentric dog who often delves into his own fantasies. Sleeps on top of his dog house, which harbors more space inside than would assume from looking at it from the outside. Has an infamous bizarre dance too. [65]
Snowy Wire Fox Terrier The Adventures of Tintin Hergé Tintin's pet. [66]
Sophie Labrador Retriever Dog eat Doug Brian Anderson Doug's canine friend.
Sorry O-O generic Moomin Tove Jansson A melancholic dog.
Sparky Dalmatian Smoky Stover Bill Holman (cartoonist) Smokey's firehouse dog (sometimes called Sparks).
Spencer Labrador Retriever Best in Show Phil Juliano A wily dog with a mind of his own.
Spike Bulldog Peanuts Charles M. Schulz Snoopy's older brother.
Spike Bulldog Heathcliff George Gately A neighbor's dog.
Steenbreek generic Tom Poes (Dutch) Marten Toonder Anthropomorphic white dog who is a secretary in the local city government.
Streak (the Wonder Dog) generic big dog Green Lantern [67] Alan Scott Canine companion to the Green Lantern.
Struppi Tobias Seicherl Ladislaus Kmoch Canine companion to Tobias, often acting as his voice of reason. [68]
Tekko Taks Black dachshund. nl:Tekko Taks (Dutch) Henk Kabos Anthropomorphic black dog who is a time-traveling detective. [69]
Tige Pit bull Buster Brown Richard Felton Outcault Buster's dog. [70]
Tippie Scottish Terrier Cap Stubbs and Tippie Edwina Dumm Cap's dog. [71]
Titus Great Dane Batman Bob Kane Batman's later dog in the comic book series. Titus was introduced in the Batman books as a German Shepherd, taking the place of Ace the Bat-hound.
Tobias generic Spike and Suzy (Suske en Wiske in Dutch) Willy Vandersteen Dog adopted by Wiske. [72]
Tobias brown with long ears and very large feet Jommeke Jef Nys Dog of the Baron van Piependale (Baron of Piependale), whom he uses as a horse because of the baron's tiny size. [73]
Top Dog generic Top Dog Lennie Herman and Warren Kremer Joey's friend.
Tripod unknown Monroe Bill Wray Monroe's blind and three-legged dog. [74]
Tubby generic Take It From The Tinkersons Bill Bettwy
Tuffy generic Tuffy and his Magic Tail (also known as Tuffy Our Puppy of Tuffy the Pup) Arthur Warden [75] A little dog with a magic tail. [76]
Vivian generic Cathy Cathy Guisewite Irving's dog.
Wally Dachshund Drabble Kevin Fagan The family dog.
Weed Akita Ginga Legend Weed Yoshihiro Takahashi Son of Gin.
Weederman generic Mr. Boffo Joe Martin Earl's dog.
Winston White bulldog Winston Jim Burnett and Johnny Sajem. A white bulldog who wore a bowler hat and who was clearly a reference to Winston Churchill. [77]
Yankee Poodle, aka Rova Barkitt Poodle Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw.
Zero generic Little Annie Rooney Harold Gray Annie's dog. [78]
Zuky generic Meebo and Zuky Laura Howell Arch-rival of Meebo the dog.

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