List of films set around St. Patrick's Day

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  • Between the Canals, a 2010 Irish crime film written and directed by Mark O'Connor[1]
  • State of Grace, a 1990 neo-noir crime film directed by Phil Joanou[2]
  • The Boondock Saints, a 1999 American crime film written and directed by Troy Duffy. The opening scenes are set in an Irish neighborhood of Boston on St Patrick's Day.


  • The Fugitive, a film version of the original TV series, starring Harrison Ford. Dr Kimble is seen eluding the US Marshals by joining the St Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago with the dyed green river clearly visible.
  • Flight of the Doves, a 1971 British film directed by Ralph Nelson[3]


  • Leprechaun 2, a 1994 American comedy horror film
  • Maniac Cop, a 1988 slasher film directed by William Lustig[4]
  • Red Clover, a 2012 made for television horror movie directed by Drew Daywalt



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