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The following is a list of fictional vehicles.

List of lists[edit]

Hovercraft/anti-gravity vehicles[edit]

Railroads and trains[edit]

The Railway Series[edit]

There are a large number of railway and other 'vehicle' characters in The Railway Series children's books by Rev. W. Awdry. Rather than list them all here individually, they are collated in a set of related articles:

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends[edit]

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is the TV spin-off from The Railway Series. As such, it shares a large number of characters with the original books but also introduces a vast array of new characters. These, too, are collated in a set of related articles:

Magical vehicles[edit]




See also[edit]

These are lists of mixed types of vehicles, not otherwise given by lists of ships, aircraft, spacecraft and so on.





Comics, graphic novels and animation[edit]