List of fictional secret police and intelligence organizations

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This is a list of secret police organisations and intelligence agencies which are fictional:

Contemporary world[edit]


Star Trek Universe[edit]

  • Tal Shiar - Romulan secret police and intelligence agency
  • Obsidian Order - Cardassian secret police and intelligence agency
  • Starfleet Intelligence - Federation intelligence agency
  • Section 31 - rogue and officially nonexistent Federation intelligence organization
  • V'Shar - The Vulcan Intelligence & Security agency

Star Wars Universe[edit]

  • Imperial Intelligence - intelligence arm of the Galactic Empire
  • Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) - secret police of the Galactic Empire
  • New Republic Intelligence - intelligence service of the New Republic
  • Bothan Spynet - intelligence service of the Bothans, affiliated with the Rebel Alliance and its successor state the New Republic
  • Public Safety Service (PSS) - the successor of the Corellian Security Force, after the Imperial government turns the latter from a regular police force into a secret police.
  • Galactic Alliance Guard (GAG) - the secret police of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances during the Second Galactic Civil War (fate after the war unknown).

Babylon 5[edit]

  • The Nightwatch - Earth Alliance secret police
  • Psi Corps - Earth Alliance secret police composed of telepaths, often working in tandem with the Nightwatch.


Dystopian futures[edit]