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This article lists internationally distributed films that:

  • were shot on location in the city of Budapest, capital of Hungary
  • use the city of Budapest as a set to portray other cities
  • have the story or part of the story set in Budapest, but were not shot there
  • if they are animated films, have Budapest as their identifiable venue

Since the 1990s, Budapest has been home to many international film productions. More recently the level of filming has increased, and at peak times up to three or four films will be in shooting. The reasons for this were given by film producer André Szőts in lectures given at the Eötvös Loránd University and in a 2004 television interview on Hungarian television TV2. According to Szőts, Hungary provides for a relatively cheap budget (e.g. salaries are much lower than just about anywhere in the West), and Budapest has kept the image of a city that is so diverse in building types from different eras that it could be substituted for (or disguised to be) any large European city. Szőts has given an example of a French film he produced in which Budapest was a set for 30 different cities.

Music videos shot in Budapest[edit]

Films and television series shot in Budapest[edit]

Films set in Budapest[edit]

The following films or television series episodes had a plot or part of a plot set in Budapest but were not shot on location.

Animated films featuring Budapest[edit]


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