List of films about Anne Frank

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This is a list of biographical films of Anne Frank, and film adaptations of her diaries.

Year Country Title Director Notes
1941 Netherlands Untitled Unknown Amateur; only known footage of Anne Frank, recorded by a neighbor filming a wedding.
1958 East Germany Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank Emil Stöhr Television
1959 United States The Diary of Anne Frank George Stevens Film
1959 Yugoslavia Dnevnik Ane Frank Mirjana Samardzic Television
1962 Netherlands Het Dagboek van Anne Frank Television
1967 United States The Diary of Anne Frank Alex Segal Television
1980 United States The Diary of Anne Frank Boris Sagal Television
1987 United Kingdom The Diary of Anne Frank Gareth Davies Television
1988 United States The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank John Erman Television
1988 Netherlands Laatste Zeven Maanden van Anne Frank
(The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank)
Willy Lindwer Television
1995 United States
United Kingdom
Anne Frank Remembered Jon Blair Television
1995 Japan Anne no nikki Akinori Nagaoka Anime adaptation of the Diary of Anne Frank
1999 France Le Journal d'Anne Frank Julian Wolff Film; animated version of Anne Frank's diary. Edited from Anne no nikki.
2001 United States
Czech Republic
Anne Frank: The Whole Story Robert Dornhelm Television; some depictions in this version are disputed. Not endorsed by the Anne Frank Foundation.
2001 Netherlands Het Korte Leven van Anne Frank Gerrit Netten Television
2007 United States Freedom Writers Richard LaGravenese Film; The Diary of Anne Frank is an essential element to the film's plot
2008 Israel Classmates of Anne Frank Eyal Boers Film & Television; Documentary
2009 United Kingdom The Diary of Anne Frank Jon Jones Television
2009 Italy Mi Ricordo Anna Frank Alberto Negrin Television
2015 Germany Meine Tochter Anne Frank Raymond Ley Television documentary
2016 Germany Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank Hans Steinbichler Cinema
2016 United States No Asylum: The Untold Chapter in Anne Frank's Story Paula Fouce Documentary