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RMS Titanic has been featured in numerous films, TV movies and notable TV episodes. The 1997 film Titanic was one of highest grossing films.[1][2][3] On television, the Titanic has been featured in genres ranging from epic dramas to short cartoon parodies.

Theatrically released cinema dramas and documentaries[edit]

Year Title Director Cast Notes
1912 Saved From
The Titanic
Étienne Arnaud Dorothy Gibson
Alec B. Francis
Co-written by and starring Titanic survivor Dorothy Gibson and released only twenty-nine days after the sinking.
Now a lost film following a studio fire in which the last known prints were destroyed.
1912 La hantise[4] Louis Feuillade Renée Carl
René Navarre
("The Haunting") French silent film
1912 In Nacht und Eis Mime Misu Waldemar Hecker
Otto Rippert
Ernst Rückert
("In Night and Ice"), also called Der Untergang der Titanic ("The Sinking of the Titanic").
Silent film produced in Germany; believed to be lost until a collector discovered in 1998 that he had a copy.
1929 Atlantic / Atlantik Ewald André Dupont Franklin Dyall
Madeleine Carroll
A highly fictionalized account, retitled Titanic: Disaster in the Atlantic in American home video releases.
This is the first sound film made about the disaster, and was a pioneering sound-on-film release, being produced in three languages: English, German, and French (and silent versions). The German version was the first full-length German sound film and was a major hit there.
1943 Titanic Werner Klingler
Herbert Selpin
Sybille Schmitz
Hans Nielsen
A 1943 German Nazi propaganda film (personally overseen by Joseph Goebbels)[5] casting a fictitious German First Officer on the Titanic as the hero and the British as villains. The first film to use singularly the name Titanic and intermix fictional subplots and characters with historical persons on board the ship. Filmed on board the German liner SS Cap Arcona which was later mistakenly[6] sunk by the RAF with civilian loss of life greatly exceeding that of the Titanic.[7]
1953 Titanic Jean Negulesco Clifton Webb
Barbara Stanwyck
Robert Wagner
Audrey Dalton
American dramatic film centered on an estranged couple sailing on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic
1958 A Night to Remember Roy Ward Baker Kenneth More
Ronald Allen
Robert Ayres
Honor Blackman
British docudrama based on the book by Walter Lord starring Kenneth More as the ship's Second Officer Charles Lightoller. Regarded as one of the most historically accurate Titanic disaster films, with the exception of not featuring the ship breaking in half. (There was still doubt about the fact she split in two when the book and film were produced.) [8] Some effects scenes were 'borrowed' from the 1943 German film.[9]
1964 The Unsinkable
Molly Brown
Charles Walters Debbie Reynolds
Harve Presnell
Ed Begley
American musical film about the life of Molly Brown, which culminates in her voyage aboard the Titanic.
The screenplay by Helen Deutsch is based on the Richard Morris book of the 1960 musical.
1980 Raise the Titanic Jerry Jameson Jason Robards
Richard Jordan
David Selby
Anne Archer
Alec Guinness
Although adapted from Clive Cussler's popular novel Raise the Titanic!, this movie was poorly received by critics and proved to be a box office bomb, failing to recover its $40 million budget.[10]
1995 Titanica[11] Stephen Low Leonard Nimoy 95-minute IMAX documentary film about the Titanic narrated by Leonard Nimoy. Two survivors are featured: Frank Goldsmith's recollections (1977 clip), and Eva Hart is interviewed.
1997 Titanic James Cameron Leonardo DiCaprio
Kate Winslet
Billy Zane
Kathy Bates
Frances Fisher
Gloria Stuart
This American romantic epic film is the best known film about the Titanic disaster. The main characters are fictional, but some portrayals of the ship's passengers and crew are based on historical figures. The film became one of the most expensive films ever made, costing approximately US$200 million, and also topped the list of highest-grossing films for twelve years. The film won 11 Academy Awards,[2] including Best Picture and Best Director.[3] Re-released in 2012 in formats which include IMAX 3D; often billed as Titanic in 3D.
1997 The Chambermaid
(on the Titanic)
Bigas Luna Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
Olivier Martínez
Romane Bohringer
French-Spanish-Italian romantic film about a stevedore who falls in love with one of the Titanic's chambermaids.
From the French novel by Didier Decoin La femme de chambre du Titanic (also original title of film).
1999 The Legend of
The Titanic
Kim J. Ok
Orlando Corradi
Jane Alexander
Sean Patrick Lovett
Francis Pardeilhan
Gregory Snegoff
Italian animated fantasy tale about the sinking of the RMS Titanic.
This family-friendly retelling of the most notable maritime disaster of all time spawned a rival and a sequel (see below).
2000 Titanic:
The Legend Goes On
Camillo Teti, Kim Lox Lisa Russo
M. Thompson-Ashworth
Gisella Matthews
Kenneth Belton
Gregory Snegoff
A Spanish-Italian animated film about the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Also released as Titanic: The Animated Movie.[12]
2003 Ghosts of the Abyss James Cameron Bill Paxton
James Cameron
Dr. John Broadwater
Dr. Lori Johnston
3-D IMAX documentary film released by Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media.
Features deep-sea exploration of the wreckage.
2004 In Search of
The Titanic
Kim J. Ok Jane Alexander
Rodolfo Bianchi
Fabio Boccanera
A sequel to the Italian animated film The Legend of the Titanic. Also known as Tentacolino (Italian).
2010 Titanic II Shane Van Dyke Bruce Davison
Brooke Burns
Shane Van Dyke
Marie Westbrook
Set in 2012, 100 years since the sinking of the RMS Titanic, a new luxury liner, the Titanic II, embarks on her maiden voyage, and is threatened by the same fate as her namesake.
2012 The Last Signals'[14] Thomas Lynskey Jacob Swing
Thomas Lynskey
Robert Bagdon
Independent short film (42 min). Depiction of Titanic's assistant telegraph operator Harold Bride's story.

Television movies and notable episodes[edit]

Year Title Director Cast Notes
1956 "A Night to Remember"
Kraft Television Theatre
George Roy Hill Bradford Dillman
Neil North
Live TV adaptation of Walter Lord's 1955 book of the same name; narrated by Claude Rains. The movie did so well in the ratings that it was rebroadcast the following week.[citation needed]
1957 "The Unsinkable Molly Brown"
Telephone Time
Erle C. Kenton Cloris Leachman Short segment (using stock footage from the German film of 1943) from the TV version of John Nesbitt's Passing Parade series. Leachman would again play the role of Molly Brown in S.O.S. Titanic (1979).
1959 "Night of April 14th"
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond
John Newland Patrick Macnee
Barbara Lord
Isobel Elsom
A young Englishwoman, Grace Montgomery, is tormented by nightmares about drowning in the ocean. Her fiancé, Eric Farley, surprises her the next day by telling her that they are to travel to New York City aboard the Titanic. Others also experience premonitions about the disaster. The footage of the ship hitting the iceberg is from History Is Made at Night.
1961 "I Heard You Calling Me"
Way Out
Daniel Petrie Constance Ford
Neil Fitzgerald
Anthony Dawson
A woman planning to elope with a married man is invited on a free ocean cruise — by the ghost of the man's mother, who died on the Titanic.[15]
1966 "Rendezvous With Yesterday"
The Time Tunnel
Irwin Allen James Darren
Robert Colbert
In the first episode of the series, the time travelers arrive on board the Titanic one day before the pending disaster. They try to warn the captain, but he has them locked up and they narrowly avoid going down with the ship.
1971 "Lone Survivor"
Night Gallery
Gene Levitt John Colicos
Torin Thatcher
Hedley Mattingly
This story in the anthology series was written by Rod Serling. A survivor in a Titanic lifeboat is discovered — three years after the event,[16] by the Lusitania.
1973 "Miss Forrest",[17]
"A House Divided"[18]
Upstairs, Downstairs
Bill Bain;
Christopher Hodson
Rachel Gurney
Patsy Smart
Meg Wynn Owen
David Langton
Simon Williams
Gordon Jackson
Jean Marsh
The series' 3rd season opens with "Miss Forrest" where it is learned that two main characters are aboard the Titanic. Mistress Lady Marjorie Bellamy#Death (Gurney) and her maid, Miss Roberts (Smart) are both presumed dead. In the next episode, "A House Divided" (commonly referred to as the "Titanic episode") it is learned that the maid survives, but is in emotional shock. Eventually she relates how her mistress died on the Titanic.
1979 S.O.S. Titanic William Hale David Janssen
Cloris Leachman
Depiction of the doomed 1912 voyage from the perspective of three distinct groups of passengers in First, Second, and Third Class. Shorter version released theatrically in Europe. (*This was the first Titanic film in color shown to the public. Raise the Titanic was the first Titanic color made as it was filmed in 1978 and released in 1980.) The scenes of the ship sinking are colorized footage from A Night to Remember.
1983 "Voyagers of the Titanic"
Winrich Kolbe Jon-Erik Hexum
Meeno Peluce
Bogg and Jeff find themselves aboard the doomed Titanic. Although failing to prevent the disaster, they are able to save the Mona Lisa from being lost with the ship. Features footage from Raise The Titanic cut from the theatrical release.
1984 Titanic - Nachspiel einer Katastrophe Lutz Büscher Hans Korte
Volkert Kraeft
Arthur Brauss
English translation of the title: Titanic - Aftermath of a disaster

Well researched German TV movie about the United States Senate inquiry into the sinking of the RMS Titanic under William Alden Smith. Several technical aspects (e.g. watertight compartments, wireless telegraphy) and particular involvements are discussed (e.g. Charles Lightoller, J. Bruce Ismay, Harold Bride).

1996 Titanic Robert Lieberman Peter Gallagher
George C. Scott
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Tim Curry
This two-part miniseries was the first depiction to show the Titanic splitting in two.
1996 No Greater Love Richard T. Heffron Kelly Rutherford Romance in which a young woman takes charge of her young siblings, upon losing her fiancé and parents in the disaster. Based on the Danielle Steel novel of the same name. The scenes of the ship sinking include footage from S.O.S. Titanic.
1998 "Titey"
Saturday Night Live TV Funhouse cartoon[19][20]
David Wachtenheim Jason Alexander
Whoopi Goldberg
Gilbert Gottfried
Molly Ringwald
Robert Smigel
2 minute animated parody stylized as a trailer for an upcoming Disney animated feature film about an anthropomorphic ship named Titey and his adventures on the sea.
1999 "A Flight to Remember"
Peter Avanzino Billy West
Katey Sagal
John DiMaggio
The Planet Express team take a cruise on the largest spaceship ever built: the Titanic, which is torn in half by a black hole on its maiden voyage.
2005 Titanic: Birth of a Legend William Lyons Charles Dance
Gordon Langford Rowe
Charles Lawson
Damian O'Hare
Christopher Wright
A 70-minute docu-drama. The story focuses on the lives of the men who built Titanic and her sister ship Olympic.
2005 "Fu and Tell"
American Dragon: Jake Long
Christian Roman Tia Carrere
John DiMaggio
Yan Yan and Fu Dog cause the Titanic to hit the iceberg during their various fights throughout history.
2007 "Voyage of the Damned"
Doctor Who
James Strong David Tennant
Kylie Minogue
A luxury space cruiser called the Titanic, a pastiche of the ocean liner, crashes into the TARDIS. The Doctor works with a waitress named Astrid Peth to prevent an imminent collision with Earth.
2008 "The Cursed Tuba Contingency"
The Middleman
Jeremiah Chechik Matt Keeslar
Natalie Morales
If a cursed tuba from the Titanic is played, it will cause all those who hear it to drown in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. So Wendy (Morales) and the Middleman (Kesslar) don period clothes and attend a Titanic-themed yacht party in order to stop the tuba's original owner, the sole survivor of the Titanic's Orchestra, who has not aged a day since the sinking, from giving a performance. In a flashback of the ship's sinking, footage from the 1943 film is used.
2010 "The Mutants Are Revolting"
Raymie Muzquiz Billy West
Katey Sagal
John DiMaggio
In the sewers of New York, the crew discover the wreckage of the Land Titanic, the largest land-faring vessel ever built, which sailed down 5th Avenue in 2912 until it struck a mail box and sank into the ground.
2010 "Episode One"
Downton Abbey
Brian Percival The first series opens with news of the Crawley family heir's death aboard the Titanic.
2011 "My Heart Will Go On"
Phil Sgriccia Jared Padalecki
Jensen Ackles
Misha Collins
An angel changes history by averting the sinking of the Titanic, with unforeseen consequences.
2012 Saving The Titanic[21] Maurice Sweeney David Wilmot
Ciarán McMenamin
Owen McDonnell
90-minute PBS docu-drama. The story of the selfless engineers who worked tirelessly to keep the Titanic's essential electricity running during the tragedy. Renamed as Heroes of the Titanic for UK broadcast on History.[22]
2012 Titanic Jon Jones Linus Roache
Geraldine Somerville
Four-part drama based around characters present on the ship during its sinking. Shows the Titanic splitting in two at a much shallower angle, in accordance with the new breakup theory.
2012 Titanic: Blood and Steel Ciaran Donnelly Neve Campbell
Derek Jacobi
12-part drama, telling the story of the construction of the ship.
2014 "Yo-Kai Titanic"
Yo-Kai Watch
Yoichi Kato Haruka Tomatsu
Tomokazu Seki
Keita and his friends are forced to act out a Yōkai themed Titanic sinking.

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