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Numerous foreign films have been shot in the Philippines, with the location either representing itself or standing in for another tropical location. This article presents a partial list of films which have used shooting locations in the Philippines sorted by year.

List of films with shooting locations in the Philippines[1]
Title Director Year released Philippine filming locations
The Real Glory Henry Hathaway 1939 Mindanao, Philippines
Texas to Bataan Robert Emmett Tansey 1942 stock footage of the Philippines
Dawn of Freedom Yutaka Abe 1944 Philippines
Back to Bataan Edward Dmytryk 1945 Philippines
Sword of the Avenger Sidney Salkow 1948 Philippines
American Guerrilla in the Philippines Fritz Lang 1950 Subic Naval Base, Philippines
Huk! John Barnwell 1956 Philippines
No Place to Hide Josef Shaftel 1956 Philippines
Cavalry Command Eddie Romero 1958 Philippines
Man on the Run Eddie Romero 1958 Philippines
Surrender - Hell! John Barnwell 1959 Philippines
Terror Is a Man Gerardo de Leon 1959 Philippines
Lost Battalion Eddie Romero 1960 Philippines
Espionage: Far East Gerardo de Leon
Ted Post
Eddie Romero
1961 Philippines
The Steel Claw George Montgomery 1961 Philippines
Merrill's Marauders Samuel Fuller 1962 Philippines
No Man Is an Island Richard Goldstone
John Monks Jr.
1962 Philippines
Samar George Montgomery 1962 Philippines
To Be a Man Irving Lerner 1963 Philippines
Back Door to Hell Monte Hellman 1964 Bicol, Luzon, Philippines
Ethan Michael Du Pont 1964 Barrio Tajuksanghay, Philippines
Flight to Fury Monte Hellman 1964 Philippines
Guerillas in Pink Lace George Montgomery 1964 Philippines
From Hell to Borneo George Montgomery 1964 Philippines
The Bloodless Vampire Michael Du Pont 1965 Philippines
Fortress of the Dead Ferde Grofé Jr. 1965 Philippines
Ambush Bay Ron Winston 1966 Philippines
The 26th Cavalry (No Toys for Christmas) John Derek 1966 Philippines
Beach Red Cornel Wilde 1967 Philippines
The Longest Hundred Miles Don Weis 1967 Philippines
The Mad Doctor of Blood Island Gerardo de Leon
Eddie Romero
1968 Philippines
Warkill Ferde Grofé Jr. 1968 Philippines
Impasse Richard Benedict 1969 Corregidor, Manila
Maharlika Jerry Hopper 1970 Philippines
Nam's Angels Jack Starrett 1970 Philippines
The Secret of the Sacred Forest Michael Du Pont 1970 Philippines
Too Late the Hero Robert Aldrich 1970 Caticlan, Malay, Aklan, Panay, Visayas, Philippines
Beast of the Yellow Night Eddie Romero 1971 Philippines
The Big Doll House Jack Hill 1971 Philippines
Blood Thirst Newt Arnold 1971 Philippines
Women in Cages Gerardo de León 1971 Philippines
The Big Bird Cage Jack Hill 1972 Philippines
Black Mama, White Mama Eddie Romero 1972 Philippines
Daughters of Satan Hollingsworth Morse 1972 Philippines
The Hot Box Joe Viola 1972 Philippines
Night of the Cobra Woman Andrew Meyer 1972 Philippines
Beyond Atlantis Eddie Romero 1973 Philippines
Fly Me Cirio Santiago 1973 Philippines
Savage! Cirio Santiago 1973 Philippines
Wonder Women Robert Vincent O'Neill 1973 Metro Manila, Philippines
Bamboo Gods and Iron Men Cesar Gallardo 1974 Philippines
Black Mamba George Rowe 1974 Philippines
Savage Sisters Eddie Romero 1974 Philippines
The Thirsty Dead Terry Becker 1974 Philippines
TNT Jackson Cirio Santiago 1974 Philippines
Sudden Death Eddie Romero 1977 Philippines
Too Hot to Handle Don Schain 1977 Philippines
Ultimo mondo cannibale Ruggero Deodato 1977 Mindanao, Philippines
The Boys in Company C Sidney J. Furie 1978 Philippines
Hell Hole Cirio Santiago 1978 Philippines
Vampire Hookers Cirio Santiago 1978 Philippines
Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola 1979, 1987 Baler Bay, Baler, Aurora, Luzon, Philippines (beach with soldiers surfing)

Baler, Aurora, Luzon, Philippines (helicopter attack on village)
Iba, Zambales, Luzon, Philippines (medevac)
Laguna, Luzon, Philippines
Luzon, Philippines
Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
Pagsanjan River, Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines (Magdapio River - Do Long Bridge)
Pagsanjan, Laguna, Luzon, Philippines

Cola, Candy, Chocolate Sigi Rothemund 1979 Philippines
Up from the Depths Charles B. Griffith 1979 Batangas, Philippines
L'ultimo cacciatore Antonio Margheriti 1980 Philippines
Enter the Ninja Menahem Golan 1981 Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
An Officer and a Gentleman Taylor Hackford 1982 Philippines
Brothers Terry Bourke 1982 Philippines
Desire Eddie Romero 1982 Philippines
Far East John Duigan 1982 Philippines
Five and the Skin Pierre Rissient 1982 Philippines
Fuga dall'arcipelago maledetto Antonio Margheriti 1982 Philippines
Hunters of the Golden Cobra Antonio Margheriti 1982 Philippines
Invaders of the Lost Gold Alan Birkinshaw 1982 Philippines
Kung Fu Cannibals Edward D. Murphy 1982 Philippines
The Year of Living Dangerously Peter Weir 1982 Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
Dance of the Dwarfs Gus Trikonis 1983 Philippines
Intrusion: Cambodia Jun Gallardo 1983 Philippines
The Last Blood Antonio Margheriti 1983 Philippines
The Raiders of Atlantis Ruggero Deodato 1983 Philippines
Stryker Cirio Santiago 1983 Philippines
Code Name: Wild Geese Antonio Margheriti 1984 Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines
Gwendoline Just Jaeckin 1984 Philippines
Missing in Action Joseph Zito 1984 Philippines
Purple Hearts Sidney J. Furie 1984 Philippines
American Ninja Sam Firstenberg 1985 Philippines
Joy et Joan Jacques Saurel 1985 Philippines
Jungle Raiders Antonio Margheriti 1985 Philippines
Commando Leopard Antonio Margheriti 1985 Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines
Naked Vengeance Cirio Santiago 1985 Philippines
Wheels of Fire Cirio Santiago 1985 Philippines
American Commandos Bobby A. Suarez 1986 Philippines
Future Hunters Cirio Santiago 1986 Philippines
Platoon Oliver Stone 1986 Mount Makiling (Los Baños) for the forest scenes, Cavite (for the river and village scenes) and Villamor air base near Manila.[2][3]
Warbus Ferdinando Baldi 1986 Philippines
Women of Valor Buzz Kulik 1986 Philippines
A Dangerous Life Robert Markowitz 1987 Manila, Philippines
Eastern Condors Sammo Hung Kam-Bo 1987 Philippines
Equalizer 2000 Cirio Santiago 1987 Philippines
Hamburger Hill John Irvin 1987 Philippines
Armour of God Jackie Chan
Eric Tsang (uncredited)
1987 Philippines
Karate Warrior (it) Fabrizio De Angelis 1987 Philippines
Strike Commando Bruno Mattei 1987 Philippines
Sweet Revenge Mark Sobel 1987 Metro Manila, Philippines
Braddock: Missing in Action III Aaron Norris 1988 Philippines
Der Commander Antonio Margheriti 1988 Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines
Final Reprisal Teddy Page 1988 Philippines
The Firing Line Jun Gallardo 1988 Philippines
Hell Raiders Ferde Grofé Jr. 1988 Philippines
Judgement Day Ferde Grofé Jr. 1988 Philippines
Red Roses, Call for a Girl Bobby A. Suarez 1988 Philippines
Robowar Bruno Mattei 1988 Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines
Strike Commando 2 Bruno Mattei 1988 Philippines
Zombi 3 Lucio Fulci
Bruno Mattei (uncredited)
1988 Los Baños, Laguna, Luzon, Philippines
Alien from the Deep Antonio Margheriti 1989 Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines
Bloodfist Terence H. Winkless 1989 Metro Manila, Philippines
Born on the Fourth of July Oliver Stone 1989 Vigan (representing the scenes in Mexico), Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Luzon (for the scenes in Vietnam) Scenes were shot in Mount Makiling (Los Banos) for the forest scenes, Cavite(for the river and village scenes) and Villamor air base near Manila.[4]
Born to Fight Bruno Mattei 1989 Philippines
Circle of Fear Clark Henderson 1989 Philippines
Demonstone Andrew Prowse 1989 Metro Manila, Philippines
Driving Force Andrew Prowse 1989 Philippines
The Expendables Cirio Santiago 1989 Philippines
Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy Carl Franklin 1989 Philippines
Fatal Vacation Eric Tsang 1989 Philippines
Indio Antonio Margheriti 1989 Philippines
Return from the River Kwai Andrew McLaglen 1989 Philippines
The Siege of Firebase Gloria Brian Trenchard-Smith 1989 Philippines
Days of Being Wild Kar Wai Wong 1990 Philippines
Island of Fire Jackie Chan 1990 Philippines
Assault Platoon Tony Y. Reyes 1990 Philippines
Black Cobra 2 Edoardo Margheriti 1990 Philippines
Black Cobra 3: The Manila Connection Edoardo Margheriti 1990 Philippines
Bloodfist II Andy Blumenthal 1990 Philippines
Days of Being Wild Wong Kar-wai 1990 Philippines
Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection Aaron Norris 1990 Clark Air Force Base, Luzon, Philippines

Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines

Mission Manila Peter M. Mackenzie 1990 Philippines
Armour of God II: Operation Condor Jackie Chan 1991 Philippines
A Case of Honor Eddie Romero 1991 Philippines
McBain James Glickenhaus 1991 Philippines
Beyond the Call of Duty Cirio Santiago 1992 Philippines
Firehawk Cirio Santiago 1993 Philippines
Kill Zone Cirio Santiago 1993 Philippines
Live by the Fist Cirio Santiago 1993 Philippines
Angel of Destruction Charles Philip Moore 1994 Philippines
Caged Heat II: Stripped of Freedom Cirio Santiago 1994 Philippines
Fortunes of War Thierry Notz 1994 Philippines
The Adventurers Ringo Lam 1995 Metro Manila, Philippines
Soldier Boyz Louis Mourneau 1995 Philippines
Behind Enemy Lines Mark Griffiths 1997 Philippines
Dead Men Can't Dance Stephen Milburn Anderson 1997 Philippines
DNA William Mesa 1997 Subic Bay Freeport, Subic, Zambales, Luzon, Philippines
Goodbye America Thierry Notz 1997 Philippines
Knock Off Tsui Hark 1998 Philippines (2nd Unit Scenes)
Legacy T. J. Scott 1998 Metro Manila, Philippines
The Suspect Ringo Lam 1998 Metro Manila and San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
Troublesome Night 4 Herman Yau 1998 Philippines
Brokedown Palace Jonathan Kaplan 1999 Coconut Palace, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines (Pat Pong)

Cotton Club, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines (Pat Pong)
Manila Hotel, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines (pool, spa)
Manila Rendezvous, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines (girls' hotel)
Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
Sanctuary Fabella, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines

Kiss the Sky Roger Young 1999 Philippines
Man on the Moon Miloš Forman 1999 Baguio City, Benguet, Luzon, Philippines
Cast Away Robert Zemeckis 2000 Philippines
Doomsdayer Michael J. Sarna 2000 Philippines
The Guys from Paradise Takashi Miike 2000 Philippines
Noriega: God's Favorite Roger Spottiswoode 2000 Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
Thirteen Days Roger Donaldson 2000 Philippines
Going Back Sidney J. Furie 2001 Philippines
Harold Robbins' Body Parts Craig Corman 2001 Philippines
Le Peuple Migrateur Jacques Perrin
Jacques Cluzaud (co-director)
Michel Debats (co-director)
2001 Philippines
Au bout du rouleau Thierry Binisti 2002 Philippines
Gone Tim Chey 2002 Philippines
Naked Weapon Siu-Tung Chin 2002 Philippines
Operation Balikatan Cirio H. Santiago 2003 Philippines
The Great Raid John Dahl 2005 Philippines
Cavite Neill Dela Llana
Ian Gamazon
2005 Noveleta, Cavite, Philippines
The Hunt for Eagle One Brian Clyde 2006 Philippines
The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point Henry Crum 2006 Philippines
Music Within Steven Sawalich 2007 Subic, Zambales, Luzon, Philippines
The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela Olaf de Fleur 2008 Philippines
Romantic Island Cheol-Woo Kang 2008 Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Boracay, Aklan, Philippines
Binondo, Manila

Santa Mesa Ron Morales 2008 Philippines
Tropical Manila Sang-woo Lee 2008 Metro Manila, Philippines
El cónsul de Sodoma Sigfrid Monleón 2009 Metro Manila, Philippines
I Come with the Rain Tran Anh Hung 2009 Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines

Diwalwal, Monkayo, Compostela Valley, Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines

Mammoth Lukas Moodysson 2009 Morong, Bataan, Luzon, Philippines

Sabang, Bataan, Luzon, Philippines
Subic, Zambales, Luzon, Philippines

Pinoy Sunday Wi Ding Ho 2009 Philippines
Amigo John Sayles 2010 Bohol, Philippines
Off World Mateo Guez 2010 Philippines
Subject: I Love You Francis dela Torre 2010 Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
Deep Gold Michael Gleissner 2011 Cebu, and Palawan, Philippines
Hindsight Lee Hyun-seung 2011 Cebu, Philippines
Act of Valor Mike McCoy
Scott Waugh
2012 Philippines
The Bourne Legacy Tony Gilroy 2012 Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
El Nido, Palawan, Luzon, Philippines
Captive Brilliante Mendoza 2012 Philippines
Graceland Ron Morales 2012 Philippines
Metro Manila Sean Ellis 2013 Metro Manila, Philippines
Banaue, Philippines
Pacific Rim Guillermo del Toro 2013 Manila, Philippines
No Breathing Jo Yong-sun 2013 Davao, Philippines
Lupin III Ryuhei Kitamura 2014 Philippines
Showdown in Manila Mark Dacascos 2015 Metro Manila, Philippines
This list is incomplete


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