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Fictional gangs, of varying types, appear commonly in comics, films, literature, television series, and video games. This is an alphabetical list of them.

Crime syndicates[edit]

African-American organized crime[edit]

Afrikaner organized crime[edit]

Albanian mafia[edit]

American Mafia[edit]

Armenian mafia[edit]

Azerbaijani mafia[edit]

British firms[edit]


Dixie Mafia and State Line Mob[edit]

Georgian mafia[edit]

Greek mafia[edit]

Haitian organized crime[edit]

Hungarian mafia[edit]

Indian mafia[edit]

Irish Mob[edit]

Jamaican posses and Yardies[edit]

Jewish Mob[edit]

Korean mafia[edit]

Nicaraguan organized crime[edit]

Pakistani mafia[edit]

Romanian mafia[edit]

Russian mafia[edit]

Serbian mafia[edit]

  • Vladimir Janokvic's Serbian Gang – Power

Sicilian Mafia[edit]

Spanish organized crime[edit]

Triads and Tongs[edit]

Turkish mafia[edit]

Ukrainian mafia[edit]

Vietnamese gangs and Vietnamese mafias[edit]



Drug cartels[edit]

Motorcycle gangs[edit]

Paramilitary organizations[edit]

Prison gangs[edit]

Street gangs[edit]

African ethnicity[edit]

Asian ethnicity[edit]

European ethnicity[edit]

Latin American ethnicity[edit]

Pacific Islander[edit]


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