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Key to the colors used below
Type of film
C Clay animated films
H Hybrid films with live action and animation

This is a list of media that showcase clay animation, and is divided into three sections: film (both short and feature-length), television (both series and made-for-television films), and music videos. For a list of stop motion films in general, please go here.

In film[edit]

Film Year Director(s) Notes
C $9.99 2008 Tatia Rosenthal
C A Close Shave 1995 Nick Park
C A Grand Day Out 1990 Nick Park
C A Matter of Loaf and Death 2008 Nick Park
C A Town Called Panic 2009 Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar
H A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas 2011 Todd Strauss-Schulson Laika created the clay animation hallucination segment.[1]
C Adam 1992 Peter Lord
C Adventures of Mark Twain, TheThe Adventures of Mark Twain 1985 Will Vinton
H Alice 1988 Jan Švankmajer
C The Apostle 2012 Fernando Cortizo
H Baby Snakes 1979 Frank Zappa The clay animation sequences were created by Bruce Bickford.
C Boxtrolls, TheThe Boxtrolls 2014 Graham Annable, Anthony Stacchi
C Break! 1985 Garri Bardin
C Chicken Run 2000 Peter Lord, Nick Park
C Clay (or the Origin of Species) 1964 Eli Noyes
H Claymation: Three Dimensional Clay Animation 1978 Will Vinton A documentary film that explores the Will Vinton Studio.
C Closed Mondays 1974 Will Vinton, Bob Gardiner
C Consuming Spirits 2012 Chris Sullivan
C Creature Comforts 1989 Nick Park
H Daydreamer, TheThe Daydreamer 1966 Jules Bass
H Faust 1994 Jan Švankmajer
C Gumbasia 1955 Art Clokey
C Gumby: The Movie 1995 Art Clokey
C Harvie Krumpet 2003 Adam Elliot
C He-Man and She-Bar 1972 Eli Noyes
C Hell & Back 2015 Tom Gianas & Ross Shuman
C Heungbu-wa Nolbu 1967 Kang Taeung
C John and Michael 2004 Shira Avnni
C Jubilee Bunt-a-thon 2012 Nick Park
C Last Year's Snow Was Falling 1983 Alexander Tatarsky
H Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, TheThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2004 Wes Anderson Henry Selick was in charge of the film's clay animation visual effects.[2]
C Mary and Max 2009 Adam Elliot
H Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 2015 Alfonso Gomez-Rejon The film features sequences that are clay animated.[3]
C Modeling 1921 Max Fleischer Part of the animated film series Out of the Inkwell.
H Monkeybone 2001 Henry Selick
H Moonwalker 1988 Jerry Kramer, Colin Chilvers The film features a clay animation segment by Will Vinton called "Speed Demon".
C More 1998 Mark Osborne
C New Year Song of Ded Moroz 1983 Alexander Tatarsky
C ParaNorman 2012 Sam Fell, Christ Butler
C The Peanut Vendor 1933 Len Lye
C Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!, TheThe Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! 2012 Peter Lord, Jeff Newitt
C Plasticine Crow 1981 Alexander Tatarsky
C Plastiphobia 1962 Fred O'Neal, Val Federoff
C Pos Eso 2015 Samuel Ortí Martí
H Return to Oz 1985 Walter Murch The Will Vinton Studio created the Nome King sequences.
C Seryi Volk & Krasnaya Shapochka 1990 Garri Bardin
C Shaun the Sheep Movie 2015 Richard Starzak, Mark Burton
H Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 1977 Sam Wanamaker
C Stage Fright 1997 Steve Box
C Tengers 2007 Michael J. Rix
C Tiap-Liap, House Painters 1984 Garri Bardin
H Toys in the Attic 2009 Jiří Barta The film is a mix between claymation, drawing, and live action.[4]
C Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit 2005 Nick Park, Steve Box
C The Wanted 18 2014 Amer Shomali
C Wrong Trousers, TheThe Wrong Trousers 1993 Nick Park

In television[edit]

Show/Series Year Creator(s) Notes
ABC bumpers 1987 Olive Jar Films
A Claymation Christmas Celebration 1987 Will Vinton
A Claymation Easter 1989 Will Vinton
Arnold Escapes From Church 1988 Craig Bartlett
Arnold Rides a Chair 1991 Craig Bartlett
Arnold Waltz, TheThe Arnold Waltz 1990 Craig Bartlett
Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 2008 Fransesco Misseri
Bump in the Night 1994 Danger Productions
California Raisin Show, TheThe California Raisin Show 1989 Fred Wolf Films
Celebrity Deathmatch 1998 Eric Fogel
Claymation Comedy of Horrors 1989 Will Vinton
Community 2010 Duke Johnson Episode: "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas"
Creation 1980 Will Vinton
Creature Comforts 1990 Aardman Animations
Davey and Goliath 1960 Art Clokey, Ruth Clokey, Dick Sutcliffe
Follow that Goblin 1992 Craig Bartlett
Gary and Mike 2001 Will Vinton
Gogs 1993 Deiniol Morris, Michael Mort
Good Night, Little Ones 1981 Aleksandr Tatarskiy Animated caption for a TV Show under the same name.
Great Cognito, TheThe Great Cognito 1982 Will Vinton
Gumby 1956 Art Clokey Series consists of The Gumby Show (1956–1968) and Gumby Adventures (1988).
H. P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror and Other Stories 2007 Toei Animation
I Go Pogo 1979 Stowmar Enterprises
Inside-Out Boy 1990 Tom Gasek
Kot v sapogakh 1995 Garri Bardin
Legacy 1979 Will Vinton
Little Prince, TheThe Little Prince 1979 Will Vinton
Mad TV 1995 Corky Quakenbush Segments: "Raging Rudolph", "The Reinfather", "Clops", and "A Pack of Gifts Now" (1995–1997)
Martin the Cobbler 1977 Will Vinton
Meet the Raisins! 1988 Will Vinton, Barry Bruce
Mio Mao 1974 L+H Films
Moral Orel 2005 Dino Stamatopoulos
Morph 1976 Peter Lord, David Sproxton
Pingu 1986 Otmar Gutmann
PJs, TheThe PJs 1999 Will Vinton
Plasmo 1996 Anthony Lawrence
Raisins: Sold Out, TheThe Raisins: Sold Out 1990 Will Vinton
Red and the Blue, TheThe Red and the Blue 1976 L+H Films
Rex the Runt 1998 Richard Goleszowski
Rip Van Winkle 1978 Will Vinton
Robot Chicken 2005 Seth Green, Matthew Senreich
Taiko no Tatsujin 2005 Kids Station
The Trap Door 1984 Terry Brain, Charlie Mills

In music videos[edit]

Song Year Musician Director(s)
"A Christmas Gift" 1980 Paul Stookey Will Vinton
"Aberdeen" 2011 Cage the Elephant Isaac Rentz
"All Your Light" 2011 Portugal. The Man Justin Kramer, Lee Hardcastle
"Bedshaped" 2004 Keane Corin Hardy
"Bones" 2006 The Killers Tim Burton
"Darkness" 2013 King Khan and the Shrines Hylas Film
"Devil Went Down to Georgia, TheThe Devil Went Down to Georgia" 1998 Primus Mike Johnson
"Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" 2012 Tame Impala Joe Pelling, Becky Sloan
"I Stay Away" 1994 Alice in Chains Nick Donkin
"Jurassic Park" 1993 "Weird Al" Yankovic Mark Osborne, Scott Nordlund
"Misty" 2011 Kate Bush
"My Baby Just Cares for Me" 1987 Nina Simone Peter Lord
"Prison Sex" 1993 Tool Adam Jones
"Ready, Able" 2009 Grizzly Bear Allison Schulnik
"Reet Petite" 1986 Jackie Wilson Giblets Studio
"Rifles Spiral" 2012 The Shins Jamie Caliri, Alexander Juhasz
"Road to Nowhere" 1985 Talking Heads Stephen R. Johnson, David Byrne
"Rock-A-Lott" 1986 Aretha Franklin
"Save Me" 2010 Killswitch Engage Jim Starace[5]
"Sledgehammer" 1986 Peter Gabriel Stephen R. Johnson
"Sober" 1993 Tool Fred Stuhr[6]
"Three Little Pigs" 1993 Green Jellÿ Fred Stuhr[6]
"Vanz Kant Danz" 1985 John Fogerty Will Vinton
"Weasel Stomping Day" 2006 "Weird Al" Yankovic The Robot Chicken team
"When It Began" 1991 The Replacements
"White Winter Hymnal" 2008 Fleet Foxes Sean Pecknold[7]


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