List of fictional secret bases in comics and animation

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This is an incomplete list of hideouts, bases, and headquarters in comics and animation. Such locations are a staple of the genre, and they are at times almost as iconic and well-recognized as the characters that own them.


For a more comprehensive list, see List of locations of the DC Universe § Sites.

DC Comics[edit]

  • Apokolips - Planet ruled by the evil New God Darkseid.
  • Arrowcave - Former base of operations of the Green Arrow and Speedy. It was subsequently abandoned following Green Arrow's death. When Ollie went back to reclaim sentimental memorabilia, he found Solomon Grundy was living there.
  • Batcave - Batman's secret base of operations. Located under Wayne Manor and / or in the basement of the Wayne Foundation building. Contains a crime laboratory, computers and records, a host of weapons and space for numerous vehicles.
  • Dayton Manor - Headquarters of the Doom Patrol outside New York City.
  • Fortress of Solitude - Arctic fortress used by Superman as a secret lair. Created by a Kryptonian Relic called the Eradicator, the Fortress was a monument to Krypton on Earth. All of the items filling the Fortress were gathered from the otherworldly dimension known as the Phantom Zone (AOS #460).
  • Ha-Ha-Hacienda - Hideout of The Joker beginning in the early 1960s.
  • The Iceberg Lounge, nightclub and base of operations for the Penguin. Located in Gotham City.
  • Justice League Satellite, former headquarters of the Justice League of America. Located in orbit - 22,300 miles above the surface of the earth in geosynchronous orbit.
  • Justice League Watchtower, former headquarters of the Justice League of America. Located on the moon.
  • Justice Society Headquarters, formerly a brownstone building, which housed the JSA museum. Current version built by Lexcorp on the foundation of the former brownstone headquarters and museum. The former headquarters located in Gotham City, the latter in Manhattan.
  • The Lexcorp Towers complex, former headquarters of Lex Luthor. Located in Metropolis.
  • The Oblivion Bar, an extra-dimensional bar that only magically-talented persons can access. Headquarters of the Shadowpact.
  • Project Cadmus. Located in Metropolis.
  • The Rock of Eternity, former home of the wizard Shazam (deceased), and headquarters of Captain Marvel.
  • Sanctum of Doctor Fate. Located in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Secret Sanctuary, original headquarters of the Justice League of America and briefly headquarters of the Doom Patrol. Located in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
  • Titans Tower - Local hangout and residence of the Teen Titans, in the animated series and comics.
  • Warworld, artificial planet used by Mongul and Brainiac.
  • Themyscira is the home island and source (in some re-incarnations) of Wonder Woman's powers. It is supposedly located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

Marvel Comics[edit]