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List of fictional horses

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This is a list of horses and ponies in fictional subjects, excluding hybrid fantasy creatures such as centaurs and unicorns; their cousins, donkeys and zebras; and cross-breed mules and zebroids.

Horses in literature[edit]

Horses in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings[edit]

Horses in mythology and folklore[edit]

Horses in film[edit]

See also: Wonder Horses

Horses in television[edit]

Horses in animation[edit]

Horses in comics[edit]

Horses in song[edit]

  • Badger, a possibly unrideable horse in the song "The Scene We All Ain't Saw" by Chris LeDoux
  • Becky, the horse from Carl Perkins' "Movie Magg"
  • Bottle of Smoke, the eponymous horse in the song by The Pogues
  • The Brute, a horse ridden for the first time in the song "The Continental Suit"
  • Chestnut Mare, the eponymous horse in the song by The Byrds
  • Feitlebaum, the racehorse who always comes up from behind to finish first (even in a car race) in songs by Doodles Weaver (performed with Spike Jones and his City Slickers)
  • Galway Bay, the 'coal-black mare with a white starred chest' in the song "The Galway Farmer" by Steve Knightly of Show of Hands
  • Henry the Horse, the waltzing horse from The Beatles' "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" (based on a real horse called Zanthus, from Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal)
  • The Horse with No Name, the horse in the eponymous song by America
  • Lisette, crazed horse in the song "Run Lisette" by Glass Hammer
  • Mac, from Mason Proffit's "Two Hangmen"
  • Molly O'Brian and Tenbrooks, who raced in the song "The Ballad of Molly and Tenbrooks" written by Bill Monroe
  • The Old Gray Mare, the horse in the eponymous song
  • Old Red, a bucking bronc who'd never been rode in the eponymous song by Chris LeDoux
  • Paul Revere, the horse from the song of the same name by the Beastie Boys
  • Pinto the wonder horse from the song by Tom T. Hall
  • Sorrow, the name of the carnie's horse in the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song "The Carnie"
  • Stewball, from the eponymous song by Peter, Paul and Mary
  • The Strawberry Roan, an unrideable horse in the eponymous song performed by Marty Robbins, Chris LeDoux, and others
  • The Tennessee Stud, the horse in the eponymous song written by Jimmy Driftwood
  • Trigger, the horse who pulled the fastest milkcart in the West in Benny Hill's "Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)"
  • Wildfire, the horse in the eponymous song by Michael Martin Murphey
  • The Yellow Stud, an unrideable horse in the eponymous song performed by Chris LeDoux

Horses in video games[edit]

Horses in toys[edit]

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