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This list of fictional frogs and toads in animation is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. It is restricted solely to notable frog and toad characters from notable animated works. Characters that appear several separate works will be recorded here only once.

Name Show Notes
Andrew Larrikins series
Aogaeru Spirited Away
Baron Silas Greenback Danger Mouse (voiced by Edward Kelsey): The recurring villain and Danger Mouse's archenemy; a toad with a wheezy voice, although, sometimes, he was referred to as a frog. Known as Baron Greenteeth in the unbroadcast pilot episode. Commonly known as the "Terrible Toad". In America, "Greenback" is slang for dollar bill in many regions, adding to the sense of his commercial greed. Allegedly, he turned to a life of crime as a schoolboy when other children stole his bicycle and let all the air out of its tyres.
Besobeso Shirobako
Bev Bighead Rocko's Modern Life Bev "wears the pants" in the family; she demonstrates a loud, domineering manner and she keeps Ed in line. Despite all these, though, she has shown that she loves her husband very much. Beneath her ugly exterior and grating voice, she is friendly, and a closet party animal [1]
Demetan Kerokko Demetan
Dr. Slick and the Street Frogs The Comic Strip (TV series) A group of hip hop frogs who are trying to make it big in the rap industry. They are led by Dr. Slick and star in a segment in the series.
Ed Bighead Rocko's Modern Life Ed Bighead is an employee at a large corporation. He is cruel, petty, bossy, and has a terrible temper; in fact, the only people that he fears are his wife, Bev and his boss, Mr. Dupette. He particularly dislikes Rocko and his friends, Heffer Wolfe and Filburt. He usually yells at anyone he sees, and grumbles bitterly under his breath at any situation he finds even slightly troubling.
Flip Fiddlesticks an animated cartoon character created by American cartoonist Ub Iwerks. He starred in a series of cartoons produced by Celebrity Pictures and distributed through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1930 to 1933. The series had many recurring characters besides Flip, including Flip's dog, the mule Orace, and a dizzy neighborhood spinster.The series was revived in the 1960s television show, Hoppity Hooper
Gamatatsu Naruto A frog Gamatatsu is Gamakichi's brother. He is a bit on the dim-witted side and when he is summoned, all he is concerned with is where he can find food. He has a very short attention span and is often oblivious to the danger around him, but despite that he does have a caring heart and will help out if he can.
Gamakichi Naruto Gamakichi is one of Gamabunta's children. He is a lot smaller than his father but he is more sociable. Though he is a little rough around the edges, Gamakichi is quite witty and sometimes a bit of a smart-ass.
Gamabunta Naruto Gamakichi is one of Gamabunta's children. He is a lot smaller than his father but he is more sociable. Though he is a little rough around the edges, Gamakichi is quite witty and sometimes a bit of a smart-ass.
Prince Fredric Freddie as F.R.O.7 A prince who, after discovering his parents were killed by an evil enchantress is transformed into a frog.
Frog WordWorld A very intelligent and clever WordFriend. He is hydrophobic due to the water's slimy texture on his skin, and tends to say "Water, yuck." He is also the least courageous of all the other his WordFriends and living in a LOG.
Gabi Rio 2 A female poison dart frog who is in love with Nigel the cockatoo.
Hoppity Hooper Hoppity Hooper a plucky frog who often gets into misadventures with his friends as they try to seek fortune through jobs and schemes.
Hypnotoad Futurama a large toad with pulsating, multicolored eyes, which emits a loud, ominous buzzing noise. It has the power to hypnotize almost any living thing at will, even mass numbers of creatures. The Hypnotoad first appeared in "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid", in which it hypnotized a flock of sheep to herd themselves into a pen and close the door behind them, the panel of judges to win the pet show and then the audience of the pet show to force their approval of that victory. It later acquired its own television show, Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, in which it hypnotizes the audience. The Futurama: Bender's Big Score DVD includes a full 22-minute episode.[2][3][4]
Jean-Bob The Swan Princess A French frog who mistakenly believes he is a prince. Voiced by John Cleese.
Michigan J. Frog Looney Tunes A male frog who wears a top hat, carries a cane, sings pop music, ragtime, Tin Pan Alley hits, and other songs from the late 19th and early 20th century while dancing and performing acrobatics in the style of early 20th century vaudeville.
Hops The Loud House Lana Loud's pet frog and best friend.
Newtralizer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) A fire belly newt -like member of alien Salamandrian species. He's the show's anti-hero.
Nicky,Howie and Kai Sing Three frogs with jumpsuits and they are a Big fan of Van Halen.
Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana The Princess and the Frog Two characters who are magically turned into frogs.
Princess Attea and Emperor Milleous Ben 10: Omniverse They are the rulers of the Incursians, a race of bloodthirsty, warmongering aliens with the appearance of anthropomorphic frogs.
Principal Pixiefrog My Gym Partner's a Monkey As his last name implies, he is a Pixie Frog. As a strict but fair administrator he runs a tight ship, which is somewhat remarkable considering he could easily be squashed underfoot by most of his students and the rest of the faculty.
Ribbit Ribbity Pupipo!
The Toad Flushed Away A big, pompous amphibian wanting the entire rat population to be killed off so he can make room for his hundreds of offspring. Voiced by Ian McKellen.
Toadborg Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars A large, purple cyborg toad who is second-in-command under the series' main antagonist, KOMPLEX. Toadborg was a new character created for the animated TV show and did not appear in the original Continuity Comics series.
Tubb Rubbadubbers A male anthropomorphic pink frog with a Scottish accent; de facto leader of the Rubbadubbers and has a cotton swab for his prize possession. Catchphrase: "Swim-MIN'!" In the hiccups episode it reveals his underarms are ticklish when Terence tickled his underarms with the feather duster while Tubb laughed.
Typhoon Toad The Comic Strip (TV series) An anthropomorphic toad and the town's DJ who's also a friend of the Street Frogs.
Keroppi Hasunoue Sanrio A small frog with a v-shaped mouth and big eyes who is friends with Hello Kitty and lives in Donut Pond.
Slippy Toad Star Fox Inventor and mechanic on the team of his friend "Star Fox".
Tsuyu "Froppy" Asui Boku no Hero Academia A young, teenage girl attending "U.A. High School" training to become a pro-hero.
Frog Popee the Performer A side character in the obscure animation of "Popee the Performer" from 2001.
Croaker (Frog) Maya the Bee A green frog who lives in the pond with green eyes, long tongue, and one of the titular main antagonist.


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