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This List of fictional rodents in video games is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals and list of fictional rodents articles. This is a collection of various notable rodent characters that appear in various video games including beavers, chipmunks, gophers, guinea pigs, marmots, prairie dogs and porcupines plus the extinct prehistoric species (such as Rugosodon).


Name Game Notes
Chip[Note 1] Animal Crossing A special beaver villager who runs the town fishing tournament at regular intervals.
Joustin' Beaver Joustin' Beaver Main character and parody of singer Justin Bieber, which resulted in a back-and-forth legal battle between Bieber and the title's publisher in 2012.[1]
Sharky the Beaver Sharky the Beaver Title character from the augmented reality app for the Sphero robotic ball peripheral.[2]


Name Game Notes
Boo Baldur's Gate Minsc's animal companion in the Baldur's Gate series of games.
Chip Virtua Hamster Player character from cancelled Sega 32X title that travels through a series of tubes via a skateboard and rocket pack.[3]
Jogurt[Note 2] Shining Force Small hamster-like creature who wears a large metal helmet. Considered a "joke character" who remains perpetually weak even after joining the player's group.[4]
Minsc Tiny Brains A blue hamster and one of the game's four playable characters. Used as a lab experiment by humans, he has the unique ability to create solid platforms in midair.[5]
Newton Flying Hamster Player character who flies using a propeller made from a leaf shoot to rescue his girlfriend Sookie from a giant eagle.[6]
Rick the Hamster Kirby's Dream Land 2 One of Kirby's animal companions. Able to jump up walls and carry Kirby on his back.[7] One of the Dream Friends in Kirby Star Allies.
Wrecking Ball Overwatch A.K.A . Hammond. Fights in a ball-shaped mech suit.


Name Game Notes
Agent Squeak Spy Mouse Secret agent mouse who must use to stealth to obtain as much cheese as possible while avoiding enemy cats.[8]
Apollo Sneakers Main character. A white mouse who must team up with his fellow rodents Bonnie, Brutus, Watt, and Pete to save Bonnie's brother Tiki from a group of rats.[9]
DarkMaus DarkMaus Main character. A warrior mouse who embarks on a quest to vanquish evil in his kingdom.[10]
Daroach[Note 3] Kirby: Squeak Squad The greedy and tactical leader of the Squeaks. His gang members include Spinni,[Note 4] a ninja; Storo,[Note 5] the muscle; and Doc, the brains, as well as numerous underlings called Squeakers.[Note 6][11] Also appears in Kirby Star Allies as a Dream Friend.
Hanpan[Note 7] Wild Arms A sapient "Wind mouse" companion to one of the main characters, Jack Van Burace. Helps his companion by providing advice and remotely interacting with objects.[12]
Happy and Rappy Mappy Kids The sons of Mappy, titular character of his own game, they are mice who must travel to meet their future wife and eventually build her a house.[13]
K.O. the Mouse[Note 8] Little Samson One of the four playable characters trusted with artifacts known as the Magic Bells to defeat the Prince of Darkness. Can scale walls and lay bombs that explode after a brief moment.
Mappy Mappy The game's main character itself is a mouse. Mappy runs on Namco Super Pac-Man hardware, modified to support horizontal scrolling. The name "Mappy" is likely derived from mappo, a Japanese slang term (slightly insulting) for a policeman.
Maxie the Mouse Mouse Trap Hotel Player character who must travel from the basement to the penthouse suite in a hotel to meet his girlfriend.
Mia Mia's Big Adventure Collection She is a feisty and clever mouse who carries a skateboard in her backpack. She lives in the attic of an old Victorian house on Carrington Lane, where her family has lived for generations.[14]
Mouse Little Nemo: The Dream Master One of the animals Nemo can befriend by giving them candy. Able to walk up walls while Nemo rides its back wielding a mallet.[15]
Mouse Tribe Tunnel Tail Group of anthropomorphic mice banded together to fight a dark force called the Lumini. Led by Cezar, they include Ama, a female warrior, Dini, a mage, and Tolomi, an old sage.[16]
Mouser Super Mario Bros. 2 Also a recurring villain for cartoon segments of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.
Ms. Mowz[Note 9] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Small, round white mouse thief with a red mask and high heels. The game's only optional party member.
Oozy the Mouse Claymates A possible transformation for the main character, Clayton, after he collects a piece of grey clay.[17]
Pad Tiny Brains A lab mouse who acts as one of the game's four playable characters. Due to experimentation by humans, he has the ability to teleport and switch places with any object.[5]
Penelope Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Anthropomorphic Dutch mouse machinist and pilot who often competes in international flying competitions under the alias "The Black Baron". She assists the Cooper gang as an RC vehicle specialist.
Pipsy Diddy Kong Racing A small yellow mouse who serves as one of the playable racers. Drives a pink kart that specializes in acceleration and handling.[18]
Spike Commandos 2: Men of Courage A trained mouse given to commando Paul "Lupin" Toledo by the Burmese Spiritual Leader which can be used to distract enemies so that the commandos can evade or incapacitate them.
The Mouse Crazy Mouse Blue mouse gourmand who must gather as much food as possible. Player character in the first Xbox Live Arcade game developed in China.[19]
The Mouse Mouse Trap Player character in the 1981 Pac-Man clone by Exidy. Can transform into a dog by eating a bone.[20]
The Mouse Rodent's Revenge Player character who must avoid cats while trapping them with moveable blocks.
Tilo Ghost of a Tale Small anthropomorphic mouse minstrel who serves as the playable character and must travel through dungeons in a dark medieval setting.[21]
Transformice Transformice The playable characters of the multiplayer browser game. Have the ability to become shaman and help other mice obtain hard-to-reach cheese.[22]


Name Game Notes
Diego Funky Lab Rat Player character. A lab rat with the ability to pause and rewind time to help overcome obstacles and escape his experimenters.[23]
Ethan Ethan: Meteor Hunter An anthropomorphic rat who gained the ability to freeze time after exposure to a mysterious meteorite.[24]
Freya Crescent Final Fantasy IX Member of the Burmecian race of anthropomorphic rats. A Dragon Knight by trade, she is skilled with spears and took up a quest to find her lost love, Sir Fratley.
Jefferson and Washington Rat Attack! Main antagonists. A pair of rats who gained enhanced intelligence in a space shuttle experiment and seek to take over the world with an army of their brethren.[25]
Mercurio Armello Anthropomorphic brown rat and chosen hero of the Rat Clan.[26]
New Rat City (or NRC) Rat Chaos An "Avatar of Rats"[27][28][29] that appears after you "unleash rat chaos" on board the spaceship and offers to take you to the Planet of Rat, but also begins a stream of consciousness[27][30] about bullying,[27][30] depression,[27] and self-loathing.[27][27][30][31][28][29] The character won the XYZZY Award for Best Individual NPC in 2012.[32][33]
Ratso JumpStart Math for Second Graders[34] The antagonist.
Rhei Rat Brutal: Paws of Fury Anthropomorphic grey rat who fights using Thai Boxing style.[35]
Roadkill Comix Zone Pet of the main character, Sketch Turner, who aids him during the game by stunning enemies, pulling switches, and finding hidden items.[36]
Rocky Rodent Rocky Rodent Title character. A crazed punk rat who gains new abilities as he changes his hairstyle.[37]
Ronnie the Super Rat Pesterminator: The Western Exterminator Primary antagonist who wishes to create an army of super pests to take over the world.[38]
Skid JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade The antagonist.
Slade[Note 10] Shining Force II A member of the Rat-Men tribe who joins the player's party first as a thief, and later an assassin.[39]
Twitch the Plague Rat League of Legends One of the game's playable champions. A sewer rat who was mutated to possess human-level intelligence following exposure to magic waste.[40]


Name Game Notes
Chatty Free Realms Flying squirrel mascot and spokesman who appeared in the game's television commercials and advertisements.[41]
Conker Diddy Kong Racing Protagonist and main character in the Conker series. In the newer games, Conker is a greedy, heavy drinking, red squirrel. Though highly materialistic and never afraid to insult, he always approaches new characters with a positive outlook. His adventures occur because he gets drunk and wanders in the opposite direction to his home. In Conker's Pocket Tales, he has to rescue his girlfriend, Berri, from the Evil Acorn; the same version of Conker appears in Diddy Kong Racing, where he is a playable character and that game marks his first appearance.
Flurl the Squirrel Donkey Kong Jungle Beat One of Donkey Kong's animal friends whose body can be used like a parachute to allow him to glide around and reach new areas.
Mr. Nutz Mr. Nutz An anthropomorphic red squirrel wearing shoes, gloves and a cap.
Ray the Flying Squirrel SegaSonic the Hedgehog A yellow flying squirrel. One of three playable characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series arcade game.
The Squirrel Nutjitsu Main character. A tan squirrel ninja who must use stealth to retrieve stolen acorns from kitsune samurai.[42]
The Squirrel Urban Space Squirrels Super-powered playable character who uses "antiparticle bombs" to propel him to higher surfaces, solve puzzles, and avoid obstacles.[43]
Skunny Hardnut Skunny: Back to the Forest Red squirrel title character of the Skunny series of platformers and kart racers. Sometimes joined by his girlfriend and fellow squirrel Rosie.[44]
Zero Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel Aero's rival from the previous games. A version for the Game Boy Advance was planned in 2003, but it was never released.[45]
Ratatosk Heroine's Quest Ratatosk is a talking squirrel who claims his teeth can cut the mighty branches of Yggdrasil.[46]


Name Species Game Notes
Fang the Sniper half-jerboa Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble A wolf-jerboa hybrid. His character is a treasure hunter in search of the Chaos Emeralds; however he does not know of their true power and merely wants to sell them for profit. He is a slick, sneaky, and mischievous character who will steal the Emeralds for an easier job. Fang tries hard to outwit others, but is held back by his naivety and often fails.
Globmeister the Gopher Gopher Claymates A possible transformation for the main character, Clayton, after he collects a piece of brown clay.[17]
Jimmy Lightning Gopher Peggle Brown gopher who provides players with a "multiball" power-up.[47]
Peter Pack Rat Pack rat Peter Pack Rat A pack rat who risks his life to collect lots of stuff.

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