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There is a body of films that include a character with diabetes as part of the plot. In the late twentieth century, most films' references to diabetes were minor. Characters with diabetes were developed in plots in which the disease "played a more significant role" in films such as Steel Magnolias and Panic Room.[1] Dr. Kevin L. Ferguson discussed such films in the Journal of Medical Humanities and reported, "Films that represent diabetes must work around the disease's banal invisibility, and images of diabetics in film are especially susceptible to metaphor and exaggeration."[2] Everyday Health reported, "Sometimes, filmmakers get it wrong: mixing up different types of diabetes, imagining symptoms or complications that aren't accurate, or unfairly portraying another aspect of the condition."[3]

List of films[edit]

Film Year Description
Alma 1999 A documentary film about Alma Thorpe, whose primary condition is schizophrenia, but she also has diabetes.[4]
Ambulance, TheThe Ambulance 1990 A rogue doctor in an ambulance kidnaps people with diabetes for his experiment.[5]
Beats, Rhymes & Life 2011 A documentary film about the band A Tribe Called Quest, including Phife Dawg, who has diabetes.[4]
Big Nothing 2006 In the black comedy film, criminals kill an FBI agent with diabetes by force-feeding him a lollipop.[6]
Bread and Roses 2000 A married couple has financial difficulties because the husband has diabetes.[7]
Brokedown Palace 1999 The father of one of the wrongfully imprisoned women has diabetes.[8]
Broken 2012 The coming-of-age film stars an 11-year-old child who is learning to manage diabetes.[9]
Chocolat 2000 An elderly woman in the film hides her diabetes from her family.[10]
Click 2006 The protagonist's father has diabetes.[11]
Cliffhanger 1993 The female pilot of the criminal gang radios for emergency backup, saying that they need insulin for a person with diabetes.[12]
Con Air 1997 The film's protagonist helps a fellow convict who has diabetes.[6]
Confessional, TheThe Confessional 1995 A family mystery is investigated, and hereditary diabetes is a clue in establishing a family link.[13]
Deadly Adoption, AA Deadly Adoption 2015 In a parody of melodramatic films screened on the TV network Lifetime, two parents see their daughter fall into a diabetic coma.[14]
Derailed 2005 The daughter of a blackmail victim has diabetes.[8]
Dog Day Afternoon 1975 The manager of the bank at which the robbery takes place has diabetes and is threatened by the hostage taking, as he needs medication.[8]
Fed Up 2014 The documentary film highlights that too much sugar in American diets is a strong reason for the prevalence of diabetes mellitus type 2 in the United States.[15]
Founder, TheThe Founder 2016 In the biographical film about the creator of the McDonald's fast food chain, one of the McDonald brothers is hospitalized due to a stress-induced diabetes shock, and founder-to-be Ray Kroc visits him in the hospital to offer to buy out the brothers' restaurant.[16]
General, TheThe General 1998 The titular Irish crime boss Martin Cahill develops Type 2 diabetes.[17]
Gigli 2003 A character with diabetes is helped by another character.[18]
Godfather Part III, TheThe Godfather Part III 1990 The film's crime boss, Michael Corleone, suffers symptoms of diabetes.[4]
Gubra 2006 When a woman's father is hospitalized due to diabetic complications, she meets a man with whom she falls in love.[19]
Half Baked 1998 The stoner comedy film features a horse with diabetes.[4]
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2013 As a result of consuming too much candy in Hansel and Gretel, Hansel contracts diabetes and must periodically inject insulin.[20]
It Runs in the Family 2003 The protagonist's wife suffers from complications from diabetes and is on dialysis due to kidney failure.[7]
Jerry and Tom 1998 The film's hitman suffers from diabetes.[17]
Just Before Dawn 1946 A criminal psychologist is tricked into injecting a person with diabetes with poison instead of the insulin needed.[21]
Mad Money 2008 One of the bank robbers has diabetes.[8]
Meeting Daddy 2000 The colonel in the film has diabetes and uses a glucometer to monitor himself.[18]
Memento 2000 In a side plot, a man with amnesia treats his wife with diabetes.[4]
Next Three Days, TheThe Next Three Days 2010 A husband attempts an escape plan for his wrongfully imprisoned wife, who has diabetes.[7]
No Good Deed 2002 The film's police officer is shown performing a self-maintenance routine for diabetes.[8]
Nothing in Common 1986 The protagonist's parents divorce, and he learns that his father has diabetes and has been avoiding treatment.[22]
Over the Brooklyn Bridge 1984 The lead character Alby (played by Elliott Gould) has diabetes.[23]
Panic Room 2002 A young girl with diabetes and her mother are trapped in a safe room during a home invasion.[8]
Patch Adams 1998 The comedy-drama film, based on Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams, depicts a scene in which medical residents scrutinize a patient with diabetes, and Adams, unlike the others, asks for the patient's name.[24]
Planet of Junior Brown, TheThe Planet of Junior Brown 2000 A character with diabetes is helped by another character.[18]
Regarding Henry 1991 The film's attorney, recovering from a shooting, meets an elderly man with diabetes.[17]
Reversal of Fortune 1990 A husband defends against charges that he killed his wife who had diabetes.[25]
Right Hand Man, TheThe Right Hand Man 1987 Based on the historical novel The Right-Hand Man, the film is set in Australia in 1860 and features a protagonist with diabetes.[26]
S/O Satyamurthy 2015 A man meets a woman with diabetes and develops a relationship with her.[27]
Scarecrow Gone Wild 2004 A college-age man suffers a diabetic shock as a result of a prank but is resurrected as a killer scarecrow.[4]
Soul Food 1997 A matriarch's refusal to address her diabetes leads to her death and her family falling apart.[11]
Species 1995 An alien seductress rejects and kills a candidate mate because he has diabetes.[4]
State of Emergency 2011 In the horror film, survivors of a zombie outbreak hide in a warehouse. One of the survivors hides her diabetes from the others, but when she falls into a coma, another survivor goes out to find insulin for her.[28]
Steel Magnolias 1989 A recent bride has to deal with diabetes.[29]
Tammy 2014 The protagonist's grandmother has diabetes but refuses to medicate.[30]
That's My Boy 2012 The comedy film features the relationship between a father and his son. In the son's childhood, he is obese and has diabetes due to his father's lack of care.[31]
This Old Cub 2004 A documentary film about baseball player Ron Santo, who has diabetes.[17]
To Kill a Man 2014 A caretaker of a forest preserve has diabetes; when his medicine is stolen, his son's attempt to recover the medicine leads to the family being terrorized by the criminal gang.[32]
Warlock 1989 A witch hunter enlists a sidekick who has diabetes.[5]
Weavers: Wasn't That a Time!, TheThe Weavers: Wasn't That a Time! 1982 The documentary film shows the band The Weavers, including bass vocalist Lee Hays, who had diabetes.[4]
What the Health 2017 The documentary film explores health risks associated with the meat industry and says that several studies show that meat consumption is a leading cause of diabetes.[33]
Who Killed Mary What's 'Er Name? 1971 The film amateur sleuth has diabetes and is helped by another character.[18]
Witches, TheThe Witches 1990 The young protagonist's grandmother has diabetes.[7]
Wonderful World 2009 The protagonist's roommate is hospitalized for treatment of a coma due to diabetes. The protagonist falls in love with his roommate's sister, who comes to visit.[34]


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